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Sapphire World is a world in the 12 Worlds Galaxy that is visited by Syrma and co. This world is centered around the star sign of Gemini the Twins. Its ultimate god is a pair of twin, female, flying dragons. One named Gemini Blue Wing and the other named Gemini Red Wing. The scouts from the previous cast sent to Sapphire World in search for the ultimate god are Welsh Cocott and her sister Sharuru Cocott.

Sapphire WorldEdit

"A bright, snowy world with crystal growths here and there."

Scarlet World AftermathEdit

Sapphire World symbol

Sapphire World's Symbol.

While Ryuto wonders how everyone else is doing, here, Welsh and Sharuru encounters two dragons named Gemini (Blue Wing) and Gemini (Red Wing). Welsh thinks the dragons are cute and wants Gemini Blue Wing and asks Sharuru if it's okay. She says it is no problem and decides to take Gemini (Red Wing). Welsh is happy and she introduces herself to her new friend and says they are going to be best pals and says it worked out perfectly. She also says that if there was only one they would have to fight for it. Sharuru agrees saying she would not show her mercy, even if she was her younger sister. Welsh claims it isn't fair and she could never bring herself to fight her full force. Sharuru warns her to be careful saying that her kindness might be her downfall one day. Gemini (Red Wing) licks Sharuru's face, which the latter tells the former not to do, but Sharuru tells Gemini (Red Wing) not to get upset and that she is cute and proclaims that from that day forward she will be her servant.

An Invader ArrivesEdit

When Ace is let off on Sapphire World by his dragon, Gemini (Blue Wing) senses danger. Startled, Welsh tells her to stop squirming or she'll hit her head. Gemini (Red Wing) also senses it, but Welsh tells both of them to knock it off. Sharuru sats they are trying to tell them that their world is being invaded. Welsh, curious, asks if she is sure and Gemini (Red Wing) says yes. Welsh is amazed that Sharuru can understand what they're saying, and she says such a task is no challenge for her. Welsh wonders who it could be and thinks it's Chou-Chou and that they must have caught up with them. Sharuru says there is no way to know for sure but if it is someone who intends to do them harm then she will make them regret ever setting foot on this world.

Welsh Goes AloneEdit

Before Syrma and co. arrive, Welsh says that Chou-Chou and the others sure are taking a long time and shhe is bored. Gemini (Blue Wing) wines and Welsh asks if she is bored as well and says they can play and she complies. Sharuru says no and she needs to settle down. Welsh says she is so mean. Gemini (Blue Wing) whimpers, and Sharuru says she is not being mean, Chou-Chou and the others will be here soon. Excited, Welsh asks if Chou-Chou is on her way and Sharuru says she may have been released, but she was still a peon once, and she can sense her presence with little problem. Welsh says she is lucky and asks if she will be able to sense her as well if she became her peon. Sharuru tells her to think before she speaks, saying that Chou-Chou has become an evil demon plotting to destroy them, and this entire world. Welsh remembers, but still finds it hard to believe, saying Chou-Chou would never do something like that. Sharuru reminds her that she did conquer their world, once upon a time, Welsh says she did it to save them, and asks if she still likes Chou-Chou, but Sharuru says that what was before, was before and says now she is their enemy and allowing emotions to cloud her judgment will only hurt her in the end. Welsh says okay and she will take her word for it. Gemini (Blue Wing) barks. Welsh asks Gemini (Blue Wing) what is wrong, thinks she must be thirsty and asks Sharuru if they can go to the lake. Sharuru says it is fine as long as they hurry back. Happy, Welsh gets on Gemini (Blue Wing) and the two go off to the lake. As they leave, Sharuru says she will have her revenge on Chou-Chou for taking advantage of her. Gemini (Red Wing) growls and Sharuru says she has high expectations of her and says to serve her well.

First ArrivalEdit

Sapphire World map (empty)

Sapphire World's Map looks like Gemini.

After landing on Sapphire World, Chou-Chou and Syrma are still pressing Onluka for answers with Chou-Chou telling her to hurry up and tell them already and Syrma telling her to tell them. Onluka tells them to stop pestering her and like she said she can't tell them and asks is someone going to stop them, but Nao tells her it is her fault for holding out on them, Bertram Demetrius Bloomfield apologizes and says she brought it on herself, and Reu says it is her (Luka's) fault. Onluka says they are an unreliable group of people and Alys Levantine says she should give up and talk already. Marina Cannonvale agrees with her saying once Chou-Chou gets like this, she won't give up easily. Sandy Sunshine tries to get attention and Supra tells her if she has something to say, she should just say it. She says she will say it and tells everyone this is no time for idle chit-chat. Soul Skyheart is still brooding. When Elka asks him what is wrong, he tells him to leave him alone. When Chou-Chou asks Sandy what is with the sudden outburst, she reminds them of what happened on Jade World, saying she was deceived someone named Ace, adding that he convinced her Syrma was an enemy and so Welsh and Sharuru must think the same thing. Chou-Chou agrees, saying those two might attack them. Tsukika Izayoi has an idea: Those two could be friends with Reu, who is curious about what friends are. Shirogane says they are talking about how they could be deceived as well. Kakeru says fighting amongst allies is such a sad fate. Ryuto asks if they would be deceived so easily, especially Sharuru. Dees agrees with him saying Sharuru is more level headed than Sandy, who tells her that is a cruel insult.

