Crimson World preview
Crimson World
is a world in the 12 Worlds Galaxy that is visited by Syrma and co. This world is centered around the star sign of Scorpio the Scorpion. Its ultimate god is a monster named Scorpio. The scout from the previous cast sent to Crimson World in search for the ultimate god is Dees Vanguard.

Crimson WorldEdit

"A world of erupting volcanoes filled with vicious monsters."

Scarlet World AftermathEdit

Crimson World symbol

Crimson World's Symbol.

While Ryuto wonders how everyone else is doing, here, Dees is complaining about dealing with more idiocy, but she supposes there is nothing forcing her to take the task Chou-Chou gave her and she can just stand there and kill time. Just as she was about to relax, her warning system has been activated but there was nothing on her internal radar and wonders where some numbers are coming from. As she wonders who is there, she is approached by a giant monster and is attacked.

First ArrivalEdit

Note: Chapter 7 does not start until the party does arrive here.

Crimson World map (empty)

Crimson World's map looks like a Scorpion.

Upon arriving, Chou-Chou says that her party has conquered the sixth world. Excited, Kakeru says this is where his newest adventure begins, he strikes a pose and says he's overflowing with energy. Reu asks Tsukika Izayoi if she can run around, but she says no she can't and they can't let her go get lost again. Shirogane says at least she learned to ask first and says she is a good girl, which she repeats. Alys Levantine asks if they are halfway done and Syrma says yes, and all they have to do is conquer six more worlds and the ultimate god will be revived. Nao reminds them about Aceand Altis. Chou-Chou says that once Syrma gets back to normal, so will she and she is actually getting tired of riding around on her head, the latter asking why not just get off now. Ryuto offers to let Chou-Chou ride on her head since it is available any time she wants it. Nao informs them not to let them get ahead of themselves and first they need to find this world's ultimate god. Bertram Demetrius Bloomfield wonders what this new colleague of his would look like. Alys says whoever it is, she hopes it's not another weirdo.

Suddenly, a voice from somewhere says the ultimate god is not a 'who' at all, it's a monster. When Chou-Chou asks if it is a monster, the voice says she is correct and it is an incredibly brutal one at that. Kakeru is not sure if a proper hero should have a monster for an ally and asks if that kind of thing is more acceptable these days. Nao says anything goes for ultimate gods and sometimes they're weapons or sometimes they're monsters. Bertram says it would seem that way, saying that it is unfortunate that this journey is his first time meeting any of his fellow colleagues. Syrma agrees and says she hopes it's not too scary. The voice says that it is not a matter of whether the ultimate god is scary or not and says it was not able to talk and it is not sure it had even a spec of intelligence. Alys says the voice sounds like it knows a lot about it, and Tsukika says it's almost like it has already seen it, which it has and quite clearly. Chou-Chou says that if it knew so much about it, she asks why didn't it say something about it before, and notices something off. She asks who said it and which one in the party already saw this world's ultimate god. Both Syrma and Reu say neither of them saw it. The voice asks if they had forgotten about it already. Confused, Shirogane asks who has been talking all this time, and Bertram notices and says that the voice is coming from somewhere in the region of their feet.

When Alys asks their feet, the party looks down and sees the severed head of Dees Vanguard, who says they are unbelievably unobservant. They all take one look at her, Chou-Chou being first, then Ryuto asks if that is Dees's head, who says they should go ahead and laugh because she knows they want to.

