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Gray World is a world in the 12 Worlds Galaxy that is visited by Syrma and co. This world is centered around the star sign of Aquarius the Water Bearer. Its ultimate god is a monster named Aquarius. The scout from the previous cast sent to Gray World in search for the ultimate god is Elka. One notable feature is a giant building like structure that looks like a water jug with crystals on the top. In addition, in appropriateness to the world theme, the giant jug is overflowing with water.

Gray WorldEdit

"A world with a castle on a lake. And a big, violent monster..."

Scarlet World AftermathEdit

Gray World symbol

Gray World's Symbol

While Ryuto wonders how everyone else is doing, here, Elka is displeased saying this world is the epitome of a backwoods planet and it does not suit him at all. He also says that he will easily conquer this world and after he does so this world he will alter it to his liking. Suddenly, he hears a rustling in the bushes and apologizes saying he was kidding and didn't think anyone was here and he got carried away. As it turns out, the thing was a kitten. Elka was surprised and says that he is feeling especially generous so he decides to spare it's life and tells the kitten to scram. He then says that it is wreaking havoc on his heart but claims he is not scared at all, saying it was a bit of theater to lighten the mood but wonders who he is trying to convince. He then decides to go to work and thinks the planet might be under the control of an incredibly beautiful woman and is she is he will use every drop of charm in his body to make her his. Suddenly he hears another noise and wonders if it's the kitten again and tells it to get lost. As it turns out, the sound came from a giant monster named Aquarius. Frightened, Elka asks if Aquarius is the one in charge of the planet and the monster attacks.

First ArrivalEdit

Gray World map (empty)

Map of Gray World.

Upon landing on this world, Syrma screams it's time for them to do this and she has got to turn back into the ultimate god, But Chou-Chou gets startled and tells her not to yell for no reason. Syrma apologizes and says she just thought she should try and be enthusiastic, even if it is just for show. When Ryuto asks if it is just for show, she says yes and what she means is she just thought she should start trying harder and if Tioni gets her powers back first, the twelve worlds will be erased. Nao tells her nothing she just said sounded enthusiastic at all. Syrma asks if it was that obvious and to be honest, she feels kind of bad for her. Chou-Chou sympathizes with her saying she knows what she means, saying when they were all fighting her at once, it felt like they were just a bunch of bullies. Nao says that as a hero, she would ask that they put the twelve worlds before her, but as a person, she understands how they feels.

Syrma asks if Nao is a hero and she tells her she is not allowed to forget she is a hero. Shirogane asks if they can blame her and when was the last time she did anything heroic. Alys Levantine says that her only job so far has been to point out people's faults and lecture everyone. Angered, Nao says it is not like she wants to do that stuff and as a hero, asks if she thinks she has to devote herself to destroying Tioni. Kakeru says they all decided they could figure that problem out later, although for him, he prefers the scenario where it is all of them versus the evil plotting to destroy the twelve worlds. Reu says she is going to do her best. Bertram Demetrius Bloomfield says the question is whether or not she truly is evil, apologizes and says the conversation is just going in circles. Chou-Chou tells Syrma to stop being so indecisive and whenever she worries about something, it totally ruins her comfortable riding experience on her head. Shocked, Syrma says she did not know she could feel all that through her head. When Dees Vanguard asks that if it so uncomfortable, why doesn't she just get down, Chou-Chou says she can't because Syrma's head is the most comfortable ride around. Syrma agrees, saying if she does not have Chou-Chou on her head now, it feels too light and she starts to get kind of restless. Alys says they all know how buddy-buddy Chou-Chou and Syrma have gotten. Reu says she likes riding Shirogane more then anyone, and he says he does not mind it either as long as she is quiet. Tsukika Izayoi, jealous, says she wants to ride on Shirogane as well. Chou-Chou says she has not given Marina Cannonvale's boobs a test drive yet and asks her if she minds if she can do that now, however she tells her she told her it's embarrassing when there are other people around and asks if there is anyone waiting for us on this planet. Nao says she would be super happy if someone sane and somewhat reliable joined the group for once. Chou-Chou asks what she is talking about and says naturally all of her peons are totally reliable. Ryuto is happy and says she really does think highly of them until Chou-Chou says there are ones like Ryuto, who gets depressed and asks what is wrong with him. Alys asks who is here but Ryuto says that really hurts his feelings and just as he is about to say who is on this planet, he remembers and becomes hesitant. Syrma thinks it is someone named Mister Oh and asks what he is like, but Chou-Chou says that is not his name, calls her a dummy and tells him to stop stalling and say it. He asks if she is sure he wants to say it and she says she told him to say it and get it overwith.

