This is what happens in the Mugen Field in Mugen Souls Z.

The Seven Return Edit

Once Syrma and co. enter the field, Nao says she is not surprised that they ended up in here anyway. but Li'l Chou-Chou says not to complain since they have come this far already. Syrma is a little curious and Nao wonders what this place is saying it's bigger than it should be for being inside a ship and it's creepy. Before Ryuto could explain, he says that he shouldn't explain while Li'l Chou-Chou is present. When she asks why she spontaneously transforms into her Graceful form, who thanks them for coming and says she could not force them to come with her current size and was unsure of what to do. Syrma was surprised to see her change into her Graceful form. Nao wonders why she changed all of a sudden. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful apologizes and says it is an urgent matter so she thought she should tell them right away. As Ryuto thought, while Chou-Chou changed, her other forms created this place and asks if something happened. She confirms it and asks them if they can keep that fact secret from Chou-Chou. Confused, Nao asks if she is Chou-Chou and Syrma, more confused, wonders why Chou-Chou wants to keep it a secret from Chou-Chou. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful says that she will explain.

Ryuto says that Chou-Chou's alternate personalities made the Mugen Field while keeping it a secret from her. Still confused, Syrma asks if Chou-Chou is still Chou-Chou and Nao asks if she is a different person. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful says she is not a different person technically and she is the same person but she supposes thinking of her as a different person might make it easier to understand. Confused, Syrma thinks that she took over her body. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful says that is one way to put it but she did not do it with any bad intentions. Ryuto explains that they created the Mugen Field so they can talk to the others. Nao thinks it's cute and says the others have faulty personalities of their own. Flustered, Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful says she would like to get to the main point: The Mugen Field is within Chou-Chou's mind but there is a bit of trouble and and she was hoping they could lend them their aid. Nao and Syrma both think that Chou-Chou is sick, but Ryuto surmises that it has something to do with Syrma. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful says that it is because her body has shrunk and some of her abilities have been absorbed. Syrma explains that it was Chou-Chou's fault for going in the coffin on her own, but Nao says that it is her fault and she alone has to take responsibility for it. Insulted, Syrma tells her not to be mean. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful says she does not have to take responsibility for it but if they leave her like this, she won't know what will happen later on, as such it is a request from all of Chou-Chou's personalities to help them.

Suddenly, she changes into Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist, who begs them to help and if they do they can do whatever they like to her. She changes again into Li'l Chou-Chou Sadist who orders them to be quiet and and do what they are told. She changes again into Li'l Chou-Chou Hyper who says that it will be fun. She changes again into Li'l Chou-Chou Bipolar (Tsundere), who says that she's only asking because there is no one else that can help. She changes yet again into Li'l Chou-Chou Terse who says if they don't help, they'll regret it. She changes yet again into Li'l Chou-Chou Ditz, who says that even though she does not understand what is going on, she thinks it will help a lot before changing into Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful. Ryuto tells them that the Li'l Chou-Chou's are begging for help but Nao points out that most of them did not, but she agrees to do it. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful thanks them and when Nao asks what they should do, she says that they just need to reach the very end of the Mugen Field and when they reach the right place, Chou-Chou should recognize it. Syrma wonders if that is all and Nao says that she can do that. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful warns them that the traps they left for Chou-Chou are a bit malicious and they will need them to take care of them as well. Nao gets a bad feeling and wonders what kinds of traps they are and Ryuto says they could be anything like powerful monsters or enemy warships. Surprised, Nao asked why he didn't mention it before. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful says they will leave it up to them and they will see her soon before changing back into Li'l Chou-Chou Ego, whom Nao was yelling at saying it was dangerous and the latter asking why she is yelling at her. As Nao was about to explain, Ryuto reminds her that Li'l Chou-Chou does not know about this place and asks her to keep it a secret, which irritates Nao. As Li'l Chou-Chou was feeling hazy, Syrma tells her not to worry about it and they should get going, which Chou-Chou agrees saying they came here to have fun. Nao thinks she is getting dragged into trouble again, but Ryuto tells her that if she gives it a chance it will be fun.

Chapter 4 EventsEdit

Note: all these events happen on the tenth floor of the Mugen Field.

A Masochist's Pleasure DeniedEdit

Masochist affinity icon
Li'l Chou-Chou suddenly spontaneously changes to Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist, which surprised both her and Syrma, the latter saying she changed all of a sudden again. Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist apologizes and says she will take any form of punishment and begs for forgiveness but Nao says she is not going to punish her, making her sad. Syrma scolds Nao for picking on Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist, but Nao says she is not doing that saying it's the total opposite of her picking on her. Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist interprets it as a new form of punishment, which irritates Nao prompting her to ask what is with her, and Ryuto tells her this is how this form of Chou-Chou is and surmises that Li'l Chou-Chou is unstable in the Mugen Field, which she confirms saying that before it was like that because they made it that way but no she has no control at all, but she thinks it's not so bad. Nao tells her to stop turning red because she thinks it's creepy. Syrma tells her that she is being too hard on Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist but she tells her that she's irritating and her timid attitude annoys her. She says that she feels no love in her abuse but she never had someone treat her this way so she kind of likes it. Irritated, Nao tells her to stop turning red. Ryuto says that the Mugen Field seems the same as before but it mostly feels off. Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist says that if they don't do something, she'll be in big trouble. Nao thought thatshe liked being in trouble but she tells her that if she changed into a different personality any time she got hit or stepped on she just could not bear missing out on a punishment like that. Annoyed, Nao says she does not want to talk to her anymore and asks if she can leave. Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist asks where the love is and says she won't be the only one in trouble, prompting Ryuto to ask if there is something else. Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist says that the Mugen Field is basically a world inside Chou-Chou so if it stays messed up or is destroyed, prompting Syrma to ask what would happen if it did, Chou-Chou could die or something like that. Both Ryuto and Syrma are shocked to hear that Chou-Chou could die, and Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist continues asking if that would be bad and says that if she dies, she won't feel pain or suffering anymore and if that happens, there would be no reason for her to live. Surprised, Nao asks what she is even talking about and saying this is serious stuff. Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist says that if it did happen, in a worst-case scenario she thinks Chou-Chou would take care of herself even on the verge of death. Relieved, Syrma says that she scared her for a second and Ryuto says that Chou-Chou wouldn't die so easily. Angered, Nao tells her not to say such thinks prompting Li'l Chou-Chou to ask why not and says that if she thinks about how she might die she gets unbelievably amazing shivers. Nao tells her she does not care and not to involve them in her weird fetish. Syrma tells her to calm down and Ryuto says that she should know shewon't last if she tries to deal with Chou-Chou's other alternate personalities that way. Annoyed, Nao asks why they can't just leave, Syrma tells her she really might die if worse comes to worst. Ryuto says she might be fine but there is a chance things might get really bad. Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist says she does not want to die but she might want to try a near death experience but if she gets a taste of it then a normal experience won't be enough anymore. Nao feels like she will never die even if someone actually killed her.

