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Ivory World is a world in the 12 Worlds Galaxy that is visited by Syrma and co. It is also the last of the twelve worlds. This world is centered around the star sign of Aries the Ram. Its ultimate god is Ace. The scout from the previous cast sent to Ivory World in search for the ultimate god is Belleria. In order to get the True Ending, the party must complete events in the Mugen Field, and fight the Sun Goddess before coming here.

Ivory WorldEdit

"A frozen world lit with a mystical aurora."

Note: Every battle here has large crystals that damage either HP or SP.

The Attacker RevealedEdit

Ivory World symbol

Ivory World's Symbol.

The woman Chou-Chou and co. defeat arrives in a room and complains about trying to get here. She meets a gruff young man who has no time for her foolishness. She informs him of something he is concerned about but before she does, she wonders about the condition of a sleeping beauty. He tells her she is still sleeping. When she leaves, he gets angry and wonders if the girl woke up. The lady says no but he should know they have visitors from another realm. He knew about the ruckus and she tells him she meant to drive them out but they bested her. He sees it as an annoyance and she asks him how he will deal with them. He is annoyed by the fact that she just sits and watches, and she can not help it, it was who she is. He wonders who the visitors are and what they want. She tells him it's just a rumor but the visitors are here to conquer the twelve worlds and that the one in charge calls herself the undisputed god.

A Sleeping Beauty AwakensEdit

After the events on Rose World, the mysterious woman seems to be poking and nudging the face of a young girl which annoys the young man who asks what she's doing. She asks "What does it look like?" and says that she is kind of jealous since the young man has a cute girl like her all to himself every night. He asks what she is talking about and and was just about to tell her they sleep in different beds but changes the subject. He asks what she is still doing here and wonders if she's done with what she came here to do. She says no because the young girl was the reason she came here and squishes her cheeks, which she does not like. The young man gets angry and asks is she here to grope her face. She says no and asks what kind of thoughts are in his head. He rebuttals by asking what other explanation is there for what she is doing. She says there is a very important reason she's doing what she is doing and squeezes the girls cheeks. He threatens her to knock it off. The girl awakens and tells the woman to leave her alone. The woman was startled and concludes her logic. He tells her to stop and asks the girl if she is okay. She says her face hurts. The woman says she can't be serious and asks the girl if she is still asleep. Just as the man was about to threaten her, the girl yawns and says she is so sleepy. The man wonders what is going on and why is she waking up and the woman concludes that there was no doubt about it and that if the girl is awake, the other girl is as well. The man says that the woman is right after so long, but she corrects herself saying that if the other girl is awake then the girl in front of them is as well. The man says that it doesn't matter. The girl, still groggy, asks if there is something on her face. The young man curses and runs off and the girl sees it. The woman compliments saying he's a hot-blooded young man and tells the girl to freshen up to which she complies.

Scarlet World AftermathEdit

While Ryuto wonders how everyone is doing, here, Ace is complaining that he had to return here in defeat and wonders what was up with them, saying that if he had faced just the Ultimate God, he could have taken care of things with no problem. The woman tells him he looks terrible and surmises that he was defeated and was sent crying home, but he argues saying that he decided to let them live for a while longer. She says she is right but he says he didn't lose and she rebuttals saying that if that's what he says happen, that's what they will pretend happen. Furious, he asks if she is mocking him. Sarcastically, she is impressed saying she can tell when she is mocking him and he's not as stupid as she thought. Enraged, he decides to kill her first. She uses the other girl as a shield to protect her and tells her to protect her. Confused, the girl asks who the woman might be. Ace is surprised and the girl starts to cry. The woman tells him not to make scary faces saying the girl has no idea who he is. He argues saying he is not making a scary face but agrees with the woman since the girl does not know anything about him, and apologizes saying he did not mean to frighten her. The girl is silent and he asks why is she not saying anything and wonders if he is really that scary, and she falls asleep. Furious, Ace asks if she fell asleep again, and scared she apologizes saying she nodded off for a while. The woman tells him to stop picking on her and consoles her saying there is nothing to be scared of and that he may have an attitude problem, but he is the one who has been looking after her the whole time. The girl wonders if he really did that but he says that it is not what she thinks and that she just happened to be sleeping in her house and that was all. She apologizes saying she was too much of a burden but he never meant to say that. She says she should leave and thanks him for everything but he stops her saying that he does not mind and she can stay as long as she wants. She is confused and the woman laughs saying they are too much. He demands the woman to stop laughing, and the girl is confused prompting him to ask what is wrong. The girl says that someone is here and asks if he was expecting company.

Ace is confused and Belleria enters greeting them and is glad she managed to find someone. The girl greets her but Ace demands who Belleria is and what she is doing here. The woman says that she is one of the odder guests they have had in a while.

Belleria's IntroductionEdit

Belerria begins by saying Chou-Chou dropped her off first, here on Ivory World, and the girl nods. She continues by saying that she has been lost ever since, for a while, and it is embarrassing and tells her to keep that fact a secret and she agrees. Belleria does not understand this world and suggests a land readjustment and some environmental improvement, in which the girl agrees. The woman tells Ace that Belleria has some complaints about his world. Angered, he tells the woman he does not care and demands to know from Belleria why she is sitting there acting she belongs here. Scared, Belleria asks what he is yelling at her for. The young girl tells her not to be sad and the woman asks him if picking on girls the only thing he is good at. Ace says he is not picking on anyone and the girl reassures Belleria everything will be fine and she thanks her. Flustered, Ace asks why is she paying attention to her but stops himself from saying something embarrassing, making the girl confused. The woman makes fun of him asking what he was about to say, and Belleria is curious as well. Ace tells them to be quiet, saying he wasn't about to say anything and Belleria points out his face is red because he's embarassed. The girl wonders why he is embarassed and the lady thinks it's cute. Ace tells her to stop, asks Belleria why is is sitting there and demands her to leave. Belleria is saddened again asking if she has to leave with Ace saying the sooner the better. Belleria understands and guesses it's goodbye, but the young girl stops her from leaving telling her not to go. She thanks her for taking her in and she thanks her back. Angered, Ace asks why did she change her mind and she answers that because the person with the highest authority here said not to leave. Confused, Ace asks why she thinks the girl has the highest authority and Belleria says she feels like she is superior to him. Shocked, Ace asks how she knew. The woman wonders if she can tell as well and Belleria answers that she is kind of like her, maybe the same, and the girl does not know what she's talking about.

Ace asks Belleria who she is and if she's part of Chou-Chou's group. She apologizes for not introducing herself sooner and does so, saying she was a god of destruction. While Ace was shocked to hear this, the young girl asks if she is the god of dust to which Belleria tells her not to cut her title short. The woman then remarks by saying things have gone from interesting to complicated and Ace asks her what they should do if things turn out badly, but she answers by saying she will leave things to him. Flustered, Ace asks if she is running away and she answers by shying she has left her own world empty for too long and she's so busy. Angered Ace asks if she's not really leaving and orders her to get back and goes after her. The young girl takes note of it and Belleria tells them to be safe and goodbye. The two stand in awkward silence and the girl asks Belleria what should she do and Belleria tells her she is the wrong person to ask. The girl asks her if it is okay to keep talking to her and she responds by saying that is fine.

Ace Heads Out and Christening of TioniEdit

After the events on White World, Belleria is continuing telling the young girl about the time she battled Chou-Chou, saying she hit her as hard as she could and kept punching her over and over again. The girl thought that was painful. She concludes by saying that was what she went through and now they have gotten close, or so she thinks. Relieved, the girl says that was good and asks if she is her best friend. She confirms it, saying she is close to the others but Chou-Chou is her closest friend. The girl says that a friend sounds really nice.

Disgusted, Ace says they have gotten close to each other, despite being mortal enemies and wonders what he is supposed to do now. Concerned, Belleria asks him if they would like to join them. Surprised, he asked if she could hear him. She says yes, saying that she has very good hearing and she is actually kind of proud of it. Curious, the girl asks about what he said. Just as she was about to tell her, he interrupts ordering not to say anything and if she does, he'll kill her. Saddened, she repeats what he said. The girl tells him not to kill her. Embarrassed, he tells her not to make a sad face, what he said slipped out and it was a figure of speech. Belleria teases him saying he made her cry and he retaliates by telling her to be quiet and it was her fault, and she says she got yelled at for no reason. This causes the girl to cry. Angry, Ace orders her to stop and says he does not have time for pointless nonsense, so he turns to Belleria and tells her he has to go and to take care of her while he's gone. Belleria asks if that's what he really wants and he says yes, saying he has a lot to do to keep Syrma from turning back into the ultimate god and she does not have anything better to do. Belleria says she does have plenty of free time but points out and asks that she is supposed to be his mortal enemy. He says that he is not doing it because he trusts her and warns her that if she steps out of line, he will kill her without a second thought and tells her to remember the warning. She says that she will keep it in mind and tells her that her name is Belleria and she would rather not be called Hey you, but he does not care and that Hey you is more than she deserves, he says goodbye and tells her to stay put and watch over Ivory World. Before he leaves, the girl wants to tell Ace something, which he complies. The girl says that she does not want to be called Hey you either, but he tells her there is nothing he can do about it since she does not have a name of her own. Saddened by this, the girl starts to cry. Angered, Ace asks if she is going to start crying again and tells her that she  can't get away with anything just by crying. As her tears leaked, she tells him she does not have a name. Belleria tries to comfort her and say it's all his fault. Confused, Ace asks what did he do. The girl then starts to cry, and Belleria leers at him, making him ask what she is looking at him for and turns to the girl and asks what she thinks she's doing, but the girl says she does not want to be you. Belleria leers at Ace again, flustered he gives in and calls the girl Tioni. As she stops crying she says her new name. Ace tells her that it is her name now because she is the one who said she wanted one so she had better not complain about it. As her spirit is lifting, Tioni says her new name again, and Belleria congradulates her for the new name and wonders if she can call her Tio. Ace tells her not to shorten names that he took so long to come up with and Belleria asks if it really took him thart long to come up with it. Embarrassed, Ace says that he thought of the name just now and he did not spend any time thinking about it. Happy, Tioni thanks him. Even more embarrased, he asks how does she expect him to respond to that and tells them he has a lot to get done so he has to go and leaves. Tioni says that he left and asked Belleria if he seemed angry, with the latter saying he was just hiding his embarrassment. Curious, Tioni asked if he was embarrassed and Belleria says that roughly 80 percent of his normally angry attitude is how he deals with being embarrassed. Even more curious, Tioni asks why he would be embarrassed all the time and she says she would be embarrassed to if she said it out loud, leaving her confused.