After getting the water, Welsh, mounted on Gemini (Blue Wing), says everyone really came and even though she sees Ryuto and Soul, does not see Chou-Chou and asks where she is. Suddenly, Gemini (Blue Wing) barks wildly. Welsh tries to stay on and tells her not to go off on her own, but she still barks wildly.

Marina says she hears a dog barking. Reu, curious asks if it is a dog and where it is. Tsukika says she thought she heard it over there. Nao wonders if it is a dog.

Suddenly, Gemini (Blue Wing) approaches the party with Welsh still on her back. Startled, Chou-Chou asks what that thing is. Reu says it is a big doggie, but Syrma says that is not a doggie at all. Alys says it is coming right for the party and Gemini (Blue Wing) lets out a big bark.

The Third Monster Ultimate GodEdit

After the battle, Gemini (Blue Wing) whines. Syrma says it scared her and it just suddenly attacked. Supra says what a hot head. Nao says this is also a monster-type ultimate god. Elka agrees, saying it is the same type he struggled with and Dees got completely crushed by. Shocked, Dees asks if she just get looked down on by Elka, and Soul says there is no bigger shame. Marina tells her not to feel bad, and that she could not possibly be lower than Elka. Bertram tells Dees he sincerely knows how she feels and Alys asks him how he could say something so awful and tells him to apologize, and he asks, if anything, are they not being really insulting to him. Chou-Chou says they went to the trouble of beating the monster, and asks Syrma why not absorb it already. As she is about to hear the coffin, she hears a voice. Gemini (Blue Wing) barks and Welsh tells her she told her not to run off by herself, asks if she is okay, comforts her and says she will be fine. Gemini (Blue Wing) lets out a bark. Welsh compliments her, asks the party ifthey are okay and apologizes. Kakeru asks if there is someone on the dragon's head and says it sounds like a small child. Chou-Chou recognizes the voice and asks Welsh if it is her. Welsh also recognizes Chou-Chou and asks where is she because she does not see her. Sandy says it really is her. Shirogane then asks if that means she attacked them and Ryuto says that before they get to that, asks why is she so friendly with the monster, But Chou-Chou tells her to look closer and says she is right here. Soul says she should be able to see from up there and says she is this small thing. Welsh says she is right and says she looks like a snow pea, but then says that Chou-Chou is evil now and asks if they are all bad people now. Gemini (Blue Wing), the monster, is curious. Welsh agrees saying she could ask them and decides she is going to go talk to them.

Suddenly, Sharuru and Gemini (Red Wing) arrives, the former telling Welsh not to be deceived and Gemini (Red Wing) howls and the two approach. Onluka says that sounds familiar and Elka tells them not to tell him there is another one coming and Aslys says the howl sounded pretty savage. Reu thinks it's another doggie. Sharuru tells them to crush them all and Gemini (Red Wing) lets out a mighty roar. Syrma says there is another one coming and Nao says she does not know if they can handle two at once, but Supra says it is not a problem and she will kill them both. Sandy admires her for being so brave, but Tsukika says they can't take them both and they are in trouble.

Sharuru says now that they are exhausted, this is her chance, but Welsh stops her with assistance from Gemini (Blue Wing). Shocked, Sharuru asks Welsh why did she stop her and tells her to move out of the way. Marina asks if they are arguing and Bertram asks what they should do and says this could be their only chance to flee and Elka agrees, saying they should get out of here right now, and now he says he has mixed feelings about Elka agreeing with him. Supra, however, says there is no need to run and in fact, they should strike first, but Soul tells her they need to reassess the situation and says they should retreat. Chou-Chou tells them not to make decisions without her, but Nao asks her why not stay here by herself and tells the others to get going. Syrma tells them to wait, and as Chou-Chou says if they run away she will look less important, she tells them she said wait.

Sharuru says they got away and asks Welsh why she stopped her and she says they won't know for sure if they are bad guys if they don't talk to them. Sharuru says she is too soft and whispers to herself maybe she can not lie to Welsh after all. When Welsh asks if she said something, Sharuru says it was nothing.

