List of glitches found in the original Mugen Souls.


Bugs that appear in the game that are advantageous to the player.

High combo Fever Time glitch (EN version confirmed)Edit

  • Confirmed to work on the physical copy using maximum Triple Counter Stop.
  • When an enemy that gets hit on the Fever Time orbs and falls on another enemy, it triggers the glitch.

Easy Peon Ball unseal from crystal effects (EN version confirmed)Edit

  • Confirmed to work on the digital release.
  • This will not unseal if the command gets unsealed, only from crystal effects. Requires form change. See video for a visualization.
  • After changing forms, the Peon Ball ability becomes temporarily availible for a few seconds.
  • Needs confirmation for "Skill Seal".

High tier Shampuru continent rewards from early chapters (all versions)Edit

  • Chapter 5 "Savage Lands" on Water World and Chapter 6 "Land of Legend" on Tree World drop Shampuru as much as Chapter 9 rewards.
    • Conquering these continents will give gaps between the lowest and highest tier Shampurus earned.
    • Charm levels and G-Castle stats will increase dramatically compared to continent rewards prior to Chapter 9 and will be very useful since the boss in Metal World heavily relies on the G-Castle.


Bugs in the game that have minimal effect on the game such as typos, lag etc.

Ditz and Graceful Moe Affinities (all versions)Edit

  • Some enemies do not use their correct attacks for these Moes as explained for two of the characters.
  • Tsukika is a Ditz but uses Graceful attacks and Elka and Marina are Graceful but use Ditz attacks.

Initial battle delay for large enemy groups (all versions)Edit

  • Happens late in the game when there are many enemies in Battle.
  • The delay goes away completely after several seconds then it runs normally.
  • Most noticeable for short battles with lots of enemies such as the Mugen Field.

Undisplayed numbersEdit

  • Happens on Mugen Souls (EN version only) when player gets Sun or Galaxy ranked Peon Ball due to language and font.
    • Numbers past 10,000 and 10,000,000 use the Japanese characters 万 and 億 which are not on the English version. All of the numbers display correctly but are missing these characters used on the Japanese counting system.
    • In Mugen Souls Z, the developers used "commas" instead.
  • Damage doesn't display display past 8 digits (all versions)
    • The counter stop in the original Mugen Souls stops at 99 million, any number past that will cut off any bigger digits on the front.
    • EX: 9,900,000,000 damage will display as 00,000,000 damage, cutting off any number past the 8th digit.

Peon Points Up Matter effectivenessEdit

  • Might not be a glitch but it works differently than other Matter of this type.
  • The maximum "plus value" this Matter can get is +150 but it's effectiveness will be the same as having it at +50.
  • Defeating an enemy without this Matter will normally grant 50 Peon Points, each value will increase the bonus by 1%. Every +2 is equal to +1 Peon Point.
    • At Peon Points+150, only 75 Peon Points are earned even though that is the same amount as having the Peon Points Up Matter at +50.

Serious glitchesEdit

Bugs that may break the game.

Stuck on loading screen (PS3/ disc read error, all versions)Edit

  • Extremely rare glitch that may or may not , unconfirmed to happen on the digital release.
  • Changing to another loading screen while the field is already loading will increase chances to get stuck on loading.
    • Highly recommended to install game data on the physical release to lessen load times.
  • The G-Castle has risky loading sections
    • Allows the character to move around the G-Castle while it is still loading.
    • Connects to the 7 Worlds, Mugen Field and 7 World Redux.
  • May rarely happen on Tree World, Land of Legend after battle.
    • Might get stuck before the field is loaded up.
    • Land of Legend has the most initial enemy spawns on screen out of the Seven Worlds.
      • The initial delay in Land of Legend battles might be a means of preventing map loading glitches.


  1. Unsealing the peon ball command that is sealed by a large crystal
  2. High fever hit combo glitch

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