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Amethyst World is a world in the 12 Worlds Galaxy that is visited by Syrma and co. This world is centered around the star sign of Pisces the Fish. Its ultimate god is Supra. The scout from the previous cast sent to Amethyst World in search for the ultimate god is Soul Skyheart

Amethyst WorldEdit

"A natural world with clear water and a domed castle."

Scarlet World AftermathEdit

Amethyst World symbol

Amethyst World's Symbol.

While Ryuto wonders how everyone else is doing, here, a woman claims that the scout, Soul, got away and that he was a tough one but with a serious wound, he could not have gotten far. Soul, exhausted, claims that he is safe and he should cast a spell to recover his strength, which he does. He also says that he is low on spiritual enemy and if he screws up again, it could be the end for him, but he swears that he will fulfill his destiny as a hero and he can not back down.

First ArrivalEdit

Note: Chapter 10 does not start until the party goes to Amethyst World.

Upon landing on this world, Syrma says they are here and she is going to work seriously this time. Nao says she is only enthusiastic in the beginning. She says that is not true and it is because someone ruined their motivation partway through last time. Alys Levantine says it is all Elka's fault and Bertram Demetrius Bloomfield agrees with her saying it is all because of Elka. Reu says Elka, whom she calls Kaka, did it. Flustered, Elka asks why is everyone blaming him and tells Reu not to call him Kaka. When Reu asks no Kaka, Tsukika Izayoi says he is right and that is not something she should go around yelling out loud. Bertram says in other words, even his name is obscene, tells him he is a sickening man and calls him Master Kaka. Insulted, Elka asks who he is calling Master Kaka and asks why is everyone getting on his case. Bertram says that even though he may not think so, he is behaving as a gentleman and says to Elka that if he is not, he would already be a corpse and calls him Master Kaka again. Elka tells him to knock it off with calling him Kaka and says he does not approve of threatening of others with violence so easily. Shirogane says that he would have a little more respect for him if he agreed to fight at least once. Kakeru says he can not condone fighting amongst allies and if they want to fight each other so badly, they would have to go through him first. Annoyed, Nao asks why don't Bertram, Elka and Kakeru go off and do that. Marina Cannonvale says even though she is not on his side he is as good a pilot as ever. Dees Vanguard agrees with her saying even on the way here, the ride is clearly smoother and faster than before. Ryuto sulks because he says Elka is still better at piloting than him. Elka laughs and says it looks like the girls are smitten by his superior driving techniques and piloting is not the only skill he possesses. Alys tells him not to let that fact go to his head and calls him an idiot, although she guesses evry idiot has at least one upside. Syrma agrees with her asking that if Elka is a better pilot than Ryuto, do they even need to keep him around anymore. Shocked, Ryuto says he gets it but they would not get rid of him and asks if Chou-Chou would, but she tells them to stop talking smack about her peon and says Ryuto has his good points as well. Elated, he says he is glad she is his master. Nao asks what are some of his good points. Chou-Chou struggles to come up with an answer and ends with for example. When he asks for example what, she still has no answer. When he asks again, she tells them to stop wasting time with idle chatter and it is time to get going. Shocked to hear this, Ryuto falls in to depression. Nao sighs and says he really does not have any and Syrma says that is too bad. Chou-Chou says the conversation is over and not is the time to find the next ultimate god. Syrma agrees and they all go off. Ryuto says she does not think he can handle this and utters Chou-Chou's Name.

Finding Soul and His AttackerEdit

Amethyst World map (empty)

The Map of Amethyst World looks like Pisces the Fish.

As the party explores the world, Ryuto is still going on saying he has some good points but he is having trouble thinking of any right now. Syrma tells him to cheer up. Nao says this is annoying and tells Chou-Chou it is all her fault and she asks how is it her fault. Kakeru says he actually feels kind of bad, he really seems upset and tells her she should try consoling him. Reu says poor Rito. Marina tells everyone for someone to say something nice about him, but says she can not think of anything personally. Chou-Chou says it is not like she knows either and tries to think of something good about him and just thought of something. When Ryuto asks what it is, she says he is good at getting back on his feet. No one thinks that is good enough and Elka says that is a bit of a reach. However, Ryuto is happy as a clam upon hearing that, says she is right and she knows him so well. When Alys asks if that seriously works, she says yes and she keeps a close eye on her peons. When Shirogane asks if that is really enough to make him happy, Dees says if he is satisfied, she does not see the harm. Nao shrugs it off and says anything is better than him sitting around moping.

Bertram says that now that Ryuto is feeling better, asks if they should try to meet up with whatever companion of theirs they left on this world. Ryuto agrees and says Soul should be around here somewhere. Curious, Syrma asks what is Soul like, but Nao says he is going to be another weirdo and she can just tell. Tsukika says that actually, Soul is pretty normal. When Syrma asks if he really is normal, Marina says that it is true and that he looks and acts like how she would expect a hero to be. When she asks seriously, Elka adds that he is kind of a show-off, but he has the skills to back it up and he is pretty good with magic along with his sword. Nao is impressed and asks if this is for real and Alys adds that he is super conscious of his role as a hero and it is pretty much a perfect fit for him. Syrma asks Chou-Chou that one of her friends is actually descent and she asks if she is impressed and asks what does she mean by that. With stars in her eyes, Nao asks why didn't they tell her about this guy earlier thinking he is an actual hero. Syrma points out Nao has gone all starry eyed. Ryuto says the thing is, he does have one pretty terrible flaw, but Nao is too distracted to care what it is, saying she wonders what he is like and she is getting excited just thinking about it.