An Ungraceful MomentEdit

Graceful affinity icon
Suddenly, Li'l Chou-Chou changed spontaneously into Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful, which surprised both her and Syrma, who says she changed again. Shirogane says that this time it's her graceful side, and Reu says she turned blue. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful apologizes for the sudden change but Syrma tells her not to worry about it since she has no control over it and Nao says she's more sensible than the other personalities. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful thanks her for the comment and asks Syrma something, and she asks what it is she wants. She says it's ludicrous to mention this late, and Shirogane explains to her that the word means laughably ridiculous, but she asks if she can walk on her own feet. Shocked, Syrma says it is pretty late to ask that. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful apologizes and says that even though Li'l Chou-Chou Ego is happy to ride on her head, Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful cannot endure stepping on another persons head. Concerned, Syrma asks if she is being stepped on, and Ryuto says she thinks so. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful says that she understands she suffered feelings of unpleasantness because of it and she withstood such humiliation because of her egoism. Syrma says that even though she does not mind, she does not like getting noogied by her. Shocked, Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful says it has been just as unpleasant for her as she thought and that she will get down right now. Syrma says that she does not need to worry about it and as Nao was about to tell her of what will happen if she gets off, she says she cannot allow herself to stay on her head and tells Syrma to at least allow her to walk while she's in her graceful form. Ryuto says that she is pretty stubborn in this personality so once she's decided on something she won't listen to anything else. Syrma complies. Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful thanks her, gets off and says they should proceed. Syrma is happy because her head feels lighter and Nao asks if she can keep up. She says not to worry and she may look small but she is an excellent walker.

A few moments later, Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful becomes exhausted. Reu says that she is slow. She apologizes and says she is running as fast as she can. Shirogane asks if anyone didn't see this coming and Syrma asks if she is okay. Nao tells her to stop being stubborn and get back on Syrma's head but she says she cannot go back on her word and while in this form she must walk on her own feet. Ryuto points out that this form of Chou-Chou won't listen to anyone once she makes up her mind. Syrma says she likes walking at a nice relaxed pace but Nao says they are not making any progress and asks when she will change back.

Hyper's PlaytimeEdit

Hyper affinity icon
Suddenly, Li'l Chou-Chou changed spontaneously into Li'l Chou-Chou Hyper, who is happy that it's her turn. Syrma is surprised and Ryuto says this Chou-Chou is the hyper one. Syrma is a bit uneasy since she does not like her very much. Shocked, Li'l Chou-Chou Hyper asks why she does not like her and asks if she did something to make her hate her. Nao says that it is because their personalities are total opposites. Tsukika Izayoi agrees with her saying Syrma always looks tired and Shirogane says that if she gave her some of her energy, they'll be just right. Angry, Li'l Chou-Chou Hyper yells why does Syrma not like her in her ear, which the latter tells her to stop. Then she says her head is cushy and jumps on it, which Syrma tells her not to do. Curious, Reu asks Li'l Chou-Chou Hyper if Syrma is cushy and she confirms this and asks if she wants to get on, and she says yes but Syrma objects saying if she does she will get crushed for sure. Reu asks why and says it's not fair because Chou-Chou gets to. Tsukika tells her to be a good girl. Next Li'l Chou-Chou Hyper says it's time to look around inside Syrma's head, but she tells her not to mess up her hair and says she is getting it tangled. Li'l Chou-Chou is happy and falls right into Syrma's bust line, the latter telling her to stay out of her clothes. Curious, she wonders where she is and says it's dark and squishy and laughs. Syrma tells her it is not squishy and to wiggle around in there because she is tickling her, but Li'l Chou-Chou Hyper says it's so super squishy. Reu says it's not fair and she wants to feel super squishy as well, but Tsukika tels her she can't. Shirogane says that they don't usually see that form of Chou-Chou get messed with like that and Ryuto points out that this form of Chou-Chou is least likely to listen to what other people tell her. Nao points out that they're here exploring this place as a favor to them and asks if this is how she behaves. Li'l Chou-Chou Hyper then crawls into an even squishier place and squishes it and Syrma tells her to stop.

A New Friend for DitzEdit

Ditz affinity icon
In this moment, Li'l Chou-Chou has already changed into Li'l Chou-Chou Ditz who begins by blinking at Syrma and Syrma does the same to her. She tells her something and she asks what it is, but she tells her she forgot what she was going to say and she says it's okay and laughs. Ryuto says that the ditzy Li'l Chou-Chou has been out for half an hour and Nao says that both her and Syrma have been like this the whole time and asks how long they are supposed to wait and if they can do something about it. Ryuto says he's not sure and it's really hard to break through a barrier they created and Nao agrees saying she does not want to try. Suddenly, Li'l Chou-Chou Ditz remembered what she forgot and Syrma says that she can tell her anything. She asks why is Syrma's name Syrma, and she says she's not really sure because it's the name she's always had. She says she was thinking how Syrma is a weird name and she says it's normal. When she asks if she thinks so she says yes. She then tries different names like Shearma and Schwarma, and she asks if she is making fun of her name. She tells her she's imagining things and she thinks so as well. She says that Syrma is a super cute name and she thanks her. Ryuto says he can't help what Syrma and Li'l Chou-Chou Ditz are talking about and Nao says she is sure it's something incredibly stupid.

