This is a Charm list for Mugen Souls Z that includes images of the armor type and component icons.

In order to purchase armor, the required materials must be sold to the vendor first.

For getting higher stats, having one Self-Defense Matter at +100 will double the stats off all 4 defense slot items.

Component requirementsEdit

Name Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4
Charm armor icon Hand-Made AmuletComponent icon Fortune Watermelon x2Component icon Bloody Iron Sand x1Component icon Red Tail x1
Charm armor icon Beaded RosaryComponent icon Extremely Long Shell x1Component icon Luminescent Ash x1Component icon Fat Filled Liver x2Component icon Paralysis Needle x2
Charm armor icon Haunted TalismanComponent icon Tengu's Claw x3Component icon Dark Treasure x1Component icon Bloody Iron Ore x3Component icon Black Mask x3
Charm armor icon Exciting BadgeComponent icon Small Cloth x2Component icon Fluffy Mohair x4Component icon Newly-Hatched Egg x4Component icon Yellow Gem x4
Charm armor icon Brave SealComponent icon Fake Shark Cartilage x4Component icon Kennel Quartz x2Charm armor icon Haunted Talisman x1Charm armor icon Exciting Badge x1
Charm armor icon Antique ButterfishComponent icon Forbidden Treasure x4Component icon Pink Paw x5Component icon Evil God's Eye x5Charm armor icon Brave Seal x1
Charm armor icon Aurora AmuletComponent icon Green Gem x8Component icon Hunter's Claw x8Component icon Chaos Treasure x4Charm armor icon Antique Butterfish x1
Charm armor icon 7 World Rosary [DLC]Component icon Halogenated Metal x1Component icon Gold Ore x1Charm armor icon Aurora Amulet x1
Charm armor icon Black BadgeComponent icon Magic Particle x1Component icon Black Soul x1Charm armor icon Aurora Amulet x1
Charm armor icon Gorgeous Girl's CharmComponent icon Gemini Black x1Component icon Aquadite x1Charm armor icon Black Badge x1

Armor statsEdit

Charm armor icon Hand-Made Amulet000049490820
Charm armor icon Beaded Rosary0000858501420
Charm armor icon Haunted Talisman000014614602440
Charm armor icon Exciting Badge0000285285474750
Charm armor icon Brave Seal9600057957909650
Charm armor icon Antique Butterfish00001,2381,23802,0640
Charm armor icon Aurora Amulet0050002,0002,00005,0000
Charm armor icon 7 World Rosary [DLC]00003,0003,0007507,5000
Charm armor icon Black Badge0875003,5003,50008,7500
Charm armor icon Gorgeous Girl's Charm0001,2505,0005,0001,25012,5000

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