Suddenly, the party hears someone breathing heavily. Shirogane says speak of the devil as they have found him. Nao becomes flustered saying she is not ready to meet Soul yet and asks what will she do. Syrma says Nao is actiong really weird and Reu says she is broken. When Chou-Chou asks if that is Soul and where he is, they find him badly beaten and says it's the party. Nao falls for Soul at first sight wondering if he is Soul and says he really does look like a true hero and even though she is a hero she pales in comparison. Alys says they were just talking about him and suddenly notices his wounds, asking what happened and says he is hurt. Even though Soul says it is nothing, Marina says it is not nothing and asks who did this to him. He says it was only because he let his guard down and then he used up all of his healing magic. Tsukika asks if he is serious because he is so strong. Kakeru wonders if there is some kind of unimaginably powerful foe on this world and says he likes it. Nao, smitten by Soul, says he is all beat up, but he still looks super cool and so heroic. Furious, Chou-Chou asks why are they all enjoying this and points out that a peon of hers has been torn to shreds. Elka agrees, saying it is bad news and that if there is someone on this planet who can do this to soul, they need to get out of here.

Just then, Soul's attacker appears in front of them, a woman with the lower half of a fish and a beautiful appearance but a savage nature. She says there he is. Soul curses saying this is the worst possible time for her to catch up to him. Bertram says he does not think she is on their side. Reu says Fishy Flippers and Marina says she is right and wonders if she is a mermaid or maybe more like a naga. Chou-Chou asks if that woman is the one who whopped his butt and asks her how dare she does that to her peon. Soul tells them to get out of here now and he will handle this on his own, but Shirogane says he can not do anything the way he is now. Elka asks if he could not handle a lovely specimen like her and tells him to leave this to him. As Alys is about to say he is such a jerk, Syrma feels some unusual power from the woman and thinks she might be an ultimate god.

The woman asks if the party is friends with Soul, but Chou-Chou says she is the one asking the questions around here and asks why did she mess him up. She says she asked her a question and asks if he is her ally. Syrma says she has a question as well and asks if she is an ultimate god. Chou-Chou says he is not her stinking ally, he is her stinking peon, but Soul tells her that is enough and to stay out of this. The woman says she is saying she is his master and decides this is where they die. Marina says that is not very friendly. Elka says he was thinking they should really try to settle this peacefully and asks if they can talk it out, but Reu tells him to get ready. Soul says it looks like they don't have a choice saying she will not hesitate to kill so they should not let their guard down. Nao says it is okay and as a hero, it is her duty to keep everyone safe. When Syrma mumbles, Chou-Chou tells her to stop and get ready because she is coming for them. The woman says they can all die with Soul.

It's No Use, She's Too StrongEdit

Note: Whether the party wins or loses the battle, the cutscene will be the same.

After the battle, the party is beaten badly yet the woman has no scratches on her. She says not bad since the party lasted so long against her. Stunned, Nao asks if they did not even hurt her and Chou-Chou, irritated, asks if they are even really trying. Syrma says she is but she could not even put a dent in her defenses. Kakeru says it is not possible and even though they ganged up on her all at once, she is not even fazed. Ryuto asks him if a hero should really be talking about how he ganged up on someone. The woman asks if they are finished and thinking that they are says good and tells them to get ready to die. Scared, Elka says here she comes and someone should do something. Reu is too beaten up to move. Tsukika notices this and says even Reu is acting like a scared little puppy and asks what they should do, but Shirogane says there is not much they can do and none of their attacks have any effect on her.

With no choice, Soul casts a spell that blinds the enemy with magically bright light and lets it loose. The light turns intense and the woman is blinded and calls him a sneaky dastard. Exhausted, Soul says it llooks like it worked. Chou-Chou cheers him on and Bertram asks if they should attack again, now that they seem to have the advantage, but he tells them not to because the spell won't hold up for long, and as he says they need to run while they have the chance, his strength gives out and he collapses. Syrma points it out and Chou-Chou asks if he is okay. Nao tells him he has to get up. Dees analyzes his vitals and says he is growing weaker and it is not good. Marina says they need to get him somewhere safe, so she grabs Soul and tells everyone to hurry. As they are ebout to retreat, Ryuto  tells Marina not to run off in the other direction and she asks if that is the wrong way. Nao tells them to just go. A few seconds later, the spell wore off and the woman regained her eyesight. She says he got away...for now but it will not last and she will not rest until she finishes him off.

The hunt was on.

Soul Has to Do What He Has to DoEdit

A short distance away, Bertram catches his breath and says he thinks the party lost the woman who wants to kill them. Soul is in pain and Nao saks if he is okay and says she will get him treated right away. Syrma says Nao is acting really weird and it is kind of creepy. Insulted, she asks what that is supposed to mean. Elka says she was unbelievably powerful and he could not fight with his full strength because she was a woman, but still, even if he could he would not stand a chance, but Alys says he can shut up now.