Instead of laughing the new party members, those being Syrma, Nao, Reu, and Bertram all freak out. Syrma says it's a severed head, and Nao adds that it's talking. Reu is scared of the talking head and Bertram says it must be an evil spirit and warns Alys to stay back. Chou-Chou on the other hand, laughs hysterically. Alys asks Dees what is going on and why she is nothing but a head. Shirogane laughs and says that this is even more surprising than when he first saw Chou-Chou shrunken down. Tsukika says they really should not laugh at her and lets out a small giggle. Kakeru tells everyone to listen as to him and the other ultimate gods, this is no laughing matter. Syrma agrees with him and asks what is so funny about a talking disembodied head. Nao tells them seriously and soon asks if they know her and if they should be seriously worried about her right now. Kakeru asks how is she even alive. Dees takes a look at Chou-Chou, notices her body has shrunk. When she asks what about her body, she laughs and says she laughed at her but she looks just as ridiculous. Chou-Chou tells her to be quiet saying that being tiny is a billion times better than being nothing but a head. Alys says they both look completely ridiculous and it is just too funny and laughs. Nao tells them to stop goofing around and explain what is going on here. Ryto asks if the monster Dees mentioned before is the reason she is like this now. She says it's a long story and proceeds to but when Chou-Chou dropped her off here without a second thought, she didn't feel like doing anything, so she was just walking around. Still shocked, Syrma asks if she can't just skip to the part where she got her head cut off.

Apparently, after Chou-Chou dropped her off, Dees wanders Crimson World. A short while later, she arrives at the Dzuba Ruins and says she has been walking forever and has not seen a single living soul. Annoyed, she asks why does she always get stuck doing stupid stiff like conquering the world. She then says she could not care less about conquering this world and she is not even her peon to begin with. She becomes bored and decides she will just sit here and wait for them to come and pick her up, saying wandering around aimlessly is a waste of her batter power. But just as she was about to say that she does not even know if she can recharge anywhere on this world, her alarm system goes off. Just as she was about to say she did not notice anything, she was attacked by Scorpio, the ultimate god of this world and a powerful monster. She says she let her guard down and paid the price for it. She asks it if it is not some run-of-the-mill monster. It stands in silence and she saks if it can't understand her and has no choice but to give it everything she's got, and apologizes since she has to fight it.

And back in present time, Tsukika asks if she lost the fight. And she says she could say that. Alys adds now she is nothing but a head and calls her a loser. Dees tells her to be quiet and it only happened because she wasn't really paying attention. Chou-Chou says it happened because she forgot her place and she should have waited for her to return. Dees says she is one to talk and tells her to look at herself. Concerned, Syrma asks Chou-Chou if she could please explain how Dees is not dead even thoush she's just a disembodied head. Alys says of course she's not dead, and says they could crush her head and she still wouldn't die. Dees says that strictly speaking, she is right and asks if they could please not say things like that. Chou-Chou is jealous saying she wishes she could get her head crushed and still not die. Dees repeats herself saying angrily she asked them to stop saying things like that. Concerned, Nao asks if they can explain why exactly Dees would not die and Ryuto answers it's because she is a robot. Reu wants to know what a Robot is and Kaeru asks if he said robot and demands that he explain himself. Dees says she is not a robot, she is an android and tells the others not to lump her in with 'those primitive inorganic devices'. Syrma ponders about androids and robots and wonders what is the difference. Even though Bertram is not sure, it seems Dees feels very strongly about the issue. Kakeru is disappointed that Dees is not really a robot, but supposes an android as a supporting character works well enough as well. Nao asks why everyone is acting like this is perfectly normal.

Alys says it was just too funny and asks why not get moving and says they can catch up while they're walking around. Ryuto agrees and asks Dees if she can walk. In her current state, she asks him how would he expect her to do that. Shirogane suggests that she can use her hair like feet and walk around like that, but she rejects the idea saying it's impossible and super creepy. Chou-Chou then says fine and orders Ryuto to carry her. As he does so, he has trouble and says for being nothing but a head, Dees is pretty heavy, and she tells him never call a girl 'heavy'. Even though Ryuto agrees, it is the truth as he is trying to carry Dees head around. Syrma cheers him on and Nao says the group is getting stranger and stranger.