About Welsh and SharuruEdit

After a short while, Kakeru says he does not think Welsh, Sharuru and the Gemini dragons are coming after them. Angry, Chou-Chou asks why did Syrma run away, calls her stupid three times and stomps Syrma's head and she yells in pain. Dees asks if that was Sharuru riding around on the second monster and Onluka says she had the monster, Gemini (Red Wing), under her control and compliments the party, saying that they got quite the talented little individual in their group. Ryuto adds that Welsh and Sharuru are the youngest one they have as well. When Reu asks about them she calls them Wesh and Sharoo, and when Tsukika tries to correct her by saying Weeelsh and Shhharuru, it fails when she says Weeesh and Shhharoo. Nao says she had heard them say those names a bunch of times but asks who are they. Ryuto say they are twin sisters and their fellow companions of theirs and further explains that Welsh is the hero and Sharuru is the demon lord. Kakeru says they are twins, but asks one is a hero and the other is a demon lord and says that sounds like it could lead to some pretty intense fights, but Tsukika says they are very close and she has never seen them fight before. Nao says she is not surprised by any hero and demon lord from their world now, but...judging from their voices, they sounded like kids. Onluka adds that they do have a child-like ultimate god here as well, and Reu wonders what they are talking about. Bertram adds that it appears they were deceived by the enemy as well. Supra says it seems they have no trust in their master whatsoever. Insulted, Chou-Chou says it is not her fault and Sandy agrees with her and says even though it may be strange for her to say, Madam is not untrustworthy. Alys asks Sandy who she likes more: the current Chou-Chou or Supra and she answers Supra but then asks what she is making her say. Chou-Chou says angrily that she didn't 'make' her say anything and asks what the heck. Shirogane says they should put that issue aside for now and asks what they should do about those two. Elka says they have got to be kidding him and they can't beat those two beasts. Nao asks if they are her allies and if they can't just talk it out. Soul says if they are to convince them, those monsters would be in the way and Supra says that is why they should have beaten them then and there. Onluka says she is quite short-sighted and can not believe they were once the same person. Syrma says even though it is the same idea as usual, maybe the monsters will get weaker if they absorb the world's power again. Chou-Chou says it really is the same as usual and asks if there is another way for once and she tells her to think of something then. As she tries to think of something, Nao says this is a waste of time and tells them to just go with the usual. Elka asks if they want to run around, avoiding the enemy and weaken them indirectly and says he got the plan. Alys says that when he puts it like that, it sounds really cheap, and Ryuto says the thing is, that is exactly what they are doing.

Is Chou-Chou Evil?Edit

Meanwhile, Welsh asks angrily if Sharuru is listening to her and she tells her to quiet down and she can hear her without her yelling at her. She then asks why does she not answer her and why did she attack Chou-Chou out of nowhere like that and Sharuru says she is the one that attacked first. Welsh says it wasn't her, saying Gemini (Blue Wing) went after them without her permission, and she made it very clear to her thatthat was not okay, and she lets out a whimper. Sharuru asks why would she yell at her, and says if anything, she should be praising her because it was very brave of her to take on Chou-Chou and her band of evildoers. Welsh asks if they are really evil, saying even though she is kind of tiny, she is sure it was the same old Chou-Chou. Sharuru tells her it is all part of their ploy to coax her over to their side and they already planted a seed of doubt within her, but Welsh says everyone else seemed the same as normal as well and asks if they are all evil now. Sharuru says it is most likely and says if she gives them an ounce of trust and it is all over for them, and not just them, but for Gemini (Blue Wing) and Gemini (Red Wing) will die. Shocked, she asks if they will die as well, causing worry in the two dragons. Sharuru tells her if she does not want that to happen, their only choice is to destroy them and asks if she understands. Welsh says, even though she does not want to fight Chou-Chou, if they really are bad, she does not have a choice, and she does not want the dragons to get hurt either. Gemini (Blue Wing) lets out a couple of barks. Blushing, Sharuru says Welsh got to talk to Chou-Chou and it is not fair. When she asks what did she just say, she says nothing. Gemini (Red Wing) growls and Sharuru tells her there is no need to worry, saying she has committed to using even her twin sister to further her own ends and she will fulfill her ambition, no matter what it takes.

The Gemini Dragons WeakenEdit

After obtaining over 70% of Sapphire World's Planet Energy, Gemini (Blue Wing) starts to feel weird. Welsh, concerned, asks what is wrong and is she hungry. Gemini (Blue Wing) says no and Welsh asks why is she so down. Sharuru asks if her dragon is feeling weak as wll and she asks if hers is having the same problem and she confirms it because Gemini (Red Wing) is feeling weak as well. Welsh says they look like they are in pain and wonders why, asking if they give them some bad food. Sharuru says it is not either of them and deduces it is the undisputed god's doing. Shocked, she asks if she means Chou-Chou, and she says they knew they could not defeat them head-on, so they took away their weapons and says it is such a dirty trick. Struck with disbelief and anger, Welsh says it can not be, asking if Chou-Chou is doing this to the dragons and decrees she will not firgive her, not ever. The two Gemini Dragons bark. Sharuru says if they are implementing trickery like this, the time for battle must be drawing near, saying they should at least get some rest until then, and she should get some rest herself. Welsh agrees and Sharuru says she is going to do the same thing, and Welsh leaves to take a nap. Sharuru thinks to herself they may have lost some of their fighting prowess, but at least Welsh's determination has been solidified adding a giggle and thinking it would appear Chou-Chou has dug her own grave.

Before going for her nap, Welsh asks the Gemini Dragons how do they feel and if they are still in pain. Both dragons, in a way, say yes. Filled with anger, Welsh says she won't let Chou-Chou away with this and asks how could she do this. She tells Gemini (Blue Wing) to be a good girl wait with Sharuru while she goes to give Chou-Chou a piece of her mind. Both dragons bark twice. Welsh tells both dragons not to worry because she will be right back and tells them to get some sleep. Both dragons comply and Welsh says they are both very good and she is off and leaves to confront Chou-Chou.

