Although this song does not appear in any of the original soundtracks, the name of the song can still be seen by viewing the credits of Mugen Souls.

This song is the main theme of the original Mugen Souls and is composed by the Kaneko, Kenji and sung by the producer Shininafune, Keiji. The original name of the song is called (圧倒的ヒーロ?) so there is no difference in the name of the English and Japanese version of this song.

English translation Original Japanese lyrics

"Theme song #1 lyrics"

<♪Long tension building prelude♪>

Overwhelming (overwhelming), overwhelming (overwhelming) Mugen Souls!

Get up right now, it's a noble soul!

Enemies get beautifully smashed into dust,

making everything bow down on their hands and knees that day.

Go run around everywhere banbanbabaaan

go make loud noise everywhere banbanbabaan

and then approriately welcome them banbanbabaan

The Zettai Mitai TV program goes banbanbabaan

baanbanbaban banban

babanbaan baabanbaban banban I'm gonna conquer this world, nice to meet you!

Overwhelming (overwhelming), overwhelming (overwhelming) Mugen Souls!

Overwhelming (overwhelming), overwhelming (overwhelming) Mugen Souls!

(Continues below line no.2)



圧倒的 (圧倒的) 圧倒的 (圧倒的) ムゲンソウルズ!


華麗に そう美しく敵を粉砕だ


駆けろ走れどこまでも バンバンババーン

派手にゆくぞどこまでも バンバンババーン

後はテキトーよろしく バンバンババーン

絶対見たいTVが バンバンババーン

バーンバンババン バンバン

バババーン バーンバンババン バンバン 世界制覇 夜露死苦!

圧倒的 (圧倒的) 圧倒的 (圧倒的)ムゲンソウルズ!

圧倒的 (圧倒的) 圧倒的 (圧倒的) ムゲンソウルズ!



  • Several event BGMs composed by Kaneko are based off this song such as: "Attack of Delusion", "Sadness" and "The Early Afternoon".

See alsoEdit

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