An Android Hero and a God Stronger than VorgisEdit

Further in, Nao asks about Dees being an android hero and asks if androids are human-made objects and if they can really be heroes. Dees tells her not to call her an object and that besides her body make-up, she is no different from a human. Nao says that's hard for her to buy when she is nothing but a head. Angered, Dees says she did not choose to be like this. Reu is scared cause Dees got mad and Shirogane tells her to stop shouting and says she's scary enough as it is. Dees says she's not trying to scare her on purpose. Chou-Chou then asks where her body is and she says it should be somewhere near where she was attacked. Alys asks if she can get back to normal and she says that fortunately, her self-repair program is still functioning, so it won't be a problem, if they can find her spare parts. Bertram says that in other words, she will be stuck like this for life if they don't, but Kakeru says that 'for life' does not apply to androids and he should say 'forever' instead. Dees tells them not to say things like that and it's okay because they will probably find them. Chou-Chou says that for a peon, she is a pain in the butt. She says she does not remember ever becoming her peon. Ryuto, who is carrying Dees head, says that if they don't find her body soon, he might keel over and die. Alys asks why doesn't Ryuto have Tsukika hold her as she is strong. Tsukika agrees but just as she is about to take the head, Reu says no. She apologizes to Ryuto and he says Reu is so cruel. Dees says that they don't have to treat her like a nuisance and asks Chou-Chou where they are headed and she says they are going to the place where she lost to the monster. She is shocked to hear this and Alys tells her to leave it to her and she will avenge her. Bertram says he will follow Alys to the utmost end, wherever that may lead. Syrma adds that they have to absorb it's powers anyway. Just as Chou-Chou is about to say they can get Dees body back, she says no. Syrma was startled and Chou-Chou tells her not to yell for no reason. Ryuto adds that he almost dropped her. Dees asks if they weren't listening, saying even she was broken into pieces in a flash and there is no way she can win. Alys asks if that is because she is weak and she says look who's talking. Alus is insulted and asks how dare she and Bertram compliments that she is truly Alys's comrade because she understands her so well. She admits she let her guard down, but says that even if she hadn't, she could tell its strength was extrordinary and it might have been even stronger than Vorgis. Kakeru thinks that is an evil sounding name and demands an explanation. Shirogane says that he was the main villain from last time and thinks Dees might be overexaggerating a bit. Dees says she is not and if they fight him now, there is no chance they will win. Nao saysshe does not know if she can buy that, especially since the other ultimate gods have not been all that impressive. Reu is dosing off and Bertram agrees saying he is not the best fighter, and Syrma says she still needs to become the ultimate god again. Chou-Chou asks her if she does not want to stay a severed head forever, and even though she is glad she cares, she says they should at least gather more strength and if they could get some others to join the group. Shirogane asks if the enemy really is that powerful and thinks the situation is more serious than he thought. Kakeru asks if a hero of justice be trying to assemble some giant mob to attack it and says five people seems to be the acceptable limit. Ryuto asks Chou-Chou what they should do. She asks if it is super lame to run away without even fighting, but Dees says she is doing them a favor, saying that it really is dangerous and unlike her, when it rips them apart, they will all be dead. Tsukika says Dees is usually pretty calm and composed, and if she really feels strongly about it, they should come back later, Chou-Chou thinks about it and Shirogane says that either way, if they want to head to the next group of worlds, they need to peonify this one. Syrma agrees with him and says they can think about it while they do that. With that decided, Chou-Chou says it's time to get their rears in gear and peonify this place. Dees suggests they just do that and not think about fighting the monster. 

Dzuba Ruins Revealed. Fight or FlightEdit

Once Syrma and co. gets 100% Planet Energy, Chou-Chou tells Syrma they are almost done, and to get moving, and slaps Syrma, who says this is the last spot and peonifies the planet. Suddenly, the ground starts to move, which Reu notices. Tsukika says she sure likes it when it happens and Reu says it's fun. After the Dzuba Ruins reveal themselves, Bertram now sees and says that this method is how Syrma and co. have been traveling around his and Kakeru's worlds, the latter asking how awesome is it to move the planets. Alys says she is reckless as always.