Welsh Confronts Chou-Chou and Comprehends the Situation.Edit

After obtaining 100% Planet Energy, Sharuru says she is having trouble waking up and maybe she dhould splash some water on her face. Suddenly, both Gemini Dragons wake her up. Startled, she says they surprised her, calls them fools and tells them she told them not to be so noisy when she first wakes up. Gemini (Red Wing) tellsher the situation. When she asks Welsh did what, she calls for her. The dragons explain the situation to Sharuru. She says Welsh went to go see Chou-Chou on her own and asks why, wondering if she figued out her lie.

Meanwhile, Syrma is finished absorbing the Planet Energy from another spot as well. Chou-Chou praises her and says they are almost done with this world.

Suddenly, Welsh confronts Chou-Chou and the rest of the party. Ryuto is surprised to see Welsh alone. Scared, Elka asks if that means the monster, Gemini (Blue Wing), is here as well, but Supra says no, saying it seems it is just the one child. Welsh asks if they were just doing something bad and why are they doing that. Shocked, Chou-Chou asks what is with her all of a sudden and says she did not doing anything bad. Welsh says she is lying, saying their puppies are not feeling good and asks if she did something to make that happen. Syrma says that would be her fault, not Chou-Chou's. Nao says it looks like it is working on the ultimate gods. Welsh tells them they got sick because of them and calls her stupid three times. Shocked and appaled, Chou-Chou asks if Welsh called her stupid and says the one who calls people stupid is the stupid one. Dees tells Chou-Chou to stop arguing with Welsh. Alys says maybe she should explain what is going on and Marina agrees and explains the situation.

One explaination later, Welsh comprehends the situation quickly, sayng she gets it and says Reu is an ultimate god as well. Reu saus she is an ultimate god and Welsh, whom she calls Wesh, is a hero, and she tells her her name is Welsh, not Wesh. Reu says Wesh and says she is saying it right. Welsh laughs and says she is not saying it right at all and her name is Welsh. Onluka says she is a sharp child and she understood the situation so quickly. Ryuto agrees, saying Welsh picks up on stuff pretty fast. Shirogane adds it looks like they are hitting it off. Syrma concludes by saying they need to absorb the monsters' powers. Welsh understands, asking if she is like the Gemini Dragon's sister. Surprised, she asks if she is. Bertram says they were originally one being and he supposes the ultimate gods do share the same blood. Welsh says Syrma is like her and Sharuru and then they would not do anything mean to them. Soul says she agreed and that should be good enough.

Curious, Sandy asks Welsh if she and Sharuru were deceived by a man with scary eyes. Welsh confirms it, saying a really scary guy came and told them Chou-Chou had turned into a bad person. Outraged, Chou-Chou asks why would she believe that and says of course she is not bad. Welsh apologizes and says she thought so as well, but Sharuru said she was bad and that she was trying to trick her. Surprised, Marina asks if it was Sharuru. Welsh agrees saying that she thought if Sharuru said so, it must be true. Soul says he understands Welsh and Sandy, but he did not think Sharuru would be deceived so easily, and Sandy tells him not to use her as an example. Tsukika says Sharuru is very level-headed and says even though she is a child, she is more responsible than her. Alys says maybe she is plotting something and says she can be pretty wicked sometimes. When Ryuto asks what couldshe be plotting, Alys asks maybe Sharuru is planning to take this chance to kill the hated Chou-Chou and conquer this world and says it could be something like that. As Elka is about to say that is a little farfetched, he then says that, actually, he can't say it is entirely impossible. Syrma asks if Sharuru is a scary girl, but when Chou-Chou asks if she was a little too enthusiastic at the part where she said the 'hated' Chou-Chou, she says she is just imagining things. Supra asks if she has some terrifying allies and Nao says she guesses that is fitting for a demon lord. Bertram says perhaps they should ask her in person and he is certain they will meet her soon enough. When Chou-Chou asks Welsh if she is coming as well, she says yes, saying if Sharuru is planning something bad, she has to stop her.

With that, Welsh rejoins the party.

Planet SpotsEdit

Note: Chapter 12 must be cleared in order to obtain 300% Planet Energy

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
Ultimate Vault icon
It dreams of combing the beach in something frilly… Frilly Bikini 30% Planet Energy 40%+
Ultimate Snag icon
You'll need 1,800 - 15 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,785 10% Default
Ultimate Hunt icon
You'll need 1,800 + 15 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,815 30% Planet Energy 60%+
Ultimate Snag icon
It likes quiet girls… Captivate: Terse 25% Default
Ultimate Vault icon
It adores the smell of coconut… Coconut Shapoo 20% Default
Ultimate Snag icon
It enjoys dominating others… Captivate: Masochist 40% Planet Energy 125%+
Ultimate Hunt icon
It enjoys especially cruel treatment… Captivate: Sadist 15% 1st Sapphire World event
Ultimate Vault icon
It wants to play around with a kid with lots of energy… Captivate: Hyper 15% Planet Energy 70%+ (event)
09 ??? (It's looking for some expensive supplements…) All-Purpose Pill x2 40% Default
10 ??? (You'll need 1,800 + 50 x 7 enemy KOs.) Defeat 2,150 75% Clear Chapter 12

100% RewardsEdit

  • 72,966 G
  • 32,483 Mugen Points
  • Big Cotton Candy x2
  • Banana Parfait
  • Corn Soup
  • Beetle x50
  • Well Done x50
  • Experiment 4 x10