Ryuto reluctantly says that the person they left here is Elka. Upon hearing his name, Bertram starts to lose his cool, while Chou-Chou, Dees, say oh, Alys says oh boy, Shirogane sighs. Syrma says this kind of reaction was kind of how it was last time his name came up as well. When Kakeru asks if there is a problem with Elka, Tsukika begins by asking how should she put it. Chou-Chou tells her to put it nice and simple: he's a loser. Ryuto says he is kind of unfortunate, Alys says he's repulsive, Dees says he is an indiscriminate womanizer, Shirogane says he's all talk and he hits on anything that moves, Tsukika says he's really food at piloting the ship and Marina provides no comment saying that like they say, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Bertram starts going crazy and Syrma is hesitant. Kakeru asks if he is going to join the group and if they can really call themselves a force for justice at that point. When Nao asks if he said he is supposed to be a hero and chortles, Ryuto confirms it saying he is the hero of Fire World. Tsukika says she thinks they are taking this a little to far and asks Alys if she will be happy to see him again but she tells her not to start on that. Bertram's rage fills to the brim. As Tsukika talks Alys says she will not be happy to see him again at all and hopes she never sees him again. Bertram says in his rage he will finally get to meet the man he has already heard so much about. Alys notices and asks what is with that scary face. Bertram looks like he is about to explode. Reu says that Bertram is scary. Tsukika says Reu is kind of scared and she is scared as well. Kakeru says that Bertram's face is no face of justice and he is more like the embodiment of evil right now.

Bertram calms down and says he just remembered he has some errands to run and while they are on this world, he is afraid he will have to travel separately from them. Alys knows exactly what he is going to do, asks where he is going and tells the group to stop him. Reu says she is too scared. Shirogane sighs, says he supposes it is up to him, tells Bertram to calm down and grabs him, the latter demanding him to let him go saying he will choke the life out of Elka with his own two hands. Marina asks Alys if she is popular as ever, but she says it is not funny at all. Dees says they might have taken things too far and apologizes. Alys says they should be and just as she is about to say none of that stuff ever happened, she says that some of it did happen, which kind of makes it that much worse. Chou-Chou says they talked a lot of trash about him, but he is a pretty interesting guy and tells them not to worry about it. Tsukika says things are much more lively and fun when Elka is around. Nao says fine and asks what they will do now and are they going to track him down or leave him. Dees says if they don't find him, they don't find him and it is not like she contributes that much in battle anyway. Alys asks if she wouldn't just leave him behind and Chou-Chou says of course not, he is her peon, just like the rest of them. Alys says that is good and Bertram goes berserk when he says Alys is blushing. Alys says it is not like that at all it's just that he might be lame but still she feels bad for him. When Reu asks if Alys is okay, Tsukika says that she is and she just gets gets a little weird when it comes to Elka and maybe she is too young to understand, leaving her confused. Syrma says they're off to find Mister El...whatever and the ultimate god and Shirogane asks if it is really hard to remember one extra syllable. Ryuto says they have not even found him yet and he is already getting treated as rotten as ever. Bertram, still berserk screams that he will never forgive Elka.

