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Rose World
is a world in the 12 Worlds Galaxy that Syrma comes from and where the story begins. Chou-Chou and Ryuto arrive here after Nao. This world is centered around Virgo the Maiden.

Upon Returning to Rose World, an old mechanic, Blast Off, is introduced in Chapter Four. Another new mechanic, Coax, which is similar to the first game's Peon Command, is also introduced.

First ArrivalEdit

A God AwakensEdit

After the first G-Castle battle, a young heroine named Nao begins her search for a legendary weapon. At first, the player takes control of Nao and explores the area. Here we learn about the function of Crystals. In the first battle on Rose World Nao fights a Surprise Doll and a Towering Castle Wall and wins.

Syrma Awakens

Syrma, the ultimate god, awakens.

Later, Nao stumbles into a ruin and heads toward what appears to be a coffin. She feels like the weapon she's looking for is inside it and becomes scared when the coffin opens by itself. Nao believes the coffin is opening because she has appeared and is excited for whatever weapon will come out. However, when the coffin opens, it does not reveal a weapon, but rather a girl. She awakens and Nao wonders who she is. The girl, still exhausted, awakens from her slumber. Nao is shocked to see the girl in the coffin. The girl greets her and Nao replies. The girl tries to remember what happened before she fell asleep, but Nao yells at her, which startles the girl. Nao wonders who she is and why she was sleeping in a coffin in a ruin. The girl wonders why she asks many questions and is still feeling groggy from her nap but wonders who she is in return. Nao introduces herself as the Hero of the twelve worlds. The girl is excited and Nao says she's still new so she's not that great. Nao is on Cloud 9 until the girl asks what a hero is and gets mad. The girl explains that Nao was expecting a reaction. Nao thinks the girl is mocking her and thinks she must be a demon lord for doing so. The girl says she is not a demon lord since it sounds evil but Nao thinks that is the case. She wants the girl to admit she's the demon lord because she rose up before her and was sleeping in an evil looking coffin. The girl still says she's not and the reason is she remembers that she's a god. Nao is confused and asks to explain. The girl introduces herself as Syrma, the god of Rose World and greets her. Nao is shocked to hear this and Syrma asks her to respond to her. Nao asks if she's okay and Syrma asks what she means by that. Nao thinks that Syrma's claim as a god is ridiculous and Syrma thinks she's not okay and Nao agrees with her. Syrma then succumbs to hunger and feels dizzy, claiming she hasn't had a thing to eat since she fell asleep and falls on Nao, who is surprised. Syrma is so hungry she can not stand up. Nao tells her to get off and wonders what is with her.

The Undisputed God ArrivesEdit

After dropping off all her peons on their respective worlds to conquer them, Chou-Chou and Ryuto arrive on Rose World. Chou-Chou is excited and heads out first, with Ryuto follwing her. She tells her to hurry up if they want to beat the others and they're already behind thanks to Ryuto's driving. Ryuto tells her he had to drop everyone else off first but she dismisses that as an excuse and he's wasting more time talking about it. Now they head off to find whoever is in charge.

Elsewhere, Syrma and Nao are walking together. Even though Syrma is hungry, Nao informs her that her house is not far and to hold on. As Syrma apologizes to Nao she wonders how she got stuck with her. As Syrma tries to persevere, Nao asks her why she did not leave her coffin behind. Syrma tells her that she could never leave the coffin behind or she would be in big trouble. Nao wonders if the coffin is a legendary item and even though it looks like a normal coffin it might have a tremendous amount of magical power. Syrma tells her it's nothing like that and she would not have anywhere to sleep without it. Nao tells her that she's tired just talking to her but Syrma asks her not to say things like that. Nao asks what is with her politeness and thinks it is weird. Syrma tells her that she must show her her respect and appreciation for giving her food and saving her life. Nao tells her not to worry about it and her introduction was so weird it's silly to think about propriety. So Syrma decides to be more casual in the way she spoke, saying "Sure thing, pal!" and asks for her opinion. She tells her even though she doesn't have to be polite, and asks if it's too much to give her a nickname. Syrma wonders if that's bad saying first Nao wanted friendly and now she says it's too much. Nao gives up and tells her to call her whatever she wants. Syrma asks Nao what was she doing out here. Nao wonders about the question coming from someone in a coffin and tells her she's a hero. Syrma remembers that part. Nao figures that there might be a legendary weapon fit for a hero like her laying around somewhere. Syrma thinks it must be tough to be a hero and wonders if it's easy to find legendary stuff.Nao tells her she recently became a hero. Syrma wonders if that's how being a hero works and Nao agrees. She tells her that her village elder said that a super evil evil was getting ready to reveal itself and that moment awakened her hero's blood. Syrma is shocked upon hearing this and realizes being a hero is tough. Nao tells her that it's messed up how evil can appear out of nowhere, but she's still a new hero so she's enjoying the ride while she can.