300% RewardsEdit

  • 92,589 G
  • 42,939 Mugen Points
  • Lotus Soap x2
  • Jasmine Soap x2
  • Meteor Metal
  • Charm x100
  • Bigguns x100
  • Experiment 4 x40


  • Anemone Soap
  • Ginger Pork x2
  • Fancy Short Boots
  • Warding Powder
  • Miso Soup x2
  • Sturdy Belt

Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

  • Peach Shampoo (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • All Move Seal Nhaos x2 (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Fringe Boots (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required)
  • Dive Gong (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required, Peonify Planet Spot 9 to Reach)
  • Big Cotton Candy (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required, Peonify Planet Spot 9 to Reach)
  • Night Slash (Ultimate Snag Power Up Required, Peonify Planet Spot 9 to Reach)
  • Meteor Metal (Ultimate Hustle and Ultimate Vault Powerup Required)
  • Milk Gelato (Ultimate Hustle and Ultimate Vault Powerup Required)
  • Belt and Holster (Ultimate Hustle and Ultimate Vault Powerup Required)

Ultimate Hunt TreasuresEdit

All treasures require Ultimate Hunt Power Up.

  • Rose Soap
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Bronze Socks
  • Grape Shampoo
  • All Paralysis Nhaos x2
  • Pleated Skirt
  • Out Mirror
  • All Sleep Nhaos x2
  • Shining Beam

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Bronze Ticket x2
  • Minestrone
  • Ear Antennae

Castor RuinsEdit

"Ruins covered in light, with lively plants growing inside."

Castor Ruins map (empty)
The Castor Ruins are ruins found on Sapphire world and is named after the second brightest star in the Gemini constellation. The Rare Enemy Drill Bug is found here.

Sharuru's RevengeEdit

Inside the ruins, Sharuru says Welsh still is not back, wonders if she really went back to Chou-Chou and wonders what should she do. Both dragons bark and Sharuru says it is a good point and she needs to calm down, saying this is not like her at all, getting flustered over such trivialities and needs to assess the situation logically. Gemini (Red Wing) barks twice and Sharuru says if Welsh went on to the undisputed god, then it is only a matter of time before she comes here, but asks when might that happen.

Suddenly, Syrma and the party arrive and Syrma says there are the two monsters, the Gemini Dragons. Chou-Chou calls for Sharuru asking if she is here. Startled, Sharuru says they are here right now. Gemini (Blue Wing) growls but Welsh tells her not to make scary noises like that. Gemini (Blue Wing) complies, and Elka is shocked to see it, asking if they are under her complete command. Welsh asks what he means by her command and says not really because they are her friends and that is all. Stunned, Dees asks if she is really friends with the Gemini dragons. Getting back on topic, Welsh tells Sharuru that Chou-Chou was not a bad guy after all and Chou-Chou says of course she is not a bad guy. Sharuru notices and asks if Chou-Chou is tiny and then thinks if that case, she comes up with an idea.

She laughs saying Chou-Chou is unsightly and says she is little more than an ant now. Insulted and angry, Chou-Chou asks if she called her an ant, saying it is because she is all the way up there and orders her to get down from them, and she starts to vibrate in rage, but Nao says even if Sharuru does get down, she is still going to be totally dinky. Sandy calls to Sharuru, saying Madam is not an ant and if anything she is at least as big as a cream puff. Tsukika tells her she might want to apologize before she gets mad. Welsh agrees, saying Chou-Chou is not mad right now and says she should gets down from there. Sharuru says Welsh has turned her back on her and joined the ranks of the undisputed god once again and calls her a fool of a sister. Reu asks what fool sister is and asks if Welsh is a fool sister. Welsh asks if she is, and what is, a fool sister, and Onluka answers by saying she thinks Sharuru is calling her stupid. Surprised, Welsh asks if fool sister means stupid, and gets it, saying to Sharuru she is so mean and says she is not stupid.

Bertram says he does not think Sharuru is not going to come down that easily. Shirogane says it seems that way and asks what is she thinking. Sharuru asks them what is she thinking and if it is not obvious, saying to Chou-Chou she used her, a demon lord, as her lowly peon and says this is merely an attempt to restore the established hierarchy. When Reu asks what Sharuru is talking about, Welsh says she has no idea, and she always really hard words for no reason. When Chou-Chou asks Ryuto what did all that junk mean, he hesitates but she says it is okay andjust tell her and he says he thinks what she is saying is, Sharuru wants to stop being her peon and become the master herself. She says that is what she thought. Sharuru says Ryuto is exactly so and now that she has been released from her accursed spell, and from now on, she shall serve as her peon instead.

Chou-Chou is shocked upon hearing this and is struck silent. Syrma asks Chou-Chou what is wrong and says she is all wobbly. Depressed, Chou-Chou asks Sharuru if she hated being her peon that much. Marina asks Chou-Chou if she is actually sad. Alys is surprised saying this has got to be a first because she has never seen Chou-Chou get depressed before, and Syrma tells her to cheer up. Kakeru says he understands the despair that comes from the painful and unforgivable betrayal of a trusted friend, but she has to get over it. Bertram tells him he thinks he would do well to learn when it is best not to say anything. Welsh calls out to Sharuru, asking why is she being mean to Chou-Chou, and she is starting to get really mad.

