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It costs the enemy 250 PP to use their special skills, they do not use the party's PP in this game since they have their own pool of PP. All special skills have 1024 power just like character special skills but with a much higher damage ratio. They also all use up 100 Wait time except for the mysterious Dream Hopper special.

Almost all Special Skills have been discovered from bosses. The only two bosses who don't have their Specials discovered yet would be No Vember small portraitNo Vember and Giant No Vember small portraitGiant No Vember.

Common Special SkillsEdit

Most enemies do not have a unique animation for their special skills, most are just a 1 second attack. Each Special will still have a unique name and parameters, despite not looking like a Special.

Skill name Description Ratio Wait Used by
Poison NeedleI-It hurts...! I got poisoned...! Single target. Poison.600%100
Paralysis NeedleGives you pins and needles, like sitting for too long. Single target. Paralysis.600%100
Suck BloodMaybe it's anemia? No, definitely not! Single target. Recovers user's HP.600%100
DrainGonna drink you through a straw! Single target. Recovers user's HP and SP.600%100
Qi Gong FistRelax, and focus on breathing properly. Multi-target. Ability down.650%100
FeelerYes, it's a tentacle. Are you being dirty!? Single target. Recovers user's HP.600%100
Reckless BlowJust beat them down recklessly! Single target. Wait time up.600%100
Body BlowBoom! Tackle you! Boom! Multi-target. Wait time up.550%100
Assault WaveFocus your energy! Haaaa! Multi-target. Wait time up.550%100
RoarRoar with all your might! Multi-target. May steal. Reduces enemy SP.600%100
Mist CrushCrush your enemies with the power of mist! Single target. Ability down.650%100
Gaia CrushCrush your enemies with the power of Gaia! Single target. Ability down.650%100
Bee StingI wish the bee didn't have to die… Single target. May cause Death.650%100
Hell CutA skill developed through hellish training. Single target. May cause Death.650%100
Beast PainI'm warning you now, this will hurt. Seriously. Multi-target. Enemy SP down.550%100
Blood StreamThere will be blood. Multi-target. Recovers user's HP.600%100
Earth SplitterGood children shouldn't split the Earth. Single target. Skill Seal. Move Seal.650%100Arms small portrait Arms
Judgement SwordThey say it can dispense justice. Single target. Ability down.650%100

Energy Breaker small portrait Energy Breaker
Killachine small portrait Killachine
Maximum Weapon small portrait Maximum Weapon

