12 worlds outerspace

The 12 Glittering Worlds Galaxy is where Mugen Souls Z takes place. Each of these planets are named after secondary and tertiary colors.

Each explorable area has 10 Planet Spots used to increase the Planet Energy for absorbing the world. The only thing that matters to progress through the story is absorbing the ultimate god. Each world has an outdoor area and an indoor ruin area which require at least 100% Planet Energy of it's main world. It's naming convention is based on a star of it's constellation. The ruins are usually optional but if the ultimate god is not found on main world, then they will be found inside the ruins.


Purple GroupEdit

Green GroupEdit

Red GroupEdit

Blue GroupEdit

  • Jade World - Based on Taurus the Bull. The Taurus Ultimate God takes the form of a Ring that has the power to control all machines in the planet, which is currently in Sandy's possession. Sandy is sent here.
  • Sapphire World - Based on Gemini the Twins. Home of Gemini (Blue Wing) and Gemini (Red Wing), the Gemini Ultimate Gods. Welsh and Sharuru are sent here.
  • Ivory World - Based on Aries the Ram. Home of Ace. Belleria is sent here.
  • World of Awakening - Available on true ending route, face the final boss of the game.

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