Suddenly, she steps on something. It was a strange rabbit creature that shouted Puru. Nao wonders if she stepped on something, sees the creature and wonders if it's alive. Syrma looks at it and sees that it's crying. Nao tells her she had no clue that it was hiding down there. The creature keeps crying and Nao tells it to be quiet and worries that if someone saw her and the creature like that, they'd think she's a bully. Syrma consoles the creature and tells her everything will be fine, but Nao heard her call her heavy and rebuttled that she's not that heavy.

Suddenly, Ryuto informs Chou-Chou about something over where Syrma and Nao are and Chou-Chou is happy and tells him not to let them get away.

Clash! Undisputed God Vs. Ultimate GodEdit

Soon, Nao notices someone approaching her and Syrma. Syrma notices that it's a boy and a girl and thinks it's the creature's owner. The creature yells and Ryuto praises it for finding them, confusing the creature. Chou-Chou yells at them, asking why there's nobody on this world and if they have any idea how much time they've wasted here. Nao asks her why is she yelling at her about it. Syrma asks if they are the owners of the creature and Chou-Chou answers that it's not a pet it's her peon and they're all her peons. The creature is reunited with two more of it's kind. Nao notices there are so many of them. Syrma notices the creatures as well and thinks Chou-Chou must be a very important person. Chou-Chou tells her she's not just important, she's very, very, VERY important and to listen up and introduces herself as the overwhelmingly ultra-beautiful undisputed god that has come to conquer this world, Lady Chou-Chou. Syrma is impressed with the overwhelmingly ultra-beautiful something-something. Ryuto points out that Chou-Chou should not say that thing where everyone can hear her. Chou-Chou rebuttles by telling him she'd look like a chump if she didn't properly introduce herself. Ryuto tells her he was talking about the 'conquer the world' part. Nao wonders if she said she was here to conquer this world and if she is some kind of super evil evil. Chou-Chou replies by saying she isn't and Ryuto says this was what he was talking about. Nao says that Chou-Chou is trying to take over the world so she must be evil. Chou-Chou admits that she is here to conquer the world but she is not evil. Ryuto says that they have a pretty good argument and the creature somewhat agrees. Syrma tells Nao that she shouldn't fight but if she is evil it's her duty to defeat her. Nao tells Syrma she doesn't want to fight with her but she's talking so much bull she can't help but mess with her. Chou-Chou says she doesn't have time for any foolishness and she has to hurry up and conquer the world. Nao asks Chou-Chou if she is serious about conquering the world, just her, Ryuto and the creatures. The creature seems insulted. Chou-Chou tells her that she could take over this world by herself without breaking a sweat and asks who's in charge. Naio says she is a hero but Syrma says that, because she is a god, she has top authority. Chou-Chou realizes the two of them are the ones with the most authority. Chou-Chou is pleased that they found them though is disappointed that they don't fit the part. Ryuto tells her that, to be fair, their people don't fit their parts either, but it's crazy good luck. Chou-Chou says that she's just that good and she basically already won. Nao says that Chou-Chou is full of herself and Syrma says she looks happy. Chou-Chou then asks Syrma if she said she is a god and she says yes. She then asks if she is seriously a god and says she is seriously seriously a god. Chou-Chou pauses, says that Syrma can't be a god and orders her to be something else. Syrma asks how come and Chou-Chou tells her that the more gods there are the less important she'll seem and that there's only room for one god--her. Ryuto points out that they already have another god. Chou-Chou says that Bell does not count, she's her friend/peon. Syrma says she can't just stop and asks why can't she just stay a god and Chou-Chou says because she says so. Ryuto suggests that if it's going to be an issue, why not turn her into a peon. Chou-Chou says it's a great idea, it would solve the problem quickly and Ryuto had something worthwile to contribute. Of course Ryuto thanks her. Chou-Chou tells Syrma and Nao that it's time for them to become her peons. Nao tells her she keeps going on and on about peons and asks why would she work for some no-name punk like her. Chou-Chou takes it as an insult and tells her 'just you wait'. Syrma asks if they are gonna fight after all and Nao answers that if kids get carried away sometimes the only choice is to beat some sense into them. Syrma tries to stop them but Chou-Chou is ready for battle.

Alternate Scene: Chou-Chou and Ryuto DefeatedEdit

Conquest Failed

This happens when Syrma and Nao defeat Chou-Chou and Ryuto

If Syrma and Nao beat Chou-Chou and Ryuto, the latter are shocked to see this turn of events. Syrma and Nao will congradulate each other and the former will collapse from hunger while the latter will carry her to her house. Chou-Chou and Ryuto, still grieving over their defeat, wonder if its the end for them. Chou-Chou claims they cheated. A special CG image will appear.