A Sadist's Worst NightmareEdit

Sadist affinity icon
This event begins with Li'l Chou-Chou already transformed into Li'l Chou-Chou Sadist, who is disgusted. Curious, Syrma asks if she changed again, and she confirms saying she said she did not want to change into this form and asks why cant Chou-Chou do as she says and taps Syrma, who says it tickles. Li'l Chou-Chou Sadist is surprised by this and Nao asks what she is complaining about saying they're here because she asked them to come and she changed forms on her own. Annoyed, Li'l Chou-Chou Sadist tells Nao to come over, prompting her to ask why. She tells her not to talk back and hurry up. Nao does so and asks what it is she wants and if she is happy. She says that she will hit her as punishment for giving her attitude but all she does is tap her which does not do much to Nao who says it tickles. Shocked, she asks if it does not hurt and she says it only tickled. Syrma asks what is wrong and says that she is being weird but she says that Syrma and everyone else is being weird and points out that she is in more pain when Chou-Chou gives her a noogie. Syrma says that norman Chou-Chou does it really hard but what she did did not hurt at all. Scared, Li'l Chou-Chou Sadist asks how it could be and wonders if she lost her sadist powers along with everything else. Curious, Syrma wonders about sadist powers. Nao says she's talking nonsense again and Ryuto says that now that she mentions it, she is just yelling cutely and does not seem like a sadist at all. Li'l Chou-Chou Sadist is shocked because even Ryuto is being impudent with her, and she orders the others to turn her back to normal as soon as possible right now. Surprised, Syrma tells her she can't do that now and Nao says that if that's what they want her priority to be and wonders if they should leave the problems in the Mugen Field unresolved. Flustered, she says no and they should solve the problems here and also get her body back as soon as possible. As Syrma was about to tell her she is not making any sense she tells her to be quiet and to never call on her again until everything is resolved. She tries to change back, but fails and wonders what is with this place and why won't anything go her way. Ryuto tells her to calm down and says it's true that sadistic people can't stand being on the receiving side of punishment. Syrma asks what they should do and says that she told us never to call her out again, but Nao tells her not to worry about it saying that it is not like it hurts when she gets angry and attacks them anyway.

Chapter 6 EventsEdit

Note: The main guideline is Alys Levantine, Bertram Demetrius Bloomfield and Kakeru must be added to the party for these events to unfold. Two of these events happen on the tenth floor. One more happen on the 30th floor.

Terse is WorseEdit

Terse affinity icon
As the group goes deeper into the Mugen Field, Syrma notices that they are making good progress today and asks Ryuto if he thinks so too. He says that is true and usually something would totally get in their way by now. Nao says there is only one person that would cause any problems, but maybe it is because Chou-Chou has been so quiet lately. Alys says that now that she mentioned it, she has not said a thing and maybe she has fallen asleep, while she makes them all walk.

Unbeknownst to any of them, Li'l Chou-Chou has already changed into Li'l Chou-Chou Terse, who glares at Alys, who notices it. Startled, Syrma says Chou-Chou changed again. Shirogane is happy because it's the Chou-Chou with the sharp tongue and he has been waiting for her to come out. Tsukika glares at him and says his name in jealousy. Chou-Chou Terse just says hmph. Nao says she has a bad attitude. Ryuto explains that Chou-Chou does not talk much when she is in this form. Reu asks if she does not feel good, and Alys says that even if she does not talk much, she could at least say something to let the rest know she is here, but Chou-Chou Terse just remains silent. Bertram says that she seems to be a shy one, and opening a woman's heart is one of the necessary accomplishments of a gentleman. As he attempts to talk to her, Chou-Chou Terse tells him not to open his mouth and calls him a child-obsessed old geezer. Bertram is shocked to hear child-obsessed. Syrma notices that she just talked and Nao asks if those were seriously her first words. Angry, Alys says she is not a child and she is better endowed that Chou-Chou is. Bertram agrees with her and says he is not obsessed with children and asks what about Shirogane, who loves Reu and Tsukika. Reu wonders what obsessed means and Tsukika says it just something. Shirogane begs her not to hold out on him and not to focus on Bertram but toss him a nice insult as well. Tsukika reminds him that Reu is watching. Chou-Chou terse lets out a small giggle. Nao says that she is enjoying this and her grin is infuriating. Ryuto says her mouth is worse than before, and so is her personality and it looks like Chou-Chou is really starting to grow. Syrma wonders if she is that evil looking and wants to see, so she picks her up and looks at her. Chou-Chou Terse tells her not to touch her with those filthy hands of hers. Syrma says she does not look so bad, and if anything, she seems adorably troubled. Chou-Chou Terse is flustered when she is called adorable and tells her to let go of her this instant. Syrma tells her to be careful and to stop squirming or she will fall. Nao asks if that is what she is really like and Ryuto says Chou-Chou is still Chou-Chou, no matter what form she takes. When Nao asks why she has to start all this trouble, Alys, still angry, says that Shirogane is the only child-lover here. Bertram agrees saying his tendencies are extremely normal and Shirogane is the only odd one out. Reu says Shirogane is obsessed and he tells Chou-Chou Terse to stop and if she keeps on spitting venom at him like that, he is going to die of happiness. Flustered and annoyed, Tsukika asks why he is enjoying this, calls him a jerk and punches him so hard he is sent flying.

Bipolar's New PowerEdit

Bipolar affinity icon
Li'l Chou-Chou changes into Li'l Chou-Chou Bipolar, who says she wishes she would stop changing out of nowhere already. Syrma says hello to what she calls Brown Chouchers, the latter telling her not to call her by color and also, even though regular Chou-Chou may not care anymore, to stop calling her Chouchers. Alys says Chou-Chou Bipolar says that, but she bets she likes it, and it makes her and Syrma sound like they are best buddies. When Syrma asks if that is true, Chou-Chou Bipolar says it is not and asks why would she like something so stupid and as she shakes her head, her hair flip-flops. Reu notices that Chou-Chou Bipolar's hair is flapping around. Tsukika says she is right and wonders if that means she is happy. Shirogane says it's like a dogs tail, and asks if that is what she is saying. Alys says that she may be small now, but she is the same as always and she just can't say what she is actually thinking. Chou-Chou Bipolar tells them to be quiet and bets they are thinking of how gross and un-cute she is now that she is small, and to go ahead and laugh if they must. Alys says they already laughed when the original Chou-Chou turned small. Nao says they got used to it and Ryuto says that Chou-Chou is still Chou-Chou regardless of size. Chou-Chou Bipolar says she sees, lets out a hmph and says they are saying she's not even worth laughing at, but Sirogane says nobody is saying that. Alys says that if she teases and mock someone as small as her too much, she will end up looking like the bad guy. Bertram sincerely apologizes for involving her in their affairs. Reu says that she likes Chou-Chou, after Shirogane, Tsukika and Syrma, she likes Chou-Chou the most. Chou-Chou Bipolar and asks what is with everyone and says if they say things like that, she might die of embarrassment and screams, saying she will be going to sleep and tells everyone not to dare wake her up, and she falls asleep on Syrma's head. Syrma wonders if it's nap time for only Chou-Chou and says she is lucky. She tells her not to complain and she is not happy about being able to come out or anything and flaps her hair, which tickles Syrma.