Out in space, Ace ponders, saying to himself that he is not acting like himself and asks why women always have to be so emotional, but says that not is not the time to go around grumbling, needs to get his plan over with and to let him off at Sapphire World saying he needs to secure his foundation in case Syrma and co. appear.

Rose World AftermathEdit

After the events on Rose World, Ace returns from his trip from Sapphire World and Jade World. Tioni welcomes him back and Belleria grins after he thanks her. Ace asks what she is smiling at and she says it's her natural reaction to a scene like this. He asks why her eyes look like they're mocking her and she says these were the eyes she was born with. Tioni shows Ace a giant jewel that is Belleria's most prized possession and she gave it to her as a token of their friendship. Ace wonders if she can't show it to him and she says she does not want it shown to people that get mad so easily. However, Tioni asks if she can show it to him and Belleria gives her permission to do so since she asked nicely and gave her the look of a sad puppy. She thanks her and shows it to ace, who says sarcastically that he's so happy he could cry and that they have gotten friendly in no time at all. She shows him the jewel and he says it's ridiculously big and he does not know the value of jewels but asks if it's worth a lot. She says she is quite proud of it, Tioni asks if it's pretty and he asks if it's dangerous to go walking around with something that valuable. She asks because someone might steal it which is what he meant. She says that him being worried about her is scary since it is an unexpected reaction, but he says he is curious, not worried. Tioni says he's usually scary but he's actually a really nice person, but he tells her to be quiet. Belleria tells him that it is something she needs to keep with her at all times. When he asks what she is talking about, she says the jewel is the source of her strength and with it, she can unleash her full power as the god of destruction. Shocked, surprised and angry, he asks why would she show off something so dangerous and takes the jewel from Tioni. Belleria tells him that first he worries about someone stealing it and then he steals it himself. He says he didn't steal it, only confiscation it. Tioni asks what the difference is and Belleria tells him to give it back andthe former says she is upsetting her and asks nicely to give it back to her but he refuses saying if she wants it back, she has to leave right then and there. Both are saddened with Tioni asking if she is leaving and Belleria saying that is extremely unfair. Ace tells them that she can say what she wants because he can't have someone with something so dangerous hanging around. She tries to coax him by telling him she won't use it no matter what but he tells her she should not have any problem with him holding on to it. Depressed, she says that he is not going to listen. Tioni starts crying saying she does not want Belleria to be upset but she will be even sadder if she leaves. Seeing Tioni so sad, Belleria agrees to leave the gem in Ace's care for now. Ace is a little pleased that she sees things his way, because he would not want to kick her out and have Tioni crying day and night. She thanks him and is happy and Belleria says that it's okay because she wants to stay with her and warns Ace that the gem is really important to her and she'll be in big trouble if he loses or breaks it. When he asks if she thinks he's stupid enough to make a mistake like that, she says that she hopes he did not jinx it by saying that.

Going on a TripEdit

After the events on Crimson World, Tioni says that Ace has not returned yet. Belleria says she is right, figuring he would be back by now, and if she had to guess, she says he is off somewhere buying souvenirs. Tioni is happy upon hearing about him getting souvenirs until Belleria tells her not to get her hopes up, as it is just a guess. Tioni is depressed, and Belleria says she ruined the mood and she is bad at small talk. She apologizes and tells her not to feel bad and she says now the girl she made sad is trying to cheer her up and asks if she gets lonely when he is gone like that. She says that she does and Belleria says that is a good thing. Tioni is confused until Belleria tells her that having someone in her life to miss is a good thing. Even though she does not get it, she asks if Belleria has to leave, saying her friends must be feeling lonely as well, but like she said before, she does not have a ship to leave with, which Tioni remembers. She adds that she is sure that if she just stays put, Chou-Chou will find everyone else and they will all come to pick her up, so she is not worried.

Tioni becomes irritated, and Belleria says that is not the reaction she was expecting. When Tioni says it's not fair, Belleria asks what is she saying is not fair. She tells her she has so many friends and she does not have any, but she says she is not sure what to say. She says all she has is Ace and her. Belleria agrees, but tells her friends are not something she can get just like that. She says she has so many friends and she has two. She continues by saying they went through all kinds of complicated stuff before they actually became friends. She says it's still not fair and she is jealous of her. Belleria says this is undexpected, and even though she is used to outright stubborn selfishness, she is not sure how to handle this. Tioni looks at her with jealousy and Belleria saus she is obviously upset and wonders what should she do.

Suddenly, she has an idea: she asks if she would like to meet Chou-Chou. When Tioni is curious about the concept, she says that she is sure that Chou-Chou and the others will all want to be her friends. When she asks really, she says some of them are undisciplined but they are all nice. When she asks undisciplined, she tells her not to worry about it and asks if she would like to come with her. Even though she says yes, she says that if they leave without saying anyting, he'll get mad at them. Even though she agrees with her, she says he is not exactly here to give them his blessing. She agrees and she says if he was here, she is sure he would say no anyway. She agrees ad she asks if she is having second thoughts. Even though she says he might yell at her later, she really wants to go. As she says it is decided and they should go, Tioni reminds Belleria, the latter asking if there is something else, that she does not have a ship. The two become depressed as they think of how to leave. She says she is really depressed this time and wonders how she can fix this.

Suddenly, Onluka appears and says how impulsive the two are. The two welcome her back and Belleria says she is back just in time, and asks if there is anything she can do about the situation they are in. She says that will have to wait for now and there is something she needs to talk to them about first. When she asks if it is important, she says it is, saying that back on Rose World, a few days ago, she decided to call herself Onluka andso no now they must call her that as well, and adds that she will not allow anyone to call her 'you' anymore, the way Ace likes to do. Tioni stares silently, and Belleria says she does not care about any of that. Onluka says she should care and because names are very important, she has decided to give Tioni a name. She already says her name. When she asks it, she says that's right, it's her name and Ace gave it to her. Surprised and annoyed, she mutters that he got to it first, but says it is a good name and wonders who would have thought a guy who looks angry all the time would come up with such a nice name. Tioni giggles. When Belleria asks if she is feeling better, she says she forgot she was upset, but gets depressed again. Belleria asks why did she have to go and remind her and says she needs to do something about this.

Onluka asks them if they want her to take them to where they are going. Both are curious and she says if she wants to get to theundisputed god, she can take them to her. When Tioni asks if they can go and Belleria asks if she has a ship, she says that she left her ship, the Etherwind, on her world, but she happens to have a convenient power she can use instead, and asks if they want to go. Tioni says she wants to go and Belleria says if she can help, then please. Onluka asks how could she say no to two such adorable little girls and says Ace might complain about it later, but she has a good excuse for doing this. As Tioni says she will take them and Belleria thanks her and says she really appreciates this, Onluka says that before they get to that however, there is something she is curious about. When Belleria asks what it is, She points to Tioni, who responds, says she overheard a bit of their conversation and asks if she is not included on her list of friends. When she is reminded of that, Belleria says that now that she thinks about it, she did. She says it's disappointing, she was the only one who considered them friends and admits it is quite a shock. Flustered Tioni apologizes, but Onluka says she is not looking for an apology, and if they were friends, she would be happy to help them out, but now she is not so sure. Tioni starts to cry and Belleria asks if she is playing around with them right now. She says she is and there is nothing she loves more than picking on cute little girls, but Belleria says she should not pick on her too much and bullying is never good. Onluka agrees with her saying it's a fair point and she will try to restrain herself from now on. When Tioni asks what they are talking about, she tells her not to worry her pretty little head about it and asks if they shall get going. When she asks if she will really take them, Belleria says it looks that way. When she asks when did they decide, Onluka says it will be the first time doing this with other people so she is not sure how it will turn out. She tells Tioni and Belleria to hold on tight. When Belleria says she did not know it was her first time, Tioni gets frightened. Suddenly, the three are engulfed with light and head to Onluka's home world.

Onluka's BathtimeEdit

Onluka and Belleria arrive here after the events on Ebon World, the former remembering that Ace, Tioni and Altis are riding a dragon to get back here so it will take longer for them. Belleria says to her, who asks what is bothering her, that apparently, Syrma got her memories back, but she would like to know what is going on as well. Onluka agrees with her, saying she should tell her and decides to change the location. When she asks where, she says they will use the bathroom, because they are both sticky all over, so they might as well soak in the bath while they talk. Belleria is concerned and asks why the bath.

