Go-to Cannon

Shampuru Go-to Cannon

Classification Distance
Tier 15
Power 1982
Follows order to the letter and kicks lots of tail.
— In-game description

Mugen Souls locationsEdit

  • Max that can be obtained by going through post game story is about 450.

Seven World ReduxEdit

Battle Round Monster Encounter rate Amount
Overwhelming Apocalypse 3 Energy Breaker Set x1 x15
Overwhelming Apocalypse 5 Vermillion Set x1 x15
Overwhelming Apocalypse 7 Satanael Set x1 x15
Overwhelming Apocalypse 9 Graceful Set x1 x15
Overwhelming Apocalypse 10 Chou-Chou Set x1 x15

Forced encounterEdit

Episode Battle Enemy Notes Amount
Post game - First wave Moon World - Dusk Kyubel x2 x10
Post game - First wave Water World - Daikaus Death Lord Penguin x4 x5
Post game - Chou-Chou clones Metal World - Diit Hero x5 Needs a name confirmation x10

Mugen Souls Z locationsEdit

Shampuru are not found in the same location as the original game.


  • The Japanese name for this Shampuru is 夜露死苦大砲

See alsoEdit

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