NA MugenZ SE
Conquering a new galaxy and everything goes wrong!
Shortly after saving the world from the galaxy she had created, Chou-Chou and her peons travel onto an even bigger galaxy with 12 Worlds, representing the Zodiac. They get attacked several times by other entities in the 12 Worlds Galaxy but none of them stood a chance against her. When they land on the first planet, the first people they meet up with happen to this realm's hero, and the Ultimate God named Syrma. Chou-Chou ended up beating them senselessly without giving them a chance and really wanted to take the Ultimate God's special item which she warned to touch. Chou-Chou's greed caused her own demise as the item is very dangerous and capable of draining power from other planets and Ultimate Gods.

Chou-Chou's world domination plan ended up being a complete failure as all of her powers got sucked dry, making her tiny and unable to anything on her own which makes Syrma the controllable character in this game. She becomes friends with the new characters after they talk in the hot spring and explain their motives which involve the same process. There is only one hero and no known demon lords but each world on the 12 Worlds Galaxy is governed by an Ultimate God. During their travels, they meet an anti-hero who wants to save the world by killing the controllable main character Syrma as an ancient woman watches from afar since so she can understand everything that goes on the universe to compromise both sides. In the end, the team saved the galaxy from utter destruction and Chou-Chou got was her body back but they never really conquered any of the worlds as the Ultimate Gods never gave them up.

Peon Classes
Non-playable Characters
12 Worlds Galaxy

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