This Is Very Serious!

Onluka discusses Tioni with Belleria.

A short while later, Onluka and Belleria are soaking in the tub. The former saying she feels alive again and this bath is paradise and the latter reminding her about her question. Onluka says she has not forgotten, and now she should start from the beginning. Belleris says she does not feel like a bath is the right situation for a serious discussion. When she asks if she does not want to hear it, she says no and she will listen. Onluka begins her explanation:

The ultimate gods are currently divided into twelve, but they were originally one being and the twelve worlds created by the ultimate gods were also one world to begin with. Belleria is reminded of the time she and Chou-Chou shared the one world she created. Onluka continues by saying Tioni, who did not have a name back then, had arrived and that she and the ultimate god got in a bit of a quarrel and the result of their battle was that the world was broken into twelve pieces.

Belleria asks why did they fight and Onluka points out that Belleria is a god of destruction herself and she should know. This story hits close to home for Belleria.

Onluka says that it was partially because the ultimate god was simply impatient, but they should rewind for a second, and realizing the worlds would be destroyed if their feud continued, the ultimate god split into twelve in order to stabilize each world and that is how the twelve worlds came to be as she sees them now. Belleria was surprised. Onluka continued by saying however, the ultimate god knew Tioni would return one day since she could not be destroyed completely and so to prepare for that day, one of the twelve ultimate gods was left with the ability to turn back into a single ultimate god and Syrma, the young lady Chou-Chou was using as a method of transportation, is that god. Curious, Belleria wonders if the way they change back into the ultimate god is that stickiness and she says yes, although she does not know why they chose such a distasteful method back then and her story is a very simplified version but now she knows, assuming she even believes such a story.

Belleria believes her by saying she and Chou-Chou were kind of like that. When Onluka asks if that was so, she says she does not get it, because Tioni is a gentle and good person, unlike her. Onluka says they are both at fault there, because of Tioni's nature and the ultimate god's impatience she mentioned earlier. When she asks what she means by that, she says she did not know this herself until he asked her, but...

Gray World AftermathEdit

After the events on Gray World, Onluka finishes her explanation. Belleria says that so then Tioni is something akin to a bomb. Onluka says it would seem that way, although she had her doubts, so she had to make sure. When Belleria asks if there is anything they can do, she says she would like to,but she can't really say and all she knows is the twelve worlds are sure to vanish if they don't do anything. As Belleria stutters, Onluka notices Ace, Tioni and Altis are back.

Ace walks in with Tioni still scared out of her wits. He tells her they are her and to get up, but she is too scared to do anything. Onluka tells them they are late and apologizes but says she had to borrow his bath for a while, but Ace, still angry, tells her to move because she in his way and pushes her aside.  She says she came out to greet him and asks if this is how she treats her. When Belleria asks how Tioni is, he tells her she has been like this ever since the events on Ebon World and she is still terrified. Belleria is worried. Onluka says she honestly thought some good might come from the two of them meeting and apologizes. He says it does not matter right now and tells them to leave her alone for a while and asks if they understand. Tioni tells something to stop.

Suddenly, Altis, as Altalt-tistis, asks if he can tell her what is going on around here and he dragged her here but have not explained a thing. Belleria then notices Altis and asks if it is her. She is shocked to see Belleria as well and asks what she is doing here and she says she could ask her the same thing and about the outfit. Freaking out, Altis tries to cover up by saying she is not Altis at all, but rather the Evil Masked Beauty Altalt-tistis. She is amazed about the Evil Masked Beauty and she says that is right but says it looks like she fooled her for now. However, Belleria points out that she answered her when she called her Altis. Realizing this she says it is her one fatal error, meaning Belleria was right and that she is Altis. When Onluka asks if she knows her she says yes and calls her the demon that is really an angel. She says she is quite the strange one they have got here. Altis says she has it all wrong and says she is Altis but she is also not Altis and tells Belleria not to tell Chou-Chou and begs please. Belleria says she does not want to hide anything from Chou-Chou but Altis says she should make an exception just this once and begs her not to tell.She complies, saying she does not like saying no to people either. She says she promised, that is a promise, she can't tell her and she will hit her with a full-on demon curse if she does.

Onluka sighs and says she really does not like how noisy it has gotten all of a sudden and decides to go track down Syrma's group. Shocked upon hearing this, Belleria asks what about Tioni and if she is just going to leave her here. She tells her that Tioni can't even talk right now apparently and says that chasing after the undisputed god sounds like way more fun. When Belleria asks if she is going to go off to look for more fun again, she asks her what does she expect, says that is just how she is built and asks her what is she going to do. After a bit of silence, she says she is going to stay here because she is worried about Tioni. Onluka warns her that if she invests too much of herself in her, she might end up getting hurt and she says she realizes that. With that off her shoulders, Onluka says she won't say anything more, bids her farewell for now and says she is sure they will see each other again before too long and warps away.

Altis points out that Onluka disappeared and asks how did she do that and Belleria says it is her thing as a guess. Altis shrugs it off and says going back to before, asks her what Belleria is doing here and vice versa. Altis says All kinds of stuff went down and Ace ended up dragging her here, and as for Belleria, she is worried about a friend. When Altis asks about her friend and if this friend of hers is more important than Chou-Chou, she says it is not like one friend is more important than the other but gets jumbled in her words. Altis says she is out of her comfort zone, saying at least she is back to being the one doing the teasing andsays this is how things should be. When Belleria tells her to stop picking on her, Ace comes in and tells the both of them to be quiet as they are being too loud. When Belleria asks how Tioni is doing, he tells her to leave her alone for now, like he said before and says if anything else were to happen to her, bad things would happen. As she tells him she is worried about her as well, he orders her to stay away and she complies. When Altis asks what should she be doing now, he tells her to do whatever she wants. Altis reminds him that he dragged her into all this and asks now he tells her to do whatever she wants. He tells her to be quiet and says it is not like he planned for this to happen. She tells him that he told her he was going to try and foil the undisputed god's plans, but he tells her he can not leave Tioni's side and says if that is what she wants to do, she can do it by herself. Shocked, Altis says he is so irresponsible and points out that that was a very irresponsible thing he said just now. Belleria tells them to be quiet because Tioni, in the other room, is getting scared and she can hear her starting to cry. Ace, concerned for her, asks if she is still crying, says everything is going to be fine and rushes back to her side. Altis, annoyed, asks what she is supposed to do and says she does not have the slightest clue what is going on. Belleria says she can explain it to her and she has decided it might be best to wait here a while anyway. Altis agrees to her proposal. Belleria tells her to follow her.

In the other room, Tioni is crying saying she does not want to be alone. Ace tells her she won't be alone, asks if he told her and says he will always be here with her.

Amethyst World AftermathEdit

After the events on Amethyst World, Altis, in her Evil Masked Beauty Altalt-tistis costume, asks if they don't do something, the world is going to be destroyed and Belleria nods yes, after she explains the situation. Altis says she can not believe it, and means she did say she would be helping with evil deeds but did not think it would be that evil. When Belleria asks what is she going to do, Altis says she can not just decide on the spot, saying this is serious stuff and if she did something that heinous like destroying worlds, she would not just reincarnate as a demon, she would be a great demon, or a demon captain or a full on demon lord. Belleria says it sounds like she likes the idea and she says she was just thinking it would be nice from a demon's standpoint but as she thinks of it maybe she should destroy the worlds saying it is not like this world means anything to her. Concerned, Belleria asks if she would betray Chou-Chou but she tells her not to look at her like that and says it is not a betrayal, saying as long as she lets her run off somewhere first, everything will be fine, and even if the twelve worlds will be gone at least they will all be safe. Belleria asks if she really thinks Chou-Chou would run away and she agrees with her saying it is a good point saying she would not and there is no point in trying to convince her, and Belleria adds that she does not think it would save Tioni either. Altis says that in the end, asks her if she is on Chou-Chou's side, leaving her to ask what should she do. She tells her not to ask her, but thinks that in the end she would side with Chou-Chou. Belleria says she is such a softie, but ALtis says as a demon that is not a compliment at all, sighs and says she still needs to think of a way to get back there as well and asks how did she get involved in this mess. Belleria asks if it is her own fault. She says she knows she brought it on herself and wishes she would not point it out.

Jade World AftermathEdit

After the events on Jade World, here, Tioni suddenly wakes up. Ace says she is finally awake and says she has been asleep all day. When she asks where she is, he tells her she has been sobbing and trembling, so he brought her back here, but she wore herself out with all that crying, and she fell fast asleep. Tioni asks if she was crying and remembers and starts. He asks if she is going  to start crying again and how much longer is she going to keep this up. She apologizes three times, but he yells at her to stop apologizing, but calms down and apologizes as well, saying he did not mean to be so hard on her. She apologizes two more times and he tells her she can seriously stopn apologizing for crying and says it is not like this is the first time this happened. She says it is her fault and because of her, the world was destroyed. He asks if she got her memory back and she mutters saying it is er fault. He tells her to start apologizing, calms down and says it is not her fault, but she says it is her fault and if she did not exist, the world would still be one. He gets angry as she says she just wants to disappear and she does not want to exist anymore. He gets angrier as she says if she was gone and if she just disappeared right now, everything will be okay. At his limit, he asks her if she really wants to disappear. When she asks what, he says he asked her if she really wants to disappear that badly and asks if she wants to. She stutters and he asks if she wishes she were gone, can she vanish just like that and if she has some kind of convenient special power that will let her do that. As she is about to say she was not talking about a power and she just wishes she would never exist, he tells her to stop mumbling and tells her to answer his question: can she disappear, asks if she really wants to and demands that she  speak up. Scared, and crying, she says she can't disappear, she does not want to and apologizes. He calms down and apologizes and tells her if she really does not want to disappear, she can just stay here and there is no shame in that. As she was about to offer an argument, she really asks if he does not mind and he says of course he does not mind and like he said, it is not her fault. She says if she is here, Belleria, Onluka and he will all disappear, but he says they will deal with that when the time comes. She says she does not want that to happen, but he tells her to be quiet and there is no other choice. She gets scared and says she is sorry and he says he scared her again and asks why does he always do this, but tells her he is not going to let her disappear, no matter what it takes.

