In Mugen Souls Z there is a feature called the Challenge World that can be used for gaining tickets and various soaps/shampoos. It can also be used to farm massive amounts of Shampuru... given that the player uses the right tactics.

Note: All Shampuru values are given with no boosting ticket purchases in effect.

Beginner Challenge

Tactics: Just equip a bazooka.
Shampuru gained: 30-60 Firecracker, Transport, and Lost

Appraisal Challenge

Tactics: Use Graceful aligned attacks (so you don't kill them; Syrma and Tsukika learn them by default) that have both Blast Off and Can Float. Also make sure the Syrma does NOT have a bazooka equipped to avoid accidentally failing the challenge.
Shampuru gained: 180-300 Chipped Blade

Evaluation Challenge

Tactics: Make sure that Syrma is in slot 4 (to prevent her from being move locked) and equip a bazooka.
Shampuru gained: 320-480 Balloon

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