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Jade World is a world in the 12 Worlds Galaxy that is visited by Syrma and co. This world is centered around the star sign of Taurus the Bull. Its ultimate god is a ring that has control over every machine on the planet. The scout from the previous cast sent to Jade World in search for the ultimate god is Sandy Sunshine.

The rare enemy Argon is found here.

Jade WorldEdit

"A frigid icy world, with a castle bathed in magical light."

Scarlet World AftermathEdit

Jade World symbol

Jade World's Symbol.

While Ryuto wonders how everyone is doing, here, Sandy comes across a dilemma, saying she may have stumbled onto something terrible and wonders what Chou-Chou Sadist would say if she saw her using the ring of Taurus.

She fantasizes about the predicament, with Chou-Chou Sadist saying Sandy is a bad girl and wonders what naughtiness she is planning. Sandy tells her that she just wants her to be happy. Chou-Chou Sadist then says Sandy wouldn't mind if she used it and Sandy obliges saying what's hers his Chou-Chou Sadist's. She says that was a wonderful thing to say and to show her appreciation, she will use it to punish her. Sandy becomes elated saing that if she uses it on her she would die happy and thanks her.

Back in reality, she says that could happen but if it would happen, she would die happy. She could no longer contain her excitement and proclaims that she will do whatever it takes to get her hands on it.

Preperations CompleteEdit

While Chou-Chou, Ryuto, Shirogane, Reu, Tsukika Izayoi, Syrma and Nao are exploring the Spica Ruins on Rose World, Ace finishes explaining something to Sandy saying that's what is going on. Shocked, she says she had no idea that's what was happening to Chou-Chou, she has no time to lose and that she has to get to her right away. Ace tells her not to be hasty since Chou-Chou's will come to them sooner or later and thinks to himself he will probably kill them before it gets that far. Sandy tells him that is not good enough and she can't stand by knowing Chou-Chou is in danger. Ace asks her how will she plan to get to her and says he's not generous enough to lend her his ship. Sandy feels depressed but Ace tells her she at least understands the situation and leaves. Before he does, Sandy tells him she does not know who he is but thanks him. He tells her he's doing this on a whim and says goodbye. As he left, Sandy prays for Chou-Chou to be safe.

As she does, Ace says to himself that she and those children believed his story without question and his group of three planets should be secure for now.

First ArrivalEdit

Note: Chapter 11 does not start until the party leaves for Jade World.

Jade World map (empty)

The map of Jade World looks like half of a charging bull.

Once the party takes their first step on Jade World, Chou-Chou says this is the tenth world and asks if it feels kind of gloomy to anyone else. Even though Nao says it does not really feel gloomy, Syrma agrees with her, saying she has got the same feeling and it feels creepy. Ryuto says he does not feel anything and thinks maybe it is something only gods can sense. Supra, annoyed, says since she can't feel it, she is a failure as a god, asks if that is what he is implying and if he really wants to die that badly. Scared, he says that is not what he is saying at all. Soul Skyheart tells her she really should stop threatening people so much.

Kakeru says that with only three worlds left, the enemy's headquarters must be drawing near and tells everyone to stay sharp. Chou-Chou remembers that there are now three more worlds to conquer and they are all done and tells everyone to keep the momentum going and conquer the final three worlds. When Nao asks if she is under the impression she has conquered the other worlds, Chou-Chou says she did and that every world they visited up to this point belongs to her not. The ultimate gods were shocked to hear this.

Syrma says Chou-Chou never told her that, Supra agrees sayings she does not recall handing her world over to her, Onluka says the same thing, Bertram Demetrius Bloomfield says that Silver World belongs to Alys Levantine without question, Reu says that her world is hers and Kakeru says even though Chou-Chou is his ally, she will have to step over his cooling corpse if she wants to claim his world as her own.

Shocked, Chou-Chou asks why are they being rebellious, but, now that the thinks about it, she never did turn them into her peons and tells Syrma to make them her peons, post-haste, but she says she can't do that now.

Onluka asks that, to Chou-Chou, if making someone her peon is equivalent to conquering their world and Marina Cannonvale says yes, saying that is how she sees it but even then, she is pretty careless about the whole thing. Dees Vanguard adds that even among the original cast, she, Marina and Tsukika never became her peons. Shirogane adds that even when they are her peon, it does not really mean much, and ever since she got all tiny, she does not really have any power over them anyway. Bertram says that despite all that, the bond they share seems very strong indeed. Tsukika says she is just doing her best to repay Chou-Chou for what she did for her. Alys agrees saying there is no 'bond', she just feels like hanging around. Marina says that what it comes down to for her is that it is just fun being around everyone. Dees says she is worried they will cause some real trouble if she is not around to keep an eye on them.

Kakeru says that what they are all saying is they all like her, and Ryuto says he is correct, saying everyone loves Chou-Chou way too much to just abandon her. Elka tells him to speak for himself and Alys agrees, saying that is just him and tells him not to assume she is anything like him and Dees agrees with them. Shocked, Ryuto asks why they are all denying it. Reu asks if they all hate Chou-Chou, but Shirogane says no, saying they don't hate her and says he is not sure how to put it. Onluka says it would seem they all have trouble being honest about their feelings.

