Money is one of the most important things that in the game for powering up. And since players will need a lot of it if they want to tackle some of the harder battles in the game, they will need a efficient way to gain it quickly. Here's some easy methods to do this.

Format for adding any suggestions is as follows:

World Name (Area name)
Map monster (What enemy on the field the player is looking for)
Target monster(s) (If different from map monster)
Party member(s) needed/recommended

Scarlet World (Scarlet World)
Kyururun (Rabbit looking monster)
Syrma (or Chou-Chou), anyone that can use Graceful-aligned Blast Off attacks with the Can Float attribute (Tsukika and Onluka learn these attacks via leveling). Make sure that Syrma/Chou-Chou is equipped with a non-bazooka weapon.

  1. Move Syrma/Chou-Chou into the range of one of the small crystals and work on moe killing it.
  2. Move all of the non-Syrma/Chou-Chou characters up every turn.
  3. When fever time is triggered, use Graceful-aligned attacks on the Sunflower and hit it into the disco balls(?).
  4. Repeat first three steps until all small crystals are gone, afterwards kill all remaining enemies.

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