Birth name

Fuwa Daisuke


Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan




Freelance, Nippon Ichi Software (previously)


Illustration, animation, character design, 3D modeling, 2D sprites, backgrounds, logos, story-telling

Notable works

Onluka from Mugen Souls Z

Known for

Soul Nomad


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Fuwa Daisuke is an illustrator who used to work for the videogame company, Nippon Ichi Software.

Personal historyEdit

Prior to working at Nippon Ichi Software, Fuwa Daisuke lived a free lifestyle in Nagoya. He has participated in some works with the Adult Videogame Manufacturer "Will" (currently known as "WillPlus"), mostly dealing with images showing the bottom side of the foot.

Early careerEdit

Place of orign is Nagoya city in Aichi prefecture, Japan. Being an admirer of the artist RYOJI (character designer of Marina), Fuwa Daisuke joined Nippon Ichi Software in September 2006 and has worked on several titles for them. According to a September 2010 post on his personal blog, he and his wife has been enjoying their free time after he left Nippon Ichi last year in September, meaning that he left the company in 2009. The last two games he worked on that were released by NIS that he has worked on are うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ and Second Novel which were released in 2010 but he has only contributed as a background artist and user interface designer.

Post NISEdit

Fuwa Daisuke currently lives the life of an artist under the pen name "A-10", creating original works such as a series called "Lord of Trash".

In 2013, he created Onluka's original character design for Compile Heart credited under his alias, A-10 instead of Fuwa Daisuke and had Nanameda Kei tweak up the artwork to match the nonsensical style of the game. A-10 has possibly created a character design for Mugen Souls Z because RYOJI has designed a character for the series and the reason why he joined NIS was because he admired his works. The Mugen Souls series is very heavy on idolm@ster voice actressess and both of them are possibly fans of the series since they create a good amount of artwork based on it on their pixiv accounts.



あの、素晴らしい をもう一度 Ano, Subarashii wo Mou Ichido (1999, Jidousha Sougyou 自転車創業)
Soul Nomad (2007, NIS) - Event CG
てこいれぷりんせす! Tekoire Princess! (2007, WillPlus) - Key animation, original art
Hayarigami 2 (2007, NIS) - Background, graphic design
Infinite Loop (2008, NIS) - Character design
Disgaea 3 (2008, NIS) - September, 2008 custom theme
Hayarigami 3 (2009, NIS) - Graphic design, logo
うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ (2010, NIS) User interface for the "alpha version"
Second Novel (2010, Text and NIS) Background, icons
Mugen Souls Z (2013, Compile Heart) - Character design (Onluka)


Lord of Trash (Megastore Mix)

External linksEdit

  1. Fuwa Daisuke's (A-10) blog (contains adult material)
  2. Pixiv contributions (yuri warning, requires registration to view).
  3. Interview with Fuwa Daisuke in 2008 (NIS era)

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