Sandy Appears and AttacksEdit

A short while later, Supra tells Soul there is something she needs to know. When he asks what it is, she says the rason he is with the party and asks if it is because he likes Chou-Chou, and he tells her not to be stupid because even he does not have a bikini that would fit her doll-like structure. Ryuto says he has got bikinis on the brain again, just like he usually does. Concerned, Supra asks why and demands that she knows the truth. Soul tells her that he is with her because Sandy does not want to leave Chou-Chou's side and that is his only reason. Shocked and curious, she asks about Sandy. Ryuto suddenly remembers Sandy and says he is not the only one who likes Chou-Chou, because she does as well. Irritated, Supra asks who is Sandy and demands that he tell her or else she will kill him. Scared, he asks why she is asking him, but Soul intervenes, saying he told her to stop threatening people like that and explains:

He says that Sandy is the princess from his world and being the hero that he is, he saved her and that is all there is to it. Supra asks if that really is all there is too it and if that is the only reason he stayed with her. Soul starts to feel pressured.

Alys provides commentary saying she is pressing him hard for answers and asks if he can survive this love triangle interrogation. Elka says he has clearly never gotten that kind of attention from a woman before, look at him squirm and thinks it's disgraceful. Dees tells him he never got that kind of attention himself. Shocked, he asks her if she is messing with him right now and says he has had so many women fight over him, he lost count, but Shirogane says that is funny because he recalls him nearly losing his mind when Alys first started coming on to him. Sickened, Alys tells him not to bring that up again. Enraged, Bertram asks if Alys was the one who initiated it.

Chou-Chou intervenes and tells them to stop clucking like a bunch of old hens, but Syrma says it's not fair and she wants to join in as well. Nao says like she keeps saying, she has more important things to worry about and does not know why she is the one who has to keep reminding her. Ryuto says they were just talking about Sandy, then the conversation took kind of a strange turn and then this happens. Curious, Syrma also asks about Sandy. Chou-Chou remembers, saying they have not run into her yet and they have her, Welsh, Sharuru and Belleria left to go. Bertram compliments her on the expansive menagerie she has, but Kakeru says even though he likes the idea of more allies, if there are too many, that means even less action for him. Onluka tells him she is afraid he might already be just another face in the crowd and another nameless frontline grunt. Shocked upon hearing this, he says not only would that make him a failure as a hero, it would also make him sound like he is part of some evil organization. Ryuto says he guesses it is another happy coincidence, but this world should be the one Sandy is on. Chou-Chou says they had better hurry up and find her. However, Marina says that if she turns up now, that might just make things even more complicated. When Syrma asks how come that is, Dees tells her to think about the situation.

Supra, annoyed, asks what are they talking about and if they are hiding something from her. Soul says it is nothing like that and tells the others to explain it to her. Alys coyly asks if he really wants them to because it might just add even more fuel to the fire. Elka says it is no more than he deserves for going after two women at once.

Supra, with bloodlust in her eyes, pulls out her weapon and asks if he is really going after her and Sandy, saying she should have known that was what it was and feels insulted saying he was making her dress like that when there is already another woman in the picture. Flustered, Soul tells her to stop and there is no need for her to ready her weapon like that. Reu tells them not to fight and Tsukika says it is okay because they are not fighting. Chou-Chou agrees with Alys, saying things might turn ugly if Sandy shows up right now. Syrma says they can't just leave Sandy, whom she refers to as Miss Sanderella, behind. Shirogane agrees with her, saying they may as well find her as soon as possible and get the whole ugly mess out of the way. Marina asks about how funny it would be if she just showed up all of a sudden while they are all standing there talking about her and says it would be pretty funny. Kakeru tells her not to say things like that saying such omens have a tendency to come true.

Suddenly, as Marina and Kakeru predicted, Sandy shows up and calls for her mistress. Kakeru says there it is: Marina's omen has come true, and asks if that is the girl they have been talking about, and Ryuto confirms it. Supra says that is her, the other woman. Kakeru says even he did not expect this turn of events and it must be thanks to the influence of his heroic presence, but Onluka tells him to quiet down and calls him Grunt Number 1. Chou-Chou greets Sandy and says they were just talking about her. Sandy recognizes her voice and sees the form she has taken. Chou-Chou notices and asks why she is about to cry and if she is really upset to see her after all this time. Syrma says she can't speak for her, but thinks those might be tears of happiness and says she is sure of it. Bertram, on the other hand, says he is not so sure because something is amiss with her. Shocked, Sandy says what she heard was true. and she is so tiny and adorable. Chou-Chou remembers, says it is Syrma's fault and gives her a noogie and she says it has been so long she let her guard down. Curious, Nao asks how did she know that Chou-Chou had turned small, and she tells her not to call her a munchkin. Dees says what she heard was true and asks who told her, but Onluka knows the answer and says there is really only one possibility. Thinking it was Syrma's fault, Sandy declares she will save her mistress. Chou-Chou is concerned.

Suddenly, robot soldiers appear, causing Reu to ask where they all came from. Alys asks if she brought them with her and asks what is she doing. Marins says she does not think she even realized they are here. Supra asks if she is their enemy and says she would be happy to destroy her as she readies her weapon. Soul tells her not to and tells Sandy that she needs to calm down, however she says she does not want to hear it and orders her troops to attack. Startled, Syrma asks why is this happening.

