This is a Protector list for Mugen Souls Z that includes images of the armor type and component icons. It is the 2nd most common type of defense slot item in the game.

In order to purchase armor, the required materials must be sold to the vendor first.

For getting higher stats, having one Self-Defense Matter at +100 will double the stats off all 4 defense slot items.

Component requirementsEdit

Name Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4
Protector armor icon Thin ApronComponent icon Spider Thread x1Component icon Edged Fang x1Component icon Violent Beast Bone x1
Protector armor icon Plastic VestComponent icon Iron Lump x1Component icon Intense Flint x1Component icon Sentient Circuit x1Component icon Silver Metal x1
Protector armor icon Checkered ApronComponent icon Carrot Skin x2Component icon Contract x2
Protector armor icon Floral ApronComponent icon Fluffy Leaf x2Component icon Delicate Cogwheel x2Component icon Black Tile x1Component icon Magician's Sand x1
Protector armor icon Matagi VestComponent icon Scarlet Tail x1Component icon Thunderstone x1Component icon Waveguide x2Component icon Door Bell x2
Protector armor icon Knifeproof VestComponent icon Angel Robe x1Component icon Serrated Pincers x3Component icon Mountain Snake Scale x3
Protector armor icon Iron VestComponent icon Evil Dragon Claw x1Component icon Reliable Candle x3Component icon Red Connector x1Component icon Crystal x3
Protector armor icon Silverthread ApronComponent icon Magical Armor x2Component icon Gorgeous Fish x2Component icon Yellow Gem x4Component icon Hard Carapace x4
Protector armor icon Bulletproof VestComponent icon Iron Shell x4Component icon Violent Beast Leg x2Protector armor icon Silverthread Apron x1
Protector armor icon Ceramic VestComponent icon Stabilizer x2Component icon Cat-Gut Instrument x4Protector armor icon Bulletproof Vest x1
Protector armor icon Dragon VestComponent icon Solid Basket x3Component icon Barrel Insulator x5Component icon Alkaloid x5Protector armor icon Ceramic Vest x1
Protector armor icon Devil VestComponent icon Grudge Root x5Component icon Evil God's Eye x5Component icon Transparent Googles x5Protector armor icon Dragon Vest x1
Protector armor icon Newlywed ApronComponent icon Small Carapace x6Component icon Cursed Alloy x3Component icon Epic King's Poem x3Protector armor icon Devil Vest x1
Protector armor icon Angel VestComponent icon Death Pollen x4Component icon Black Metal x8Component icon Karate Mask x8Protector armor icon Newlywed Apron x1
Protector armor icon Rainbow Vest [DLC]Component icon Halogenated Metal x1Component icon Golden Carrot x1Protector armor icon Newlywed Apron x1
Protector armor icon Aurora VestComponent icon Spirit x1Component icon Galactica Mask x1Component icon Holy Tree Branch x1Protector armor icon Angel Vest x1
Protector armor icon Ultimate Nudie ApronComponent icon Bath Banana x1Component icon Gemini White x1Component icon Gemini Black x1Protector armor icon Aurora Vest x1

Armor statsEdit

Protector armor icon Thin Apron80021043000
Protector armor icon Plastic Vest170043086000
Protector armor icon Checkered Apron2700690138000
Protector armor icon Floral Apron3900980197000
Protector armor icon Matagi Vest56001700284000
Protector armor icon Knifeproof Vest81002440408000
Protector armor icon Iron Vest121003640608000
Protector armor icon Silverthread Apron1900047509500950
Protector armor icon Bulletproof Vest3020090801,514000
Protector armor icon Ceramic Vest492001,47702,462000
Protector armor icon Dragon Vest8250822,06404,128000
Protector armor icon Devil Vest1,060002,6501065,300000
Protector armor icon Newlywed Apron1,466003,66607,33301460
Protector armor icon Angel Vest2,000005,000010,00020000
Protector armor icon Rainbow Vest [DLC]3,00030007,500015,000000
Protector armor icon Aurora Vest3,50035008,75035017,50003500
Protector armor icon Ultimate Nudie Apron5,00050050012,50050025,000500500100

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