Japanese Name Elka (エルカ)
Gender Male
First appearance Mugen Souls
Home World Fire World
Powers Piloting
Moe Type Graceful (Mugen Souls)/ Ditz (Mugen Souls Z)
Race Demon
Occupation Narcissist Hero
Weapon Spears, Guns, Swords
Japanese Voice Actor Yuki Tai
English Voice Actor Matthew Mercer

"Let us celebrate! You have passed the prerequisites needed to earn my love. Come, let us move on to the next step!"

Elka (エルカ?) is the hero of Fire World


Mugen Souls Edit

Fire World's hero isn't actually human. He's a demon. A completely narcissistic demon.

He is convinced every woman he meets is smitten by his undeniable charms, but his true popularity is unknown. He will ask every girl out indiscriminately.

Due to his tendency to flee when threatened by other men, rumors have begun to circulate that he is a pretty big loser. Naturally, whenever he comes across the demon lord (goddess!) Alys, he does his best to hit on her.

She has never responded kindly.

— Official gallery description in Mugen Souls

Elka is a playboy. A persistent playboy. Even though the girls that he hits on make it obvious that they don't love him, he still does it anyway! But it can prove to be funny at times. He's convinced that every girl is head over heels for him which is sad because it isn't even true.

Despite his misfortune at getting girls, Elka is actually a pretty good pilot. He's very good at handling G-Castle and even knew about some of the ship's features that Ryuto didn't even know existed like the radar.

Mugen Souls Z Edit

The hero of Fire World who claims to be the world's premier playboy. If he didn't talk, some might find him attractive, but it's all ruined as soon as he opens his mouth. As an egomaniacal narcissist, he can't help but hit on every girl he sees. Sadly, he doesn't have the prowess to back up his boundless confidence. His companions don't think much of him, naturally, but they tolerate him well enough, and if nothing else he's far and away the best pilot around.
— Official gallery description in Mugen Souls Z

In the sequel, Ryuto mentions he and Elka redesigned and rebuilt G-Castle so that it is a giant transforming robot.

He is dropped off onto Gray World, where he announces his intentions to charm the world's god into submission and threatens a kitten, only to be met with a mysterious monster. When the party meet up with him, it's revealed that the monster, Aquarius, walked over him (without noticing) and buried him up to his shoulders, where he was stuck like that ever since. Though Tsukika offered to pull him out of the ground, Elka feared having his head ripped clean off his shoulders, so the men had to get shovels and dig him out. From then on, Elka had to constantly put up with Bertram's murderous intentions towards him, which he honestly kind of deserves for being a jerk.

Near the end of the story, the cast from the original game bump into the Sun Goddess again and they all tried to think of an excuse on why they forgot about her. Elka's reason was that he does not consider her a woman and that she's really strong.


Begin Battle Edit

  • "T-They're here, they're here!"
  • "Yeugh, what an ugly mob."

Encounter Attack Edit

  • "Hmhm, you're all able to see my beauty, right?"
  • "Oh!? Even I can win now!"

Ambushed Edit

  • "What's this, one of my crazed fans!?"
  • "W-Wait, can't we talk it over?"

Turn Edit

  • "My turn!"
  • "I need to lay low so they don't target me."

Attack Edit

  • "Allow me."

Enemy KO Edit

  • "Arrivederci!"
  • "A weakened foe, now's my chance!"

Victory Edit

  • "Ugh, I hate physical labor!"
  • "Huh, if you fall for me you'll get burned."
  • "This victory was so graceful!"

Level-Up Edit

  • "If I get stronger, will I have to fight more?"
  • "Level up!"
  • "My beauty has been refined."
  • "I can hear the cries of female adulation."

Retreat Edit

  • "That's right, no need to fight pointless battles!"
  • "Okay, let's run! Now! Quick!"

KO'ed Edit

  • "I told you I suck at fighting!"


Elka's Unique Special Skill is Eternal Requiem.

For this skill, Elka tosses three red spears at the enemy to skewer them, followed up by a green spear beneath the three red ones. The shape the spears take is similar to a rose.


  • He is one of the few characters in the series who can interpret the Shampurus' language.
  • He may be a reference to mid boss from Disgaea.
  • Elka never seems to learn his lesson as he was knocked overboard ten times by Tsukika.
  • They mixed up with the JP VA with him and Alys on the credits.
  • In Mugen souls Z he is introduced as the hero of water world. This however can also be considered a pun, He is the hero of "water"-ing him self due to his cowardly and unhero like stature.
  • According to a Shampuru named Fixis, the number of people who get motion sick has dropped since Elka joined. However cleaning after him is a huge pain because he scatters rose petals wherever he walks.