Sandy is Told the TruthEdit

After the battle, Sandy is shocked to see her troops defeated, saying she lost. Soul says she is such a troublemaker. Annoyed, Chou-Chou asks Sandy what does she think she is doing and Syrma says that was really surprising and did not think Chou-Chou's friend would suddenly attack like that. Even though Chou-Chou says she is not a friend, she is her peon and spells peon, Sandy is lost in her own little world, saying even though she received such a wonderful power, she can't use it to save Chou-Chou, who tells her not only she asked her what she thinks she is doing , she asks what were those robot things. Sandy, still in her own world, prays to her madam in heaven, apologizes, says she will be with her soon and tells her to please punish her for being a naughty girl. Angry, Chou-Chou yells that she is not in heaven and tells her to answer her right now. Nao says she thought she had gotten used to her weird traveling companions but asks Tsukika if Sandy is all there, and she tells her that Sandy has what she might call a noble upbringing and Dees says she gets lost in her fantasies and will never come out of her imaginary world sometimes. Ryuto tells her she is too blunt and tells Chou-Chou that maybe she will listen to her if she changed into her Sadist form, but Chou-Chou is hesitant to change into that one. Alys tellsher this is no time to be selfish and tells her to change and even though she is hesitant, she changes anyway into her Sadist form.

Chou-Chou Sadist says this is awful and can not believe she looks so short and thick and tells Sandy this is all her fault. Sandy recognizes the voice. Chou-Chou Sadist asks her if she has turned back into a dumb, naughty little pussycat in her absence and if she needs to discipline her long and hard again. Sandy is stunned, but Chou-Chou Sadist says she is in a bad mood right now, so she might just have to punish her until she cries. Sandy lets out a stutter and then screams, saying this is not right and her Madam is not disfigured like this. Shocked, she asks who she is calling disfigured and she tells her her Madam was a stylish woman with large breasts, a tight waist and sexy hips and she did not look like two cream puffs stuck together. Insulted, Chou-Chou Sadist asks Sandy how dare she call her cream puffs. Syrma says Chou-Chou Sadist's face is scaring her. Elka says it looks like that plan backfired. Ryuto says he did not expect that to happen. Angry, and with bloodlust in her eyes, Chou-Chou Sadist tries to kill Sandy but Syrma holds her tight. Chou-Chou Sadist demands her to let her go because she can not forgive her filthy remarks, but Syrma says she can't. Crying, Sandy tells them to give her back her madam.

A while later, after everyone has calmed down, Dees asks Sandy if she has calmed down now and she says she apologizes for all the trouble she has caused. Shirogane says he was not sure what was going on when she suddenly attacked them and Alys says she was so caught up, she did not even see the party standing there. Sandy says all the blood rushed to her head and guesses she was a bit confused. Chou-Chou says then she called her whatever insult she wanted, like disfigured and cream puff and whatever else. Sandy apologizes and says she is so very, very sorry. Soul tells them to ease up on her, but Supra glares at her. When Saul asks what is wrong and says she is upset, she denies it, saying she is not upset and this is how she always looks. Onluka says she can already guess it, but says that someone came and put some ideas into her head. She confirms this, saying that a bit after she conquered this world, someone came to visit her and as she was about to continue, Chou-Chou, shocked asks if she just said she conquered it. Nao tells her not to interrupt and they can discuss it later, but as she asks why and was about to say she is more interested in the conquering of the world, Onluka clamps her mouth shut, tells her to be quiet and tells Sandy to go on. She continues, saying even if it was forgetful of her, she did not think to ask his name, but remembers he was wearing all black, with messy hair and  he was riding a dragon. Tsukika says that is Ace for sure. When Sandy asks if she knows him, by chance, Syrma says she could say that, and he kind of wants to kill her.Marina says that it seems like Ace was using Sandy, who realizes this and apologizes. Kakeru says he wants to play dirty and that is to be expected of a villain.

Chou-Chou tells Onluka that she did not have to cover her mouth for so long, the latter apologizes about it and tells her to go ahead and ask what she wants now. Chou-Chou has trouble remembering unil she remembers, and asks if Sandy conquered the world and praises her saying good job to Sandy, who thanks her and says Madam praised her. Alys says she conquered her world as well and Ryuto says her case is a bit different though. Stunned, Elka asks how did she conquer the world, and not to tell him that beat a monster all by herself and Marina asks if maybe it has something to do with those robots from earlier and says she would love to hear more. Reu says robots came out. Sandy says she already used them here, so they should move to another area and tell them about it there. Chou-Chou asks why, says she can just tell us here, and tells her to stop holding out on them. Sandy says that is not her intention and she just thought it would be easier if they saw it for themselves, and off they go. Supra, was staring in anger of her.

The Ring of TaurusEdit

After walking a short distance, Sandy says the spot where they're standing should do just fine. Still impatient, Chou-Chou tells her to tell everyone already. Sandy then holds out her hand and suddenly, more robot troops appear. Scared, Elka says they are surrounded. Startled, Kakeru asks what the meaning of this is and if she still wishes to battle them and thought they resolved their differences. However, none of the robot troops do anything, they just stand there. Bertram notices that they are not attacking and Sandy tells them of course they're not, because they only attack those whom she deems to be her enemies. Alys says she should have told them this before and she almost had a heart attack. Curious, Marina asks if that was some sort of summoning spell and if she has not been able to do that before. Sandy, seeing the others being confused, says she had better explain from the beginning:

According to her, even if it is just a theory, she thinks that Jade World, the whole world, is some kind of weapon, or rather a defense system. Syrma and Reu wonder about the defense system, and the latter calling it a dense stem. She says yes, and even though it takes some time to use it again in a given area, as long as she keeps changing locations, she can keep using it. Sandy then sows everyone, the source of her power, a ring that looks like the symbols on Jade World, saying it is the control mechanism and she happened to stumble upon it, and in conclusion, with the ring, she has the entire might of the world's military under her control.