Reunion with ElkaEdit

A short while later, Dees says there is nobody here. Marina says if the group keeps wandering around like this, they may get lost for real. Kakeru says he hopes not, saying they don't have time to go searching for any missing stragglers. Reu asks missing and says she will get in trouble. Marina laughs and tells Reu she is just like her, but then asks herself if she really wants to be in the same boat as a little girl. Chou-Chou says she is a hundred times more annoying. Tsukika says that maybe this place is something like the worlds where she and Dees got dropped off at. Shirogane thinks she means it might have some kind of screwball ultimate god that is a weapon or a monster. Syrma says that screwball is one way to put it. Ryuto says he was thinking that if they could track down some women, there would be a pretty good chance Elka would be lurking somewhere nearby as well. When Nao asks what kind of guy they are dealing with, Bertram says he is a man of empty, frivolous vanity and as he says he can't stand it, he goes in rage. Alys tells them they finally get Bertram to calm down and tells them not to get him riled up again.

Suddenly, a voice calls out to Alys. She screams and thinks it is Elka. Bertram goes into a rage and asks where he the rapscallion is. Kakeru says as an ultimate god, this is getting kind of hard to watch, and tells him to calm down. Elka says he has been longing for the day they would be reunited, especially considering the angle he was viewing her from and lets out a creepy laugh. Alys tells him to know it off and wonders what angle and asks where he is. He says she can't see him but he has been staring at her the whole time and says the fates are cruel indeed, though he does not mind staying where he is a little longer and lets out another creepy laugh. Alys tells him once again to stop laughing like that. Syrma says they only hear his voice and says this is kind of scary. Nao asks what is going on and if he is some kind of invisible man and says considering he is their friend, she would not be surprised. Chou-Chou tells her not to be ridiculous and tells Elka to stop messing around and get his butt out here. He says his but is out here, in a manner of speaking. Reu pokes the ground and him. He tells her not to poke him so hard and begs her pardon, saying he did not mean to raise his voice. Reu starts to freak out and Tsukika asks what is wrong and Shirogane asks what did she find. Reu, scared, says his head is cut off. Dees thinks about the severed head and tells everyone not to tell her. that his head has been severed as well.

Elka greets everyone, saying long time no see and asks if they have all been on pins and needles waiting for the day they would meet again. Chou-Chou and Kakeru just stare at him with dumbfounded expressions. Elka says it would seem they have a few new faces as well, laughs and asks everyone if they have all been struck silent by his beauty.

Syrma freaks out saying it is another severed head. Alys, also freaked out, asks what happened to him. Bertram asks if the abomination before them is Elka and says he knew it, saying Alys was deceived and seduced by a shapeshifting monstrosity. Marina giggles and says folks from Fire World sure are amazing, going around not dying even when they get their heads chopped off. Alys tells her not to be stupid saying of course he would die. Ryuto asks why he is nothing but a head and Dees asks how is he okay now, saying it is not like he is an android like her. Elka says it is good to hear their excited voices again, they have arrived just in time and asks if they could help him out. Tsukika asks how are they supposed to help. Kakeu calls for a doctor asking if anyone here is a doctor. Bertram tells Alys to fear not, saying he will dispose of his nasty, disembodied head and Alys tells him not to do anything to him.

Chou-Chou asks what is everyone freaking out for, and says Elka is just buried in the ground. Alys asks what she means and Marina points out she is right. He says they saw right to the heart of his situation and as he is about to say he would expect nothing less of the amazing Chou-Chou, he looks at her and laughs at her, asking what happened to her and why does she look so incredibly ridiculous.Chou-Chou tells her to be quiet and says he looks a jillion times more ridiculous than she does. Ryuto says they had better pull him out and asks Tsukika if she could give him a hand. As she complies, Elka asks even though he enjoys the idea of her cradling his head, he asks what if she rips it clean off his shoulders. After putting her through that, Alys tells her to go ahead and give it all she's got. Elka tells her not to do that. Shirogane says fine and they will have to dig him out and asks Reu if she can help out, she says no because the head is scary. Chou-Chou commands the big strapping men to dig him out. Ryuto complies, but Bertram wonders if he could split his head open like a watermelon now and somehow make it look like an accident. Elka freaks out, wonders why he has murder written on his face and tells him not to swing that shovel at him. Syrma asks if his name is Elka and says he certainly does seem interesting, and Nao says interesting is not the half of it.