Surprised, Sharuru asks if is she blaming her and as she tells Chou-Chou all that was an act, Chou-Chou regains her resolve and says she is not going to let her quit becoming her peon, no matter what, saying that, like it or not, she still belongs to her, and once she is her peon, that is how it is forever and that is just how it works. Sharuru is relieved saying she is back to normal and gets back into character, saying she must be feeling pretty good about herself and asks if she thinks that tiny body can defeat her servant, Gemini (Red Wing). Chou-Chou says she will never lose and when the battle is all over, her punishment is going to be severe as heck and tells her to get ready for that as well. Sharuru tells her to be silent and now that she has lost her powers as the undisputed god, she has nothing to fear from her. Syrma says this is a pretty intense one-on-one between Sharuru and Chou-Chou and Nao says she should really try getting involved a little more. Chou-Chou tells everyone not to just stand there and tells them to get ready because they are going to dance all over that monster's butt. Syrma says okay. Sharuru calls her minion, Gemini (Red Wing) to go out and to trample them all underfoot.

No More Playing AroundEdit

After round one, Sharuru falls. Gemini (Red Wing) barks and growls as it falls, with Sharuru still on her back. Shocked, Sharuru asks if she lost and if that is really all her dragon can do. Gemini (Red Wing) breathes heavily, and Sharuru realizes she forgot she was not feeling really well and tells her to hang in there, worried she is not going to last much longer and asks what should she do.

Chou-Chou says it is over and tells Sharuru to turn herself in quietly. Sandy says she is jealous because Sharuru gets to be punished by her Madam. Supra asks if she is just happy letting anyone punish her and she says she is certainly not, saying she only enjoys being punished by her and Chou-Chou. When Soul asks what the heck they are talking about, Welsh tells Sharuru they need to tell Chou-Chou they are sorry and as she is about to say she will be right there with her so everything will be all right, Gemini (Blue Wing) barks wildly.

When Welsh asks what is wrong, Elka gets scared says he forgot there was another monster. Dees says she would rather it not get any closer. Gemini (Blue Wing) barks three times and Welsh says she can't do that, but she persists and Welsh says no and tells her to hold on. When Syrma asks what is going on, Welsh says that Gemini (Blue Wing) is the big sister of Gemini (Red Wing) the one Sharuru is riding on. Onluka states that not only was the ultimate god split into twelve beings, but two of the ultimate gods turned out to be sisters and this is quite the complicated scenario. Nao asks if both the dragons are girls and says not that it really matters. Welsh says Gemini (Blue Wing) told her she can see her sister is in trouble, and she can't abandon her. Kakeru saysit is remarkable, and says it is a beautiful story of sisterly love. Syrma is impressed when both Gemini Dragons are that close, but unfortunately it means one thing...

Gemini (Blue Wing) heads to Gemini (Red Wing) and gets her and Sharuru up. Sharuru asks if Gemini (Blue Wing) if she is going to help her and what about Welsh. Both dragons agree to help her. Sharuru thanks her and says with Gemini (Blue Wing) on her side, her coalitiion has been secured, saying everything up until now was nothing more than a warm-up.

Chou-Chou is shocked because now Sharuru has both Gemini Dragons on her side, and tells Welsh she needs to train her pet a little better. Welsh says Gemini (Blue Wing) is not her pet, she is her friend. Soul says Sharuru's personality totally changes as soon as she gets the slightest amount of power, and Marina says she is a lot like Elka in that regard, who says even he does not change that drastically and asks if he does, but Welsh tells her not to compare Sharuru to Elka, who asks what that is supposed to mean. Chou-Chou asks Sharuru if she still wants to defy her and says that is fine because she is done holding back. Tsukika tells her not to get too angry with her, and Chou-Chou says she is not angry and tells the others they had better darn well fight with everything they've got, and Ryuto complies. Bertram says that fighting both Gemini Dragons at once might prove to be quite the challenge, but Supra, with bloodlust in her eyes, says this works out even better for them. Syrma asks if they still need to absorb the two of them. Reu asks Welsh if she is okay and she says even though she does not want to have to fight her, this is all Sharuru's fault, so she will try her best.

Sharuru, with her power unleashed, says it is too late to turn back now and there is no room for failure if she wants to achieve her goal.

Sharuru's Reasons and The Gemini Dragons FarewellEdit

After the battle, Sharuru and both Gemini Dragons fall. Concerned, Sharuru asks if they are okay, apologizes and says this is all her fault. Chou-Chou laughs and says that was too easy, saying her peons are more powerful than Sharuru's, but Syrma says she is not a peon and Welsh says she already told them, the Gemini Dragons are not their peons, they are her friends ad tells Chou-Chou not to pick on them anymore. Chou-Chou complies and tells Sharuru to surrender and to get her butt down here. Sharuru says destiny did not shine on her this day, says how shameful it is and jumps off Gemini (Red Wing).

