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Gemini is the ultimate god of Sapphire World in Mugen Souls Z. True to it's name, this ultimate god takes on the form of two dragons. They are befriended by Welsh Cocott and her sister Sharuru Cocott.


The ultimate god takes the form of two serpentine dragons with red eyes. Golden spikes protrude from the back of their heads.

The thing that sets them apart are their color schemes. Gemini (Blue Wing) is white with traces of yellow and red scales and, true to her name, blue wings. Gemini (Red Wing) on the other hand, is black with traces of green and blue scales and, despite her name, purple wings.

Another noticable trait of these dragons are that on the sides of their abdomen and on their collars are seven gem stones, each a color of the rainbow, The order of the gems for Gemini (Blue Wing) is counterclockwise while the order of gems on Gemini (Red Wing) are clockwise.


Prior to the events of Mugen Souls Z, when the ultimate god was split into twelve, the ultimate god of Sapphire World was split further into two, thus creating Gemini (Blue Wing) and her younger sister Gemini (Red Wing). During the events of the game, when Welsh Cocott and her sister Sharuru Cocott were dropped off on Sapphire World, the twins befriended the two dragons, with Welsh befriending Gemini (Blue Wing) and Sharuru befriending Gemini (Red Wing).

When the rest of the party arrived, Gemini (Blue Wing) approached the party with Welsh on her back.

After Sharuru was defeated, it was time for Syrma to absorb the dragons, and sadly, like Scorpio and Aquarius, once the dragons were absorbed, they will disappear. Saddened, Welsh and Sharuru tried to stop them but were pulled into the coffin with them. After being absorbed, and as a side effect, Gemini (Blue Wing) lives on inside her friend Welsh while Gemini (Red Wing) lives on inside Sharuru

Item DropsEdit

Both Gemini Dragins are fought on Sapphire World at different times. For the first fight, Syrma and co. face off against Gemini (Blue Wing). Upon Item Killing her, Syrma and co. get the following:

  • Space Knuckles
  • Bronze Socks
  • Sandals

For the second fight, Syrma and co. accomplanied by Welsh, face off against Sharuru and Gemini (Red Wing) Upon Item Killing her, Syrma and co. get the following:

  • Lady Bludgeon
  • Bronze T-Shirt
  • Fluffy Beast Boots

For the final confrontation, Syrma and co. fight against both dragons. Upon item killing them, Syrma and co. get the following:

  • Gemini (Blue Wing)
    • Small Backpack
    • Gold Blade
    • Twin Flower Boots
  • Gemini (Red Wing)
    • Bronze Socks
    • Ein Phantom
    • Pumpkin Undies


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