Syrma and Nao DefeatedEdit

After the battle, Chou-Chou tells Nao and Syrma they are no match for her and Ryuto says he knew she could beat them. Syrma is sad that they lost and Nao wonders what her deal is saying she's really strong. Chou-Chou says that she is the undisputed god and asks Ryuto what kind of moe gets them on. Ryuto asks how would he know and Chou-Chou asks how does he not know and he's the one who suggested she make them her peons. Ryuto acknowledges this but has no answer. Chou-Chou sayd that it's classic for him to be useless in a clutch and he says it's completely not fair. Nao points out they are arguing and this would be a good time to exit but Syrma says that everything hurts and she can't move and Nao agrees saying she can't move either. Chou-Chou gets frustrated and says she beat the both of them fair and square and orders them to hurry up and become her peons. However, Nao declines saying she could never work for someone like her and Syrma agrees with Nao. Just as Chou-Chou's patience was about to run out, she notices something and asks Syrma what it is she's dragging around with her. Syrma tells her it's a coffin and puts it down. Chou-Chou asks Ryuto what a coffin is and it looks awesome. Ryuto tells her that it's something they put dead people in. Chou-Chou says it doesn't make sense to her but it's awesome either way and orders Syrma to give her her coffin. However, Syrma says she can't do that because it's really important to her. Chou-Chou tells her not to be selfish and that whatever belongs to her peons belongs to her. Nao tells her to knock it off because Syrma said no and askswhat does she need a coffin for anyway. Chou-Chou answers so she can stuff Ryuto inside and he pleads Chou-Chou not to do that. Chou-Chou asks once again to let her have it but Syrma says she can keep asking but she's going to keep saying no. Chou-Chou then asks if she can have it for just a little while but Syrma is not sure what she means by that. Chou-Chou then asks if she can look inside and wonders how can she open it. Syrma tells her not to touch it but also says she has no idea how to open it either. Nao pauses and asks Ryuto to remind her if they did come here to conquer the world, to which Ryuto tells her that Chou-Chou has never been very good at keeing her eye on the prize. Chou-Chou wonders if they can remove the chains and the coffin opens. Syrma is amazed by this revelation. The coffin opens. Chou-Chou takes a look inside and notices the interior is pitch black. Suddenly a light begins to shine and a mysterious force pulls Chou-Chou inside.

Dawn of Li'l Chou-ChouEdit

Syrma warns Chou-Chou not to go inside and it is not good. Chou-Chou says that it wasnt her, something grabbed her and she can not get out. Ryuto wonders what she's doing in there but the lid of the coffin slams shut. Chou-Chou wonders why she closed the lid but Syrma tells her she didn't. Nao and Ryuto both notice that the coffin closed itself. Chou-Chou tells everyone that it's pitch black inside, she can not see a thing and wants Syrma to open it, however Syrma not only forgets how she opened it but can't open it. Suddenly, Just as Chou-Chou said she was blind as a bat, something slimy crawls all over her body. Nao hears a serious scream and wonders if she is okay. Ryuto wonders what is going on inside. Chou-Chou explains that she doesn't know, just that a bunch of things just came from out of nowhere and grabbed onto her, and they are drippy, gooey, squirmy and gross. Soon, Ryuto gets overexcited about what is going on inside and begins to have a nosebleed with his noseblood gushing out like a waterfall. Nao demands to know why his nose was bleeding. Syrma is panicing and says they need to wipe up the mess. Chou-Chou tells them to forget about him, she's the one in real trouble and they have to hurry up. Suddenly, the slimy things sap her strength and she screams. Ryuto's nose just gets bloodier, but then he regains his composure and declares he will save her. Suddenly, there is silence. Ryuto does not hear anything, Nao replies that Chou-Chou is not answering. Ryuto calls out for Chou-Chou but she does not answer. Syrma keeps trying to open the coffin but it still would not budge until the it opened by itself, which Syrma points out.

Ryuto is poised to save Lady Chou-Chou. Nao wonders if she is dead. Ryuto looks inside and sees that she is gone. Nao tells him not to be ridiculous and sees for herself. She then sees that he is right, Chou-Chou is gone. Syrma says that it is silly and has a look as well, and the result is the same. Ryuto is shocked and he starts to freak out saying that what happened can not be happening, asks where Chou-Chou is, turns to Syrma and demands to know what she did with her. Syrma replies that she does not know. Ryuto then demands Syrma to bring back Chou-Chou, but Syrma tells him she does not know where she is. Nao was amazed that she disappeared... until she noticed something stuck on the back of the lid. Ryuto does not care until Nao points out that there is a thing that has the same color hair as Chou-Chou. Ryuto calms down and notices the thing saying Nao was right and that it looks like a pink dumpling.

