This is a Ring list for Mugen Souls Z that includes images of the armor type and component icons.

In order to purchase armor, the required materials must be sold to the vendor first.

For getting higher stats, having one Self-Defense Matter at +100 will double the stats off all 4 defense slot items.

Component requirementsEdit

Name Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4
Ring armor icon Single PiercingComponent icon Poison Spine x2Component icon Contract x2
Ring armor icon Wooden BangleComponent icon Fallen Leaf x2Component icon Soft Wool x2
Ring armor icon Glass RingComponent icon Covetous Large Mouth x3Component icon Mountain Snake Scale x3Component icon Poison Tail x1Component icon Yellow Stone x1
Ring armor icon Iron BraceletComponent icon Insanely Heavy Lump x2Component icon Yellow Seeds x4Ring armor icon Glass Ring x1
Ring armor icon White Shell EarringsComponent icon Evil Eye x4Component icon Big Arm of a Biped x4Ring armor icon Iron Bracelet x1
Ring armor icon Obsidian EarringsComponent icon Black Seeds x5Component icon Kung Fu Mask x5Component icon Degenerated Eye x5Ring armor icon White Shell Earrings x1
Ring armor icon Concrete RingComponent icon Gun Barrel x6Component icon Violent Beast Blade x3Ring armor icon Obsidian Earrings x1
Ring armor icon Rainbow BraceletComponent icon Thorn Crown x8Component icon Compressor x8Component icon Urthr's Water x4Ring armor icon Concrete Ring x1
Ring armor icon Utopian Earrings [DLC]Component icon Crushed Stone Fang x1Component icon Silver Ingot x1Ring armor icon Rainbow Bracelet x1
Ring armor icon Archangel ArmbandComponent icon Holy Music Stand x1Component icon Angel's Melody x1Ring armor icon Rainbow Bracelet x1
Ring armor icon Lovely Engagement RingComponent icon Gemini White x1Component icon King's Spirit x1Ring armor icon Archangel Armband x1

Armor statsEdit

Ring armor icon Single Piercing05500690000
Ring armor icon Wooden Bangle094001180000
Ring armor icon Glass Ring01630020400200
Ring armor icon Iron Bracelet03040383800000
Ring armor icon White Shell Earrings06050075775000
Ring armor icon Obsidian Earrings01,25315701,570157000
Ring armor icon Concrete Ring02,93303663,6660000
Ring armor icon Rainbow Bracelet04,000005,000500000
Ring armor icon Utopian Earrings [DLC]07,500007,500007500
Ring armor icon Archangel Armband08,750008,750087500
Ring armor icon Lovely Engagement Ring012,5000012,5001,250000

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