Shampuru Bigguns

Classification Support
Tier 7
Power 120
Get's incredibly pissed if you call it fatty-fat-fatso.
— In-game description

Mugen Souls locationsEdit

  • Max that can be obtained by going through the story is about 0.
  • This Shampuru does not drop in the 7 Worlds Redux.

Normal mobEdit

World Continent Monster Drop rate Amount
Metal World The Final Frontier Pixy Rare x1
Metal World The Final Frontier Nature Ev Rare x2

Mugen FieldEdit

Bet Route Floor Monster Drop rate Amount
100 Normal 81~90 Piyoyo Rare x3
101-500 Tough 81~98 King of Herrings Common x4
100 Tough 91~98 Bastet Rare x10
100 Tough 91~98 Solar Eclipse Common x4
5001-10000 Tough 61~79 Nightmare Crow Common x4
1001-5000 Normal 61~80 Cybele Rare x20
100 Tough 91~98 Cottingley Rare x10

Mugen Souls Z locationsEdit

Shampuru are not found in the same location as the original game.


  • The Japanese name for this Shampuru is ふとっちょ

See alsoEdit

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