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About the series
The Mugen Souls series a silly, over-the-top RPG for the Playstation 3. The first game was released in Japan in March 22nd, 2012 developed by Compile Heart, co-developed by GCREST and produced a goofy person called Shininafune Keiji as well as having a few special character designs by the real Inafune Keiji. It often gets mixed up by non-Japanese speaking characters as M.U.G.E.N, which is an acronym for a custom 2D fighting game engine for the PC. The game features countless character builds, custom character designs and outfits which resemble those of TinierMe, THE iDOLM@STER voice cast, ship battles, a story mode (easy mode), an extra story (actual game) after the True Ending. These systems will not need to be used in the main story as it is mean for a casual play-through to get used to the game flow and understand the protagonist of the story. Mugen Souls had a lot of flaws in compared to its highly improved sequel but is still fun after getting past the main story.

Mugen Souls Z was released on April 25th, 2013 produced by the previous producer's successor by a person named Inafune "Shooting Star" Keiji who is also pretty absurd. This game fixed a lot of the issues such as slow loading, lag, responses. The controllable protagonist is different game but it included everything from the first game as the equipment, custom character parts, peon characters, clothing as well as having extra features that makes powering up much easier such as Ticket Bonuses that can give 32x more EXP, earning 2x the Shampuru bonuses. Mugen Souls Z also re-vamped a few of the systems such as Captivate System . A few new mechanics adding in are Fever Points, Ultimate Fusions and new Challenge Worlds. They also reduced the charm requires for the True Ending to 15% as well as the charm requirement for Mugen Field floors. This game is highly recommended for new players who want to try out the series because it ironed out flaws the first game had and this game is much more fair and less time consuming. Lots of character build customization and many different systems for the player to take advantage of with numbers reaching in the billions.

Gameplay specific portals
Mugen Souls Z game page
Mugen Souls game page

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