Tsukika tells Sandy she really should not smile so big when she says stuff like that. She says she was never really able to help during their last adventure, but with this newfound power, she thinks Chou-Chou will find her very useful indeed. Onluka says she seems like a very sweet and lovable young lady, but Soul tells her not to be fooled and Ryuto adds that even though she may seem that way, she is the most dangerous one here. Chou-Chou thinks it's pretty cool and tells Sandy she did a good job and as a reward, she has earned a heaping helping of her praise. Sandy is so delighted that Chou-Chou is happy with her, although she would be even more delighted if she did not look like a little pink cream puff. When Chou-Chou asks what that snide comment was, she says it is nothing.

Curious, Shirogane asks if the ring's power works outside of the range of Jade World. When Sandy asks what he means by that, Dees says that she said the world itself is the defense system and says it is not like they can take the entire world with them. She then realizes she never thought of that. Supra says she would think she would realize that immediately, and asks if she is really that stupid. Soul says no and it is just because she was raised as a princess, so she just lacks a little common sense. Sandy tells him he is one to talk and then says she supposes Chou-Chou will have no use for her once again, but she tells her not to worry about it, she is plenty useful and tells her to just keep on making those sweet, tasty treats of hers. Sandy is happy that she complimented her again and says now she can die without any regrets and begins to cry. Marina tells her not to start crying now and says she is always so melodramatic. Nao asks Chou-Chou if she thinks she should give her peons actual compliments once in a while, but Chou-Chou says she is rude, saying she is always compimenting them and says she is super nice and asks them if she is right but, Shirogane, Elka and Soul look away. She asks why they did that and tells them to look at her.

Curious, Sandy asks if the power she has came from an ultimate god. While Chou-Chou tells everyone not to ignore her, she suddenly catches and asks if that is an ultimate god's power. Sandy is confused saying she is not sure what her means by ultimate god, Onluka says that power on this scale is pretty much guaranteed to belong to an ultimate god. Kakeru thinks that Taurus sounds like quite the passionate god by using his own body to become the shield that protects an entire world, but Bertram says he is perhaps just odd. Nao thinks that the defense system is something like her own legendary weapon, the Sword of Cancer, only hers is more hero-like. When Chou-Chou compliments he by saying it looks loke she saved the party the trouble of having to go looking for themselves, Sandy is shocked to hear her compliment her a third time and asks if she is feeling okay, or if this is a dream and if she is in a most splended dream world. When Reu asks if Sandy is dreaming, Ryuto tells her to pull herself together and even though it is hard to believe, this is reality. Alys tells Chou-Chou to look at what she did and asks what are they going to do. Chou-Chou asks why is getting yelled at for being nice nice to her. Soul says it is fine and it is completely normal for her to act this strange. She tells him he did not have to phrase it like that and admits that she may have lost her composure, but she is still okay. Ignoring that, Soul says they need to get her into Syrma's coffin, Syrma agrees, gets the coffin out and asks Sandy to step inside. When she asks why does she want to put her in a coffin, Chou-Chou tells her to just do it because if she does not, she can't go back to normal. Thinking about it when she asks is she will go back to normal, she thinks that Chou-Chou Sadist will go back to normal as well, with that thought she complies saying even though she does not know what is going on, if it is for Madam, she will do it happily. Kakeru, concerned, asks if they are sure she is really a princess and Shirogane says she is perfectly normal when Chou-Chou is not involved.

As Syrma thanks Sandy and says here they go, Soul says he can make her do something but tells everyone to hold on. When Sandy asks what is wrong and says Soul looks quite serious, he says it was stupid of him because he forgot to bring a bikini for het and tells her to wait since he will get her one right away, and Sandy is disappointed because it was the bikini thing again. Onluka says she supposes Sandy will need a change of clothes by the time the coffin is done with her.

Suddenly, Supra saks if he is planning to give Sandy a bikini as well and he says of course he is because he says Sandy is his personal living, breathing, bikini mannequin. Shocked to hear this she repeats the last four words, but Sandy says she is not and tells him to please not say such ridiculous things to someone she has not even been properly introduced to. Fuming with rage, Supra says he can't be serious and she only put it on for him because she thought she was special and asks if he goes around giving them out to just anyone. He says of course he does not, but Sandy is special. Supra asks what about her and is she not special. Sandy asks herself in her head what is going on and does she like Soul. He says Supra is special as well, saying he never rished his life to get someone to wear a bikini before. Sandy thinksto herself, please, not her. Supra is releived that she is special, and as she is about to say she is relieved, she says he can't have two special people in his life because it is infidelity. He tells her not to be foolish and to get out of his way so he can get her a bikini. Alys says this is the stupidest argument she has seen in a while. Tsukika tells the both of them to please stop and they should not fight like this. Elka says he just does not get it, asks why Soul and says he is nothing but a bikini-obsessed freak.

Suddenly, one of the robots attacks Elka. Alys notices and Sandy dos as well. The robot sees the party as enemies. Dees notices as well and asks if Sandy did this, but she says the robot did it on its own, but Reu says she saw it and says the robot killed Elka, who says he is still alive just to clarify. Marina asks if he is okay and says this kind of thing seems to happen to him a lot. With bloodlust in her eyes, Supra says if it is a fight she wants she will not hold back. Sandy says she is serious and she did not do that. Soul tells her to stop and tells her not to hurt Sandy. Angry, Supra asks why he is defending her, because she just attacked the party and still he defends her. The robots charge up their weapons, which Kakeru notices saying it sounds very much like they are ready to fire again. Ryuto asks why is it targeting them and if anything they should target Soul. When Chou-Chou asks what is going on, Sandy shays she has no idea and tells everyone to get out of here.

