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Unlocked after beating Sun World and meeting Selfina. A very good place to level up and get the true ending.


None of the routes will affect bosses or ship battle difficulty, only the randomness factor and enemy spawns. The player will get to play through a series of battles until reaching a rest stop. The maximum stopping point they reach will depend on the average charm level.

Normal Route- Requires the least amount of charm average to access higher floors. It is the standard route for the Mugen Field.

Tough Route- Requires a decent amount of charm average to access higher floors. The enemy spawns are different as well as their item drops and strength.

Eventful Route- Requires a high amount of charm average to access higher floors. Same enemy spawns as the normal route. It is also the route with the highest chances of getting G-Castle battles and events the skip floors such as shops, items and multipliers but it is most riskiest as it has a highest chance of sealing important commands.

Bet RangesEdit

There are 13 different bet ranges starting at 100 Mugen Points to 9,999,999 Mugen Points. The higher the bet, the sharper the increase and betting at the max in the Mugen Field has an incredibly sharp difficulty spike and is hard to win.

Betting higher, also means fighting more powerful ships in G-Castle battles. Since earning Shampuru power is harder than character strength, the bet chosen might be limited to the strength of the G-Castle since there are always ship battles on floors 40 and 99.

  1. 0000100~0000100
  2. 0000101~0000500
  3. 0000501~0001000
  4. 0001001~0005000
  5. 0005001~0010000
  6. 0010001~0020000
  7. 0020001~0100000
  8. 0100001~0200000
  9. 0200001~0500000
  10. 0500001~1000000
  11. 1000001~2500000
  12. 2500001~5000000
  13. 5000001~9999999

Mugen Rest StopEdit

There are a total of 4 rest stops in the Mugen Field, each with a Mugen Dev Center, Mugen Exchange, Mugen Control Room and an option of Bowing Out (exiting the Mugen Field) to receive G Ups. It is the only other place to spend Mugen Points besides making the starting bet and doing peon fusions/ job change. There is also an option to "Press On" but no routes are available when pressing on, that means it requires a higher a charm level average than what the player has.

Mugen Development CenterEdit

The Mugen Development Center is possibly the main purpose of visiting the Mugen Field, it is a place to increase limits and unlock new peon jobs. On certain rest stops, peons may learn a specific skill or condtional skill based on their job Tier. Reaching a higher floor Rest Stop will mean more potentials in upgrading.

Some things that Mugen Points may be spent on are:

Upgrade Description
Add Party Slot Adds more subparty slots, default is 4. Used for taking multiple peons for upgrading.
Raise Mugen Point Bet Increases the maximum bet for the Mugen Field, raising this higher will increase difficulty in general.
Upgrade TCS Upgrades the requirement to activate Triple-Counter-Stop. This may sound like a bad thing, but it also increases the payout for Fever TIme.
Raise Level Cap Increases the level cap of one character but raising it will also increases the difficulty of the Mugen Field drastically.
Skill Development Peons can learn skills on certain rest stops. This place can also add conditional skill slots and skill level caps for any character. Not recommened to upgrade skills unless they have high SP since SP cost skyrockets during upgrade.
Unlock Proficiencies Unlocks weapon and skill proficiencies as well as making the bonus higher at certain upgrades. Using something they are proficient in will give them bonus stats.
Unlock Defense Slot Gives a character an additional defense slot, the maximum they can wear is 4 items.

Mugen ExchangeEdit

The Mugen Exchange is a shop that sells Japanese peon voices, CGs and clothing tickets at the cost of Mugen Points. The word pattern refers to a set of clothes that gets unlocked in the clothing shop.

Mugen Control RoomEdit

A place where you get to control the Mugen Field. You can set limitations or release a seal that happened during a random Mugen Field event.

Limiter Bonus Notes
Linked Attacks Sealed 10% No high combo link attacks through normal attacks. Regular attacks are stronger anyways.
Physical Skills Sealed 30% Can't use hit all skills such as Chase Beam, Reflection Ball, Tornado Rush as well as Special Skills that deal physical damage.
Magic Skills Sealed 30% Can't elemental magic as well as Special Skills that deal magic damage.
Restore Skills Sealed 20% Any skill that recovers HP or ailments cannot be used, including revive skills.
Enhancing Skills Sealed 20% Skills that increase stats cannot be used.
Special Moves Sealed 20% All special skills are unusable.
Peon Ball Sealed 10% Peon ball and small peon ball are unusable. No peon ball will make Invert Damage and invincibility battles tougher.
Item Use Sealed 10% The item command will become unsealed, making it difficult to spam revive items or diving through tough floors.
Party Switching Sealed 25% The Switch command becomes sealed in battle. Replacing a member after KO or battle is still possible.
Blast Off Attacks Sealed 20% Your party's blast off is sealed but the enemies can still do it. Makes it impossible to farm fever time with this command sealed.
Form Change Sealed 15% Seals Chou-Chou's form change command. Becomes a problem when wanting to farm Shampurus and Moe Killing.

Rest Stop RequirementsEdit

If pressing on is not an option in the rest stop, refer to the following chart to get the correct charm level requirement needed to advance.

Normal Tough Eventful
Charm average needed to reach floor 01 1% 3% 5%
Charm average needed to reach floor 11 5% 9% 12%
Charm average needed to reach floor 31 9% 15% 20%
Charm average needed to reach floor 61 12% 20% 25%


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