Pink Dumpling

Chou-Chou Shrunk

As it turns out, the thing stuck on the back of the lid was Chou-Chou, shrunk down and covered in pink slime. Syrma and Nao were surprised. Ryuto wonders why she is so tiny and Syrma tells him that is a good question. Ryuto is angry at the fact Syrma acted like she doesn't care. As he looks at how small and stick she is Ryuto begins to laugh hysterically. Nao wonders if he is enjoying this and he says he can't help it, since she's no bigger than a Shampuru, she's too cute. The shampuru notices this. Syrma looks her over and says she is alive but wonders if she's okay. Ryuto, now back to his senses, says he has no time to savor the moment and that they need to get her home quickly. When Nao asks what he means by home, Ryuto refers to G-Castle, their base of operations and that it's parked near where they are. Syrma is amazed.

Relaxing in the Spring and BowlEdit

Resting in the Bath

What happened?

The party then enter the hot spring, however, because Chou-Chou, now Li'l Chou-Chou, is so small, she might sink like a rock. So, on the girls side, Syrma takes a noodle bowl, fills it with hot spring water and the bowl floats on the water's surface. She puts Chou-Chou in and she is revived. Chou-Chou declares she is alive. Ryuto, on the boys side, asks Chou-Chou how she feels, meaning if she's too hot or too cold. Chou-Chou tells him the water could be warmer and Ryuto complies. Syrma and Nao are silent as Chou-Chou demands more hot water as she is lukewarm. Chou-Chou orders them to pay attention. Syrma apologizes, explains she was beholding the spring and she never imagined that Chou-Chou could install an amazing bathhouse in G-Castle.

Nao wonders who exactly Chou-Chou is and she tells her she's the overwhelmingly ultra-beautiful undisputed god of the universe as she stated before. Nao is puzzled wondering if a dinky thing taking a bath in a food dish is seriously some kind of undisputed god. Chou-Chou is insulted and she tells them that it's their fault. She then demands an explaination as to what happened back on Rose World. Nao tells her not to look at her and that it was Syrma's fault. Syrma tries to argue, but she says she is right. Because she's had a bath, her head becomes more clear and she starts to remember things. Nao asks Syrma if she was still groggy the whole time and she says that she was asleep for a long time and it takes a while for her to wake up. Chou-Chou, impatiently, tells her to explain what happened to her.

Syrma explains from the start that she is a god like Chou-Chou, whom she calls "Chouchers", specifically, she's the ultimate god. Chou-Chou interrupts, taking this as a blow to her pride thinking that an ultimate god might be stronger than undisputed god. Syrma wonders about it but Nao tells her to get back on track. Syrma asks Nao if she does not believe her and she answers that she did beat her and now she's a god on the same level as her.Chou-Chou agrees with her saying that someone as weak as her can't be a real god. Syrma further explains that there are twelve ultimate gods. She explains to a confused Chou-Chou that, even though her memory is hazy, there wasjust one god at one point but something happened and they got scattered everywhere. Now she has to return to her single-god form. Nao ponders over the fact that each of the twelve worlds has a respective ultimate god and tells the others that it's more than just a coincidence. Chou-Chou asks why does she want to return to her old form and if they will combine and transform. Syrma tells her that is not the case and this is where her coffin comes in with a tada and Nao tells her it's too late for tadas. Syrma explains that the coffin is a tool necessary for returning the scattered gods back into a single form, and by abbsorbing the power of any ultimate god that enters and once all twelve have gone inside they'll turn back.

Chou-Chou interrupts her saying that was the reason it absorbed her powers. Syrma agrees with her and wonders if it absorbs any god that finds their way in. Chou-Chou demands that Syrma give her powers back. Syrma says she would love to, and does not want it anyway, but for some reason it won't come out. Chou-Chou wonders what she meant by that and that she was the one who took them in the first place. Syrma apologizes and says that since she wasn't an ultimate god, something went wrong. Chou-Chou says that Syrms is overstepping her boundaries by calling her Chouchers. Syrma tells her because she is cute and tiny she needed a cute nickname but Chou-Chou tells her she does not get to call her that. Nao interrupts to get them back on track and asks Syrma that if she can't give Chou-Chou her powers back will she remain this way forever. Chou-Chou deems this unacceptable and orders Syrma to give her her powers back. Syrma tells her the coffin is at full capacity since Chou-Chou had so much power to absorb and surmises that if they can absorb a proper ultimate god's power, Chou-Chou's power might leak out. Chou-Chou then got a swolen ego saying her power was too much for the coffin to handle. Nao was amazed that that was all it took to convince her and says that it does not make much sense to her, making one god's power leak out by absorbing another god's. Syrma adds sound effects for visualization but Chou-Chou tells her not to saying it sounds wrong for some reason and saying squirt is a billion times worse. Nao asks what will she do and if she will go with her on her quest. Chou-Chou answers of course and she needs to track down the ultimate gods and get her body back. Syrma is happy the Chou-Chou is coming with her but Chou-Chou tells her not to call her Chouchers. Nao wonders what she should do, saying it's not like she has to go with them but it seems dangerous to let them run loose, and a new adventure and free access to a bathhouse is not half bad. Ryuto wonders if he can join the conversation but bathtime is already over.