Full Force BlowA single strike with all of your might. Single target. Peon Points down.650%100
Rage BlowA single blow filled with rage. Single target. Enemy SP down.650%100Nosshiriman small portrait Nosshirman
Earth CrushEarth becomes somewhat crushed. Single target. Move Seal.650%100
Thunder CrushThunder becomes somewhat crushed. Single target. Paralysis.650%100
Wind CrushWind becomes somewhat crushed. Single target. Darkness.650%100
Fire CrushFire becomes somewhat crushed. Single target. Skill Seal.650%100
Ice CrushIce becomes somewhat crushed. Single target. Poison.650%100
Holy CrushHoliness becomes somewhat crushed. Single target. Sleep.650%100
Dark CrushDarkness becomes somewhat crushed. Single target. Virus.550%100Arachne small portrait Arachne
UltrasoundNails on a chalkboard doesn't even come close. Multi-target. Sleep. Paralysis.550%100
Weird SoundwaveIt sounds creepy and unsettling. Multi-target. Sleep. Paralysis. Skill Seal.550%100
PollenThese devils attack the allergy-prone every year. Multi-target. Poison. Sleep.550%100
Paralyzing FragranceSmells like one of those mosquito coils. Multi-target. Paralysis. Virus.550%100
Death FragranceSmells sweet, but one whiff and that's it. Multi-target. Virus. May cause Death.600%100
Stone BeamVery bright, so don't stare for too long. Multi-target. Paralysis. Move Seal.550%100
Wheedling VoiceThe annoying sound of asking for a favor. Multi-target. Enemy Peon Points down.550%100
Angelic VoiceThey say it's the sound of singing angels. Multi-target. Enemy SP down.600%100
Luminous PhenomenonAll the world's mysteries can be explained with science! Multi-target. Darkness.550%100
MicrowaveUsed in household appliances. Multi-target. All status ailments.600%100High-Pressure Cannon small portrait High-Pressure Cannon
Absurdity Outlet small portrait Absurdity Outlet
Song of DestructionYou'll feel very depressed when you hear it. Multi-target. Ability down.600%100
RequiemSoothes the soul with a beautiful melody.600%100
Fire BreathAttack with fiery breath! Multi-target. Skill Seal.600%100Jormungand small portrait Jormungand
Ice BreathAttack with icy breath! Multi-target. Poison.600%100
Thunder BreathAttack with thunderous breath! Multi-target. Paralysis.600%100
Wind BreathAttack with windy breath! Multi-target. Darkness.600%100
Earth BreathAttack with earthen breath! Multi-target. Move Seal.600%100
Dark BreathAttack with dark breath! Multi-target. Virus.600%100
Holy BreathAttack with holy breath! Multi-target. Sleep.600%100
Charm BreathAttack with charming breath! Multi-target. May cause Death. Enemy Peon Points down.600%100
Rotting BreathAttack with rotting breath! Multi-target. Poison. Darkness. Virus.600%100
Mighty BreathAttack with mighty breath! Multi-target. All status ailments.650%100
Grand BreathAttack with grand breath! Multi-target. Wait time up.700%100Kaiser Dragon small portrait Kaiser Dragon
Astral small portrait Astral
Kaiser BreathAttack with kaiser breath! Multi-target. Enemy Peon Points down.750%100Ancient Dragon small portrait Ancient Dragon
Crystal StormVery sparkly, and can be seen from afar. Multi-target. Ability down.600%100
Wing BlastThe wing becomes very blast-like. Multi-target. Move Seal. Ability down.600%100
HellfireOminous like the flames of hell. Multi-target. Ability down.600%100
Invisible DarkYou usually can't see it. But sometimes you can…550%100
Evil OmenIt doesn't get much more 'omenous' than this. Multi-target. Poison. Darkness.550%100
InfernoLeave now if you don't want to see hell! Multi-target. Paralysis. Move Seal.600%100
Vanishing PainPain vanishes. So does your life. Multi-target. May cause Death. Ability down.600%100
Hell GazerTake a peek at hell. What? You don't want to? Multi-target. May cause death.700%100Curioso small portrait Curioso
Satanael small portrait Satanael
Ultimate God Supra small portrait Ultimate God Supra
Fire GustGust... Makes me hungry for some reason. Multi-target. Poison. Darkness.550%100
GehennaTry saying Gehenna ten times fast! Multi-target. Enemy Peon Points down.650%100
Strange BeamSome like to fire it through their eyes. Multi-target. Paralysis. Virus. Move Seal.600%100
Magic EyeOne look and you can't escape. Multi-target. Sleep. Paralysis. Skill Seal.650%100
Atomic FlareThey say it has an explosive power. Multi-target. Wait time up.650%100
Ultima AngelI'm even afraid to say the name… Multi-target. Paralysis. Darkness. Virus.650%100Abababan small portrait Abababan
Absurdity Lamp small portrait Absurdity Lamp
Evil EyeGazing into it might just turn you to stone... Multi-target. Ability down.650%100XX-9R small portrait XX-9R
Desert StormIf it catches you, you'll be stunned. Multi-target. All status ailments.650%100Four-Legged Devil small portrait Four-Legged Devil
Gruesome VoiceIt sounds different depending on who hears it. Multi-target. Enemy Peon Points down.650%100Eternal Dragon small portrait Eternal Dragon
GrausamYou'd think it became more cruel, but not really. Multi-target. Wait time up.650%100Vermillion small portrait Vermillion

Unique looking Special SkillsEdit

Powerful bosses have unique looking animations to their Specials. The animations for these skills are about as long as the player's animations.