Sandy Runs AwayEdit

After the battle, Syrma says that was close. Chou-Chou says it all happened so suddenly, but she is glad no one was hurt, even though Elka says he got hurt pretty badly, no one cared. When Soul asks Sandy what is going on, as she is about to answer, Supra tells him not to bother and that it is obviously her true nature. Soul says even though he admits it was his fault for forgetting her bikini, that is no reason for her to attack. Dees, however, says she is positive that had nothing to do with it. Filled with despair, Sandy apologizes and runs off.

As Soul tries to stop her, Marina stops him and tells him to stop right there and Tsukika stops him as well. Soul demands that they let go of him. Supra asks if he is going to let her get away like that. Nao tells him that he will only make things worse if he chases her now. Soul asks what is she talking about and Chou-Chou asks what does she mean. Syrma and Reu ask why and Elka asks what is going on. Ryuto tells him not to ask him because he has no idea either. Alys says these people have no clue, and Shirogane says soul is just a kid so it is to be expected, leaving Reu confused. Bertram surmizes that presumably Sandy lashed out due to jealousy. When Syrma asks what it is, Kakeru says a woman Sandy has never met has given her heart to the man she has not seen for a long time and he is sure she was deeply hurt. Marina says even though it is a little melodramatic, it sounds about right. Alys says they don't even know Supra and they get it, but how could Chou-Chou and Ryuto not. Chou-Chou says it is not her fault because she has never been jealous of anyone before. Elka asks Ryuto if he never even realized it and says what a little child he is, and he says she did not know either. Conflicted, Soul asks what can they do and asks if they are not going to tell him to not make girls wear bikinis and Marina says she she would like him to stop that immediately. Enraged, Supra asks if they are going to tell her to back down and says she needs to make Soul take responsibility for this. Tsukika says she thinks that is up to Soul and he sould have a long talk about it later. Reu notices that Tsukika is blushing. Syrma says that a long time would be nice, however, if he waits too long, he will regret it. Dees tells him it is just a misunderstanding, so she is sure it will all be okay if he just talks to Sandy and warns her to be careful not to set her off. Supra asks what misunderstanding and as she is about to say Soul needs to take responsibility, Nao tells her to stop getting so close to him and not to make things even more complicated. Shirogane tells him he needs to restrain himself a bit more, and making a girl cry just to get her to wear a bikini is going too far. Soul says if he says so that will be fine.

Sandy's TurmoilEdit

A short distance, Sandy asks what has she done, saying she never meant to hurt anyone and has no idea such feelings were growing within her, asks Soul what Supra means to her but has to stop because the more she thinks about it, the more she can feel a darkness growing within her heart.

Meanwhile, Nao says she was just thinking and says won't they be in trouble if they don't find Sandy soon. Chou-Chou says that is why they are looking for her. Syrma says Nao told them to let her calm down earlier and she asks them if they remember when she first got the Sword of Cancer and Syrma remembers  and says all of a sudden she tried to slice and dice them. Nao says when she puts it that way, it makes her sound like some kind of violent freak. Chou-Chou says Sandy would never do that and she is not like her. Supra asks if she suddenly attacked her and says she is crazy. Onluka says she is scary and young people these days suddenly snap without warning. Nao says she did not mean to do it, her body moved on it's own and she was being controlled, and her point is as long as they are on this world Sandy could attack them from anywhere at any time. Marina says when she puts it like that, it is kind of scary, but it did not seem like she was being controlled. Dees asks her if she thinks so and it seemed like she did not mean to attack them earlier. Soul says Sandy can have trouble controlling her emotions sometimes, especially since she once had a demon lord in her stomach. Upon hearing this, Supra goes berserk, asking about the demon lord that was in her stomach. In a fit of rage, she asks if he got Sandy pregnant, saying he had someone like her already and he got her to think he was a nice guy. At this point she says to Soul to die as she attacks him, and he asks why she is attacking him.  Reu asks what pregnant is, but Tsukika tells her not to ask her things like that. Kakeru says Sandy can attack them anytime and he admits even though it is a dangerous situation, as a hero, it is a pretty exciting setup. Elka asks if he is being a bit paranoid and says he really doubts she can snipe them from far off like he seems to be thinking.

Suddenly, Elka is blasted from afar. Ryuto says that as always, Elka follows the comedy routine to the letter. Alys says if they keep getting attacked like this, there won't be any time to look for Sandy. Syrma, even though she says she does not know if this will work, asks if they should absorb the world's power again. Nao agrees, saying it will be better than not doing anything. Bertram says that her ability is quite convenient and Onluka says her abilities are the main source of the ultimate god's powers. Chou-Chou agrees, saying they should absorb the planet energy while they look like Sandy.