Dees says they are done here so they should go back to the ship. Chou-Chou says since they have come this far, she wants to see the monster that tore her to shreds. Even though Dees knew she would say that, she tells her no and not to even think about it because it's too dangerous. She complies saying she does not have to get mad. Surprised, Syrma asks Chou-Chou if she is really not going to see it and she tells her not to be ridiculous, saying they just have to sneak over there so she does not see them. Unfortunately, Dees says she can hear her and Chou-Chou leaves it up to Syrma since she is the one walking anyway, and she wonders what should she do.

Once the Peon rate reaches 100%, and the Dzuba Ruins reveal themselves, the party can either leave with Dees severed head or stay and fight the Ultimate God.

Planet SpotsEdit

Note: Charm level must be 9% or above to captivate all Planet Spots

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
01 You'll need about 500 + 200 enemy KOs. Defeat 580 15% Default
02 It wants a sword that can cut through stone… Rock Cutter 35% Planet Energy 85%+
Ultimate Vault icon
It likes airheads… Captivate: Ditz 15% Default
04 It's looking for some gaudy shorts… Colorful Shorts 20% View 1st Crimson World Event
05 You don't even have 740 enemy KOs… Defeat 730 40% Planet Energy 85%+
06 It enjoys especially cruel treatment… Captivate: Sadist 50% 9% Charm Average
07 It's into complicated girls… Captivate: Bipolar 25% View 1st Crimson World Event
Ultimate Snag icon
It enjoys simple yellow flowers… Dandelion Soap 15% Default
09 You don't even have 770 enemy KOs… Defeat 760 25% View 1st Crimson World Event
10 It likes very proper, well behaved girls. Captivate: Graceful 60% Planet Energy 225%+

100% RewardsEdit

  • 9,977 G
  • 4,839 Mugen Points
  • Ginger Pork x2
  • Kiwi Shampoo x2
  • Banana Shampoo x2
  • Sheltered x 75
  • Magical x75
  • Sham-Meow x15

300% RewardsEdit

  • 11,712 G
  • 5,954 Mugen Points
  • Pomegranate Shampoo x2
  • Guava Shampoo x2
  • Silver Ingot
  • Brock x100
  • Chubs x100
  • Sam-Meow x40


Note: to obtain all treasures Syrma must obtain the Ultimate Warp ability by clearing Chapter 8.

  • Orange Shampoo
  • Warding Powder
  • Striped Ribbon Headband
  • Pansy Soap
  • Braised Tofu
  • Apple Candy
  • Valley Soap
  • Fried Eggs x3
  • Single Piercing
  • Swift Extract (Requires Ultimate Warp to Reach)
  • Chocolate (Requires Ultimate Warp to Reach)
  • Ninja Sword (Requires Ultimate Warp to Reach)

Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

Note: Two Ultimate Snag Treasures can be obtained by the Ultimate Snag Boost and one can only be reached by Ultimate Warp.

  • Lemon Shampoo
  • Sleep Nhaos x2
  • Denim Outerwear
  • Watermelon Shampoo (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)
  • Dive Bell (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)
  • Ounce O' Soup (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)
  • Out Mirror (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)
  • Sour Milk x3 (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)
  • Ribbon Bra (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)
  • Dive Bell (Requires Ultimate Warp to Reach)
  • Apple Candy x2 (Requires Ultimate Warp to Reach)
  • Tunic (Requires Ultimate Warp to Reach)

Ultimate Hunt TreasureEdit

  • Spirit Pill x2
  • Ginger Pork
  • Chic Balloon Pants

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Bronze Ticket
  • Bacon and Eggs x2
  • Robe-Like Shirt

Dzuba RuinsEdit

"Ruins filled with a dreamy light and bits of vegetation."

Dzuba Ruins map (empty)
The Dzuba Ruins are located on Crimson World, and are named after a star in the Scorpio Constellation.