Dees asks Syrma if the woman was an ultimate god as well and she says she guesses so. Irritated, Chou-Chou asks why is she so strong for an ultimate god or if everyone else is all especially weak. Kakeru says they are not weak, and thinks it must be a tesy designed for a true hero to overcome. Shirogane asks maybe it is the same deal as with Reu, who is confused. Chou-Chou says that is true and it was kind of like that with Reu as well. Curious, Tsukika asks if Reu was really that strong and Ryuto says she was even stronger and ten times faster than she is now. Even more curious, about her being ten times faster, Tsukika says Reu must have been pretty amazing and she says she is amazing. After hearing that, Chou-Chou decides they should deal with the woman the same way they dealt with Reu. Syrma agrees and says it is time to absorb the world's power.

Conscious, Soul asks about the world's power and says even though he does not know what that means he asks if that means there is a way to make her weaker. Chou-Chou is happy that Soul is awake, and Nao is also happy, saying she was worried she would not wake up again. He says he is totally fine and asks who she is and she introduces herself as Nao and says she is the hero of the twelve worlds. He says she is pretty capable and she blushes, saying she is a novice and he complimented her.

He says he needs to go stop the woman, but his injuries act up. Even though Kakeru approves of his fighting spirit, he says he can not overdo it. Marina tells him to stay put and rest for a while. but he says there is no need and tells her not to underestimate the regeneration abilities of a former hero. Shirogane tells him to stop acting tough, saying he can't even walk straight, but he says he will be fine and says he has to go. When Nao asks where he has to go, he asks where else and says he has to go find her. Kakeru asks if he is going alone and tells him there is no way he can win and they could not even beat her when they all teamed up. When Bertram asks if he has a plan, Soul says No but he only knows he has to settle this business and says that is all that matters. Bertram says if he is really so determined, it would be positively boorish of them to stop him. When Nao asks how is he so dreamy, Syrma says her eyes are twinkling and it is creeping her out. Nao asks again what that is supposed to mean.

Ryuto asks about the business Soul has to settle asking if it has to do with whatever the woman was mad about he says of course it is, saying he and the woman have opposing feelings on this matter. At that moment, the veteran cast knows what Soul is talking about but Tsukika asks if it could possibly be about... that and Chou-Chou saysit has to be. Marina immediately knows and says if that is what it is, she would rather not get involved. Shirogane tells him to do his best and he says of course and bids the party farewell and leaves the party for now. Alys wishes him good luck and Dees tells him not to push himself too hard. Shocked, Nao asks if they are really going to let him go saying he is still injured and asks if they are all his friends. Ryuto says they are but this is something they can not help him with. Chou-Chou says if he wants to do this, all they can do is stay out of his way. Nao says she understands saying that they all trust Soul that much and he is a hero after all. Marina chuckles and says it is probably good that she is completely misunderstanding the situation. Dees says oh well and there is no need to ruin her illusion.

With that out of the way, Chou-Chou says it is time to get started on absorbing the world's power. Nao agrees, saying they need t do what they can to help Soul as he takes on his challenge by himself. Syrma says it is kind of hard to deal with her when she is being so weird and tells her to look how motivated she is all of a sudden, but she tells her she is just too unmotivated.

Reunion with OnlukaEdit

After Syrma peonify's three Planet Spots, she says everything is going really smoothly. Nao tells her to stop being so easygoing and if they don't hurry, Soul, whom she now calls Sir Soul, will die. Syrma is shocked to hear that SOul has been upgraded to Sir. Chou-Chou tells her just so he knows, she can't have him because he is her peon. Flustered, Nao says it is not like that and it is not a matter of wanting him or not wanting that. When Reu asks what Wanting is, Shirogane tells her not to worry about it. Marina says once Nao finds out the truth about him, she thinks she is going to be devastated.

Elka agrees with her saying a woman should not fall for a man like that. Just as he is saying he is abut to tell her straight to get it over with, suddenly, Onluka appears, however, she notices that she has misjudged the height, again and screams. Elka says he heard a woman's voice from the sky and she lands right on top of him. She says it was a good landing and she is getting better at this. Syrma points out Onluka's back and she says she is back as promised and she will be relying on the party from now on. Syrma asks if this means she will join the team and Chou-Chou asks if she is by herself and asks where is Belleria. Onluka says the god of destruction said she is worried about Tioni so she decided to stay over there. Marina tells her it has been a while,  asks how did she do that just now and points out it looked like she appeared out of thin air. Onluka says Marina is here as well and says she asked her how she did it, but she learned it from her in the first place. Marina says she can't do that. Kakeru says they all seem to be getting friendly, but are they sure they can trust her because she could be a spy for the enemy. Bertram says he has a point, because as a gentleman, he is reluctant to accuse a lady of such things, and yet can't help but feel suspicious. Onluka says she supposes it is only natural that they suspect her, but points out she too had her powers absorbed, so she thought she would let Syrma make all the decisions.

