This is an Accessory list for Mugen Souls Z that includes images of the armor type and component icons.

In order to purchase armor, the required materials must be sold to the vendor first.

For getting higher stats, having one Self-Defense Matter at +100 will double the stats off all 4 defense slot items.

Component requirementsEdit

Name Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4
Accessory armor icon Simple ChokerComponent icon Copper Shell x2Component icon Short Tail x2
Accessory armor icon Brass PendantComponent icon Rare Fish Bone x2Component icon Well-Formed Chitosan x2Component icon Sacred Dewdrop x1
Accessory armor icon Iron PendantComponent icon Mysterious Fish Fin x1Component icon Red Petals x3Component icon Serrated Pincers x3Component icon Covetous Large Mouth x3
Accessory armor icon Spiked CollarComponent icon Insanely Heavy Lump x2Component icon Grudge Bell x4Component icon Bright Drop x4Accessory armor icon Iron Pendant x1
Accessory armor icon Cool ChokerComponent icon Rubbery Cockscomb x4Component icon Curly Tail x4Accessory armor icon Spiked Collar x1
Accessory armor icon Silver NecklaceComponent icon Death Needle x5Component icon Blood-Soaked Horn x5Component icon Melon Melon x5Accessory armor icon Cool Choker x1
Accessory armor icon Goldwork PendantComponent icon Good Harvest Bell x6Component icon Beast Bristle x6Component icon Cursed Alloy x3Accessory armor icon Silver Necklace x1
Accessory armor icon Holy PendantComponent icon Magical Evil Eye x8Component icon Black Metal x8Component icon Black Fuse x4Accessory armor icon Goldwork Pendant x1
Accessory armor icon Dragon Chain [DLC]Component icon Crushed Stone Fang x1Component icon Gold Ingot x1Accessory armor icon Holy Pendant x1
Accessory armor icon Cerberus CollarComponent icon Golden Carrot x1Component icon Damascus x1Accessory armor icon Holy Pendant x1
Accessory armor icon Ultimate Peon's CollarComponent icon Aquadite x1Component icon Peon Regulations x1Accessory armor icon Cerberus Collar x1

Armor statsEdit

Accessory armor icon Simple Choker00690055000
Accessory armor icon Brass Pendant001180094000
Accessory armor icon Iron Pendant002041020163000
Accessory armor icon Spiked Collar0045600304000
Accessory armor icon Cool Choker007570060537800
Accessory armor icon Silver Necklace001,57078501,256000
Accessory armor icon Goldwork Pendant003,666002,93301,8330
Accessory armor icon Holy Pendant005,00005005,000000
Accessory armor icon Dragon Chain [DLC]009,00075006,000000
Accessory armor icon Cerberus Collar0010,500007,000875050
Accessory armor icon Ultimate Peon's Collar0012,5001,250012,5000050

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