Masochist ReturnsEdit

Masochist affinity icon
Some time later, Chou-Chou transforms into Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist again and apologizes for it. Nao says welcome back and calls her a creepy munchkin, which she is shocked to hear. Bertram tells Nao that perhaps she is being too harsh and Syrma agrees telling her to stop being so mean. Nao says she is calling it like she sees it and just as she was about to say she bets something, Chou-Chou Masochist asks if she insults her as soon as she appears, and says it's a treat, and Nao tells them she is enjoying it. Ryuto says that Masochist Chou-Chou and Nao go so well together, the latter telling him not to say that and she does not want to be together with her. Chou-Chou Masochist asks Syrma if she is always up on her head and why not have Syrma climb up on her for a change. Shocked, Syrma says she would smoosh her flat. Chou-Chou Masochist begs her to smoosh her and crush her until her insides spill out. Nao says they should crush her, but Shirogane tells her not to be so violent. Chou-Chou Masochist looks at the coffin. When Syrma asks what is it, Che says it's nothing and peeks into the coffin. Reu wonders if she likes it. Alys tells her to not tell her she likes the coffin. Chou-Chou Masochist says she does not like it at all, describing the mysterious slimy pink tendrils slithering and writhing all over her body like tongues and then the feeling of weak exhaustion that comes afterwards and she is not thinking about it at all. Nao tells her to stop getting so graphic and that she is bringing back bad memories. Bertram says he can understand the appeal and while he was in there, it was as if he had become one with Alys. She says that when a man says something like that, it's kind of gross, and backs away, which he asks why is she doing that. Chou-Chou Masochist turns to Tsukika and asks her if she would like to join them because she has not experienced it yet, but she says no thank you because she would very much like to not experience it. Nao asks what would happen if Syrma absorbed Chou-Chou again. Syrma wonders if she thinks she might get even smaller. Ryuto tells her not to make her any smaller. She says that maybe she can't shrink anymore, because Reu did not change when she went in. Nao asks why not throw her in and says if she sucks up her powers dry until she shrivels up, she will probably stop saying stupid stuff. Shirogane says she should really avoid such murderous suggestions.

Chapter 7 EventsEdit

Note: To obtain the true ending, one event must be seen while carrying Dees Vanguard's head. The first event takes place on the tenth floor. This can also be done in later chapters provided the party does not defeat Scorpio.

Bipolar vs. Dees, The RematchEdit

Bipolar affinity icon
Chou-Chou transforms into Li'l Chou-Chou Bipolar and stares at Dees who asks what she is grinning about. She says she's not grinning, but she says she clearly is and if she has something to say she should just say it. She happily says she does not think it's funny that she is a severed head, but almost lets out a giggle. Fed up with her, Dees says she is sick of her attitude of hers and asks if she would like it if she used her lasers to burn her to a crisp. She asks if she can, saying even though she is just a head, she taunts him by telling her to give it a shot. She says she asked for it and she may be just a head, but she can still shoot lasers from her eyes. Syrma tells her not to because she will set her hair on fire. Dees says she can't aim properly and orders Ryuto to hold her up higher, but he can't lift it any higher because he says her head is too heavy, which she reminds him not to call her heavy. Li'l Chou-Chou Bipolar asks if her head is heavy and starts giggling. Nao asks if those two do not get along, but Shirogane says that as she can see, Alys says she guesses neither of them like the fact that they look and act kind of similar. Tsukika says she is not so sure and if anything, she would say she's more like Alys, personality-wise. Angered, She asks how and says Chou-Chou is a total basketcase and she is not a basketcase. Shirogane asks if they could please not start another argument. Bertram says he supposes that a little spat is evidence that they get along with each other. Tsukika says he might be right and Dees rarely ever gets irritated like this. Nao ponders on the concept about an android that gets irritated and says if she was not already a talking head, she would say it's almost too crazy to be true. Dees says she can not believe she is being mocked by Chou-Chou when she is only one and a half heads tall and the latter says right now, she is only one head tall. Angered, Dees warns Chou-Chou that she better watch out when she gets her body back. Chou-Chou Bipolar says she will be back to normal in no time as well and warns her that she had better watch out herself. Syrma says that she wishes that Chou-Chou Bipolar and Dees would not fight on her head and around her feet.

Chapter 8 EventsEdit

Note: This event happen on the 30th floor.

Ditz ReturnsEdit

Ditz affinity icon
Chou-Chou is already seen transformed into Li'l Chou-Chou Ditz who is surprised. When Nao asks what now and if she just shows up just to make stupid noises, she says shw as just surprised and it seems like there are more new people every time she shows up. Syrma says she is right and asks if more friends means more fun, and Chou-Chou Ditz says for sure. Nao says she is not your friend and asks what is she going to do with so many traveling companions anyway. Bertram says that at this pace, they could have over twenty members by the end. Chou-Chou Ditz says she wants more friends than that. Shocked, Syrma asks if all these people are not enough. She says yes and wish Altis, whom she calls Tistis, would come back. When Dees asks Tistis, Kakeru asks if she means the Evil Masked Beauty Altalt-tistis and if she thinks she might come back. Shirogane says that this might get complicated and tells Tsukika to keep him busy. She understands and asks Reu to play with Kakeru, she complies and tells Kakeru to play with her. He tells her to unhand him and says he has more questions for her, but she drags him off at sonic speed. Tsukika says they should be safe for a little while and Ryuto asks her if she knows about Altis. Chou-Chou Ditz says yes, saying she has been using the nickname she thought up for her as well and that made her really happy. Curious, Alys wonders if regular Chou-Chou knows as well and she says she has no idea. Dees wonders if that is even possible and if she is the same person as Chou-Chou. She explains that she and regular Chou-Chou are originally the same, so they have the same information, but regular Chou-Chou is kind of dense, so her brain gets tired trying to understand. Shirogane sees and Tsukika says she feels bad for regular Chou-Chou, but does not doubt that. Nao asks Syrma if she understands all that and she says it means regular Chou-Chou is even more dense than Chou-Chou Ditz. She says she is pretty dense herself, but regular Chou-Chou is even worse. Dees asks if she will tell regular Chou-Chou and she says they are both basically the same person, so there is no way for her to tell her and even if she could, regular Chou-Chou would not listen anyway. Ryuto says that is true saying she would not listen even if they told her.

