Fusion Abilities are a new mechanic available only in "Mugen Souls Z" exclusive only to Syrma. Whenever the party defeats an Ultimate God, Syrma gets a new power based on that God.

Fusion Ability Requirement Description
Ultimate Jump Defeat Reu. Allows Syrma to jump.
Ultimate Analyze Defeat Bertram Allows Syrma to check enemy stats.
Ultimate Snag Defeat Altalt-Tistis Allows Syrma to grab treasure chests suspended in mid-air.
Ultimate Hunt Defeat Scorpio Allows Syrma to open locked treasure chests.
Ultimate Warp Defeat Tioni on Ebon World Allows Syrma to use spiked warp points.
Ultimate Walk Defeat Aquarius Allows Syrma to run faster.
Ultimate Swim Defeat Supra Allows Syrma to swim in water.
Ultimate Decrypt Defeat Sharuru Allows Syrma to decrypt.
Ultimate Hustle Defeat Ace on True Ending Route Allows Syrma to negate unpassable auras, causing them to disappear.

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