This is a Cape list for Mugen Souls Z that includes images of the armor type and component icons.

In order to purchase armor, the required materials must be sold to the vendor first.

For getting higher stats, having one Self-Defense Matter at +100 will double the stats off all 4 defense slot items.

Component requirementsEdit

Name Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4
Cape armor icon Cotton MantleComponent icon Wire Arm x1Component icon Poison Needle x2
Cape armor icon Traveler's MantleComponent icon Eggplant Stem x2Component icon Sacred Dewdrop x1
Cape armor icon Small BackpackComponent icon Unassuming Hat x3Component icon Angel Robe x1Component icon Mysterious Fish Fin x1Component icon Red Petals x3
Cape armor icon Veludo MantleComponent icon Gangster Mask x4Component icon Fluffy Down x4Component icon Magic Smoke Crystal x2Cape armor icon Small Backpack x1
Cape armor icon Golden MantleComponent icon Burning Torch x4Component icon Dragon Heart x2Cape armor icon Veludo Mantle x1
Cape armor icon Recruit BackpackComponent icon Kung Fu Mask x5Component icon Blood-Soaked Horn x5Component icon Death Needle x5Cape armor icon Golden Mantle x1
Cape armor icon Mantley MantleComponent icon Superior Thread x5Component icon Superior Thread x5Cape armor icon Recruit Backpack x1
Cape armor icon Silver MantleComponent icon Feathery Robe x8Component icon Compressor x8Component icon Earth Fragment x4Cape armor icon Mantley Mantle x1
Cape armor icon Kingly Backpack [DLC]Component icon Halogenated Metal x1Component icon Holy Tree Branch x1Cape armor icon Silver Mantle x1
Cape armor icon That Guy's MantleComponent icon Holy Music Stand x1Component icon Wing of Fortune x1Cape armor icon Silver Mantle x1
Cape armor icon Super Popularity MantleComponent icon Gemini White x1Component icon King's Spirit x1Cape armor icon That Guy's Mantle x1

Armor statsEdit

Cape armor icon Cotton Mantle00000069025
Cape armor icon Traveler's Mantle000000118050
Cape armor icon Small Backpack000000204050
Cape armor icon Veludo Mantle000000380050
Cape armor icon Golden Mantle000000757050
Cape armor icon Recruit Backpack0000001,570075
Cape armor icon Mantley Mantle0000002,650075
Cape armor icon Silver Mantle0000005,000075
Cape armor icon Kingly Backpack [DLC]0000007,5000150
Cape armor icon That Guy's Mantle0000008,7500100
Cape armor icon Super Popularity Mantle00000012,5000250

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