Nao tells everyone to forget about all that and they need to prioritize on Soul, Marina asks if she can warp as well and wants Onluka to tell her, Syrma asks what when she sais 'her' does she mean her and if she wants her to make the decisions and Chou-Chou asks when is Belleria coming back. Onluka tells them not to talk all at once and says they should walk around while they discuss it. So she pickes herself up and the group moves on. Elka, lying on the ground, says he would not mind if someone wanted to worry about him. When Reu asks if he is still alive, Alys says if he can talk he will be fine and asks if they want to leave him behind. Frantic, Reu tells them to wait. Elka, depressed, calls them jerks.

About the World's Ultimate God and TioniEdit

After Syrma peonifies five Planet Spots, Onluka says she never imagined she would meet up with the party on this world of all places. WHen Syrma asks if she has been here before, she says yes indeed she has, saying that it appears that she was one of the earlier ultimate gods to awaken and so she decided to get a look at some of the other gods and eventually she wound up on this world, but she got attacked. Chou-Chou asks what is with this world's ultimate god, saying Soul got his butt torn to shreds and the party almost died before they even knew what was happening. Onluka agrees with her, saying she attacked her the moment she saw her as well amd at that point, she decided it might be best to avoid meeting any of the others. Syrma says she did not even ask her name before she tried to kill us and it was just like what happened to Ace. She says he has his reasons, not that there is any excuse for his shortsighted behavior.

Syrma asks about his reasons and brings up something she wanted to ask her about the girl they met earlier, whom Onluka said her name was Tioni. She says se thinks that is her name and says she has to become the ultimate god again and defeat her. Onluka tells her it is not like an obligation or anything. Chou-Chou asks if that means they don't have to beat her, but she says what she means is nobody can force her to do it, it's just that if she does not beat her, the twelve worlds will disappear. When Syrma asks if that is not the same thing as saying she has to do it, Onluka tells her there is nothing requiring her to do it, and that is her point, but what she has is not an obligation, but a choice between Tioni or the twelve worlds. Syrma could not say anything, hut Chou-Chou says that is a pretty passive-aggressive way to put it. She says she guess es she was born with a bad personality, but since she is asking that question, does that mean she does not want to fight. Syrma says Chou-Chou said how she feels bad for her and she kind of feels the same way. Onluka says she is sure anyone would feel that way when they see her sobbing and moping around. Chou-Chou says that is totally but asks is that is why she brought her to them in the first place, to let them see that and Onluka says of course not, because Belleria wanted to introduce them to her and asks if they remember and Chou-Chou does. Syrma says she has to choose and says this is really hard. Onluka agrees, saying it is a hard decision, so she has to think about it just as hard. Frustrated, Syrma asks why does Tioni even want to destroy the twelve worlds in the first place, saying if she knew that then this could be easier. When Onluka asks is she does not know, Syrma says no, and says she remembers everything else but not that, but asks if she knows. She says it is interesting saying when she absorbed her, she regained her memories from before they split, but nothing after that. Chou-Chou says it sounds like she's holding something back again and tells her if she knows something, tell them already. Even though she says she does not mind, it might confuse them even more.

Nao interupts by calling them jerks and tells them to get to the point, startling Syrma, and says if they don't hurry up and absorb the planet's power, Soul will be in serious trouble and tells them to go go go. Hearing that, Onluka says her exposition will have to wait until later. Syrma tells her to stop pulling her arm, saying even though this world's ultimate god might be scary, Nao is even scarier.

And with that, Onluka officially joins the party.

The Two Must Settle ThisEdit

Meanwhile, Soul finds the woman who attacked him. She says he came alone and asks what about his companions. He says this matter does not involve them, and this is between himself and her. She says he is a fool, but she does admire his courage and adds that she is not going to hold anything back, and the least she can do is give him a quick and painless death. He says he will not die here and he can not lose until his wish is granted.

No Time to Explore Alrescha Ruins, We Have Got to Save SoulEdit

After obtaining 100% of Amethyst World's Planet Energy, Syrma says it is the last one and drains it away.

Elsewhere, Soul and the woman are fighting, however he ends up getting injured again. She says he lasted longer than she expected, but now it is over and it is time... to die. He says he can't die yet. She tells him not to worry, because she is not without mercy and she won't make him suffer. Just as she is about to say it will all be over soon, she feels strange. Soul notices it as well and says she has stopped moving and now is his chance. She asks whay is happeining and says her power is fading away. Soul asks about her power and realizes it must be the work of his comrades. The woman says his allies are to blame for this and it is such an underhanded tactic. She adds that she thought he was worthy of her respect, but it would appear she was wrong. He says they did it on their own and he had every intention of facing her without their help, but she tells him not to waste his breath and says if that is how he wants to do this, she would be happy to show him her full power. Soul is shocked to see her summon something.

Meanwhile, Chou-Chou says they just need to find Soul and the ultimate god. Alys asks if they have to start their search all over again and says they could be anywhere on the planet. Ryuto agrees and says they should have given Soul some way to contact them. Nao asks what are they going to do and says if Soul falls while they are wandering around looking for him, she will never forgive herself. Onluka tells her she does not think they will have to look very hard and points at the sky. Syrma notices that there is a huge thing over there, and Bertram says not only is the woman incredibly powerful, it would seem she has her own ship as well. Marina says even Soul might actually die going up against something like that. Kakeru says another formidable enemy stands revealed, it is very exciting and they must face it head-on with their own warship. Chou-Chou tells him to stop stealing her lines and orders Ryuto to get G-Castle online now and he complies, and the party heads off to G-Castle to prepare for battle.

