Not be confused with Hobby Robot, the peon. This character also appears as a powerful foe 100% on floor 20 of the 100 Mugen Point bet.

Hobby Robot idle

Hobby Robot
Species Peon
Moe Bipolar
Spawn Set Mugen Field boss
Weight Light
Component Silver Ingot

Mugen SoulsEdit

Only found in the Mugen Field and may be considered one of the weakest fixed boss there.

Mugen FieldEdit

  • 0000100 to 0000100 bet, regardless of route.
  • Always appears on floor 020
  • Diving out or skipping floors is not allowed during this battle.
  • Confirmed to drop Work Drill x1 as a Shampuru drop.

Mugen Souls ZEdit

The appearance of Hobby Robot in Mugen Souls Z looks different from the one in the original game.

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