Dream Hopper can be speculated to be used by the No Vember (Shimotsukin) type bosses since their Specials haven't been uncovered yet. It is the only special skill that does not have a damage ratio and uses 50 Wait instead of 100.

Skill name Description Ratio Wait Used by
Overwhelming Hero TimeA hero's unchallenged slot from beginning to end. Multi-target. Ability down.650%100Hero small portrait Hero
Bunny HeavenIt truly is a bunny's paradise! Multi-target. Sleep. Wait time up.650%100Bunny Mage small portrait Bunny Mage
Dream HopperWhat's so fun about hopping around? Recovers user's HP and SP. Wait time up. -50
TeraflareDon't mess with Tera. She's very strong. Multi-target. Ability down.650%100Vorgis small portrait Vorgis
Silencing StrikeThis will make you very depressed. Multi-target. All ailments except Death.700%100God of Destruction Vorgis small portrait God of Destruction Vorgis
Libido SplashThe true terror of the banana begins...! Multi-target. Wait time up. Enemy SP down.700%100Banana Devil small portrait Banana Devil
M DOV God FlareDon't look at it! Multi-target. Wait time up. Enemy SP and Peon Points down.750%100Sun Goddess small portrait Sun Goddess
G-Burst StrikeBring the laser! Multi-target. Recovers user's HP and SP. Ability down.750%100Moon God small portrait Moon God
Abyss InvitationAll you can do now is pray. Multi-target. All status ailments.700%100Awakened Tioni small portrait Awakened Tioni
Bubbly BomberGet serious! Multi-target. Enemy Peon Points and Ability down. Wait time up.600%100Shampuru small portrait Shampuru
Attack Shampuru small portrait Attack Shampuru
Defense Shampuru small portrait Defense Shampuru
Absurdity Shampoo small portrait Absurdity Shampoo
Lyrical ShampuruA reckless heavy attack. Multi-target. All status ailments except Death.600%100Magic Shampuru small portrait Magic Shampuru
Support Shampuru small portrait Support Shampuru
Ranged Shampuru small portrait Ranged Shampuru
Renegade Shampuru small portrait Renegade Shampuru
Spiral Heat StormA helical beam fires like crazy. Multi-target. Enemy SP and Peon Points down.650%100Genorizer small portrait Genorizer
Elder Breaker small portrait Elder Breaker
Lighting BomberMakes nighttime construction possible. Multi-target. Wait time up. Recovers user's SP.650%100Death Blade small portrait Death Blade
Albion small portrait Albion
Scissor CannonThese scissors can cut through anything! Multi-target. Peon Points down.700%100Scorpio small portrait Scorpio
Death GazerNo one can escape this formation. Multi-target. Wait time up. Enemy SP down.700%100Aquarius small portrait Aquarius
Compulsory DisciplineExperience all kinds of pain! Single target. All status ailments except Death.650%100Galactic Special Forces small portrait Galactic Special Forces
White StormMakes the area reek. Multi-target. Enemy Peon Points and Ability down.700%100Gemini (Blue Wing) small portrait Gemini (Blue Wing)
Black StormMakes the area reek. Multi-target. Wait time up. Ability down.700%100Gemini (Red Wing) small portrait Gemini (Red Wing)
Typhoon BreathHits up to 200mph. Multi-target. Enemy Peon Points down. Ability down.650%100Yurlungur small portrait Yurlungur

Humanoid enemy special skillsEdit

Humanoid enemy character special skills cost 250 PP, and 100 Wait just like the monster varients. Most humanoid enemy specials deal 700% ratio damage with the exception of the 4 main god characters. Enemy versions of Chou-Chou, Syrma, Belleria, and Tioni have special skill with a damage ratio of 750%.

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