Meanwhile, Soul could not believe what he is seeing, asking if she is so heck-bent on refusing him, calling on something like an airship, but the woman says she is done playing around with him and it is time for her to crush him like the worm he is.

Suddenly, Chou-Chou, the party and G-Castle appear and she says not so fast. The woman is shocked asking if they have a ship as well. Chou-Chou commands Ryuto to prepare for battle, and Nao asks Soul if he is okay. Shirogane tells her not to lean out of the ship like that because it is dangerous. Reu says she wants to try as well, and Tsukika says Reu wants to copy Nao and tells them to please stop. Chou-Chou says she said to prepare for battle and tells everyone to stop screwing around. The woman says this is convenient and now she can kill them all at once.

Bikini's Again?Edit

After the fall of the Galeos airship, the woman is shocked that she lost and says she is the ultimate god of this world. Suddenly, Chou-Chou and the others board her ship and she says she might be a god, but she is one of twelve and asks if she really thinks she could beat the undisputed god all on her own. The woman asks what she means by twelve and asks what is the nonsens of which she speaks. Onluka says that judging by her reaction, it sounds like she has no memory of her time as the ultimate god. Bertram agrees, saying he had mostly forgotten about all that myself. Syrma tries to explain, saying they were originally one single ultimate god but as she is about to say if she can go in the coffin they can absorb her, even though the woman says she has no idea what her scheme is, she is not interested. Shocked, Syrma tells her to at least hear her out before she says that.

Soul tells them to hold on and to let him talk to her first. Nao is happy that he is all right. Alys says she thinks she is actually in love. Marina says she feels like they really should have told her. Dees says it is not their fault because the opportunity never came up.

Soul tells the woman to surrender because he does not want to cause her any more harm. She admits that she has very little chance of winning outnumbered like this, but she will not bow down to him and says she will take him down with her. Nao intervenes asking why does she hate him so much. When she saks why, he says he would like to know that himself, saying he does not remember doing anything that would make her want to kill him. Angered, she asks if he does not remember, says how dare he. When he asks, she stutters. When Nao asks, Chou-Chou tells her to get it out already and to stop stalling. However, Ryuto says he has a feeling he already knows the answer. She says that Soul did some obscene things to him. Elka says he knew it. When Syrma says she did not hear her, the woman says that Soul tried to force her to...wear a bikini!

Syrma is rather stupefied by that remark. When Reu asks about bikinis, Tsukika says she saw this coming, but still when they actually hear it out loud, Shirogane agrees and adds that it is just too stupid. When Nao asks why would she try and kill him over a bikini, she asks about it. Soul asks why do they look so surprised and says when they see a girl, it is only natural for someone to want to make her wear a bikini and asks if everyone agrees with him. Kakeru says he does not think so, saying he is pretty sure he is the only one with that particular thought process. Bertram agrees but says he has never had such a thought and looks at Alys, who asks why is he looking at her and says he looked totally creepy just now. He says she is mistaken and he certainly was not thinking of how good she would look in any sort of bikini.

The woman tells the party that Soul confronted her and demanded she wear an incredibly embarrassing bikini, but it was not like she thought he had special feelings for her, or had a reason for doing what he did, or anything like that. Curious, Marina asks if she was actually...flattered. Soul, being the bikini nut he is, says of course he has special feelings and he is still considering which kind of bikini would look best on her, adding that there are not many options for bottoms when it comes to mermaids, and still, he can't decide between something sporty or more revealing. Embarrassed, she tells him to shut up and stop getting so specific. With her image of her perfect hero crumbling, she is also stunned saying Soul is something. Syrma noticed that he lost the 'Sir'. Dees tells them that they heard what he said, saying he ca't resist trying to slap a bikini on every girl he comes across. Elka adds that even though he might act all cool and heroic, he is actually a total creep. Nao asks if he can't resist putting bikinis on women and says there can't actually be someone out there like that. Chou-Chou says there is someone like that standing right in front of her. Onluka says she never would have imagined someone like that existed and visitors from other realms certainly are interesting. Tsukika says even though they have collected some strange people, most of the people from the seven worlds are perfectly normal. Ryuto points out that she just snuck that insult in there like it was nothing.

Nao, still stunned, says that he looks so heroic and she thought she had finally met a proper hero and yet, he likes to put bikinis on women, her dreams have been dashed. Soul says he understands and says she would like to wear a bikini as well and tells her not to worry, because once the party is done here, he will pick up some bikinis for all the new girls. Syrma asks if that includes her as well, Shirogane says he will probably buy one for Reu as well, who asks if he will get a bikini for her, Onluka says she is not too sure about that and she is a little too old to be showing that much skin. Nao outright refuses saying there is no way she would wear something like that and asks why would she wear a bikini, tells him not to be stupid and calls him a stupid man. Chou-Chou then notices that all of a sudden, she turned into a little kid. Dees says that her brain must have overheated from all that unexpected activity. Alys adds that Nao's eyes basically turned into hearts whenever he came up, so it must have been a shock, and adds that she was in love with her own imagination.