Fighting Scorpio, the Ultimate GodEdit

When inside the ruins, Dees asks if they are going back to the ship, but Chou-Chou tells her not to ask her since she is not the one walking around and Syrma is calling the shots but Syrma says she is mean and she is the one that said to go this way, and she says she is the one doing it and she is just along for the ride. Nao tells them to stop bickering like kids, and Shirogane says he can't say he expected Chou-Chou to listen. Dees tells him she needs to listen and it is a matter of life and death. Alys says they are already here and asks who cares, and says she does not want to start heading back yet. Reu sayd she will fight and she will win. Tsukika says that Reu is on board and Kakeru says he can not let an evil go umnpunished before his very eyes. Chou-Chou says that they are going to come back later and they might as well face the ultimate god now. Bertram asks Dees what she thinks and if she will consent to the majority vote and she says they don't understand but gives in and tells them to do whatever they want and to forget she even said anything. Ryuto tells her to stop thrashing around because she is going to upset his balance. Sayma asks Chou-Chou if she is sure because Dees looks mad and she says she is the one who decided to come this way, so yes. Dees looks at Chou-Chou with annoyance, but she tells her not to throw a tantrum and reminds her that they need to get her body back. Dees says it is too late to say anything about it and tells them it's coming.

When Chou-Chou tries to notice it, suddenly, Scorpio comes from the ceiling and jumps in front of them. A monster that stands onit's hind legs clad in armor, with one pincer for a sword and another for a shield, and a stinger.

Scared, Syrma asks what the party should do and says she is not ready yet. Nao asks her what she is talking about and if she came here prepared to fight. But as she was about to say she is the one that wanted to fight, Chou-Chou tells them to stay focused as it appraoches them. It charges and fights the party. Syrma screams but has no choice but to fight.

Absorbing Scorpio and Reclaiming Dees' BodyEdit

After defeating Scorpio, Chou-Chou and Syrma celebrate their victory. Dees stares in confusion. Kakeru says that it was just another two-bit villain after all and that justice always prevails. Nao says that even though it was one of the stronger ones, it is nothing they could not handle. Dees is still flabergasted. Alys says it is sad that Dees got rippedapart by something like that and she is not just weak, she's super weak. Bertram says that judging by the results, it would appear Dees is weaker than Alys. Dees says that it can't be and says they have been grinding levels, asks if that was it and says that otherwise there is no way they could beat it when she stood no chance. Confused, Shirogane asks what grinding is and Ryuto asks if she is all right, thinking her head was damaged.Dees says there is nothing wrong with her, and as she was about to say they are the ones that are insane, Reu calls her a weak head and says she is not scary at all. Tsukika compliments her. Dees still thinks something is wrong, but Nao tells her to forget it as there are more important things to do. Syrma remembers and says she will absorb Scorpio's powers now. Bertram states that it won't fit in the coffin but she says it's fine and she is sure her mysterious powers will take care of it.

She pulls out the coffin, it opens, and a hand bigger than Scorpio's body grabs it and pulls it in. Reu and Ryuto are surprised it went in so easy, the latter saying she is a god after all as she can just ignore logic. Inside the coffin, Scorpio struggles to get out, but Syrma tells it not to saying that it will be over soon. After a while, the absorption is complete.

Syrma then learns the Ultimate Fusion skill, Ultimate Hunt.

Elated, Chou-Chou says now the party can move on to the next world without worry and she does not like to leave things unfinished. Syrma agrees saying it feels good getting things done in the proper order. Dees is quiet and when Alys asks why, Tsukika says she was acting strange earlier as well and thinks she really did get damaged. She says it's nothing and tells them not to worry about it.

Ryuto then notices Dees body and points it out to everyone. Syrma freaks out because she sees a headless corpse, and Reu becomes scared. Dees is quiet and Kakeru says it all turned out okay and now she can go back to normal. When Shirogane asks why she looks so glum, she says it is nothing and she just has mixed feelings.

After Ryuto lugs her head and places it on her body, the two parts reconnect and Dees is fully functional again, thus Dees returns to the party.