Ryuto says it looks like she finally gave up and Kakeru says now that he sees Sharuru up close, she is quite tiny and she really is just a kid. Reu calls her Sharoo twice and Sharuru says she is defeated and tells Chou-Chou to do with her as she wishes. Chou-Chou tells her not to worry because even though she will not hurt her too bad, she does still have to be punished. Sharuru is scared and Welsh asks if she can't just forgive her and turns to Sharuru and tells her to tell Chou-Chou she is sorry. Sandy also asks that she forgives Sharuru and says if she absolutely must punish someone, she would be willing to accept it for her.

When Shirogane asks Sharuru why did she even do all this in the first place, she says she has already told them her reason. Chou-Chou sees and says she really did hate being her peon that much. Dees says Sharuru is being stubborn again and Elka says Sharuru is still a kid after all. Bertram says Chou-Chou is apparently rather slow at picking up on subtle nuances like that and Tsukika asks what should they do, and if they don't do something, Chou-Chou and Sharuru are going to start fighting again.

Suddenly, Marina has an idea: she tells Chou-Chou that if Sharuru hates being around the party so much, why don't they just leave her here. Sharuru is worried and just as Alys is about to ask what she is planning, she realizes what she is planning, and Onluka says Marina is quite the wicked one. Welsh says no, saying she does not want Sharuru to go away, but Reu says poor Sharoo. When Chou-Chou asks why would she just take off without her peon and says there is no chance she will, Marina says it is okay, saying this is all part of the plan and tells everyone to leave. Syrma says even though she does not know what is going on, but complies. Chou-Chou tells her to stop, saying not to just start trotting away without her permission and she is still holding the reigns. Alys says goodbye to Sharuru and tells her to have a nice life. Scared, Sharuru asks if they are leaving. Tsukika apologizes to Welsh as she grabs her hand, and she calls out to Sharuru and tells her to let her go. Soul says this is not really his style normally, but there is no choice. Sharuru tells them to wait, and tells them not to leave. She starts crying, apologizes and tells them to please not leave her behind.

A short distance away, Supra says Sharuru is crying. Marina says maybe the plan worked a little too well and tells everyone to head back. When Syrma asks if they are going back, Chou-Chou asks why do they keep going back and forth. Sharuru is still crying and Welsh tells her not to cry, says it is okay and everyone is sorry. Sharuru begs the others to please not leave her behind and she wants to go as well. Chou-Chou says she thought she hated being her peon, but she says no and as she recovers, she says she just wanted her all to herself. Chou-Chou is confused and Ryuto asks if she wanted her for herself and Welsh asks if that was what this was all about. Sandy says that having Chou-Chou all to herself sounds like a dream come true. Sharuru explains that she is still a demon lord, so when she heard Chou-Chou was not an undisputed god anymore, she thought maybe now was her chance. Nao says she guesses it would not be hard to scoop her up for herself, with how dinky she is, and Chou-Chou says even though she may be dinky, she is still the undisputed god of the universe and asks who she is calling dinky. Marina says, even though she supposes she understands why she did it, she took things a little too far. Sharuru adds that Chou-Chou never made time to play with her all that much so this is a perfect opportunity. Shocked, Syrma tells Chou-Chou that is so mean, but she says that is not true, saying Sharuru does not like it when she tries to play with her. Soul says it sould be obvious that it is just because Sharuru is so shy and Elka agrees with him, saying she should know by now how withdrawn Sharuru is, and Alys says it looks like this is all her fault and tells her to apologize to her. Chou-Chou asks why are they blaming this all on her and says Sharuru is the one who did everything. She says that is why she wants to stay with Chou-Chou and Welsh and begs them not to leave her. Shirogane says she might as well give up now, saying she can't win against a crying kid, and Kakeru agrees with him, saying the moment she makes a child cry, she is no longer on the side of justice and that officially makes her a villain, but Chou-Chou, even though she says it was Marina who made her cry, complies.

As she tries to approach her, both Gemini Dragons defend her and Chou-Chou asks what is up with them. Syrma says maybe they are mad at her for picking on Sharuru, but Welsh says that is not it, saying they are asking if she is the ultimate god's something-something. When Syrma asks if she is the ultimate god's something-something, Supra tells her not to ask her, saying she has no idea what that means. Reu is impressed that Welsh is talking to a monster. Gemini (Blue Wing) barks and Welsh tells her to slow down, saying she does not really understand what they are saying. Sharuru says the Gemini Dragons are saying they will go into the coffin without putting up a fight, if Chou-Chou can forgive Sharuru for what she is done, and Chou-Chou says she is not really that mad anymore anyway. Gemini (Red Wing) speaks and Sharuru translates it, saying the Gemini Dragons did not want to fight in the first place, they just wanted to help fulfill their young masters desires. Gemini (Blue Wing) speaks, and Welsh translates it, saying that from here on out, they will return to their normal forms and fight on their side, which is what they said. Onluka says, even though they are monsters, they have clearly retained the ultimate god's determination, and Nao says that the Gemini Dragons might be the most respectable ultimate gods so far. Bertram admits that when she says it like that, it puts him in a most awkward position. Kakeru asks if she is really lumping him in with the rest of those nutballs just because he is an ultimate god and says it is unfortunate. Ryuto says he is odd enough on his own. Syrma asks if she can absorb them and asks Chou-Chou if that is okay, but she says she does not need her permission and she is glad to know Sharuru does not hate her. Syrma says it is time to get ready and brings out the coffin.