Planet SpotsEdit

Note: Syrma must obtain Ultimate Hustle in order to obtain 300% Planet Energy

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
01 It just can't get over how nice beads feel… Beaded Rosary 10% Default
02 You don't even have 1,600 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,545 20% Planet Energy 20%+
Ultimate Vault icon
It enjoys especially cruel treatment… Captivate: Sadist 10% Default
Ultimate Snag icon
You'll need 500 x 3 + 20 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,520 10% Default
Ultimate Hunt icon
It's into complicated girls… Captivate: Bipolar 20% View 1st Jade World event
06 It enjoys dominating others… Captivate: Masochist 35% Planet Energy 85%+
Ultimate Hunt icon
It's looking for someone with more than 1,600 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,610 25% View 3rd Jade World event
Ultimate Snag icon
??? (It wants something that looks nice around a metal neck…) Iron Pendant 60% Planet Energy 195%+
Ultimate Vault icon
It's looking for an outfit a girl could cheer in… Cheer Top 35% Planet Energy 85%+
10 It wants a cute, mean girl… Captivate: Ego 75% Defeat Ace on True Route

100% RewardsEdit

  • 65,146 G
  • 30,677 Mugen Points
  • Rice Omelet x2
  • Beef Steak
  • All-Purpose Pill
  • Cactus x75
  • Iron Plate x75
  • Colorful x25

300% RewardsEdit

  • 104,514 G
  • 44,928 Mugen Points
  • Camellia Soap x2
  • Hydrangea Soap x2
  • Vacuum Tube
  • Work Drill x50
  • Life Counselor x50
  • Experiement 4 x20


  • Dive Bell
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Bacon and Eggs x3
  • Cherry Shampoo
  • All Paralysis Nhaos
  • Blood Transfusioner
  • Warding Powder
  • All Poison Nhaos
  • Frilly Bikini
  • Violet Soap
  • Milk Gelato
  • Rice Omelet

Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

Both treasures require Ultimate Snag Power Up

  • Out Mirror
  • Power Extract
  • Cat Mask
  • Poppy Soap (Peonify Planet Spot 8)
  • Big Cotton Candy (Peonify Planet Spot 8)
  • Tasty Takoyaki (Peonify Planet Spot 8)

Ultimate Hunt TreasuresEdit

All three treasures require Ultimate Hunt Power Up

  • Peach Shampoo
  • All Skill Seal Nhaos
  • Fancy Skirt
  • Apple Shampoo
  • Milk Gelato x2
  • Flared Boots
  • All-Purpose Extract (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • Rice Omelet (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • Veludo Mantle (Ultimate Hustle Required)

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Silver Ticket
  • Beef Steak
  • Enamel Heels

Elnath RuinsEdit

"Tranquil ruins with eerie patterns displayed on the walls."

Elnath Ruins map (empty)
The Elnath Ruins are a set of ruins on Jade World named after the second brightest star in the Taurus constellation. Here, every battle has a 60-turn limit.

A Love Triangle Gone AwkwardEdit

Inside the ruins, Sandy says they are coming and asks herself what is she going to do and if she sees Soul and Supra together again, she might just lose her mind.

Suddenly, Chou-Chou says there she is indicating they found her. Syrma says that it took longer than she was hoping. She is surprised to see Chou-Chou and the others. Soul says they have been looking for her everywhere and Supra asks if she realizes how much trouble she has caused, and Onluka tells her they could say the same about her. Sandy calls to him and says Supra is still with him and she figured as much.

Meanwhile, Alys says it is time to see just how this squabble goes. Elka laughs smugly saying he is sure Soul will say something idiotic and they will both end up hating him. Ryuto asks why do they look like they are having the time of their lives right now and she says they don't get to see other people's romantic disputes play out like this often and says she she is so excited. Elka adds that Soul has no idea how to deal with women and he can't wait to watch him crash and burn. Shirogane says that sometimes he forgets just how alike both Elka and Alys really are. Bertram tells her that this is in extremely poor taste. Tsukika asks if they are really made for each other.

Sandy apologizes and says she can't hold her feelings in any longer. Chou-Chou asks what she is talking about and tells her to get a hold of herself. Marina asks if maybe she can start by taking off the incredibly dangerous ring, but she says she can't or rather she does not want to and she needs to use this power to help Madam. Soul utters her name and Dees says this situation is really tormenting her. Sandy tuurns to Supra and asks what her name was, which she answers, and she calls her Lady Supra, says it's a wonderful name and asks if she has feelings for Soul. Flustered, she asks her what she is trying to get her to say and says she can't talk about things like that in front of everyone, and she says it is just as she thought.

Alys then says this is not funny anymore and now she just feels bad for her. Reu says Sandy is hurt and asks if something is wrong. Kakeru tells Soul to listen and says it is time to show everyone exactly what kind of man he is and for this moment alone, he will allow him to assume his title of hero. Marina tells her that he needs to tell Sandy how he feels.

Soul says he understands and talks to Sandy, asking how can he put it, then as he is saying that the only person he really wants to give a bikini to is her, Supra interrupts, telling him to stop and says she will not allow him to say anything more than that, and pulls out her weaon. Soul tells her to knock it off and Tsikika tells her she can't interrupt. Ryuto says she is gonly going to make things worse and as he is about to say if they don't deal with this now, Sandy is going to lose it, but she tells the others to stay out of it and this is between her and Soul. Stunned upon hering that this matter is between Supra and Soul, Sandy starts to snap by screaming. Syrma calls out to Sandy, and Elka says even though he was enjoying his time as an observer, it looks like the party might end up getting dragged into this. Sandy beginds to lose her sanity by saying Soul is with another woman. He tells her to calm down and listen to him. However she tells him it is not fair, saying she was gone for almost no time at all and he went and got friendly with Supra whom she calls a beautiful mistress.

As soul tries to tell her he wants to give bikini's only to her, both he and Supra are stunned and the latter questions what she meas by mistress. She yells it's not fair three times, saying it is not fair that he had the chance to get so close to Supra, because she is completely her type, and now, to make things worse, he keeps showing her off to her, asking if he likes to brag or is he just that cruel.