Sapphire World AftermathEdit

After the events on Sapphire World, Tioni is in pain. Ace says she sounds like she is in pain and she says she is, saying if this keeps going, then before long, she will destroy the twelve worlds. Ace tells her to stop making those weird noises, because he is starting to get depressed himself. Tioni says that is mean because she is trying her hardest to keep the power from returning. When he asks if it is even something she can keep from happening , she says, even though she does not know, she is trying. Ace asks her what is the point of trying to do something if it is impossible and she says it is so mean. Ace tells her not to push herself too hard and if she can not hold back...just let it all out. She says she can't because if she lets it all out...everything will disappear, incuding Belleria and Ace, who says as usual, he comes in last.

Belleria asks Tioni if she is okay and Ace says it is as bad as it looks. Tioni begs her to go somewhere far away because if this goes on, she will disappear. Altis, still dressed as Altalt-tistis, says it really does look dangerous, saying even a demon like her is feeling uncomfprtable around that malicious aura, and Belleria says maybe it is because she is an angel, and she says she is a demon on the inside, and even though she may have an angel's body, she never sold her soul to them. Ace says the answer is simple and tells Belleria and Altis to get lost. As Belleria struggles, Altis asks how could he say something so irresponsible, saying he forced her here against her will. When Belleria asks if he forced her, Ace tells her not to say things like that, and even though things were different then, the situation has changed. Altis says, even though she wanted to leave there is no way to get back, but Ace says Syrma and her allies will be here soon enough and once they arrive, they should take them and run far away, please. When Belleria is curious, Altis says even though she would like to do that, because of her situation, she can't. Tioni apologizes to Belleria, saying she does not want to erase her, Belleria complies and she thanks her. Ace says, even though he thought she would argue some more, he is glad she understands. Altis on the other hand, tells her to forget her understanding, and even though Belleria is fine with it, asks what is she supposed to do. She says she will ask Chou-Chou for help. When Tioni asks what, Ace says she does not understand anything. Belleria says she will be right back and tells the others she will see them soon, and Altis tells Belleria to wait. Ace tells her to wait as well and calls her an idiot. Tioni smiles.

When Ace asks Tioni why is she happy, she says she is not and even though she is still in trouble, she guesses she maybe is a little bit happy and laughs. Ace asks if that is so and curses. She tells him if she really can't make it, he should go somewhere safe as well, but he tells her he is not going anywhere. When she asks why, he says he told her that he will always be by her side and she says he is right. He says he is not doing this for her and he just wants to be here, but she says he can't because she will erase him as well. He tells her not to give him that and says she can try all she wants but a little brat like her could not erase him, but she says she is serious and he will really be gone, and he says like he said, she can give him her best shot. When he asks if she is still going to give him some thing, she thanks him and he tells her he told her he is not doing this for her.

Altis then asks why, asks someone tells her why does everyone only care about themselves and says everyone is too selfish, asks what about the innocent people like her that get dragged into it, asks what is she going to do and asks if she is going to have to swallow her pride and apologize to Chou-Chou and says that she is in this mess because of Chou-Chou's stupid idea. She then notices Belleria's gem, says they must have forgotten about it and asks how could they leave behind something so important.

First ArrivalEdit

Ivory World map (empty)
When the party finally arrives here, Syrma says they arrived mercilessly fast. Kakeru says the battle for the fate of the world will finally begin and he has been waiting for this moment. Bertram Demetrius Bloomfield says now that they have finally set foot here, the air is much more stagnant than they expected. Supra says this is an unpleasant atmosphere and says it should get better once they kill it's source. Chou-Chou tells her she has been thinking about it for a while and tells her to stop saying kill and die and junk so much. She tells her not to command her, calls her a hairball and says she will make her die. She says she said die again and asks who is she calling a hairball. Sandy Sunshine says it is a wonderful sight seeing Chou-Chou and Supra fight. Soul Skyheart tells Sandy to quit watching and stop them. Reu climbs on Shirogane, who tells her not to climb so suddenly and asks if she is that scared. Welsh Cocott says Reu is lucky and asks Shirogane, whom she calls Sheezer, if she can climb up as well, but Tsukika Izayoi says no because they all can't climb on him. Sharuru Cocott fidgets and says that the bigger the fool, the higher they wish to climb. Ryuto says that Shirogane being surrounded by four girls can not be happening, and Elka says it is only little kids that like him and Tsukika will come to her senses eventually. Nao says the group is clowning around till the very end, and Dees Vanguard says it is pointless to expect them to be nervous about anything and Onluka agrees with her, although the biggest hurdle is still to come: Will Ace go in the coffin without a fight...? After thinking about it, Syrma decides that she is going to stop thinking for now, saying she will worry about it after she beats Tioni and save the twelve worlds.

Suddenly, Belleria arrives, calling for Chou-Chou, who asks if it is Belleria. Onluka says she is still here. Chou-Chou asks what is wrong and says it must be serious if she is in a hurry. Belleria says it is good they have come and pleads for them to save Tioni. When Marina asks if she heard that, Syrma asks what, saying she just made up her mind after all that thinking. Kakeru asks if she realizes what she is saying, saying that if they don't defeat her, the world will be erased. Belleria says she knows, but she thought Chou-Chou would be able to do something about it. When Syrma asks her what she is going to do, she saysz she would like to help if Belleria is asking her, but tells them to look at her, and Syrma is the one that has to decide. Syrma asks what that is supposed to mean and she says she takes too long to make a decision, and asks why does she not stop hesitating so much and do what she wants and when she says if she does what she wants and it ends up being the wrong decision, Chou-Chou says she will punch her and stop her. Syrma asks if she can't stop her without punching. Belleria says this is no time to be arguing and Nao says there is nothing to think about, saying these moments are going to decide whether the twelve worlds will be erased or not. Syrma however says she wonders about stuff like why they will be erased, or why Tioni is doing this. Supra asks why consider the enemy's reasons and tells her to just kill whatever gets in her way. Chou-Chou asks why does she always have to take things to the extreme and Sandy says even though Supra's ideas are dangerous and beautiful, Ryuto says even Sandy thinks Supra is too much.

When Belleria asks Onluka if she did not tell them, she says she told them the gist of it. Shirogane says, now that she mentions it, they have only heard bits and pieces, and she holds information back every chance she gets. Syrma agrees with him, saying it is not that she is indecisive, Onluka just has not been explaining things properly, and she says she figured she would hesitate even longer if she explained it, so she thought she was being courteous by holding back. When she asks huh, she says if she wishes to know, then she will tell her and asks if that is all right. Syrma says she is grinning and she is enjoying this and Onluka says it is entertaining and it is also interesting that the original ultimate god left it all to someone as indecisive as her. Belleria says her attitude is as mean as usual, and she says it is not her attitude, it is her nature, but says she supposes it is time to tell the other ultimate gods about the memories they are all missing, and the events that occured after she awakened. When Nao asks if this explaination is going to take long, Onluka says it will not be short, but there is not much to do along the way, so it will be perfect for killing time. Welsh says she does not know anything about it, so she wants to listen. Sharuru says there is not much they can do without understanding the situation. Bertram says Syrma will not be able to decide until they finish hearing the whole story, and Alys Levantine says that is fine, because she wasted all this time without making a decision anyway. Syrma says no one cares because they think it is not their problem. Belleria says she really needs them to help Tioni as soon as they can.

And with that, for the time being, Belleria joins the party.

Ultimate Clash Aftermath: Part OneEdit

After absorbing two Planet Spots, Onluka begins telling the story, starting from when she first awakened. She says it seems that among the twelve forms, she woke up exceptionally early, and they do say the elderly wake up early, ask if they are right and says it would seem that is true for ultimate gods as well. However, Chou-Chou tells her to cut the long intro and to get on with the story. Onluka says she is so impatient, saying a great story requires setting the proper mood and as she explains by first saying she woke up, Syrma says she does not know if she wants to hear this or not.

Onluka narrates this part as this is a flashback to when she first woke up after the battle between the ultimate god and Tioni.

On Ebon World, Onluka wakes up after a long rest, letting out a big yawn, saying she is awake and wishes she could have slept in a little longer. She asks how much time has passed and says it is not too long, and says the other ultimate gods are lucky because they must still be sleeping and says now that she is awake, she has no choice, she should at least confirm whether she is awake or not. but then remembers, saying the single world is now twelve separate worlds and she can not get to them all by walking, and first, she will need transportation and says it will take forever.

Flashforward back to present time, where she says she began working on making a ship, the Etherwind, and went off to visit the other worlds once it was complete.

