Coaxing a unique skill that can only be trigger by Syrma in Mugen Souls Z. It is learned at Chapter 4 on Rose World in an event after clearing Planet Spot one and learning the Blast Off system.

Doing what Syrma says will increase a set amount of Peon Points and reduce the Overload percentage. When failing to follow, Peon Points lost will lose an unknown percentage of the total Peon Points, plus a set value as well as increasing the Overload percentage.

Bipolar coaxing actionsEdit

The following chart will explain the actions needed for Syrma Bipolar's commands.

Successfully following the coax commands given by Syrma will drastically decrease the Coffin Overload % and increase Peon Points but doing the wrong command will increase Overload and decrease Peon Points. Each form will have a different way of saying what action needs to be done.

No. Action needed Success Failure
1 Argh! Fine, you can heal… (Use healing or ailment cure -Skills-) +50 -4% -40 +6%
2 I will allow you to use an Attack Skill. (Use normal damage skills. Link and Specials don't count.) +30 -3% -40 +6%
3 I guess you could do a special move… +50 -25% -25 +2%
4 Why don't you attack together? (Use a Linked Skill) +75 -16% -25 +3%
5 Fine, I guess you can use a healing item. (Restore -Items- only) +25 -2% -40 +6%
6 Why not just use an Enhance Skill? (Power, Coolness, and Smartness Up -Skills-) +40 -5% -30 +4%
7 Just deal with it! Defend! +25 -2% -100 +8%
8 Don't hold back! Attack! (Use a normal attack) +25 -2% -75 +6%
9 Hold still! +25 -2% -75 +8%
10 Do something about that crystal! (Blast an enemy into a crystal) +40 -7% -30 +4%
11 Time to Blast Off! +25 -6% -75 +9%
12 Ugh, just switch already! +25 -4% -100 +7%
13 Just blast 'em into the air! (Make the enemy float, distance doesn't matter) +40 -9% -50 +6%
14 That's it? You'd better destroy them! (KO an enemy) +100 -20% -25 +2%
15 You'd better get a 5-hit Blast Off combo! (Hits from skill doesn't count) +40 -9% -50 +5%
16 Why don't you try using your brain? (Use a Moe Affinity Skill) +40 -5% -50 +5%
17 Just stick 'em in the ceiling! (Float the enemy all the way to the ceiling) +75 -12% -30 +4%
18 You'd better get a 15-hit Blast Off combo! (Hits from skill doesn't count) +200 -25% -25 +2%

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