The newcomers of the cast, Nao especially, are also stunned that the squabble went in an awkward direction. Dees tells her not to look at her because she is not equipped to explain any of this. Ryuto then remembers by saying that is right, saying he forgot that Sandy falls head-over-heels for sadistic lady types. Bertram then surmises that Sandy was not jealous of Supra getting to be near Soul, but vice versa.

Still stunned, Supra asks if Sandy is jealous of Soul and she says yes, saying Supra has such glamorous, slender legs and bewitching sadistic eyes and, even though she loses points for the short hair, she is...a 96, 96 out of 100. Flattered, Supra says even if it is a compliment, tells her not to turn her into a number. Curious that Supra is 96 points, Chou-Chou asks Sandy how much her Sadist form is worth. She says that she is worth 98 points, and she gets extra points for her secret sweet tooth, but if only she had black hair, she would have a total of 120 out of 100. Chou-Chou is happy that she is two points higher than Supra. Nao asks why is she turning this into a competition. However, Chou-Chou's happiness is crushed when Sandy tells her that in her current cream puff form, she is afraid she is only worth about 25 points. Chou-Chou is shocked to hear she is only 25 points and that Sandy called her a cream puff again. Even though Supra if flattered about being 96 points, she tells Sandy flattery will get her nowhere. Marina says that now Supra is starting to blush. Shirogane says that it looks like she is weak against bold proclamations.

Sandy tells Soul the bottom line: He can not forgive him and now she has no choice but to defeat him and claim Supra for herself. Alys says Sandy is acting totally ridiculous, but the power she controls is no joke. Nao says the whole thing is just absurd. Onluka says that the party is a constant source of entertainment and she is never bored when she is with them and that is for sure.

Soul is left stunned and silent. When Tsukika asks if he is okay, Elka says even he feels a little bad for him. Chou-Chou tells the others they can't just sit around feeling sorry for themselves and says she will never forgive Sandy for saying she is only worth 25 points. Syrma says that Chou-Chou is really mad. With the powers of the Ring of Taurus, and the Demon Lord of Sun World at her side, Sandy says, even though she is usually more interested in receiving rather than dishing it out, she has to punish Soul for keeping Supra to himself.

Sandy's PunishmentEdit

After the battle, Sandy loses and falls. She says she lost and Soul tells her of course she did, saying there is no way she could beat the party all by herself. Supra stares at her and Sandy says she is looking down at her with such cold eyes and says if she looks at her like that, she will get excited. Nao asks why does she look happy and Ryuto says it is just Sandy, as usual and Nao reluctantly accepts it. Supra tells her both she and Soul and her actions make no sense. Sandy apologizes saying she just could not hold in her feelings. Supra tells her if she is going to be traveling with the party again, she supposes they could start off as friends at least and mumbles. When Sandy asks what she is mumbling about, Onluka asks if she always ends up showing her sweet side, but, flustered, she says she is not being sweet. Sandy thanks her calling her Mistress Supra and she asks where the 'mistress' come from. Soul is left silent, and Bertram says it seems everything has reached an amicable solution. Elka says in the end, Soul was dumped by both ladies, lets out a chuckle and says that is what he gets. Shirogane says Soul seems to be getting more and more bitter and small as they go along.

Suddenly, Syrma pulls out the coffin and says the moment they have all been waiting for has come, it is absorption time. Startled, Alys asks where Syrma came from and she says it seemed like she would miss her chance to absorb Sandy if she did not cut in now. Sandy remembers Syrma did mention going in the coffin. Nao says she thought they resolved everything nicely, but now it is time for slimy torture and says she feels a little bad for her. Chou-Chou, however, says Sandy might like it. Reu asks if Sandy will like the slimy. Worried, Tsukika says Reu is getting creeped out, saying she has it all wrong and it does not mean Sandy is weird or anything, but Shirogane says that princess is pretty weird. Sandy asks why does everyone look so worried and says she is getting kind of scared, but Supra says this is a waste of time and tells her to just get it over with. Sandy complies and says her unworthy self will do as she says, and goes in the coffin, whose lid slams behind her.

As Mistress Supra Commands!
Inside the coffin, Sandy says it is pitch black in here and quite humid, saying she is getting a little scared, but she is actually excited. Sudden;y, the slime crawls all over her. She asks what that was and screams as she says something sticky is crawling all over her body. She tries not to enjoy it, saying it is highly improper and it is even getting between her fingers. As she is about to say it is almost kind of good, she then says grotesque things like this are no good and she prefers more direct stimulation. Suddenly, she says it is so strange and her head is getting all fuzzy. She then says oh dear, saying she can not let herself get this way outside of Madam's punishments and apologizes to Madam because she is a bad girl.

Sandy's BathtimeEdit

Allow Me to Scrub Your Back

Sandy now has two Madams.

After her sliminess, the party brings Sandy back to G-Castle's hot spring. The men go to their side and the women go to their side. Once in, Sandy gets friendly with Supra as she is seen with Sandy behind her.

Sandy Tells Supra that she wants to wash her back and sees if she will allow it. She says there is no need and she is the one that is sticky all over.She then asks if Supra will was her back, but she asks why would she wash her back for her and she says she will just have to wash her back instead. Supra then gives up the fight and tells Sandy to do whatever she wants.