Suddenly, Kakeru returns after losing Reu. Syrma is shocked that he is back already and he asks where they were and if he has a right to know. Chou-Chou Ditz apologizes but says she can not tell. When he asks why, she says it's more fun that way. Just as he says this is not about what is more fun, Reu finds him and tells him to play with her some more. He tells her to stop pulling on him and to let go but she dashes off with her. Chou-Chou Ditz says goodbye and tells them to be careful. Syrma wonders if they should not say anything either, but Nao asks why should they, and says only an idiot would be that oblivious to the whole thing anyway.

Chapter 9 EventsEdit

Note: These events require Marina Cannonvale and Elka to view.

A Nice SadistEdit

This event happens on the 30th floor.

Sadist affinity icon
Chou-Chou transforms into Li'l Chou-Chou Sadist, who asks the group if they remembered not to call on her. Syrma says it's the Chou-Chou that does not hurt and Nao tells her they did not call her and that she came out on her own. Chou-Chou Sadist tells Nao not to talk back to her and tells Syrma not to dare call her the Chou-Chou that does not hurt. Syrma asks if she would like to be called the Kind Chou-Chou, and she says that is not wrong and she treats her loyal dogs with love. Syrma says she does not ever do things that hurt her and she is so nice. This infuriates Chou-Chou Sadist so much that she tries stomping her foot on Syrma's head, but at her size all she is doing is tapping her on the head and all it does is tickle her, which she tells her to stop. Alys says she got the chance to come out again so she should be in a better mood. Ryuto agrees with her, saying they are so happy to be able to talk to another Chou-Chou like this, however, she says she is not happy at all. Bertram says that is quite the unfriendly comment. Chou-Chou Sadist says there isn't anyone worth tormenting here this time either and utters how boring it is. Even though Syrma says that is not true, Dees tells her she does not really need to disagree with that part.

Chou-Chou Sadist then demands the others to tell her and ask who else is there to torment. Syrma asks what about her but she says she does not even react when she hurts her. Syrma asks how about Reu, who is confused and curious, however, Shirogane tells her not to get her involved and Tsukika tells her politely not to pick on her. Chou-Chou sadist says that because she has her guardians surrounding her, that is not a possibility. Bertram asks, even though it may be presumptuous of him to ask, if he will suffice and says that even though he does not have a penchant for that sort of thing, if it will appease her heart he will do anything, however, she asks why would she want to deal with a creepy old man like him. He is shocked that he is called a creepy old man. Kakeru says he supposes he his the only one left and his incredibly tough body can endure any punishment, but she tells him his existence bores her and he is out of the question. Shocked to hear this, he soon becomes depressed. Chou-Chou Sadist says she has proven her point, not a single person worth tormenting, even the girl they might fight later won't whet her appetite. When Syrma asks about which one, she remembers who she was talking about: the girl that was crying. When she asks that, Chou-Chou sadist says she is right, saying she would not feel good about picking on her, especially if she cried with that face. Syrma says she knew she was the nice Chou-Chou. Angered, Chou-Chou Sadist asks if she is calling her nice to be insulting, but Syrma says she meant it as a compliment. Feeling calm, Chou-Chou Sadist explains that what she is saying is, it is no fun when they are already crying and the fun in being a sadist lies in making them cry. Nao shrugs it off and tells her that if there is no one for her to pick on, why not just sit there and not say anything. Chou-Chou Sadist looks at Nao and tells her she seems like she might have some promise. When she asks what she means, she says yes, sinisterly giggles and tells her once she gets her body back, she will train her exactly the way she wants her and to look forward to it. Nao on the other hand says that threat is not very convincing when she looks like that.

Note: This event happens on the 60th floor.

Ditz Likes Syrma's HeadEdit

Ditz affinity icon
The event begins with Chou-Chou, already transformed into Li'l Chou-Chou Ditz, letting out a big yawn as if she was waking up. Syrma notices that it was a big yawn. Both Chou-Chou Ditz and Syrma say good morning to each other. Nao says she has some nerve taking a nap while they are stuck walking. Chou-Chou Ditz says it is not her fault and that Syrma's head is just too comfortable. Syrma asks if there is a problem with her head and Nao says there sure is. Chou-Chou Ditz says she should try it as well and says it's perfect for napping. Nao asks her how is she supposed to climb up on her head. Chou-Chou Ditz says she has a good point and then next time she goes to sleep, she can try hugging it. Syrma says that might be nice and suggests to Nao that they should sleep together. Nao says no and asks why would she do something so creepy. Syrma becomes depressed and asks if she just say it is creepy. Chou-Chou Ditz says it is a waste, saying that Syrma takes a bath every day so her head is clean and she can drool on it all you want. Upon hearing this, Syrma says that she can not drool on it all she wants and asks if she has been drooling on her and she not only says yes, she tells her she's doing it right now. Syrma freaks out, says she is right, her hair is wet and she needs a hankie. Nao asks her how she does not notice something like that. Chou-Chou Ditz is sad and tells her that if she changes back to normal, she will have to get off her head and she is going to miss. Syrma says she is starting to think maybe she should get off as soon as possible. Chou-Chou Ditz says that the don't find prime real estate like this every day and asks if she can extend her lease. Syrma asks about real estate and lease, and says she does not know anything about that stuff and tells her maybe she should ask Lookie-Lou about it, and Nao says she just wants to be free from her vapid and pointless conversations already.

Chapter 10 EventsEdit

Note: These events can be seen when Onluka joins the party. They also happen on the 30th floor.

Another Graceful MomentEdit

Graceful affinity icon
Chou-Chou turns into Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful, who says hello and it has been a while. Syrma recognizes it and asks if it is the serious Chou-Chou. She says if it is not too much trouble, she would appreciate it if she could call her Graceful Chou-Chou. Curious about it she says she will be sure to remember that and calls her Graceful Chouchers. Nao shrugs it off and tells her she had better not start saying she is going to walk on her own again. She says no saying she realizes she has caused too much inconvenience to everyone and she will quietly sit on Syrma's head for today. She says that is good and she feels restless without her up there. Chou-Chou Graceful thanks her saying it helps put her mind at ease.

Elka looks at her in silence and she asks him if something is the matter. He lets out a big sigh and she asks why he is looking at her and sighing like that and has she done something to slight him. He says it is not her fault it is just that he was just thinking there probably are not any kimonos in her size since she is mostly just a head. She apologizes and says she is embarrassed by her current form as well.

When Kakeru asks what he is talking about, Shirogane says Elka just loves Japanese style clothes and he was always bizzing around Tsukika before as well, who says he has been getting a lot better lately.Bertram is appalled that he has such twisted interests and he stll makes advances toward Alys, who says she does not care.