Nao tells her to hold on because they really don't care about the beginning of her adventures and Soul asks if she can get to the point already. Onluka asks what do they mean, saying the introduction is the most important part, and says they just don't understand. Kakeru asks if she has been talking to herself ever since she awakened and Sandy says it makes her seem like...a crazy person... Onluka says that was just a dramatization and says she did not actually talk out loud, she is just telling them what she thought to help them understand. Supra tells her to stop wasting time and just keep going, and Syrma agrees with her, saying she wants to know about the girl, not this stuff. She asks if they want her to keep going even after all those complaints and says she is going to postpone it until they walk a little further. When Reu asks if Onluka, whom she calls Luka, is mad, Shirogane says no because he thinks she is enjoying this again and has some nerve. Syrma is annoyed because that girl has not even been mentioned yet.

Chou-Chou asks what is Tioni anyway, asking if she is similar to Belleria, who says they are similar, but different and different but similar, as she thinks. Chou-Chou asks if she is like the old Belleria that thought she had to destroy thinks just because she was a god of destruction and Syrma asks if that is what Belleria, whom she calls Bellerina, thought before and she says it is kind of embarrassing bringing up the past like this, but she and Tioni are definitely different there and as she is saying that she is so much more innocent than she is, Onluka tells her to stop right there and if she says too much, she will not have anything left to talk about. Chou-Chou tells her not to interrupt because they are asking Belleria because she won't tell them, and she tells her she told her she is getting there, and even though she never listened before, now they want to know everything at once. Belleria says she is really bad at explaining things but Marina says she is probably better than Onluka, because she takes forever and acts all pompous about it. Onluka says the elderly like to talk and it is the duty of the young to listen and tells them that is all and tells them to keep walking. Bertram says they may look different, but they are actually the same age.

Ultimate Clash Aftermath: Part TwoEdit

After obtaining 50% Planet Energy, Onluka asks where were they in the story and Chou-Chou asks why do they have to walk so much just to hear this, and Syema says, even though she has not said this in a while, she is the one doing the walking, and Nao tells them to stop butting in, because they are slowing her down even more. Onluka says once she has built her ship, she immediately set off to the other worlds. The first was her world, Ivory WOrld, the world the party is on now.

Flashback to when Onluka first arrived on Ivory World. She says she made it and for being built in such a hurry, there were surprisingly few problems with the ship, but traveling on a ship is rough on her old bones, and since she will be alive for a while longer, she should get into the habit of exercising.

A short while later, she says based on where they had their battle and the impact, this should be the place, but if she is not here, she does not know how she will find her. She calls out, asking if anyone is here and her sister is here to pay her a visit, and asks if she wants to welcome her, and says she must be sleeping, saying if no one talks to her, she might die from loneliness and it is always controversial when a senior citizen dies.

Suddenly, she hears snoring. She also says she really is sleeping like she thought and sees a young man, Ace, sleeping next to a girl. She asks where she is and says she thought she heard it from close by. The snoring is louder. Se finds them and asks if he is part of the family as well and says he must be, saying she is working hard by herself and here he is taking a nice nap and not only that, as she notices him sleeping with Tioni, who is also asleep, asks who does he think he is, snoozing away with a lovely girl next to him, and tells Ace to get up, calls him a lecherous fiend and slaps him. He awakens and asks what. Onluka says he is finally awake, saying it has been a while, or perhaps she should say nice to meet him, however, he asks who the heck she is and says she had better have a good reason for waking him up. She asks if he is still half asleep, tells him not to tell her he does not know who she is, saying they both used to be the same person. When he asks what is she talking about, she says that is not important now, and there is something she needs to know first: Who is the young lady next to him, asking if he did not make her before going to sleep. When he asks what young lady, he notices the young girl, Tioni, sleeping right next to him and squeezing his arm. He is startled, asks who is this, why is she holding on to him, calls her an idiot and tells her to let her go.

Flashforward to present time where Syrma says the girl was, and Onluka asks who else, saying it was Tioni. Elka is disgusted, saying Ace was with a girl he has never met before was holding on to him when he woke up, says it is unforgivable and asks Ryuto if he thinks so as well and he agrees, saying it is completely unforgivable. Shirogane says Ace really did not do it anything, but Elka says he must be punished, and says he has decided that he will beat him with his own two hands. Bertram says he hopes he realizes their purpose is to put him in the coffin, not kill him and ALys says there is no way Elka would win in the first place. When Welsh asks if Tioni is about the kids age, Tsukika says she is maybe a little older, about the same age as her or Chou-Chou. Welsh asks Sharuru if she heard it, saying she could be like another older sister. Sharuru however says if she does realize they are talking about going to defeat her, and she remembers, but says Tioni does not seem like a bad person. When Nao asks why does the party always have to blah-blah-blah away like that, Onluka tells her to let them talk and she will continue with the story once they are done.

Ultimate Clash Aftermath: Part ThreeEdit

After obtaining 85% Planet Energy, Onluka says that now that everyone has finally settled down, asks where was she in the story again. Elka reminds her that Ace was sleeping with Tioni and says it is disgraceful...and lucky of him. Alys tells him to calm down and calls him an idiot. Supra demands her to tell it all at once if she is going to forget. Onluka says how cruel, asking if they are telling this old lady to tell the whole thing without a break, and Marina says that is not what she was saying earlier. Chou-Chou asks who cares and tells her to get on with it already and Syrma tells her to hurry up. Onluka complies and continues with the story.

Flashback to when Ace finds Tioni on his arm, and she is sleeping. She finally lets go, which Ace notices, saying he did not expect that and asks why is he sleeping with a woman wrapped around him. Onluka asks if the girl is not with him and he says no, asks what is going on, saying some stranger wakes him up and some other stranger is hugging him. Onluka tells him to stop the nonsense and asks if he really does not remember her and he says he told her, he does not know who he is, but then asks who is her and why was he asleep here. Onluka asks if he has no memories at all and wonders if she is the only one that remembers... and mumbles to herself, asking if she is the one who destroyed the twelve worlds and if Ace is just waking up now with no memory of his past self. Ace tells her to be quiet, to stop mumbling to herself, asks what is going on and says he feels fuzzy. Onluka says he did not create her and yet, there is Tioni, which means, this is her, saying she is awfully adorable for being the one who caused all this. Ace tells her he told her to stop mumbling, and to quit talking to herself and explain. Onluka says Tioni is considerably weaker now and on top of that, she is still asleep and right now, she could even kill her. As she pullsout her sword, she says they say to let sleeping dogs lie, but she should eliminate the root of all this evil right now. As she is about to plunge her sword into Tioni's heart, Ace commands her to stop and blasts Onluka.

He asks what does she think she is doing and she says that is her line, asks why is he interrupting her, saying their world was split into pieces because of Tioni, but Ace says it was not her fault. Onluka tells Ace she thought he lost his memories, and he tells her to be quiet, saying he is still groggy form just waking up and she is only making things more confused, saying his head is all muddled. Onluka complies, saying she will wait a little while, until he can clear his head, the they will talk. Ace says she starts off by suddenly hitting him, and asks now she wants to talk, and asks if she thinks he will cooperate with her. Onluka tells him not to be that way buecause it is important to share information. She asks how about this, she will tell him everything she knows first, and he complies, saying he will listen, but he will not guarantee anything. Onluka tells him it is time to begin her explaination, luckily Tioni does not seem like she will be waking up any time soon, and Tioni is still asleep.

Flashforward to present time where Onluka says that is the story, and that Syrma and the other ultimate gods remembered the rest when Syrma absorbed her. Nao asks if Ace decided to protect Tioni way back then, and Onluka says at that point, it is more accurate to say he was simply doing it by instinct because he was still half-asleep after all. Supra asks if he did it without even thinking and says if she really did do those awful things, she would think he would kill her without thinking instead. Soul says that that would be perhaps she would have if it was her she was sleeping next to.

Onluka says she learned this later on, but...he knew something even she did not know. When Syrma asks what it was, Onluka says that is the reason he protected her instinctively, although now he seems to have a different reason. Chou-Chou says that is what they have been asking her about this whole time and Nao says she has been dragging it out for too long. Onluka says they are almost done, and tells them to let her take a short break, saying even she is a little embarrassed to tell the next part.

Ultimate Clash Aftermath: Conclusion and Hamal Ruins RevealedEdit

After obtaining 100% Planet Energy, Tsukika asks Reu if she is awake and she confirms it. Shirogane says she usually falls asleep when a conversation gets drawn out like this. Bertram says this must concern her as well. Welsh tells Sharuru she is kind of sleepy but she tells her she must bear it and it would be shameful for a hero to lose to a mere child.

Onluka tells them it is time to get back to it. Nao asks what was the one thing Ace knew and she did not and she tells when they--that is, when the single ultimate god first saw Tioni, and asks how can she put it, and says it was terrifying, saying her malignant form was nothing like the young girl she is now and Syrma says she remembers, rather she is remembering it now, saying she was so dark and cold and they could tell just by looking at her she would destroy everything. Supra adds that she actually did attempt to erase the whole world when she appeared. Kakeru adds that the ultimate god fought to protect the world and Reu says she tried real hard. Bertram says, however, the result was a stalemate. And Onluka says in order to protect the twelve distinct parts of their world, the ultimate god divided itself into twelve distinct forms, but it just so happened that Ace got cast off in the same direction as Tioni.