Soul says he does not understand why Nao is so upset all of a sudden, but he and the woman need to settle this before anything else. So he turns to the woman, tells her to stop being so stubborn and says he brought a bikini he is sure is going to look great on her. Flattered and embarrassed, she asks if he really thinks it will look good on her. Bertram says now she has fallen into his trap as well. Marina says she is amazed that Soul can be as big a creep as him and people will still be attracted to him, people like Sandy Sunshine for example and Ryuto says seriously and meanwhile here he is.

Embarrassed, the woman asks why would she wear that and refuses to do so. Shocked, Soul asks if she still resists to wear it. She tells him to be quiet, stop talking and just die already. Scared, Syrma asks if they are going to fight again and Onluka says it looks like negotiations have failed and they should probably weaken her a little more. Elka asks if he can not even seduce one solitary woman and points out he is utterly helpless. Soul says he did not want it to come to this, but he has no choice: He will just have to make the woman wear the bikini by force. Kakeru asks if that is what he is going to say right before launching into battle.

The Woman DefeatedEdit

After the battle, the woman asks how low can he get, teaming up against her and if he really wants to make her wear a bikini and shame her that badly, but Chou-Chou says that is just him. Nao tells her not to lump them in with Soul, whom she now refers to as 'this guy'. Shirogane is somewhat impressed, saying Soul got downgraded all the way to 'this guy' in one fell swoop and Ryuto says he does not think he can go much lower. Soul says he did not want it to go this far and her determination left the party with no choice. Angry and heartbroken, Nao tells him to stop including them. Tsukika tells her to please calm down. The woman says she will not surrender and she would rather bite her own tongue off and choke to death than be forced to wear it.

Suddenly, the loss of power feels so great on her, she reverts to her human form. She curses him saying he has forced her to reveal this form, but still she will not surrender. Shocked, Soul asks if she has human feet. Confident, the woman tells him it's too bad for him saying she is no longer the one he wanted to put a bikini on. Soul is speechless.

Syrma asks if she could listen to her for a minute, but as she is about to say they are both ultimate gods and they need to join forces, Onluka says there isno point in trying and since she does not remember, asks why waste the time. When Syrma asks what she should do, Onluka says it is simple: just force her into the coffin and it is not like she needs consent in the first place. Syrma says it comes down to that again, but goes for it. She pulls out the coffin and places it down.

The woman asks what is with the eerie coffin, gasps and says he still wants to force her into a bikini and he is going to make her change in there. Chou-Chou tells her to forget about the bikini. Syrma gets the coffin open. The woman says she is getting sucked in. Soul tells her to wait because he was not done talking, but Nao says no one cares what he has to say. The woman is pulled into the coffin and it closes behind her.

More Humiliation

The ultimate god (Supra) has her powers absorbed.

Inside the coffin, the woman curses, asking what does he have planned for her and says she can't see a thing. She notices it got cold all of a sudden, asks what is going on and notices the pink slime crawling all over her body and squeals. She asks what that was saying she did not intend to squeal like a little girl and does that again.

Outside, Soul asks what is going on in there and Syrma says she is absorbing her ultimate god powers. Chou-Chou says that the punishment of the nasty slimy mess has begun. Alys says she is getting sick just remembering it saying something all slimy and drippy slithers across their body and then it absorbs their powers. Excited, Elka asks if there is a camera in there like a live feed and thinks there has gotta be. Alys tells him to stop getting so worked up and calls him a creep.

Inside the coffin, the woman says she refuses to surrender to this humiliation while heavily breathing. Suddenly, she feels like her knees are shaking and she is getting weaker. She asks what this is, says she can feel something worming it's way into her head and wonders if it is old memories. She commands it to stop saying it is going in and out and commands it to stop treating her body like a toy and begs no more.

After the absorption process, Syrma learns the Ultimate Fusion ability, Ultimate Swim.

After that, the coffin throws the woman out and Syrma says she is there. Onluka says it looks like it is done. The woman, covered in the pink slime, asks how dare they treat her so roughly. Ryuto' whose nose starts bleeding, says her voice was so cute while she was in there and Chou-Chou, irritated, asks what he is getting excited for. He apologizes but he can not help it and his nose starts bleeding, unleashing the Red Ryuto Geyser.

Drenched in slime, the woman curses, saying she can not stand and she is too weak. Soul approaches her and she asks what it is he wants and hasn't he humiliated her enough. He tells her she will catch a cold while she is all slimy like that and tells her to put on the bikini, and Bertram says he gives her the bikini in a positively gentlemanly way. Kakeru says there is no helping him, saying it is almost refreshing to see someone take it this far. Stunned, she asks why because she is not a mermaid anymore and Soul says it does not matter, saying he prepared a human bikini just in case something like this happened. Stupefied, Alys asks how could he possibly predict something like this and Marina says he is incredibly well prepared when it comes to bikinis. Soul says he had it ready just for her and tells her to stop being stubborn and take it. Embarrassed she says fine, she will wear it and asks if he is happy now. When he asks if she will wear it, she says she is not doing it for him, it is just that her clothes are all sticky and that is the only reason. Surprised, Ryuto says the woman caved in and she finally showed her soft side. Dees says she seems to be an especially violent basket case, that is for sure. With a bleeding nose, Soul asks if she will wear it, says it is good, now he has no regrets and falls over. Marina says now he is down. When Reu asks if Soul is dead, Shirogane says he is fine and points out the look of contentment on his face and the woman calls him an idiot, while flustered.