Kakeru says he does not seem to understand and her true appeal comes from her current form. When Elka asks what he means, and when Chou-Chou asks what me means when he says her current form is appealing, he says that she is palm-sized, she can speak and she can change into different affinities, thus she meets every condition needed to become the perfect mascot for a true hero. Chou-Chou Graceful asks Mascot and Ryuto asks if that is more for magical girl types and not a hero. Even though Syrma does not get it she asks Chou-Chou Graceful if she wants to ride on Kakeru's head, but she says absolutely not, saying she could not do such a shameless thing to a gentleman. He says there is no need to hesitate and his shoulder is always available to her. Alys asks why not, saying she was always worried that she did not have enough of a personality of her own. Ryuto agrees with her, saying this opportunity could give her a little more character. When she asks about more character, she still refuses and tells him not to seduce her with such tempting words.

Elka says not so fast as he says he is going to change her back to her normal form, for the kimonos. Shirogane says he admitted that it is all about the kimonos and Bertram says he is despicable as always. Kakeru says if that is his intention, he will stop him with everything he has and he must become a true hero. Alys says he is not supposed to stop him. Chou-Chou Graceful is overwhelmed by the concepts of mascot, character, and personality and asks whatever shall she do. Tsukika tells her she really should not think about this so seriously. Dees says that, for the record, she is here to help her change back to her normal form. When Nao asks why are they arguing about such a stupid thing anyway, Marina tells her this kind of thing happens all the time.

Hyper Gets TangledEdit

Hyper affinity icon
Chou-Chou has already transformed into Li'l Chou-Chou Hyper and she says she is bored and tells Syrma to play with her. She says she has been saying that for a while now and she says it is because she is bored and she is tired of just sitting on her head. Nao tells her to listen because they are here because Chou-Chou Hyper and the other Chou-Chou's asked the party to help and the least she can do is be quiet and stop complaining, but she says is bored and thrashes around Syrma's head and demands they all play with her, and she tells her to stop. Suddenly, Chou-Chou Hyper says this is fun and her hair is fluffy and messy, but she says she is pulling her hair and tells her to stop. She laughs and then notices something is wrong. When Syrma asks about it she says her hair got tangled and asks how can she fix this and tries it herself, but she says it hurts and tells her to stop moving. Chou-Chou Hyper suddenly becomes quiet, which Syrma notices and asks what is wrong. With no response, she asks if she fell asleep.

Suddenly, Chou-Chou Hyper starts breathing heavily and Syrma notices because she hears labored breathing. Nao says she is so tangled she is having trouble breathing. Upon hearing this, Syrma is shocked. As Chou-Chou Hyper has trouble breathing, Syrma asks what should she do and says Chou-Chou is going to die if they don't get her out and turns to Nao for help. She tells her to calm down because she will help her out and to just stand still. As Syrma thanks her, she notices her pulling out the Sword of Cancer and wonders why she is holding it up, and she says she thought she would cut her out. Shocked, Syrma says she does not think that is going to work, but Nao tells her not to worry and says the sword is kind of like a big pair of scissors and goes for it. Syrma tells her to wait because she is a proper young lady and she does not want to get a haircut with that thing. She says no one will care about a little bald spot but she says she will care and begs for someone to help her.

Alys asks if Nao is doing that on purpose and Dees says maybe she is relieving all her stress, because she has had to deal with those two for a long time. Tsukika says they should help her soon or Chou-Chou is going to die. Marina agrees with her and tells them to settle down and Chou-Chou hyper struggles to breathe.

Terse is Cute and She Pulls HairEdit

Terse affinity icon
Chou-Chou changes into Li'l Chou-Chou Terse who says hmph. Syrma notices Chou-Chou changed again. She just lets out a grunt and Syrma says she is not saying anything and guesses this must be the cute one. Chou-Chou Terse is shocked that she is called cute and she blushes, which Alys notices. Marina says the other personalities never blush like that and it is a nice change of pace. Ryuto says Chou-Chou's face is totally turning red and it is just too cute. Chou-Chou says she is not cute, but Bertram says he must say she is incredibly adorable, Reu says she is cute, Nao says it is true and when she just sits there like that it really is kind of cute and Syrma agrees that quiet Chou-Chou is the cutest.

Chou-Chou terse is fed up with it and suddenly rips out some of Syrma's hair, who screams in pain. Tsukika notices that Chou-Chou Terse just ripped out a fistful of hair and Kakeru says he thinks she took about twenty strands. Chou-Chou Terse then breathes to calm down. Syrma says that really hurt and tells her that was so mean, but she commands silence and decrees that from now on, every time someone calls her cute...she will claim another hair from her head. Syrma is shocked to hear this. Kakeru says it's foul that she takes her hair hostage, but Nao says it's not like pulling out Syrma's hair hurts her in any way, but Syrma says it hurts her in a lot of ways. Marina says she kind of still wants to see Chou-Chou blush some more and Ryuto asks if she can endure a little bit more pain for them, but Syrma says no way because it really, really, really hurts. Dees says it is so cute how Chou-Chou covers her embarrassment like that, and as decrred Chou-Chou Terse pulls out more of Syrma's hair which hurts her. Ryuto says it is so cute when she turns red and pulls out all that hair without mercy and again she rips out more of her hair, which again hurts her. Alys calls her cute three times, Chou-Chou Terse pulls out Syrma's hair three times and Syrma begs her no more and says she is going to be completely bald.

Chapter 11 EventsEdit

These events happen on the 60th floor.

A Graceful Tea PartyEdit

Graceful affinity icon
Syrma says she is tired and Marina says the party has been walking for a long time and asks if they should take a break. Unknown to any of them, Chou-Chou has already changed into Li'l Chou-Chou Graceful, who thanks them for their hard work and offers to make them some tea. Startled, Syrma says Chou-Chou changed again and says she should have told her. She says she ended up causing such a disturbance the last time she appeared so she thought she would try and stay quiet. Nao says at least she feels bad about it afterwards. However, Chou-Chou Graceful says she can not even make tea with her current body and politely asks Tsukika for her help and she complies.