Flashback to after Onluka explains everything to Ace. She says that is all she can recall and asks him if he remembers now, and he confirms it, saying even though things are not completely clear yet, he does remember. She then says he has no objections, saying she must end her now and restore peace to the twelve worlds. He stops her and when she asks why, he asks if all she remembers is that they were one god once. When she asks what does he mean, he says he thought so, saying he is the only one that heard Tioni's voice. When she asks what he means by her voice, he says that on the way to the world they are on now, he happened to go in the same direction as Tioni, just by chance. As he says what happened during that time, Tioni is snoring away.

Flashback even further to after the ultimate god split into it's respective twelve forms. Ace curses saying he is so much smaller now and he could not kill whoever that was either, curses, says he is getting tired and does not even want to think about it, saying he will take a nap once they get there.

Suddenly, he notices Tioni. When he asks if that is her, he does not care, saying even though he can really talk about it, she looks so weak right now. She sobs and apologizes. Ace says she is making it easy on her, getting close like this, he does not need to wait till he is back to normal, he will be able to sleep better if he kills her now, apologizes and says she is all out of luck. She apologizes, saying she was not supposed to get close and everything around her breaks. He says he is tired and they should get this over with, but then he notices something: Tioni says she was not supposed to be jealous, or think about how lonely she is and even though she knew she shouldn't but she still did it. When he asks her why is she crying like a little baby, she apologizes, saying she hates this and because of her, everyone is gone and she apologizes again. He asks what is with her, and tells her to turn around and listen to him. She apologizes and asks what should she do. He asks if this is her, who the ultimate gods fought and asks what is going on, but says he is too tired and does not want to think and grabs her. She is shocked, telling her no saying if he gets near her, she will do it again, but he says she does not have any power left anyway and yawns. He tells her he will think about whether he should kill her when he wakes up and needs to keep her somewhere he can reach her and yawns. She tells him to let go, and no more, saying if she does, something like that will happen again., but he tells her to be quiet, saying he will wake up in a bad mood if he sees some kid crying again. She apologizes, saying she is tired as well, but if she sleeps now, she will destroy everything. He says he is tired and tells her to be quiet. After which, they both fall asleep and plummet toward Ivory World.

Flashforward and Onluka asks if that is her true nature. Ace says she would not lie in a state like that, saying she was apologizing and crying like a little brat until she fell asleep. While sleeping, Tioni apologizes. Onluka says his story leaves quite a bad taste in her mouth. He asks if she is an ultimate god as well and says she can share the bad taste with him. Onluka says, however, whether Tioni meant harm or not, the twelve worlds will be destroyed if she lives. He agrees, saying they will. When she asks if he still won't kill her, he says he can't, saying there is nothing he can do about that. She says even though she don't know when it will happen, eventually the other ten ultimate gods will awaken as well and asks what will he do then. He asks how should he know about the future, saying whatever happens, happens. After a moment of silence, she says something and as he says if she has something to say, she should say it, she says despite his face and harsh language, he is a good person. When he says she had better not say anything stupid, he asks who is she calling a good person. She says if he insists that much, she has no choice, saying for the time being, she will act as a mere spectator. When he asks what is she planning, she says she is planning nothing, saying he, an ultimate god like her, made his decision so she will neither agree or disagree with it. He says she sounds really fishy and he does not trust her. She says those are harsh words coming from a fellow ultimate god and tells him to just remember, she will not do anything even after she wakes up, saying she will stay on neutral ground. He says she is up to something, but she says she told him already, she is not. She is simply decided it would be more interesting this way.

Flashforward to present time where Belleria asks if she has been enjoying this since the beginning and if she has always been like this. Onluka says it is not that she specifically was enjoying it, saying the ultimate god within her concluded it would be entertaining and therefore, it was the legitimate will of the ultimate god, but Belleria says it is excuses. Bertram says that is certainly not something he would have liked to hear. Supra says that is stupid, saying Onluka should have killed her in her sleep. Syrma says that in other words, Onluka continues by saying Tioni did not mean any harm at all, saying she was born somewhere, destroyed some worlds around her and in her loneliness, wandered into this world, or something like that. Dees says that after she came to the original one world, asking if she destroyed it on accident. Kakeru says this is a scenario where the villain is not truly evil, saying this is tricky, adding that the hero does not get a chance to shine in this kind of plot. Alys says he never gets to shine anyway, so it would not make a difference. Sharuru says her motives are similar to Belleria's, who says she needed her own will and Vorgis's power, but Tioni is different. Onluka says whether Tioni wishes it or not, she destroys and erases everything around her, saying that is the ability she carries. Elka says so when she was about to cry after accidentally destroying this world, asks if the ultimate god came in and beat her up. Bertram says they were fighting for their own lives, as well, saying their world was destroyed right before their eyes, and Reu says that is so sad. Welsh says that if she destroys everything, she must have been alone for a long time. Syrma agrees with her, because she has made all these friends before she knew it, but she does not have any.

Nao tells everyone to hold on, saying even though she understands she feels bad for her, as long as Tioni is around, this world is destined to be destroyed. Onluka says that is one of the available options, but she tells her to be quiet and tells everyone else to get it together because they can't put entire worlds on the line because of a little pity. As Syrma is about to say something, Nao says she is not telling her to do it alone and as she is about to say as a hero, she will have to battle her own consciousness, Onluka tells her to hold on and let her correct that. Nao tells her she told her to be quiet, but Onluka tells her there is no need to shout and listen, saying it may be that Tioni is motivated by pity, but it is a different story for Ace.

When Syrma asks if it is, Dees says, based on her story, she can't think of any other reason. Onluka tells Benlleria to go ahead and tell them. When she asks her, she tells her they will not believe her if she says it and it will mean more coming form her, but she gets flustered. Welsh tells her to tell everyone and Chou-Chou tells her to stop getting all flustered and tell them. Belleria says, even though she did not hear it directly, she thinks Ace...likes Tioni. Everyone is shocked. When Marina asks huh and Soul asks what she means by saying he likes her, Onluka says that is precisely it, saying everything Ace does, he does for love. Belleria says it is kind of embarrassing talking about things like love, but she is kind of jealous as well. Elka says in that case he understands. Alys says that is why Ace does these things and she guesses she understands. Shirogane says it is a romance issue and Sandy says it is romantic that he chooses the one he loves over the world. Tsukika asks what would she do in that situation and maybe she would do the same thing. Ryuto says he understands, saying if he was told to choose between Chou-Chou and the world, he would choose Chou-Chou without hesitation. Chou-Chou asks if that is how love works and says she does not really get it. Kakeru says Ace follows his heart, even if it ends up destroying the world, and says even though he might be their enemy and he might be evil, that is so cool. Nao asks what are they all saying, saying love does not matter, and they can't compare love to the world. Onluka says she denies it so easily because she is like a child. Nao, shocked, tells her not to act like she is experienced, but she laughs and asks her how long does she think it's been since she has awakened, though to be honest, she has only observed others and do not have first-hand experience. Syrma says Ace likes Tioni and when Chou-Chou asks now that she knows all of this, what is she going to do, she asks what does she think she should do. Chou-Chou says she is asking what she is going to do, not what she would do, and Syrma says if possible, she thinks she would like to try and help her and Belleria asks her to please help Tioni, and Chou-Chou says to do that. Syrma says she does not want this world to disappear either and even though she may have just woken up, the others have been living in this world for a long time and as she says she want to save the twelve world, Chou-Chou says it is decided. When she asks what is decided, Chou-Chou asks if they are going to help her and keep the twelve worlds, Syrma says shw would if possible, but Chou-Chou says like she said, it is decided, she has to help her because she is Belleria's friend and at the same time, these worlds all belong to her, so she can not let them be destroyed. When Syrma asks if they can do that, and Onluka asks if she has a plan, Chou-Chou says she does not need one, saying if she says she will do it, she will do it, saying nothing is impossible for the overwhelmingly beautiful undisputed god of everything, Chou-Chou.

Soul says it is ridiculous logic, as always and Ryuto says that is what he would expect from the great Chou-Chou, and Belleria agrees, saying that is just what Chou-Chou would say. Syrma says she feels like it is possible when Chou-Chou says it. Nao says there is no way and she does not make any sense. When Chou-Chou asks Syrma if she is going to be the one ultimate god again, she says she is supposed to turn back soon. Chou-Chou says the party will have an even better chance, saying even though she is no undisputed god, if the undisputed god and the ultimate god join forces, they will be invincible. Syrma likes the idea and when Belleria asks if a god of destruction can join in, Chou-Chou says she will give her special permission to join in because she is Belleria, but tells her not to destroy anything. Belleria complies, saying she will try to be a god of destruction that does not destroy. Supra says the conversation is wrapping up way too easily and Soul tells her as usual not to worry about it. Bertram wonders, asking where does this overabundance of confidence come from and Alys says well it is Chou-Chou. Kakeru says it was unlike him to be so negative and as a hero, he must strive for the perfect grand finale. Onluka says even though that would be nice, asks if they think everything will work out so nicely. Chou-Chou says it will because she decided it will and orders the party to go in and get this over with, and both Syrma and Belleria cheer.

Planet Spot Requirements:Edit

Note: Ivory World can be 300% absorbed after "defeating Ace on the True Ending Route".