The Woman's NameEdit

Bathing Bikinis

The woman (Supra) bathes in a bikini.

After that incident, The party gets into their respective sides of the bath, with Dees, Marina and the woman, wearing the bikini, getting in. Chou-Chou says it has been too long since she has been in a hot spring. Curious, Syrma says they have been in here multiple times so far. Chou-Chou says she is right and asks why does she not remember that. Marina says it has been a while since a bunch of girls were in here together. Stunned, Alys asks Marina if she got bigger again and Dees says her breasts are not even human-sized anymore. She tells them to stop teasing her, saying they act like she is some kind of monster. Reu says that Marina has something on her chest and she and Tsukika don't have them and squeezes her breasts. Embarrassed, Tsukika says she does have breasts and even though they are small, they are there.

The woman tells them they need to be quiet, saying they are like nails on a chalkboard and asks if she would like to erase them forever. Onluka tells her she really should not threaten people like that and points out she did not think she would come with the party so easily. The woman says she got back part of her memories as an ultimate god and she can not leave everything to the unreliable girl and they need her. Syrma asks that when she says 'unreliable girl' she is talking about her. Nao asks who else is there and asks the woman why is she still wearing the bikini and she says it is normal to wear a swimsuit to the bath. Dees corrects her by saying maybe for a public bath or places where it is specifically required. Chou-Chou asks if it is really that common but says it feels way nicer to bathe naked. Embarrassed, the woman tells her to be quiet saying she has no intention of getting naked with the likes of them. Syrma says she does not have to force herself to be in here with them, but she saysshe is in here because she made her body all sticky and she would not be in here if it was not for that, let alone dressed like this. Marina says she is turning red, laughs and says she has a cute side as well. Alys says she must really like that swimsuit Soul gave her. Nao says it is stupid cherishing something from that idiot. The woman says she sees and says they must all want to die and in that case she will gladly grant their wish. Tsukika tells her to stop, but Reu holds her down andsays no fighting. The woman demands her to let her go, but says she is ridiculously strong, but succumbs and says she will not fight in here. Reu says okay and lets her go. She says she can not believe she is being reproached by a little girl, and all because of this swimsuit and vows she will make him answer for making her wear this thing. Curious, Chou-Chou asks what she means by answer. She says she was talking to herself and tells the others to die. Tsukika tells her to settle down.

On the men's side, Soul tells them to stop fighting over the swimsuit and he told them he will get one for each of the girls later. Nao says she said she does not want one and calls him an idiot and a jerk. He says she seems to hate him all of a sudden and asks what did he do to her. Ryuto says Nao admired him, then got disillusioned, all in her own head. Elka says it is a good thing she realized it early on and there is something wrong with the world if women are attracted to men like him. Soul says he has no ideawhat they are trying to say and asks the woman how is the swimsuit and if it fits okay. The woman says it is not bad, but more importantly tells him not to call her 'hey you' and tells him, and everyone else, her name is Supra. Soul remembers that they never asked her name. Stunned, Shirogane asked if he came at her with a swimsuit before he even asked her name. Ryuto says it sounds like something he would do. He says he will call her by her name from now on, says nice to meet her and calls her Supra and she says that is better and calls him Soul. Marina points out that Supra's face if bright red again. Irritated, Nao says she can not believe it and asks what does Supra see in him. Onluka says there is no accounting for taste. Syrma points out that she almost fell in love with him, but she says of course she did not and asks who would be into a creep like him. Alys says things are going to get really interesting once Sandy gets back and asks everyone if they think so as well. Tsukika says that is going to be big trouble.

Elka tells Ryuto that he does not like how things are going and asks why are Shirogane and Soul getting all the ladies. He tells her at least he has Alys and as he is about to say for him, he has no one. Elka tells him to cheer up, saying he is sure something good will come his way before too long. Ryuto tells him to knock it off, saying he feels like he has failed as a human being if even he is trying to make him feel better.

And with that, both Soul and Supra join the party.

Planet SpotsEdit

Note: Syrma must learn Ultimate Decrypt in order to obtain 300% Planet Energy

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
Ultimate Snag icon
You'll need 130 x 10 + 25 enemy KOs. Defeat 1,325 20% Captivate 5 Planet Spots (event)
Ultimate Hunt icon
It's into complicated girls… Captivate: Bipolar 15% Captivate 3 Planet Spots (event)
Ultimate Vault icon
It's on the prowl for a wild-looking coat… Wild Coat 10% View 2nd Amethyst World event
04 You don't even have 1,400 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,350 40% Planet Energy 125%+
05 It enjoys dominating others… Captivate: Masochist 25% Captivate 3 Planet Spots (event)
06 You'll need 130 x 10 enemy KOs. Defeat 1,300 10% View 2nd Amethyst World event
Ultimate Snag icon
It likes very proper, well behaved girls. Captivate: Graceful 10% View 2nd Amethyst World event
08 It wants to go on an adventure…! Traveler's Mantle 35% Captivate 5 Planet Spots (event)
09 ???? (It's craving a huge thing of cotton candy…) Big Cotton Candy x2 75% Planet Energy 185%+
Ultimate Hunt icon
It likes airheads… Captivate: Ditz 60% Clear Chapter 10