A short while later, Elka is dug out of the ground and is relieved, saying he has finally regained his freedom and he owes them his eternal gratitude, but Shirogane says that was a pain in the butt. Kakeru laughs and says not to worry, anything for an ally. Reu wonders if he grew a body. Alys says he should have just stayed buried forever. Elka makes an advance towards Alys and says she has not changed a bit and she is so cute when she acts like that. She asks who he is calling cute and calls him an idiot. Bertram intervenes and tells him he cannot allow him to invade her personal space ever again. Elka asks who he is and he tells him he is Bertram, Alys's attendant but he needs not bother to remember. Elka retaliates by saying, even though he does not know who he is, if he is going to try and stand between him and Alys, he will regret it. Taking it as a challenge, Bertram asks if he wishes to fight and tells him not to expect him to hold back in the least. Sensing his might, and being scared, Elka asks if there is no reason they can't discuss the issue like gentlemen. Nao says he really is a loser and Syrma says it was all true.

Chou-Chou asks how he wound up as just a head sticking out of the ground and Ryuto says this is Elka they are dealing with, so he is pretty sure whatever the reason is, it is pretty dumb. Elka tells him to be quiet and say it was a battle for honor, which had a regrettably tragic ending. Chou-Chou says they get it and tells him to tell them what happened. He tells her not to be impatient and explains:

Just the other day, he descended upon this world on a mission to make it his, but as soon as he arrived...there it was-- an enormous monster stood right before him and he had to be this world's ruler.

Dees asked if it was a monster, and if he means like the one that attacked her on Crimson World. Nao asks what is with Elka and his theatrics, but Ryuto tells her to let him finish or they will never move on. 

Elka continues by saying his power rivaled even his own and it was clear that whoever made the first mistake would come out the loser. Unfortunately, that was when his only weakness--his true vice-- decided to emerge.

When Tsukika asks one, Ryuto says he could name at least a hundred and asks which one he is talking about.

He says that his true power only reveals itself when he is fighting to protect a woman, but when there are no women, he can not reach his true potential.

When Reu asks about women, Tsukika says that is right and she is sure Elka will even get stronger when she is watching, and then she says she is a woman. Shirogane says his true power is not all that impressive to begin with. 

He concludes by saying his blunder cost him and they know the rest, saying he must have spared his life out of respect for his latent abilities, but the beast will soon learn that that one little mistake will cost it it's life.

Syrma says she does not really get it and asks what exactly happened. Marina says if she had to guess, she would say that when he saw the monster, he got scared and fell over, and then it stepped on him without noticing. Shocked to hear this, Elka tells her she should never make such ludicrous explanations. Alys says she was pretty much right, sighs and says typical Elka is so weak and pitiful. Elka says to her look who's talking and she is a pretty big weakling herself. Alys asks who is he calling a weakling and says if she is a weaking, he is a super weakling. As he is about to say she is a super duper DUPER weakling, Chou-Chou tells them to stop flirting. Shocked to hear this, Bertram says she is quarreling with him like they are an old married couple and asks if she is really interested in him. Shocked, she asks who is quarreling like an old married couple. Elka asks if it is obvious and it is all true and says she may not seem like it, but she loves to be lavished with attention. Angry, she asks why he is not denying it. Marina tells them that is enough. Chou-Chou says she has made her decision: they will look for the monster and absorb the planet's power as they go and Syrma agrees saying it is just like usual. Elka asks if they heard a word he sais and tells them the beast may very well rival even him in power and Alys says that if it is true, it should be an easy win if they're all here to help out. Bertram laughs and says he is very interested to see what he is capable of. Elka apologizes and he admits he was kidding, saying that the monster kicked the snot out of him, bows down and begs them to please not make him fight it again, he is so scared and begs to please have mercy on him. Ryuto says he is bowing so low his neck is practically  back in the dirt again. Nao asks if he is supposed to be a hero and Syrma points out she looks like she is going to be sick. Marina says even though she does not mind fighting, asks if this is a good idea, saying that Elka's pounding does not bother her but the monster actually sounds kind of tough. Dees says she is sure they will be fine and asks if they didn't take down Scorpio, the monster that beat her. Shocked, Elka asks if there was another monster like the one he fought and if they beat it. Chou-Chou confirms it, asking if he thinks they would ever lose to some wuss monster, but Syrma tells her she did not actually fight herself. Angered, Chou-Chou asks if she is going to keep giving her lip and beats her up. Syrma apologizes. Stunned by the fact they won, Elka thinks he might win and giggles. He apologizes for worrying them and says as long as he has them by his side, the puny monster is nothing to fear and tells everyone to follow him. Ryuto says he has not changed one bit. Reu says Elka's all better. Kakeru says it is hard to imagine actually fighting alongside him. Tsukika says that maybe someone like him has some kind of value as well, but Shirogane says she is hardly even trying to back him up anymore. Kakeru says that if the scenario was a sentai squad, he would be in fourth or fifth position so he guesses it's okay. Chou-Chou says it is time to give that monster a quick beatdown. Syrma agrees and Elka says prepare to meet your doom about the monster.