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
Ultimate Warp icon
It enjoys dominating others… Captivate: Masochist 10% Default
Ultimate Hunt icon
It wants its stinky feet covered up… Bronze Socks 15% Default
03 ??? (It wants to try some fancy bread stuffed with yakisoba…) Yakisoba Bread x2 10% Captivate 2 Planet Spots (event)
04 You'll need 40 x 50 enemy KOs. Defeat 2,000 10% Planet Energy 35%
Ultimate Vault icon
It's into complicated girls… Captivate: Bipolar 15% Planet Energy 35%
Ultimate Snag icon
It wants to play around with a kid with lots of energy… Captivate: Hyper 15% Planet Energy 70%+
Ultimate Warp icon
You don't have 2,050 enemy KOs… Defeat 2,030 10% Planet Energy 50%+ (event)
Ultimate Snag icon
It wants a bulk shipment of talismans to ward off spirits… Warding Powder x10 15% Planet Energy 85% (event)
Ultimate Hunt icon
It likes proper, well behaved girls. Captivate: Graceful 75% Planet Energy 100%+
10 ??? (You need somewhere between 2,000 and 2,100 enemy KOs…) Defeat 2,050 125% Defeat Ace on True Route

100% RewardsEdit

  • 92,940 G
  • 37,280 Mugen Points
  • Beef Steak x2
  • Minestrone x2
  • Banana Parfait x2
  • Evil Spirit x25
  • Fake x25
  • Experiment 4 x15

300% RewardsEdit

  • 114,790 G
  • 48,781 Mugen Points
  • Overwhelming Shampoo
  • Platinum Ore
  • Holy Tree Branch
  • Riot Squad x25
  • Life Counselor x25
  • CPU Big Sis x15


  • Cosmos Soap (Ultimate Vault Required)
  • Big Cotton Candy (Ultimate Vault Required)
  • Knuckle Breakers (Ultimate Vault Required)
  • Dive Bell (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • Banana Parfait (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • All-Purpose Pill (Ultimate Hustle Required)

Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

  • Dandelion Soap (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Power Extract x2 (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Sweet War Helm (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Violet Soap (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Rice Omelet (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Evening Calm (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Bellflower Soap (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • Milk Gelato (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • Red Loincloth (Ultimate Hustle Required)

Ultimate Hunt TreasuresEdit

Both treasures require Ultimate Hunt Power Up.

  • Warding Powder
  • Big Cotton Candy
  • Lingerie Vest
  • Dive Bell
  • All Skill Seal Nhaos x2
  • Bronze T-Shirt

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Black Soul
  • Banana Parfait
  • High-Grade Nhaos
  • Silver Ticket
  • Platinum Ingot
  • Pure White Panties

Hamal RuinsEdit

"Icy ruins with light shining through holes in the ceiling."

Hamal Ruins map (empty)

Hamal Ruins Map

The Hamal Ruins is the last set of ruins in the game and ruins in Ivory World named after the brightest star in the Aries constellation. Every battle here, similar to the Deneb Algedi Ruins on Ebon World, has a 60-turn limit. Depending on what the party has done before hand either the normal ending or the start of the real final chapter will happen after defeating Ace.

The Final Ultimate GodEdit

Inside the ruins, Ace says it looks like the party will get here first. Tioni says don't come or everyone will die. He tells her if she just changed back to her true form, this will be all over already, but she tells him she told him she is trying her best not to change back, and he tells her even if she resists it, she will change back eventually. She says she does not want to and says she can only stay if she does not change back, but he tells her to just give up already, saying she can't fight it, and she says he is so mean, saying she does not want to be like this. He tells her not to cry and to stop taking it so hard every time he says something insensitive. When she asks if that is her fault, he says she is awful defiant all of a sudden and tells her to wait for a while, saying he will go chase them off. When she asks what he means by chase them off, he asks if she wants to keep the damage to a minimum, saying if he chases them away, she will not have to erase them. When she asks if he can really do it, he asks what that is supposed to mean. She says even though she is not saying he is going to lose or that he is weak, he says she just said it and she cries and apologizes. When he asks if he is really that unreliable in her eyes, she hesitates to say anything. When he asks if she still has something to say, she tells him to please not scowl at her, but even if he chases them off, if he is still nearby, it would have been for nothing. He reminds her that she can not erase him. She says she does not want to, saying if he is hurt because of her, and if she ends up erasing him, she will never forgive herself. He is silent, but then she asks why she can not just erase herself, saying if she disappeared, it would solve everything, then everyone else would be safe.

Ace then slaps Tioni and she cries, saying he hit her. He tells her not to say that again, and he will kill her if she does. She asks if she says it, he will erase her and he reminds her he will kill her if she does and asks if she got it. She complies, apologizes and sas she will not say it again. He says the party is almost here, tells her to stop wasting his time, to just be quiet and stay put and asks if she got all that. When she says one more thing, he asks what now. She apologizes and says she has to do something. When he asks what and tells her to spit it out, she tells him he doies not have to get upset, and listen, saying if he could, she wants him to take Syrma's group and go somewhere far away with them. He declines and she says he did not even think about it. He tells her he can not do something that pathetic and he already promised that he will stay by her side. Even though she knows, he tells her not to ask her to break that promise. She is silent. He says if that is all, he has to go. She asks if he will really stay with her, forever and he says yes and tells her to stop making him repeat himself, saying it is embarrassing. She quietly thanks him. When he asks what did she say, she thanks him, saying that makes her really happy. She adds that she will put her faith in him and wait for him. He tells her that is what she should have said in the first place and bids her farewell, and she does the same.

A short distance later, he asks why is she thanking him, saying she just does not get it and asks himself if she really thinks he is such a nice guy that he would dedicate himself to a promise like that.

Meanwhile, Altis, still in her Evil Masked Beauty Altalt-tistis costume, says they were in their own little world there and asks if they forget she is still here. The she asks if they actually did forget and not only that, asks what if Chou-Chou's group forgot her as well and is it just her, or is she way off in the background.

Later, Syrma and her group confront Ace, who asks her if she is here a little early. Syrma calls him by his nickname and Chou-Chou says she knew he would show himself eventually. Onluka thanks him for the warm welcome and asks how is Tioni, but he tells her not to talk to him like they are friends when she is standing in the midst of the enemy. She tells him there is no need to be harsh, saying that is not what she is doing here. Syrma tells him she has made a decision. As she says that when she turns back into the ultimate god, this world and Tioni can be saved, he tells them to leave. Shocked, Syrma asks if he can at least wait to hear what she has to say, He tells her to go away and he does not care where, as long as it is far away from this world and to leave now as fast as they can and never come back. As she says she wants to help her, he says that is enough, saying they should just be happy he is letting them leave alive and orders them to get out of here. Syrma says he will not even hear her out. Bertram says it would seem Ace is in no mood for discussion, and Supra says he has no ability to listen to others, and Soul agrees with her, saying he is a lot like someone else he knows. When Belleria asks if everyone can just calm down for a bit, he tells her he told her to convince them to get lost, and she says he is yelling at her again. Chou-Chou says that if he is going to try and bully her, he will have to answer to her. She tells him she got them to come with her so they could save Tioni, but he asks about saving her, laughs at the idea, asking if they expect him to swallow such an obvious lie. Kakeru tells him not to be stupid, asking if he wants to save the girl he cares about and tells him not to give up hope until it is all over.

Embarrassed, Ace asks what is he talking about and Reu says she likes Shirogane and Ace likes Tioni. Marina adds that it is nice he is trying to help the girl he is interested in, but when he gets so stubborn it does not look like that. Elka says love is blind and when it comes to the heart, a foolish man can see nothing else. When he asks about love, he tells them to stop messing with him and asks Onluka if she put that nonsense in their heads and asks again if she did. She laughs and says this is a delight looking at how mad he is. Sandy says that if he told them all of this at the start, they might have been able to help her. Sharuru says he deceived them all and for his crime, she pardons him, in the name of love. Ryuto tells him he knows all too well how it feels when the one he loves does not love him back and he is rooting for him. In a fit of rage he says he will kill them all. Nao says that he says that, but when she sees it is just him being shy, it is actually kind of cute. Tsukika says they are teasing him too much and points out his face is bright red, and Onluka says that was too funny.

After that comical banter, Onluka asks again how Tioni is doing. Ace tells her not to change the subject, saying Onluka will be the first to die, but she says she is serious, and asks if he thinks she will change back without warning and he confirms it, saying she is barely able to hold in her power right now, but still, she says she does not want to make anyone disappear. Onluka says Tioni wants them all to run far away, saying that is kind and tragic. Chou-Chou says she really is a good person after all, and Belleria says she is very sweet and very fragile, and Alys says they all ganged up on her and beat her to a pulp. Syrma says she just showed up all of a sudden and the world was in danger. When Reu asks if she was bad, Shirogane says he would not say that either side is bad per se. Ace tells them that if that is how they really feel, they should all do as Tioni asks. Nao tells him no, saying as a hero, she can not just let the twelve worlds disappear and Syrma tells him they need to turn back into a single ultimate god. As she says they can protect her and save the twelve worlds, he tells her not to promise the impossible. Chou-Chou disagrees with him, saying they can do it, and it would not just be the ultimate god, she would be there as well, and Belleria tells them not to forget the god of destruction, but does not know how useful she would be though. Onluka says there is no proof it would work, but she has decided to put her faith in them and asks if he can't do the same. He just says it is a waste of time, and says he will just make them leave by force. Syrma asks why, saying if they just work together insteads of fighting, they could help her, and Welsh agrees.