They're Being FollowedEdit

Moments after Syrma and co. leave for the next world, Ace is amazed that she really did move the entire world. Altis, still in the Evil Masked Beauty Altalt-tistis costume, says that Chou-Chou works in reckless and ridiculous ways and that it is kind of her thing. Ace says that that is the power of the undisputed god, not to mention the ultimate god they have with them. Altis asks if he honestly thinks he can win and tells him he does not seem up to the task. He is insulted asking what that is supposed to mean but he does not need to win, as long as he can stop her from becoming the ultimate god again. She says that is a pretty pessimistic way of looking at it, as a man he should be more like 'I'll defeat the ultimate god and become the new ruler!' and that is why people call him a two-bit thug, but he says she is the one calling him that and asks if she will cooperate. She says as long as she does not have to fight Chou-Chou, she will, saying she will find out who she is if she gets too close and if he breaks their promise, they are done and tells him to remember that. When he tells her so says the one betraying her allies, she says she is not betraying Chou-Chou and besides, it is natural for a demon to do evil deeds. When he points out that she is an angel, she says she is a demon. But he does not care and says it's time to go after them and he will kill them for sure this time. When she asks if he got the stuffing beat out of him last time and if he at least has a plan, he says he does not need one and this time he will win. She says his total lack of planning reminds her of someone, except for the ridiculous difference in ability level.

Planet SpotsEdit

Note: The party must obtain Ultimate Decrypt to Captivate all the Planet Spots.

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
01 It can't sleep because it's always too bright… Eye Mask 30% Planet Energy 45%+
02 It wants a cute, mean girl… Captivate: Ego 10% Default
03 You'll need about 1,000 - 200 enemy KOs. Defeat 800 10% Default
Ultimate Hunt icon
It enjoys dominating others… Captivate: Masochist 40% Planet Energy 45%+
05 It enjoys especially cruel treatment… Captivate: Sadist 25% 9% Charm Average
06 It wants to be surrounded by the scent of poppies… Poppy Soap x2 15% Default
07 You don't even have 820 enemy KOs…. Defeat 810 20% Default
08 You don't even have 850 enemy KOs… Defeat 845 40% Planet Energy 85%+
Ultimate Snag icon
It wants to play around with a kid with lots of energy… Captivate: Hyper 50% 10% Charm Average
Ultimate Hunt icon
You'll need about 2,000 - 10 x 10 enemy KOs. Defeat 1900 60% Clear Chapter 12

100% RewardsEdit

  • 10,694 G
  • 4,962 Mugen Points
  • Lemon Shampoo x2
  • Lime Shampoo x2
  • Bronze Ticket x2
  • Master Sergeant x30
  • Misfire x30
  • Sham-Meow x20

300% RewardsEdit

  • 76,629 G
  • 37,518 Mugen Points
  • Apricot Shampoo x2
  • Fig Shampoo x2
  • Silver Ingot
  • Captain x50
  • Evil Spirit x50
  • Experiment 4 x20


Note: to obtain all treasures Syrma must obtain the Ultimate Warp ability by clearing Chapter 8.

  • Out Mirror
  • Drinkable Yogurt
  • Bacon and Eggs
  • Lime Shampoo
  • Virus Nhaos x2
  • Butterfly Ribbon

Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

  • Lavender Soap
  • Poison Nhaos x2
  • Wool Socks
  • Warding Powder
  • Skill Seal Nhaos x2
  • Goggles
  • Daisy Soap
  • Darkness Nhaos x2
  • Matchlock
  • Kiwi Shampoo (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)
  • Swift Pill x2 (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)
  • Striped Shoes (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)

Ultimate Hunt TreasureEdit

  • Acerola Shampoo
  • Apple Candy
  • Drill Tonfa
  • Cherry Shampoo (Ultimate Hunt Boost required)
  • Braised Tofu (Ultimate Hunt Boost required)
  • Checkered Overalls (Ultimate Hunt Boost required)
  • Drinkable Yogurt x2 (Ultimate Hunt Boost and Ultimate Warp required)
  • Bacon and Eggs x2 (Ultimate Hunt Boost and Ultimate Warp required)
  • Witch Mace (Ultimate Hunt Boost and Ultimate Warp required)

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Bronze Ticket
  • Dive Flute
  • God Emphasis Mark

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