With that, Elka joins the party.

Fight or Flight 2: Scheat Ruins AppearEdit

After absorbing 100% of Gray World's Planet Energy, Syrma says they are done. Chou-Chou tells her good work and as she says that is it for the bare minimum but they should move on, Elka asks what she is talking about, says they are not done yet and they still have the important task of getting revenge. Ryuto says he is a lot braver when he thinks he has a chance at winning and asks if he knows it. Nao says it would be a hassle to come back again and asks if they should just go and fight it. Chou-Chou says she would not mind coming back again either causing Syrma to asks what she should do.

Similar to Crimson World, Once the Planet Energy absorbed rate reaches 100%, the party can either leave Gray World and come back later to fight Aquarius or stay and fight it.

Planet Spots:Edit

Note: Syrma and co. must clear Chapter 10 in order to obtain 300% Planet Energy.

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
Ultimate Warp icon
It likes airheads… Captivate: Ditz 10% Default
Ultimate Snag icon
You don't even have 1,150 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,100 10% Default
03 You don't even have 1,300 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,250 40% Planet Energy 175%+
Ultimate Vault icon
It's looking for a weapon made by someone named Andy… Andy Claws 15% Default
Ultimate Hunt icon
It likes very proper, well behaved girls. Captivate: Graceful 30% Planet Energy 50%+
Ultimate Warp icon
You don't even have 1,150 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,120 30% View 1st Gray World event
Ultimate Snag icon
It likes cooking, and floral prints… Floral Apron 30% Planet Energy 50%+
Ultimate Hunt icon
It wants a cute, mean girl. This is tough… Captivate: Ego 25% View 1st Gray World event
09 It wants a scythe named after a small animal… Kamaitachi 60% Clear Chapter 10
Ultimate Vault icon
It enjoys dominating others… Captivate: Masochist 50% Clear Chapter 10


  • Violet Soap (Requires Ultimate Warp Boost to reach)
  • Power Extract (Requires Ultimate Warp Boost to reach)
  • High-Grade Nhaos (Requires Ultimate Warp Boost to reach)
  • Grape Shampoo
  • All-Purpose Pill
  • Drinkable Yogurt x2
  • Papaya Shampoo (Requires Ultimate Warp Boost to reach)
  • Braised Tofu x2 (Requires Ultimate Warp Boost to reach)
  • Devil Antennae (Requires Ultimate Warp Boost to reach)
  • Dive Flute (Requires Ultimate Vault Power Up and Ultimate Swim)
  • Ginger Pork (Requires Ultimate Vault Power Up and Ultimate Swim)
  • Ninja Cosplay Set (Requires Ultimate Vault Power Up and Ultimate Swim)

Ultimate Snag Treasures:Edit

  • Out Mirror (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)
  • Apple Candy (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)
  • Twisty Bull Horns (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost)
  • Warding Powder
  • All Skill Seal Nhaos
  • Iron Panties
  • Dandelion Soap (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost, Captivate Planet Spot 9)
  • All Virus Nhaos (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost, Captivate Planet Spot 9)
  • Traveler's Mantle (Requires Ultimate Snag Boost, Captivate Planet Spot 9)

Ultimate Hunt Treasures:Edit

Both treasures require the Ultimate Hunt Power Up.

