圧倒的遊戯 ムゲンソウルズ


Mugen Souls first novel cover

Title Mugen Souls - Vorgis' Amazing Treasure
Author Misao Sayama
Illustrator Kei Nanameda
Publisher Hifumi Shobo
Date Published September 5th 2013
Pages 228, greyscale

A light novel spinoff of the popular video-game series in Japan called Mugen Souls.


The story takes place in a parallel universe and is a side story that has nothing do with the continuation of Mugen Souls Z as it does not feature any of the new characters.

became of crime and discovering the amazing treasure of Vorgis. Similar to One-Piece which is also has a story about being pirates. Some of the personalities are different from how they were in the original game.


Since this is a spin-off novel and not a part of the main series, characters assume different roles and behave differently than they were in the game. The cast includes most of the people who were in the original Mugen Souls.


A self proclaimed pirate with no ship who likes to be called "Queen Chou-Chou". Her debut as a pirate began when she and her peon successfully snatch a pirate ship. They become aware of the Great Vorgis' hidden treasure due to the hero's ship assaulting them.



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