Then a music video plays.

Rose WorldEdit

"A cute world of flowers and a Japanese castle."

Return to Rose WorldEdit

Rose World symbol

Rose World's Symbol.

Once the party returns to Rose World, Li'l Chou-Chou says they are here. Reu is happy that she gets to explore a new world, but Shirogane tells her to stop going crazy every time they go outside and tells Tsukika Izayoi to hold the rope Reu is tied to tight, which she complies. Li'l Chou-Chou says it's time to get started with her plan, which Syrma points out she hasn't told anyone and Nao tells her to tell everyone. Li'l Chou-Chou tells everyone that is what she is doing now and asks if anyone remembers how they left this world before they could make it into her peon, which Ryuto remembers. Nao says there was no reason to as they already have the world's ultimate god, Syrma, with them, the latter saying she does not think there is any other god on this world besides her. Li'l Chou-Chou says that is not what she is getting at because she's looking at a bigger picture. If she can peonify this world, all three worlds in the area will all become her peon, which Syrma guesses so but is not sure how she feels about her planet becoming a peon. When Nao asks what this has to do with G-Castle going any faster or slower, Li'l Chou-Chou says that if she would let her finish, they make them all peons and then move the group of Scarlet World, White World and Rose World closer to the next group of planets, and so they set off to do so.

First Planet Spot ConqueredEdit

Rose World map (empty)

Map of Rose World.

After peonifying the first Planet Spot, Li'l Chou-Chou says everything is going smoothly and Syrma agrees saying it's smooth as silk. Nao apologizes for raining on their parade and asks if it is possible to move three worlds to an entirely different place. Li'l Chou-Chou says yes annd asks what she is saying right now. Nao asks where her confidence comes from and says that if she thinks about it, moving worlds should be impossible. Ryuto points out that Chou-Chou moved continents before so maybe it could be the same thing, but Nao points out that a continent and a world are on a completely different scale. Reu is happy because she liked it when the ground shook. Tsukika complimented Reu, but Nao reprimands them asking if they think this will actually work. Syrma asks her why she is so mad and Shirogane tells her that she should not be so short tempered and she should live more generously while she is still young.Nao gets mad and tells them it's all their fault and says that she's the only one in the group with any common sense and asks where she got the idea of moving three worlds at once. Li'l Chou-Chou says that if she can't move one peonified world, then they need to peonify all three. Frustrated, Nao tells them to forget it and says she feels like an idiot trying to be the only reasonable one in the group. Ryuto tells her to just get used to it and that if she hangs around with Chou-Chou for a while, she can learn to ignore most things. When Syrma giggles, Li'l Chou-Chou asked why and the former says that remark was mean and she was thinking it was her world and the thought made her happy and as she mentioned before, she has been asleep for a long time so she does not know anything about her world. Li'l Chou-Chou says she did mention it before but the world will be hers soon enough. Syrma tells her she can't do that because it's her world and Chou-Chou reminds her that it's her power that will peonify it so it will belong to her but Syrma tells her she is the one doing it and Chou-Chou tells her that it's too bad cause the world is all hers. This causes Syrma to cry which Li'l Chou-Chou tells her that she does not need to. Shirogane tells her to look at her and Reu says she's a bully, and Tsukika says that Chou-Chou always says things like that and not to worry about it. Surprised, Chou-Chou asks why they are all ganging up on her, but she gives in and tells Syrma she can have Rose World. Syrma thanks her and she tells her that if she thinks about it, she's her peon anyway and anything that belongs to her peons belongs to her. Syrma tells her she does not want to be her peon and Chou-Chou tells her to stop being difficult. Nao tells her that of all the people in the universe, she is the last person who should be saying that. With that, they continue on.

Encounter with OnlukaEdit

After obtaining 50% of Rose World's Planet Energy, Syrma says they're done here and her world is pretty big. Nao says that it would be faster if they could take the ship, but Li'l Chou-Chou says it's fine and it is way better than sitting around the ship dying of boredom. Nao agrees, sort of and says she is not in a big hurry and suddenly remembers something. When Ryuto asks what, Nao says she forgot about it and asks about the guy who said he will come and kill her. Syrma remembers him as well and says she almost forgot about that. Surprised, Shirogane asks if someone wants to kill her. His reaction is natural because it's the first time he, Tsukika and Reu heard this, but Syrma does not know why though. Shirogane says that is a coincidence and recalls when he was being hunted by Tsukika, who says that was a misunderstanding. Reu does not take that bit of information well and glares and growls at her. Tsukika tells her to stop that because she would never kill him. Nao tells them not to get sidetracked and says that if they take things easy, he might show up and get in their way again, which Ryuto agrees saying he did say he would be back. Syrma agrees as well saying it would be a problem, especially since she did not do anything, but Li'l Chou-Chou tells them not to worry because even if he does show up, they can beat him again. Nao reminds the others that they did drive him off last time but if he really tried he could crush Chou-Chou who is dinky and she reminds her not to call her dinky and even if she is small, there is no one in the galaxy that could crush her. Reu asks if she can try crushing her but Shirogane tells her not to joke around. Ryuto says that being hip-deep in conversations like this, they would expect a well-timed enemy appearance right at this point.

