Marina Cannonvale


Japanese Name Marina Canonvale (マリナ・カナンベール)
Gender Female
First appearance Mugen Souls
Home World Water World
Powers None
Moe Type Graceful (Mugen Souls)/ Ditz (Mugen Souls Z)
Race Human
Occupation Clumsy Explorer
Weapon Staves, Bazookas, Guns
Japanese Voice Actor Akiko Hasegawa
English Voice Actor Julie Ann Taylor

"Oh, that's lovely! This is the first time anyone's wanted to join in on my beloved hobby!"

Marina Canonvale (マリナ・カナンベール?) is the hero of Water World. She met Chou-Chou on Water World when she cast a spell that went awry while fighting a horde of monsters and landed on top of her with the latter's face smothered in her large breasts making Ryuto envious. She is an adventurer and explorer by trade exploring the ruins of Water World.

First meetingEdit

She is Water World's hero, but she seems barely able to register that truth and instead spends her time exploring the ruins beneath snow and ice.

She is skilled with magic, but due to her klutzy nature, generally follows this pattern:

-Learn new spell

-Fail to cast it properly



She also has the passive skill 'Lost Child', which causes her to lose her bearings instantly, even if staring at a detailed map.

Overlooking these faults, however, she has a lot of common sense and possesses a bright, upbeat and big sisterly personality.

— Official gallery description in Mugen Souls

Marina was first introduced in the original Mugen Souls on Water World, falling down from the sky and landing on Chou-Chou. She was assigned as the navigator after they found out she was the hero and moved their progress back 10 kilometers from where they started.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

She has the largest breasts in the party. She has red hair that reaches down to the center of her back and straight-cut bangs covering her brow and has indigo eyes. She wears an indigo ribbon in her hair. She wears earrings that appear to be from a balancing scale. She wears a white top, a blue and indigo plaid skirt, a blue cloak tied with a green bow to keep her warm in the harsh climate, brown gloves, white socks, and blue and brown shoes. She also wears a pair of glasses that appear to be worn in battle and are not seen in conversations.

Personality-wise, she is very klutzy, often casting spells that would blow up in her face which is the exact opposite of her Graceful affinity. When exploring ruins she can be very strict because she prefers not to damage or break any artifacts. She also acts as a mother to the younger members of the party.

Mugen Souls ZEdit

The magical hero of Water World, although she actually spends most of her time as an archaeologist. She's relatively normal compared to the rest of the group, but occasionally she reveals her own absurdity by, say, messing up a spell and causing an explosion, or getting lost the split second you look away. The most absurd thing about her, however, are her unbelievably huge breasts.
— Official gallery description in Mugen Souls Z

In Mugen Souls Z, Marina was dropped off at Ebon World. She later encountered Onluka . At the start of Chapter 9, Ryuto realizes they forgot to pick her up while they were there and while the rest of the party was talking, She entered the cockpit and Chou-Chou didn't notice until she saw her. It was in this game that her warping ability was explained by Onluka.


Her Unique Special Skill is called "Magical Sphere".

Warping abilityEdit

Marina was first introduced in the original Mugen Souls on Water World, falling down from the sky and landing on Chou-Chou. She has used this ability without realizing it and is the probable reason to how she gets everyone and everything lost.

There have been implied references to her using this ability on some side events. When Ryuto told Marina to take care of the G-Castle while he was going to the bathroom, she went to mess with some buttons on the G-Castle and back tracked them so far back that it is not possible for the ship to even get that far in so little time.

It was in Mugen Souls Z when Onluka unraveled the mystery of Marina always getting lost, this was an ability that she has always had. In the Chapter 8 opening talk sequence after Onluka warped Belleria and Tioni to Ebon world in Mugen Souls Z, Onluka said that she learned her warp ability from one of the undisputed god's friend (Marina) without her permission but Belleria stated that there's nobody she knows with that ability. Onluka says that this young "lady" only unconsciously uses it, explaining her ability to disappear and appear out of nowhere.



  • She is a major klutz to the degree that it breaks physics, as seen when Ryuto gave Marina permission to pilot the ship and instead of arriving at their destination in only a few hours, they were thousands of miles off course.
  • Marina was originally designed by RYOJI and not the original character designer, Kei Nanameda.
  • Her taste in panties are very childish according to a post game NPC.
  • She introduced herself as the Undisputed God's "peon" on the scene after Nao's end of Chapter hot spring. Marina was one of the heroes from the first game who was not moe killed.