100% RewardsEdit

  • 44,213 G
  • 20,503 Mugen Points
  • Rice Omelet x2
  • Milk Gelato x2
  • Big Cotton Candy x2
  • Cactus x40
  • Spirit  x40
  • Colorful x15

300% RewardsEdit

  • 84,162 G
  • 40,497 Mugen Points
  • Iris Soap x2
  • Safflower Soap x2
  • Gold Ingot
  • Pencil Drill x75
  • Beetle x75
  • Experiment 4 x30


  • Dandelion Soap
  • Miso Soup
  • Thick Glasses
  • Grape Shampoo
  • Swift Extract
  • Iron Bra
  • All-Purpose Pill (Peonify Planet Spot 9 to reach)
  • High-Grade Nhaos (Peonify Planet Spot 9 to reach)
  • Gold Blade (Peonify Planet Spot 9 to reach)

Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

All treasures require Ultimate Snag Power Up to obtain and Ultimate Swim to get to

  • Papaya Shampoo
  • Chockolate Cake
  • Milk Gelato
  • Poppy Soap
  • Chocolate x2
  • Floor-Length Skirt
  • Warding Powder
  • Milk Gelato
  • Rice Omelette
  • Dive Flute
  • Spirit Extract
  • Rocket Shooter

Ultimate Hunt TreasuresEdit

All treasures require Ultimate Hunt Power Up to obtain

  • Blueberry Shampoo
  • All Move Seal Nhaos
  • Headphones
  • Out Mirror (Requires Ultimate Swim)
  • Lily Soap (Requires Ultimate Swim)
  • Sporty Pants (Requires Ultimate Swim)

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Bronze Ticket x2
  • Dive Flute
  • Nose Band-Aid

Alrescha RuinsEdit

Ruins bathed in bright light. Vines cover the walls.

Alrescha Ruins map (empty)
The Alrescha Ruins is a set of ruins on Amethyst World named after one of the stars in the Pisces constellation. Similar to the Regulus Ruins on Scarlet World and the Deneb Algedi Ruins on Ebon World, this place does not have any events necessary to progress through the story.

Planet SpotsEdit

Note: Syrma must clear Chapter 12 and have high charm levels to obtain 300% Planet Energy.

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
Ultimate Hunt icon
It wants to play around with a kid with lots of energy… Captivate: Hyper 30% Planet Energy 40%+
Ultimate Warp icon
It likes quiet girls… Captivate: Terse 15% Visit Jade World
03 Its stockings keep sliding down… Worn Garter Belt 15% Visit Jade World
04 You don't even have 1,500 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,400 15% Visit Jade World
Ultimate Snag icon
It wants a cute, mean girl… Captivate: Ego 35% Planet Energy 95%+
Ultimate Warp icon
You don't even have 2,000 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,980 40% Planet Energy 175%+
07 It likes very proper, well behaved girls. Captivate: Graceful 20% 12% Charm Average
Ultimate Hunt icon
It's looking for some accessories that are easy on the skin… Wooden Bangle 30% Planet Energy 125%+
Ultimate Snag icon
???? (It wants a weapon to elegantly club someone to death…) Lady Bludgeon 60% Clear Chapter 12
10 You don't even have 2,200 enemy KOs… Defeat 2,150 40% 19% Charm Average

100% RewardsEdit

  • 64,173 G
  • 28,948 Mugen Points
  • Yakisoba Bread
  • High-Grade Nhaos
  • Silver Ticket
  • Iron Plate x50
  • Healing x50
  • Colorful x20

300% RewardsEdit

  • 88,737 G
  • 41,568 Mugen Points
  • Tropical Shampoo
  • Dive Flute x2
  • Gold Ingot
  • Beetle x100
  • Flower x100
  • Experiment 4 x40


  • Acerola Shampoo
  • All Skill Seal Nhaos
  • Pile Bunker
  • Mango Shampoo (Requires Ultimate Warp Power Up)
  • Miso Soup x2 (Requires Ultimate Warp Power Up)
  • Bacon and Eggs x2 (Requires Ultimate Warp Power Up)
  • Warding Powder (Requires Ultimate Warp Power Up)
  • Papaya Shampoo (Requires Ultimate Warp Power Up)
  • Fluffy Boots (Requires Ultimate Warp Power Up)

Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

All treasures require the Ultimate Snag Power Up

  • Lily Soap
  • All Virus Nhaos
  • Demon Exorciser
  • Apple Candy
  • Braised Tofu x2
  • Drinkable Yogurt x2
  • Cherry Shampoo
  • All Darkness Nhaos
  • Beaded Rosary

Ultimate Hunt TreasuresEdit

All treasures require the Ultimate Hunt Power Up

  • Dive Bell
  • Spirit Extract
  • Kung Fu Shoes
  • Out Mirror
  • Power Extract
  • Elegant Boots
  • Acerola Shampoo
  • Chocolate x2
  • Angled Glasses

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Bronze Ticket x2
  • Banana Parfait
  • Iron Vest

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