  • Out Mirror
  • Ounce O'Soup x2
  • Knight Scythe
  • Gold Ore (Requires Ultimate Swim)
  • Swift Extract (Requires Ultimate Swim)
  • Pointy High Laced Boots (Requires Ultimate Swim)

Hidden Treasure:Edit

  • Chocolate Cake
  • Small Backpack
  • Night Sword

100% RewardsEdit

  • 26,840 G
  • 6,328 Mugen Points
  • Apple Candy x4
  • Chocolate x3
  • Banana Parfait x2
  • Master Sergeant x75
  • Brock x75
  • Colorful x5

300% RewardsEdit

  • 70,285 G
  • 34,738 Mugen Points
  • Pineapple Shampoo x2
  • Muscat Shampoo x2
  • Gold Ore
  • 1st Lieutenant x50
  • Slicey x50
  • Colorful x20

Scheat RuinsEdit

"Dim, dreary ruins with autumn colored vines covering the walls."

Scheat Ruins map (empty)

Map of Scheat Ruins

The Scheat Ruins are a dungeon named after the third brightest star in the Aquarius constellation. Here is where the ultimate god, Aquarius, rests. The Rare Enemy, Red Baby Bug is found here.

Confronting Aquarius, the Ultimate God of Gray WorldEdit

Note: If the party decides to come back later, Aquarius will be weakened.

Inside the ruins, Chou-Chou asks where the ultimate god is. Reu sniffs around and says she can smell it and it is so strong. Elka says he is pretty sure it is around here as well, he means probably. Alys asks why he is acting weird all of a sudden. Elka then says that on second thought, they can just go home, because it is just not a very lucky day today. Ryuto says he gets it  and says he is scared again. Elka, in denial, says there is no way he is scared and that comment could not be farther from the truth. Shirogane says that he made it this far, but in the end, he lost his nerve again and points out to everyone how bad his knees are shaking. Elka says he is just rembling with excitement.

Suddenly, Elka hears a sound, screams, apologizes and begs for it to spare his life. However, the sound came from Syrma's coffin, which fell on the ground. Nao tells her to be careful with it. Syrma apologizes saying her hand slipped. When Elka asked about the coffin, Tsukika says his name, Kakeru asks if he really did something and Bertram says he has no words for what he just witnessed. Elka says when the group reaches his level, sometimes it is nice to act like an idiot on purpose to put everyone else at ease.

Just then, Elka hears another noise. Still cowering, he says thay they will not foool him again and those tricks won' work on him anymore. When he looks in front of him, he, and the party come face to face with the ultimate god of this world, Aquarius, who attacks them. Syrma points out there it is. Chou-Chou says it looks way stronger than she imaginged and she just figured he was overexaggerating like he always does. Elka, cowering and crying tells everyone to watch out. Alys tells him to stop panicking like a scared little baby and to stand up straight. Elka says it came out of nowhere but then says no, saying he has to calm down and he can win if he lets everyone else handle this, he can win. Dees says just like that, he expects the party to win the battle for him. Marina laughs and saus she loves when Elka is around because everyone is always nice and relaxed with no tension at all. Kakeru says a little tension might do them some good because there is an enemy looming right in front of them. Reu tells everyone here it comes. Chou-Chou says it's time for the eyes on the prize. Syrma tells everyone let's go. 