Little did he know, he was right as suddenly, the woman who attacked Chou-Chou and co. right at the start appeared in midair and right above them. Curious, she asked herself what she is doing up there and warns the party below her to watch out and starts falling. Syrma and Chou-Chou do not notice and she literally crashes onto them, causing them to be in pain.

After she picks herself up, she brushes herself off and says that her warping power still needs a few adjustments and it is a useful ability but it needs work. Syrma recovers and asks what happened. The lady apologizes saying she did not mean any harm. Tsukika asks where Chou-Chou is and sees her crushed flat again. Syrma points it out and the lady says she did step on something but it was so small she did not notice at first. Ryuto freaks out saying she got flattened and asks if she's okay. Shirogane surmises that she can get crushed and asks the lady who she is. When she asks if it's her they are referring to, Nao asks who else they could be talking about and points out that she appeared out of thin air. The lady tells them not to worry about that, and that she meant to observe them from afar and she was not planning to drop in the middle of the group like she did. Nao asks who she is and where she came from or if she has any intention of telling them her name, and the lady answers saying that it generally would have been the time to introduce herself but she is careless since he only calls her you so she is out of practice. Suddenly, Li'l Chou-Chou recovers saying she thought she was going to die. Syrma is surprised Chou-Chou puffed back up, Ryuto is relieved since he was worried she would be a sheet of paper for the rest of her life. Angered, Chou-Chou asks what did she crush her for. The lady says that from here on, she will refer to herself as Onluka and when she says it out loud, it's not a bad name. Curious about the name, Syrma calls her "Lookie-Lou". Surprised, she says she can call her whatever she likes. Angry, Chou-Chou tells her not to ignore her, and she asks what her problem is, saying that they asked what her name was so she told them. Li'l Chou-Chou asks her if she is on the same side as Ace whom she refers to as that guy but she has no idea who she is talking about and Syrma reminds her of his name which she remembers. She tells them that if they are asking whether they are allies, the answer is no but they do know each other. Annoyed, Li'l Chou-Chou asks why can't she give them a straight answer and Ryuto says she does seem pretty evasive. Shirogane agrees with him saying he can't tell if she is feigning ignorance or what. Tsukika asks Reu if Onluka smelled dangerous but she says she can't tell. So Shirogane says she is not an enemy at least. Nao says she is not sure how trustworthy her nose is and asks Onluka why is she here and what she wants from them. She points to Syrma and asks for her name. She does so and Onluka says names are useful and she will be sure to remember that and that she has the power to return to a single ultimate god. Surprised, Syrma asks how she knew that and Nao tells her that she said she knew Ace so it's not that surprising. Annoyed, Li'l Chou-Chou asks why she didn't ask about her to and just as she was about to make her introduction, Onluka tells her she already knows about her, but she is annoyed and tells her to let her finish saying her introduction. Ryuto tells her to settle down and that it goes to show how famous she is here and Shirogane tells her that she should be happy. She complies and says it's only to be expected. Intrigued, Onluka notes how the others treat the undisputed god and reminds herself to keep it in mind for future reference. Nao asks when she will answer her question and asks again what she is doing here. She tells them that as she said her intention was to observe them from afar, but since it came to this she had no choice but to attack with magic.

Everyone was shocked to see this, prompting Syrma to ask what that was and Tsukika to ask if that was magic. Reu tells everyone that Onluka smelled like trouble, but Shirogane tells her it's a little late for warnings. Angered, Li'l Chou-Chou asked what the meaning of that was and she says that she thought it would be fun to have a quick little contest. Concerned, Syrma asks why they should have one she tells her to think of it as a bit of entertainment to pass the time and it is no big deal. Syrma tells her that that was not some entertainment and it was incredibly powerful magic. Nao says that it looks like she is their enemy after all and wonders why she did not just say it in the first place. The party prepares their weapons and Li'l Chou-Chou asks if that was right and says that if she is an enemy, they don't have to hold back and to get her. As Syrma tries not to fight, Reu says she will do her best. Onluka tells them she would appreciate it if they were to go easy on her and attacks again, shocking Syrma.