Chou-Chou is sad about Sandy saying before, she was all over her and calling her madam. Syrma notices and asks her if she is jealous. She suddenly realizes what jealousy is and says it is not a very nice feeling. Alys is disappointed, saying she thought the party would see some romance within the group. Reu asks what romance is and says she likes Shirogane. Tsukika says hers is not romance, but wonders if it is and says if it is, she just could not stand it. Marina tells her to stop worrying like a little kid. Nao says it was stupid for two women to fight over Soul anyway, because he is a bikini moron. Dees asks if they are talking about romance then wouldn't Alys be the closest to that. Flustered, Alys asks what she is talking about and says she does not have anything like that. Chou-Chou says she does not know what romance is either and she has never experienced it. Syrma agrees with her and wonders what it is like. Nao asks what is with this conversation and if they are grade schoolers. Marina chuckles and says most of the party don't have partners, so she guesses that does put them at about a grade school level. Nao says she is stuck with them for now so she guesses it can't be helped. Dees says she is an android so it does not concern her. When Tsukika asks Reu that if it comes down to it, would she share Shirogane with her, she says no because he is hers. Marina says she guesses she is even below her in that respect and notices she is getting depresses. Nao tells her to stop and not say things like that, and a splach is made.

On the men's side, Ryuto says he hears excited voices and depressing comments over there. Bertram says they have one over here that has been brooding this whole time. Soul says he is not broodng, and he is just tired. Elka tells him to cheer up and there are other women all over the galaxy, but he tells him not to talk to him. When Kakeru asks why does Elka look so happy, Ryuto says Elka is usually the one getting shot down, so he is happy to see someone else getting rejected for a change. Kakeru says he is a sad man. Shirogane says he envies the young ones, able to make a fuss over relationship talk. As he is about to say when they get to be his age, Elka tells him to be quiet and not to talk. When Shirogane asks what is with the attitude, Ryuto says that is how he treats someone who is poular with the ladies. Kakeru says he is a sad, simple man, and Bertram says he still does not understand what Alys sees in him. Soul asks if the men can be quiet for a while.

Meanwhile, on the women's side, Sandy tells Supra her back is sparkling clean. She thanks her and has a question to ask her and she says she can ask her anything. When she asks Sandy if she was really jealous of Soul for being with her, she gets flustered and asks whatever could she mean. She says she figured and says they will just say that is how it is for now. Sandy says that is so kind and she knew sh could trust her. Flattered, Supra asks who she is calling kind and if she wants to die and she says yes, saying she will gladly give her worthless life for her.

And with that, Sandy rejoins the party.

Planet SpotsEdit

Note: Syrma must obtain Ultimate Hustle in order to obtain 300% Planet Energy

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
Ultimate Snag icon
It enjoys dominating others… Captivate: Masochist 20% Planet Energy 50%+
02 It likes airheads… Captivate: Ditz 10% Default
Ultimate Hunt icon
You'll need 40 x 40 + 35 enemy KOs. Defeat 1,635 15% Default
Ultimate Warp icon
It's in the market for a triple-barreled weapon… Triple Cannon 10% Default
05 It likes very proper, well behaved girls. Captivate: Graceful 25% 13% Charm Average
06 You don't even have 1,850 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,810 30% Planet Energy 70%+
Ultimate Snag icon
It's into complicated girls… Captivate: Bipolar 30% Planet Energy 70%+
Ultimate Snag icon
??? (You'll need 60 x 30 + 50 x 7 enemy KOs.) Defeat 2,150 40% 13% Charm Average
Ultimate Hunt icon
??? (It's itching for a smaller-than average backpack…) Small Backpack 60% Clear chapter 12
Ultimate Warp icon
It's looking for a weapon called Stun…something… Stun Breaker 60% Defeat Ace on True Route

100% RewardsEdit

  • 69,727 G
  • 30,874 Mugen Points
  • Milk Gelato x2
  • Minestrone
  • Silver Ticket x2
  • 1st Lieutenant x40
  • Beetle x40
  • Colorful x30

300% RewardsEdit

  • 107,499 G
  • 46,902 Mugen Points
  • Tropical Shampoo
  • Dive Gong x2
  • Black Soul
  • Riot Squad x75
  • Life Counselor x75
  • Experiment 4 x30


The Treasure near Planet Spot 7 requires Ultimate Hustle.

  • Out Mirror
  • Violet Soap
  • Yakisoba Bread
  • Minestrone (Ultimate Hustle required)
  • Rice Omelet (Ultimate Hustle required)
  • Face Painting (Ultimate Hustle required)

Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

One treasure does not need the Ultimate Snag Power-Up. In order to obtain all treasures, Syrma must clear Chapter 12.

  • Warding Powder
  • Apple Candy x2
  • Miso Soup x2
  • Dive Bell (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Spirit Extract (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Lady Bludgeon (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Apple Shampoo (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Chocolate Cake (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Slit Knee High Boots (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Dandelion Soap (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required, Peonify Planet Spot 8)
  • Swift Extract (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required, Peonify Planet Spot 8)
  • Frilly Bikini (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required, Peonify Planet Spot 8)

Ultimate Hunt TreasuresEdit

All treasures require Ultimate Hunt Power Up

  • Chocolate x3
  • Ginger Pork x2
  • Support Bandanna
  • Blueberry Shampoo
  • All Darkness Nhaos
  • Memorial Mittens
  • Mango Shampoo
  • All Virus Nhaos
  • Ethnic Coat

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Silver Ticket
  • Milk Gelato
  • Chain Wallet Denim


  • When the party first arrives, the opening cinematic for the first arrival plays the theme of Sapphire World instead of Jade World.

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