Nao says this is a waste of time, like Ace said and tells Syrma to just smack him down and absorb him. When Syrma asks if that is really the only choice they have, Nao asks if she wants to protect this world. She says that is her goal and Nao tells her she is not supposed to sound so unsure. Ace tells them that is enough talk and here he comes as he unleashes his full power.

Elsewhere, Tioni hears the sound of weapons clashing and asks if they are fighting. She asks Ace if he will come back and reminds him that he promised.

Ace is DefeatedEdit

After the battle, Ace falls. Chou-Chou says they did it and Reu says she wins. Ace agrees with them, saying that he lost and he guesses that is to be expected. Onluka is surprised, saying he sure admits defeat easily. He says no matter how hard he tries, he is just one of twelve and there is no way he could beat all of them. Kakeru says it does seem they won by numbers alone, which is not very hero-like. Bertram tells him not to think about it right now, and Supra says she can respect him for challenging them, even though he knew he would lose.

Syrma tells Ace to help her change back into the ultimate god, then they can save Tioni. When he asks how is she going to save her just by changing back, she says Chou-Chou said she would do something about it. Nao asks if she leaves it up to others until the very end.Chou-Chou says he can leave it up to the overwhelmingly beautiful undisputed god, Chou-Chou, and Alys says she is confident for no reason, as per usual.

Belleria tells Ace to please trust them and Chou-Chou, but he asks if they are kidding him, asking if they have no plans at all and they want him to trust them. Tsukika says he does have a point, and Shirogane agrees with her, saying they are the weird ones for going along with it when she does not even know what to do. Dees says even though that may be true, asks Ace if he does not have any ideas. He says he does, and there is only one way to save Tioni for sure. When Syrma asks if there really is, he says if they don't change back into the ultimate god, she will stay the same, and points out that Syrma is the only one who can change the twelve back into one, so he tried to kill her, but now that he thinks about it, any one of the twelve can die, and if one is missing, she can not change back to the ultimate god, and he can not believe he did not realize that sooner. Elka says that may be true, but Sul realizes what he is talking about and says to him not to tell him that he is thinking of killing himself. Ace says it is an uncool way to go, so he wanted to avoid it, but there is no choice. Onluka tells him not to be rash, and Belleria sas if he dies, Tioni will be really sad. Ace agrees and says knowing her she will probably cry like a baby again, saying she was gullible enough to believe a promise he made.

Chou-Chou tells Syrma to absorb him before he does anything stupid, but Syrma says the chain is tangled so the coffin won't open. Nao tells her to calm down and this is no time to panic. Ace tells them they should all run before Tioni changes back and he does not want to see their faces again on the other side, bids them goodbye and says he will blow his own head off with the last of his strength. Syrma dramatically says no.

Suddenly, before he could kill himself, Altis, in her Altalt-tistis outfit, tells him not to be a fool and knocks him out, which shocks him. Kakeru and Chou-Chou are shocked, with the former saying she is and Chou-Chou saying Weirdo Mask. When Supra asks who is this strange woman and are they fighting, Sandy says no, saying it would seem Altalt-tistis stopped Ace from hurting himself. Ryuto calls out Altis, saying they completely forgot about her. Altis breathes saying he is unbelievable, trying to commit suicide in front of a demon. Marina says, even though she agrees that suicide is bad, she would think a demon would be okay with it. Altis agrees with her and realizes what she has done, asking what is she doing and saying she just saved his life. Chou-Chou calls out to Altis by Weirdo Mask, and she says Chou-Chou is here, asks what can she do and says she just rushed out if instinct. Chou-Chou tells her she did a good job and says maybe there is a little bit of good in her after all. Kakeru says she murdered Altis, but now she has saved a life and asks if she realizes the error of her ways. Surprised, Altis says maybe things are actually moving in a good direction now. When Welsh asks Sharuru if that is Altis, she says she seems to have her reasons for what she is doing and tells her to keep her eyes open and her mouth shut, and she asks if she thinks so and says no problem.

When Shirogane asks if Altis did not kill Ace, Dees says she is still detecting vital signs, but his eyes are completely rolled back into his head. Nao tells Syrma that maybe she should absorb Ace while she has the chance, but she says the coffin is still stuck. Altis asks if this is her golden opportunity, and now she could say she deceived her own allies to infiltrate the enemy ranks.

Normal EndingEdit

After Syrma and co. defeat Ace and throw him in the coffin, his powers get absorbed, but nothing happens. Ace is unconscious, however Tioni thinks he died. Overcome by grief, her powers awaken and she wishes to destroy the twelve world. With no time to spare, everyone, except Belleria leaves. Before they leave the Evil Masked Beauty Altalt-Tistis hands Belleria her jewel and leaves. Belleria unleashes her powers as the God of Destruction and the powers of the two colliding result in the destruction of the twelve worlds.

True Ending, Tioni AwakensEdit

Suddenly, As Altis was about to shed her costume, Tioni comes in and approaches Ace. Belleria notices. Tioni looks at Ace and asks if he is asleep, and in shock, then asks if he is dead. When Reu asks if Ace is dead, Marina says he is fine and Dees just told the party he is fine and asks if he really is fine. Tioni starts to freak out saying Ace's eyes are white and he is not breathing. Tsukika asks Altis if she really killed him, but she says no and asks if he is really not breathing. Bertram is panicked and tells someone to give Ace CPR. Elka tells Ryuto to do it and he asks why him, saying he does not want his first to kiss to be a from a guy. Tioni starts panicking and Supra says she thinks there is something wrong with her. Kakeru asks if this is the part of the story where the ultimate enemy finally awakens. Chou-Chou calls Altis an idiot and blames her, but she says it is not her fault and Ace would be dead for sure if she did not stop him. Belleria tells Tioni to calm down and take deep breaths.

Tioni is still distraught, asking why because she did not do anything and asks if Ace will still disappear even if she does not do anything. Angry, Nao asks why don't the gods ever listen. Onluka tells Ace to wake up already and if he does not, Tioni is going to change, but there is no response. Tioni says in that case and suddenly her eyes change color from blue to indigo, saying if he is going to disappear, no matter what she does, then there is no point. Belleria tells Tioni not to change. Chou-Chou says this is not good, and tells everyone to get out of here and hurry. Altis freaks out and asks wha will she do. Syrma says no because she wanted to save both of them, but now there are both going to die.

Suddenly, Ace regains consciousness and asks what is going on. Nao tells him he woke up too late.

Tioni Awakens

Tioni awakens.

Tioni suddenly changes into Awakened Tioni.

A. Tioni says she changed back, and has a tear rolling down her cheek. She says she is going to destroy everything...again, and she is going to be alone again, but it is fine, saying she just erased Belleria and the others and Ace was gone already, before she could erase him as well, which means she will be alone, forever, all by herself.

Planet Spot Requirements:Edit

Note: Hamal Ruins can be 300% absorbed after "defeating Ace on the True Ending Route".

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
01 ??? (It wants a flashy weapon that can cut through a…horse?) Zanbato 10% Default
02 You'll need 70 x 30 enemy KOs. Defeat 2,100 20% Planet Energy 50%+
Ultimate Snag icon
It enjoys especially cruel treatment… Captivate: Sadist 15% Default
Ultimate Hunt icon
You'll need 40 x 50 +200 enemy KOs. Defeat 2,200 20% 14% Charm Level
05 ??? (You don't even have 2,100 enemy KOs…) Defeat 2,050 15% Default
Ultimate Snag icon
It wants to play around with a kid with lots of energy… Captivate: Hyper 30% Planet Energy 75%+
07 It enjoys collecting items that have interesting histories… Haunted Talisman 60% Planet Energy 175%
Ultimate Hunt icon
It likes proper, well behaved girls. Captivate: Graceful 40% 15% Charm Average
09 ??? (It just loves sunflowers…) Sunflower Soap x2 30% Planet Energy 125%+
10 It's into complicated girls… Captivate: Bipolar 60% 16% Charm Average

100% RewardsEdit

  • 104,808 G
  • 40,651 Mugen Points
  • Tasty Takoyaki
  • Overwhelming Pill
  • Overwhelming Patty
  • Cluster x25
  • Charm x25
  • Experiment 4 x20

300% RewardsEdit

  • 151,988 G
  • 63,146 Mugen Points
  • Overwhelming Soap
  • Platinum Ore
  • Angel's Melody
  • Cubic x15
  • Evil Angel x15
  • CPU Big Sis x20


Ultimate Hustle is required to obtain all treasures

  • Lily Soap
  • Dive Gong
  • Big Cotton Candy
  • Warding Powder
  • Coconut Shampoo
  • Underbelt
  • Overwhelming Patty
  • Minestrone
  • Gothic Ribbon Boots
  • Out Mirror
  • All High-Grade Nhaos
  • Frankenscrew

Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

All treasures require Ultimate Snag Powerup

  • Dive Bell
  • Beef Steak
  • Haunted Talisman
  • Gold Ingot (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • Holy Tree Branch (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • King's Crown (Ultimate Hustle Required)

Ultimate Hunt TreasuresEdit

All treasures require Ultimate Hunt Powerup

  • Dandelion Soap
  • Rice Omelet
  • Pile Striker
  • Overwhelming Pill
  • Big Cotton Candy
  • Shining Blade Spear
  • Gold Ingot (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • All-Purpose Extract (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • Pink Shirt (Ultimate Hustle Required)

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Silver Ticket
  • Platinum Ore
  • Spiked Collar

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