Onluka DefeatedEdit

After the battle, Onluka surrenders and says she is clearly no match for the party by herself. Syrma is relieved saying that was scary. Li'l Chou-Chou says that se wasn't to bad but since she won, she has to become her peon, however, she tells her that she does not remember agreeing to anything like that but now she sees how Surma uses Chou-Chou's power, thinks it's interesting and says she is glad that she has lived as long as she has to see it.  Shirogane asks what she is talking about and points out that she still looks young to him but she does talk like a fancy old lady. She thanks him but tells him that she is impervious to flattery and she is actually older than him, which Tsukika is shocked to hear. Ryuto, also shocked, asks if she is in her 40's and she looks like that, and Shirogane tells them he's not even 30 yet. Onluka tells them that she is much older and she would be 1,000 or even 10,000 times older. Syrma is also shocked and tries to do the math Reu says she's a lot older and Nao comes to the conclusion that she is not actually human and asks her if she is an ultimate god. Syrma asks this question as well and she fears she may have sais too much. Surprised, Li'l Chou-Chou asks if she is an ultimate god and if she is then she has to go into the coffin. However, she says that not that it is not interesting she will have to pass on it for now. Li'l Chou-Chou reminds her that because she lost, she has to do whatever she tells her too and she rebuttles by reminding her she never agreed to those terms. When Syrma asks her something, she says that saying her nickname again is embarrassing. Syrma asks her that if she is an ultimate god she should want to return to normal so why does she not want to get in the coffin, so Onluka tells her that there are twelve ultimate gods and not all of them are human but with so many, they arre akll bound to have different views on things and that naturally, some of them might not want to go back to being a single ultimaue god. Shocked, Syrma says something terrible will happen if they don't. When she asks what kind of something terrible it is, she says she does not remember yet. She tells her it can wait until she does remember, but she says that even if she does not remember the details, she knows it's important. However, she tells her not to worry, they will meet again before too long and bids them farewell and disappears. Tsukika is surprised to see that. Reu wonders where she went. Annoyed, Li'l Chou-Chou says she got away because they just stood there. Annoyed, Syrma asks if she is blaming it all on her. Shirogane says she vanished without a sound and wonders how she did that. Ryuto brings up an unrelated topic as it reminds him of when Marina Cannonvale would get totally lost. Shirogane agrees with him recalling that she would disappear all of a sudden. Nao tells Syrma that she is appearing on a lot of people's radar and she says she didn't do anything to anyone. Nao thinks that maybe she is actually a villain and just does not remember. Syrma ends up being confused saying she thinks she is probably not a bad girl and Nao says if it turns out she is she will do heroic duty and cut her in half and Syrma tells her not to say stuff like that.

Planet Spot Requirements:Edit

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
01 It's troubled by shackles… Move Seal Nhaos x2 10% Default
02 You don't even have 250 enemy KOs… Defeat 250 20% Default
03 It likes quiet girls… Captivate: Terse 15% Default
Ultimate Vault icon
You don't even have 230 enemy KOs… Defeat 230 20% Planet Energy 30%+
05 You'll need about 70 x 3 enemy KOs… Defeat 210 15% Default
06 It likes airheads… Captivate: Ditz 25% Default
07 It wants a fruity smelling shampoo… Melon Shampoo 45% Planet Energy 110%+
08 It wants some shoes that makes you feel barefoot… Ankle Socks 30% Default
09 It likes proper, well behaved girls. Captivate: Graceful 60% Planet Energy 110%+
Ultimate Snag icon
It wants a cute, mean girl… Captivate: Ego 60% Clear Chapter 10

100% RewardsEdit

  • 1,208 G
  • 875 Mugen Points
  • Grow Grow Shampoo x3
  • Sparkle Shampoo x3
  • Full-Bodied Shampoo x3
  • Iron x 30
  • Newbie Nurse x30
  • Dust Bunny x 15

300% RewardsEdit

  • 62,658 G
  • 29,210 Mugen Points
  • Mango Shampoo x2
  • Peach Shampoo x2
  • Cherry Blossom Soap x2
  • Well Done x50
  • Slicey x50
  • Colorful x20

Field ItemsEdit


  • Warding Powder
  • Ounce O' Soup
  • Braised Tofu
  • Full Bodied Shampoo
  • Power Pill
  • Dragon Shot
  • Sparkle Soap
  • Sugar Candy
  • Thin Apron
  • Out Mirror
  • Sour Milk
  • Buzz Buzz Spear
  • Savvy Shampoo
  • Swift Pill
  • Mini Ribbon Headband
  • Sour Milk (Requires Ultimate Vault Power-Up)
  • Fried Eggs x2 (Requires Ultimate Vault Power-Up)
  • Cool Sunglasses (Requires Ultimate Vault Power-Up)
  • Flighty Shampoo
  • Spirit Pill
  • Cotton Panties
  • Ounce o' Soup x2 (Requires Ultimate Swim)
  • Ginger Pork x2 (Requires Ultimate Swim)
  • Maid Cap (Requires Ultimate Swim)

Ultimate Snag TreasureEdit

Note: This Treasure requires a boost in Ultimate Snag to obtain and Ultimate Swim to get to.

  • Dive Flute
  • Apple Candy
  • Furry Vest

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Silver Ingot
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Rice Omelette

Spica RuinsEdit

"Dreamlike ruins with soft light floating through stained glass."