A short while later, Chou-Chou Graceful thanks everyone for waiting and serves the tea. Shirogane thanks her but as he picks up his teacup he notices something and Reu says the tea is very hot. Onluka says the tea might be a bit too hot for children. Bertram says that at his age, he prefers his tea at this temperature. Syrma blows on her cup and sips the tea. She notices it tastes terrible and asks what it is. Alys says it is so bitter she can't drink it. Tsukika says she thought so as well, but Chou-Chou said to put in lots of tea leaves. startled, Chou-Chou Graceful asks if they don't like it and says she thought the extra bitterness would help reduce their fatigue. Onluka says she prefers it this way because it feels like the exhaustion that was building up in her is being washed away. Bertram says it is delightful, and at his age, long journeys can be quite taxing. Chou-Chou Graceful says she has actually been unable to get enough exercise and her feet have become so swollen as a result. Onluka says this would have been even better if there was a snack to go with it, like soome jelly or a sweet bean paste. Chou-Chou Graceful says sweet treats are great for when people are tired and personally she prefers sweet cakes or marzipan. Bertram says it is important to replenish one's salt content as well and suggests rice crackers, even though they can be tough, softer varieties are not so bad.

Nao says she thought Chou-Chou Graceful did not have much individuality and tells the others to look at her, Onluka and Bertram having their discussion. Ryuto says he did not notice it before either. Elka thinks that Chou-Chou Graceful is the old lady personality, because she, Onluka and Bertram have that much in common. Shirogane says he was the oldest before and everyone else is pretty young and it was no wonder they did not notice. Syrma asks everyone if they think she will be happy if they tell her about it, but Dees says she probably should not, because she might not take it so well.

Chapter 12 EventsEdit

To obtain the True Ending, these events must be viewed after the landing on Sapphire World. In which the party must leave immediately These events can only be viewed on the 60th floor.

A Mean MasochistEdit

Masochist affinity icon
The event begins with Chou-Chou changing to Li'l Chou-Chou Masochist, who says it is great that she changed again. Syrma is surprised and asks if she wanted to change again. She says she did because she just had to change into this form and asks Supra for something and she asks what it is she needs.

Suddenly, Sandy Sunshine intervenes saying she will not allow it, even though Chou-Chou Masochist says she did not say anthing yet. Sandy says she knows what she is going to say and says she can't give Supra away, not even to Madam. Chou-Chou Masochist asks why is Sandy being so mean, is she teasing her expectations and if that is it. Sandy says she is certainly not and she has no interest in that. Chou-Chou Masochist asks why not, saying Sandy should be satisfied with her Sadist self and meanwhile she does not have anyone to torment her. Sandy says it is rather unfortunate for her, but she does not feel any torment whatsoever coming from the cream puff version of Madam. Chou-Chou Masochist asks Sandy who she is calling a cream puff, and begs her to insult her more. Alys and Onluka call her a Cream Puff and Reu does it twice. Chou-Chou Masochist thanks them. Sandy tells her that Supra is filling the void in her heart left by Madam's absence and if she were to lose Supra on top of that, she would die. Chou-Chou Masochist says she is not actually absent but asks if she is saying that if she goes back to normal, she can have Supra, and she says if that happens, then they can both punish her completely from every side. Shocked, Chou-Chou Masochist says she will not let her have such an envious situation and tells her she will tell her Sadist self not to torment her anymore. Shocked, Sandy calls her mean and says that is too mean.

Ryuto says this is a pretty...interesting conversation. Nao says she has never seen such a pointless argument before. When Supra asks if she does not get a say in any of this, Soul Skyheart tells her to give it up and says they will not listen to anyone when Chou-Chou Masochist and Sandy get like this.

Terse Likes to ReadEdit

Terse affinity icon
In this event, Chou-Chou has changed to Li'l Chou-Chou Terse, who pats Syrma on the head to try and get her attention, and she notices she changed again. Chou-Chou Terse stares at Onluka, who asks if she needs something from her. She tells her to lend her a book because she wants to read. She complies and asks if any book is okay and she nods her head. When Soul asks how is she going to read with that tiny little body of hers, she says she will use Syrma's head as a table. Shocked, she asks about her head. Onluka says in that case, she will lend her the thickest book she has, and Shirogane asks in that case, saying that is some personality she has got there. She gives her the book and tells her to take her time and she thanks her. As she starts reading, Syrma says the book is so heavy and tells Chou-Chou it is painful, but she is silence.

Sandy says that the terse Madam seems to be in a good mood for once and Dees says that maybe she would be better off doing what she wants then, because if she gets upset again, it will be not good. As Syrma tries to argue, Chou-Chou Terse has a hard time trying to flip the page. Bertram says it would appear even turning the pages is difficult for her in that body. Shocked, Alys says she actually seems cute, but it is Chou-Chou they are talking about. Syrma tries to tell Chou-Chou Terse that if she keeps moving around on her head, she is going to fall over, she tells her to stop staggering around as it is making it difficult to read. But Syrma says she can't because it is hard enough to balance her as is, but Chou-Chou Terse says if she makes her drop her book, she will claim more of her hari, shocking her. Nao says that Chou-Chou Terse is distracted so they should get a move on, and Syrma tells everyone to wait for her, but Chou-Chou Terse tells her to stop wobbling or she swears she will pull them out. Syrma says she can't and it is just what happens when she tries to walk.

The Sadist's Sweet Tooth ReturnsEdit

Sadist affinity icon
This event opens up with Chou-Chou transforming into Li'l Chou-Chou Sadist, who starts by complaining, saying it is her again and wishes this would stop. Sandy is happy, saying she has been looking forward to her appearance. Chou-Chou Sadist says she has some nerve showing herself to her, because she is just a mongrel that has forgotten its owner's face. Sandy begs her not to say cruel things and she only wants to see her again, but she orders her to be quiet, saying she does not want to hear the voice of a backstabbing dog like her. Sandy says she did not backstab her and she is serious about her and Supra both, and Chou-Chou Sadist says that is even worse.

Syrma says that she is arguing on her head again, but Soul says she should not get between these two when they are arguing. Similar to the Chou-Chou Masochist incident, Supra says she feels like this involves her as well, but...she will stay quiet.

Chou-Chou Sadist says even if she was to forgive her cheating...she will never forgive her for calling her a cream puff. Struggling, Sandy tells her it is just because she is just way too much of a cream puff not. Insulted and angry, Chou-Chou Sadist asks what kind of excuse is that and demands her to just get out of her sight. However, Sandy remembers her one weakness and says she brought her some sweets. Upon hearing that, she becomes curious, but regains her composure and asks if she is trying to bribe her with food and what does she take her for. Sandy tells her that is not her intention at all and she truly is sorry, so she made it just for her and she was thinking of her the entire time and asks if she will please at least take a bite. With her sweet tooth overpowering her, Chou-Chou Sadist gives in saying if she wants her to so badly, she is generous to her loyal peons. Sandy thanks her and when Chou-Chou Sadist asks what she made her, she says she made cream puffs. Insulted because cream puffs remind her of the cream puff remark, Chou-Chou Sadist asks Sandy if is not sorry about anything and she says it is not like that, saying when she was thinking about her that was just what came to her. Chou-Chou Sadist asks if she thinks of her as a cream puff from the bottom of her heart and if that is it, and even though Sandy says she can't deny it, Chou-Chou Sadist tries one of the cream puffs ad says it is delicious, and that the subtle and salty taste amidst the refined sweetness is divine. Syrma agrees with her, saying it is really good. Shocked, Chou-Chou Sadist asks her who gave her permission to eat that. Sandy says she is happy she likes it and she has made plenty, and tells her to eat as many as she wants.

