Misleading creditsEdit

  • The credits say that Aly's JP VA is Yuki Tai but that's a male
  • The credits say that Elka's JP VA is Manami Numakura but that's a female

Jutaya or Jatayu?Edit

  • The giant Eagle types in Moon World are called Jutaya in English
    • Called ジャターユ (Jatayu) in Japanese for all birds.
  • Called Jatayu in Belleria battle and Mugen Field

Beru-gi or Berugi?Edit

  • Called Beru-gi in Water World but Berugi in the Mugen Field.

Shirotama or Black Mushroom?Edit

  • Called Shirotama in Metal World but called Black Mushroom in the Mugen Field.
  • This was fixed and called Black Mushroom in Mugen Souls Z .
See more at the Black Mushroom section of the Mugen Field.

Gangster Cat as an item?Edit

  • There is already an enemy in the Mugen Field called Gangster Cat that drops an item called "Gangster Cat on the English version.
  • In the English version of Mugen Souls Z, the item was correctly named to Gangster Mask.
  • In the Japanese version, the Gangster Cat drops a バンチョーマスク (Gangster Mask)

Meranoga or Meranaga?Edit

  • Called Meranoga in Sun World - Raisant on the English and Japanese version
  • Called Meranaga in the Mugen Field on the English version and there's two of them.
    • Other one called メラノガ (Meranoga) in the Mugen Field on the Japanese version
  • Meranoga might be the correct way

Multiple Names for the same mobs in the Mugen FieldEdit

  • Bakkon x2
    • The other one was alled ギッタン (Gittan) on the JP version
  • Dottan x2
    • The other one was called ドッスン (Dossun) on the JP version
  • Black Mushroom x2
    • The other one was called シロタマもん (Shirotama/ White Mushroom) on the JP version
  • Fuwacci x3
    • The other one was called ブルッチ (Burucchi)  on the JP version
    • The last one was called ガルッチ (Garucchi) on the JP version
  • Meranaga x2 and it's spelled differently from regular mobs
    • The other one was called マタンゴ (Matango) on the JP version
  • Shine Fish x2
    • The other one was called ディープフィッシュ (Deep Fish) on the JP version
      • The 7 World Redux "Shine Fish" on The Sun Goddess! Again! should also be renamed to Deep Fish.
  • Particle Cannon x2
    • The other one was called 高密度圧縮砲 (High Density Pressure Cannon) on the JP version.
      • The 7 World Redux "Particle Cannon" on Boss Returns battle 3 should also be renamed to High Density Pressure Cannon.
  • Green Lantern x2
    • The other one was called ブラックランタン (Black Lantern) on the JP version.

Beatin Stick used multiple times and as a blue gauntlet?Edit

  • Beatin Stick for the the blue gauntlet type weapons in the English version.
  • Beatin Stick already exists in the game as a Staff
  • The Japanese name for the other Beatin' Stick is  ぶっさし棍 (Stabbin' Cane)

Armor Skill Mastery matter?Edit

  • These are referring to the blue gauntlet-type weapons that Ryuto starts the game with.
  • 装甲術師範 is correctly translated as Armor Skill Mastery but Armor's don't have skills and it's more likely to be referring to a weapon.

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