Spica Ruins map (empty)

Spica Ruins Map

The Spica Ruins are a set of ruins named after the brightest star in the Virgo constellation. Here, Syrma and co learn about the last mechanic to learn, Fever Mode.

Bringing Them TogetherEdit

After acquiring 100% Planet Power, Li'l Chou-Chou says they wasted some time thanks to Onluka but now they should be good to go soom. Syrma absorbs the Planet's Power and after a flash of light, Ryuto says nothing is happening. Li'l Chou-Chou asks what is going on and asks if Syrma is messing with her. She tells her she did it and she felt something. Suddenly, the ground shakes as the group of worlds in the purple cluster start to move. Nao notices this and wonders if it will seriously move. Li'l Chou-Chou says she was worried but she pulled it off. Shirogane says he's not surprised by anything she does anymore. Reu is happy the world is shaking, but Tsukika tells her it's no time to be celebrating and to grab on to something. Suddenly, the ground stopps moving, which Reu notices. Tsukika asks if they are at the next group of worlds. Shirogane guesses so as he says the tremors lasted for a long time. Li'l Chou-Chou says it took longer than expected, but it worked. Syrma says she felt like an ultimate god but Chou-Chou reminded her that it was thanks to her powers so she's the incredible one, not her. When Syrma argues saying she was the one who did it and asks if they can say it was her power, Li'l Chou-Chou says no. Nao says that everyone is acting nonchalant as always since she just pulled off something unbelievable, but Ryuto tells her that it's pointless to expect Chou-Chou to get wound up about stuff like this. Nao guesses so and says it's sad that she's getting used to it. And Li'l Chou-Chou proclaims that thanks to her, they are finally at the next group of worlds and they should conquer the next once really quick. Syrma asks if they can say about half of it was thanks to her.

Little do they know Onluka was still here all along spying on them. She says that she was able to witness something quite unbelievable, she had no idea she could move worlds and that Ace may be in a little over his head.

Planet Spot RequirementsEdit

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
01 You'll need about 330 - 5 enemy KOs. Defeat 325 35% Planet Energy 85%+
02 It enjoys dominating others… Captivate: Masochist 10% View 2nd Spica Ruins event
03 It's troubled by some kind of virus… Virus Nhaos x3 10% View 2nd Spica Ruins event
04 You don't even have 280 enemy KOs… Defeat 270 15% View 2nd Spica Ruins event
05 It's looking for a short sword you'd be insulted to equip… Fool's Dual Blades 20% View 2nd Spica Ruins event
06 You'll need about 60 x 5 enemy KOs. Defeat 300 20% View 2nd Spica Ruins event
07 It's into complicated girls… Captivate: Bipolar 20% View 2nd Spica Ruins event
08 It wants to play with an energetic girl. This is tough… Captivate: Hyper 60% Planet Energy 150%+
09 It wants a staff that's also like a gun. This is tough… Gun Staff 60% Planet Energy 150%+
10 It enjoys especially cruel treatment… Captivate: Sadist 50% View 2nd Spica Ruins event

100% RewardsEdit

  • 1,639 G
  • 1,099 Mugen Points
  • Hard Shampoo x3
  • Savvy Shampoo x3
  • Heart Shampoo x3
  • Pop Gun x 40
  • Iron x40
  • Dust Bunny x20

300% RewardsEdit

  • 2,354 G
  • 1,659 Mugen Points
  • Cosmos Soap x2
  • Viola Soap x2
  • Silver Ore x1
  • Magical x50
  • Sheltered x50
  • Sham-Meow x20

Field ItemsEdit


  • Sugar Candy
  • Spirit Pill
  • Fried Eggs x2
  • Poison Nahos
  • Power Pill
  • Display Sword
  • Darkness Nahos
  • Sour Milk x2
  • Plastic Vest
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Skill Seal Nahos
  • Sugar Candy
  • Warding Powder
  • Sleep Nhaos
  • Simple Boots
  • Rubber Swimsuit
  • Dive Bell
  • Swift Pill

Ultimate Snag TreasureEdit

Note: To obtain these treasures, Syrma must obtain Ultimate Snag in Chapter 6

  • Out Mirror
  • Drinkable Yogurt
  • Round Glasses
  • Virus Nhaos x2
  • Braised Tofu
  • Bolt Buster

Ultimate Hunt TreasureEdit

Note: To obtain this treasure, Syrma must obtain Ultimate Hunt in Chapter 7 or later.

  • Cherry Blossom Soap
  • All Paralysis Nhaos
  • Skull Ribbon Heels

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Bronze Ticket
  • Silver Ingot
  • Dual Knighted Blades


  • The battle of Syrma and Nao vs. Ryuto and Chou-Chou is not only a forced loss battle, it's a battle the player is supposed to lose. The battle also has a 10-turn limit and Chou-Chou's stats are all over one million.

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