Aquarius DefeatedEdit

After the battle, Aquarius falls, defeated. Chou-Chou is happy the party won and says even though it was kind of tough, it was obviously no match for her. Syrma says she thinks it was about as strong as Dees's monster, Scorpio. Elka laughs hysterically and says he never doubted the group's victory for a second. Nao asks if he is always like this and Ryuto says he will probably be like this till the end of time. Bertram says this is not good because he really is starting to show sympathy for him. Syrma tells Aquarius, she is going to absorb it now and says here we go. Aquarius is startled. Syrma pulls out her coffin, it opens up and pulls the ultimate god in. Syrma tells it to settle down and says it will be all over in just a second. Dees says that Aquarius should not have fit inside that coffin and asks how doesit keep ignoring the laws of physics. Curious, Marina wonders how it works and asks if she can go inside. Alys says she would not recommend it, Nao tells her not to do it and Reu says no. Marina asks if it is really that bad. During their conversation, Syrma just finished absorbing Aquarius.

At this point, Syrma now learns the Ultimate Fusion ability, Ultimate Walk.

Nao says all right, saying there is nothing left to do here and it is time for them to go to the next world already. Syrma agrees, saying there are only a few left, so it is time to try to get it done as fast as they can. Nao says she should do some thinking when the party gets back and points out she will have to fight Tioni eventually. Syrma gets depressed and says she did not want to think about that. Chou-Chou says she will be back to normal by then and so there is no way she can lose. Syrma then asks what should she do and Nao tells her not to dwell on it for now and once they are back on the ship, she can worry about it long and hard. Worried, Syrma says she has to worry about it either way. Nao says there is no avoiding it and this is her own problem they are talking about. Syrma gets depressed again.

Planet SpotsEdit

Note: Syrma and co. must clear Chapter 10 in order to obtain 300% Planet Energy.

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
01 It wants to play around with a kid with lots of energy… Captivate: Hyper 10% Default
Ultimate Snag icon
It wants a hardy meal with bacon and eggs… Bacon and Eggs x2 15% Default
Ultimate Hunt icon
It's into complicated girls… Captivate: Bipolar 20% 10% Charm Average
04 You don't even have 1,350 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,320 25% Planet Energy 75%+
05 You'll need at least 10 x 125 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,250 15% Default
06 It's dying to dual-wield some hatchets… Twin Hatchets 35% Planet Energy 115%+
07 It enjoys especially cruel treatment… Captivate: Sadist 40% 12% Charm Average
Ultimate Hunt icon
You don't have 130 x 10 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,275 20% Planet Energy 50%+
09 It likes quiet girls… Captivate: Terse 60% Planet Energy 175%+
Ultimate Snag icon
It really looks up to the Matagi hunting clan… Matagi Vest 60% Clear Chapter 10


Syrma must obtain Ultimate Hustle to get one treasure protected by a blue barrier.

  • Out Mirror
  • Ounce o' Soup x2
  • Sneaker-Style Boots
  • Rose Soap
  • Swift Extract
  • Doggy Headband
  • Dive Flute (Ultimate Hustle required)
  • Minestrone (Ultimate Hustle required)
  • Belt and Holster (Ultimate Hustle required)

Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

All three treasures require the Ultimate Snag Power Up to obtain

  • Melon Shampoo
  • All Darkness Nhaos
  • Gatling Knuckles
  • Warding Powder
  • All Paralysis Nhaos
  • Matagi Vest
  • Dive Bell
  • Anemone Soap
  • Butterfly Mask

Ultimate Hunt TreasuresEdit

All three treasures require the Ultimate Hunt Power Up to obtain

  • All Sleep Nhaos
  • Bacon and Eggs x2
  • Wooden Bangle
  • Power Extract
  • Drinkable Yogurt x2
  • Brass Pendant
  • Gold Ore
  • All Poison Nhaos
  • Orphan Roar

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Lily Soap
  • All Paralysis Nhaos
  • Frilly Bikini

100% RewardsEdit

  • 29,829 G
  • 7,179 Mugen Points
  • High-Grade Nhaos
  • All-Purpose Pill
  • Bronze Ticket x3
  • Ensign x30
  • Rider x30
  • Colorful x10

300% RewardsEdit

  • 79,504 G
  • 38,760 Mugen Points
  • Sunflower Soap x2
  • Dive Flute x2
  • Fluffy Red Fur
  • Pencil Drill x50
  • Flower x50
  • Experiment 4 x20

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