Bloody Iron Ore

Component icon

ID 257
Sell Price 776G
Quality 13
Availability Common

A component that drops by a Foolie. They are the 2nd weakest variant of their kind but the strongest of its type that can be found on the 12 Worlds.

It usually takes only 1 component from this item to count as one material but 3 are needed to make "Haunted Talisman" which is a bit odd. There are 3 items this component can make:

Drop locationsEdit

It can only be found on Ivory World in the 12 Worlds Galaxy, a battle on the Challenge World and a few bets of the Mugen Field on Carnage route.

Stealing from bosses will drop both their Normal (usually a random item) and Rare (usually their component) item so stealing an item from them would guarantee both their items. Using skills like Chicken Run Trap, Phantom Mirage, Eagle Shot, Reflection Ball etc will steal their normal items while Special Skills will steal their rare item.

Name Location Method Notes
Foolie small portrait Foolie Ivory World symbol Ivory World Normal enemy encounter Common drop, can get two if Item Captivated.
Foolie small portrait Foolie Challenge World icon Challenge World #14 Mega Training
Name Location Bet  Route Floor Notes
Foolie small portrait Foolie Mugen Field icon Mugen Field 0000100 0001000 Carnage 081~089
0005001 0025000 Carnage 041~055
0200001 0500000 Carnage 021~029

Items it can makeEdit

The required components must be sold to the vendor to purchasing better items as well as earning a little bit of extra money. There is no use to keeping the components other than Silver Ingot x2 which is used for Captivating Planet Spot #3 on World of Awakening.

Components that are labeled in red, need to be found in order for it to appear in the shop.

Name Type Quality Buy price Component requirements
Sword weapon icon Zanbato Sword 15/29 17,500G Component icon Lead Shell x3 Component icon Bloody Iron Ore x1
Sword weapon icon Blue Dragon Sword x1 Component icon 
Bazooka weapon icon Rocket Machine Gun Bazooka 15/29 17,500G Component icon Arm of a Biped x3 Component icon Bloody Iron Ore x1
Bazooka weapon icon Scatter Gatling x1 Component icon 
Charm armor icon Haunted Talisman Charm 15/29 17,500G Component icon Tengu's Claw x3 Component icon Dark Treasure x1
Component icon Bloody Iron Ore x3 Component icon Black Mask x3

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