Nao says even though Chou-Chou Sadist is complaining, she eats the cream puff anyway. Soul says this is how it always goes, and Supra says they get along so well.

Chapter 13 EventsEdit

Note: The Player must watch these events before reaching Ivory World to obtain the True Ending.

All these events happen on the 60th floor.

Hyper Gets Her PlaytimeEdit

Hyper affinity icon
This event begins with Sharuru Cocott throwing a ball, telling someone to catch her fastball if they can. With a fast throw, Reu catches it with her mouth, which Welsh Cocott notices. Sharuru says that is cheating and tells Reu to use her hands. Reu tells Welsh she will throw it and she does, hard, so hard in fact it is like it is almost on fire. Startled, Welsh says she threw it too far and performs a diving catch, managing to catch the ball. Reu says that is amazing and Sharuru compliments, her, saying it was a quite splendid catch.

Syrma says that Welsh, Sharuru and Reu sure are energetic. Supra says they are not going to get much rest if they keep playing around like that during break time, but Onluka says Children have limitless energy and tells her to let them do whatever they like. Nao says she thinks they planned to play in the first place and says they even brought a ball with her, which is strange since Bertram says he did not see anyone bring a ball with them...

Welsh throws the ball at Sharuru with immense strength and she says that is too fast and she dodged it, which Reu notices. Welsh tells her she has to catch it, and Sharuru says even an expert makes errors sometimes.

Kakeru says the ball is rolling over to where the rest of the party are, and Welsh apologizes and asks if they an get the ball.

When Nao picks up the ball, she says it looks funny. As it turns out, the 'ball' is actually Chou-Chou, already transformed into Li'l Chou-Chou Hyper, who says she is so dizzy. Nao is shocked when she asks if the ball is the munchkin, and Ryuto is shocked as well. As Syrma tells her Chou-Chou is on her head, she notices she is not there anymore. Alys asks how could she not notice and Shirogane scolds them, saying using Chou-Chou as a ball is going too far, but Chou-Chou Hyper says it is okay because she asked to play with her.

Supra asks if that is what they consider playing and if that is how they play in their world, but Sandy says no one from their world does that.

Chou-Chou Hyper says it is really fun and says she spins around all fast and then she goes flying, but when Sharuru throws, it is all slow. Welsh tells Nao to hurry up and Chou-Chou Hyper tells her to throw her to Welsh. When Nao asks if she is sure she wants her to throw her and she says yes because she is going to go and play some more. Nao then complies and throws Chou-Chou Hyper to Welsh, who catches her and thanks her. Nao says she is welcome and asks if they should really be letting the kids do that, but Marina asks why not, because Chou-Chou Hyper seems to enjoy being thrown around.

Bipolar FinaleEdit

Bipolar affinity icon
The final event begins with Chou-Chou already changed to Li'l Chou-Chou Bipolar who says Already. When Syrma asks what that means, she says it was nothing and she was just thinking how far they have already gotten. Nao asks how far and says this place does not look any different than anywhere else they have been, but Chou-Chou Bipolar disagrees with her, saying they are near the end and it did not take long. Tsukika says it took quite a while and Shirogane agrees with her, saying it was a rough journey as ever, and the other Chou-Chou's messed with them along the way, but Chou-Chou Bipolar says it was no time for her, asks why should she not mess with the party a little and says she barely gets the chance to come out like this. Marina says it seems like she has had plenty of chances and Dees says she would not say barely. Chou-Chou Bipola tells them to be quiet and says it is nothing compared to how much time Chou-Chou gets. Supra tells her to quit her complaining and asks what she is trying to say and she says she is not trying to say anything and she told them in the beginning it is nothing.

Onluka says they should try switching the beginning comments and ending comments, telling Chou-Chou Bipolar she barely gets the chance to come out, but that time is already coming to an end, and in other words, she feels lonely. Shocked, Chou-Chou asks what, if she is a total idiot, if she is lonely and says that is ridiculous and she is not making any sense. Bertram says she is easy to read. Chou-Chou Bipolar says she is wrong and tells them to listen to what she is saying. Alys tells her if she was just honest and says she is lonely, they would play with her more. As she is about to say and another thing, she is not easy to read, she asks what. Syrma says they don't have much else to do anyway, but Kakeru says they do and asks if they realize how urgent the situation is in the outside world, but Sandy says the flow of time moves much slower in the Mugen Field. Reu asks Chou-Chou Bipolar if she is lonely and asks if she wants to play with her and Welsh says she will play as well, then she will not be lonely anymore. Chou-Chou Bipolar is embarrassed. Elka says it is his duty to remove the pain and loneliness in all women, or rather it is not his duty, it is his destiny. Soul says that, as he comes to think of it, he has not given her a bikini in her size yet and it would be perfect for her when she goes play in the water. Supra, glaring, asks if he really prepared a bikini in her size. Chou-Chou Bipolar is still embarrassed. Alys tells her to admit it, to say she is lonely and to say she wants them to play with her more. As she starts to say she is lonely, Ryuto asks if Chou-Chou is finally going to be honest with herself. Syrma cheers her on, saying she can do it. As she is about to say she is really lonely, she screams really loud, which startles Syrma. Chou-Chou Bipolar says she will never say it, she is not lonely at all and asks how stupid are they. Syrma is in pain and says her ears hurt. Chou-Chou Bipolar says she can not deal with stupid idiots and calls them stupid two more times. Syrma tells her to stop shouting right in her ears.

As Chou-Chou Bipolar is calling the others stupid, as she does this a second time, she changes back into Li'l Chou-Chou Ego, continuing with the other syllable and asks why is she yelling. Syrma says her heart is pounding. Alys, disappointed, says she guesses it is not going to happen and says oh well. Dees says tha was her one chance to be honest, and she blew it. Ryuto says that is just how this particular Chou-Chou is.

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