Shampuru Overwhelming

Classification Fighter
Tier 15
Power 1594
So overwhelming because its power was sealed up.
— In-game description

Mugen Souls locationsEdit

  • Max that can be obtained by going through post game story is about 675.

Seven World ReduxEdit

Battle Round Monster Encounter rate Amount
The Sun Goddess! Again! True Sun Goddess Set x1 x10
Overwhelming Apocalypse 2 Soul Set x1 x15
Overwhelming Apocalypse 6 Marina Set x1 x15
Overwhelming Apocalypse 8 Ditz Set x1 x15
Overwhelming Apocalypse 9 Ancient Dragon Set x1 x15

Forced encounterEdit

Episode Battle Enemy Notes Amount
Post game - First wave Initial clone battle on G-Castle Shampuru x7 x5
Post game - First wave Fire World - Margis Baturei x4 x5
Post game - First wave Tree World - Amarnia Kobold General x4 x5
Post game - Chou-Chou clones Tree World - Land of Legend Bunny Mage x4 Lots of 1 hit KO skills and blast offs. x15

Mugen Souls Z locationsEdit

Shampuru are not found in the same location as the original game.


  • The Japanese name for this Shampuru is あっとうてき

See alsoEdit

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