Welsh thanks them and says even though she does not know what is going to happen, tells Gemini (Blue Wing) to be careful and she complies. Sharuru apologizes, saying if only she were more competent and Gemini (Red Wing) says it is okay. Tsukika is relieved and says it looks like Sharuru is back to normal. Dees says now they just need to absorb their power and that will bring everything to a close, but realizes if they absorb the Gemini Dragons, Alys says they will lose their powers if they are anything like Scorpio and Aquarius. Shocked upon hearing this, Welsh asks if they might disappear for real, and Gemini (Blue Wing) answers yes. Sharuru asks if they want to take their chances, but says she can not let her do that, but Gemini (Red Wing) says they have to. Welsh begs them not to go, begs Chou-Chou not to do it and tells her to stop, but Syrma says she already opened the coffin, and Shirogane tells Welsh and Sharuru to be careful because the coffin will suck them in as well if they don't keep her distance. The Gemini Dragons are ready, but Welsh says she does not wanrt them to go and as Sharuru tells her not to go, she, Welsh, and both Gemini Dragons are pulled in. Syrma says they all got sucked in and reu calls out for both of them. Nao says, even though it is not like they are going to die ar anything, she still feels bad for them.

Inside the coffin, Inside the coffin, Welsh asks what is going on and it is totally black in here. Both Gemini Dragons are confused as to why both She and Sharuru are inside as well. Welsh says they are in here as well and asks how all four of them can fit in this tiny coffin, but Sharuru says now is not the time to be impressed, saying the atmosphere is disquieting and as she is about to ask what kind of terrible ceremony is about to happen, she starts to get covered in pink slime and screams, and Welsh asks what that was, she says Sharuru sounded really cute just now.

Four People Together

Back to one pair of twins.

Suddenly, the slime covers all four of them and Sharuru asks what is happening, saying something is groping at her body and tells her not to suck on her. Welsh says it is coming for her as well and tells it to stop because it tickles. Sharuru says it is too gross and tells it to get off of her and stop and Welsh laughs uncontrollably saying she is laughing so hard, she can't breathe and she starts to feel weak. Both dragons start fading away. Sharuru says they are both getting absorbed and asks if they are really going to disappear and Welsh begs them not to go. But Gemini (Blue Wing) tells her and Welsh says she is right, saying she can feel a little bit of her inside her and now they will always be together. Sharuru says she can feel it as well with Gemini (Red Wing), but she can not take it anymore because she feels drained and Welsh feels drained as well. Both dragons bid their respective friends farewell and Welsh and Sharuru say bye-bye to them as well and the latter asks if they will see them again.

At this point, Syrma learns the Ultimate Fusion ability, Ultimate Decrypt.

Sharuru's Wish Comes True and The Gemini Dragons Live OnEdit

...Time to Crush You

Sharuru gets her wish.

After the events on Sapphire World, the girls get into the bath, with Sharuru holding Chou-Chou in her palm with soap on the finger of the other hand. Chou-Chou tells Sharuru to put more strength into scrubbing her. When she presses her with her finger and asks how is this, Chou-Chou says it is too strong and Sharuru says she does not know how hard to do it, and Chou-Chou tells her to do better, saying if she can't even scrub her down right, she is a failure as a peon. Sharuru curses her and says she should crush her in the palm of her hand for such humiliation, but Welsh stops her, telling her not to crush Chou-Chou. Marina tells her not to worry, saying she is just being shy again. Alys says she may be happy because Sharuru gets her beloved Chou-Chou all to herself. Embarrassed, Sharuru says it is not like that, but she regains her composure and says it is most regrettable, saying if she had won, the undisputed god would be the one scrubbing her right now, but Chou-Chou says she lost, and tells her not to complain and this is her punishment for opposing her. Reu says she wants to scrub Chou-Chou as well, but Tsukika tells her not to because she really will crush her.

Sandy says she is so jealous because Sharuru gets to clean all over Chou-Chou's body, touching her with her fingertips. When Supra asks if her body is not good enough, she asks if she would allow her to scrub her, and she says only for today and if she is going to do it, she had better do it right, and she complies saying to please leave everything to her.

Onluka says that was quite unexpected, saying she thought Sharuru would take it harder than this. When Welsh asks why, Dees says it is because the monsters ended up disappearing, so they might cry. Welsh says it is okay because the Gemini Dragons are inside their respected friends now, saing they are one in body and...something-something and barks like Gemini (Blue Wing). Sharuru asks if she means one in body and soul and growls like Gemini (Red Wing). Marina says that is a neat trick and now that she mentions it, Nao has been holding her weapon ever since as well. Nao is silent, and when Syrma asks her to scrub her down and says or she could scrub her down, she tells her not to touch her because she wants to soak in peace. Tsukika asks if she is all right, saying she is awfully quiet. Alys agrees, saying she is usually shouting loudly even in the bath. Nao says because, even though they may be just kids, she is a little uneasy about a boy being in the women's bath. When Dees asks if she means Welsh, she asks who else would she be talking about. Alys asks if she heard that and when Reu asks if Welsh is a boy, she says that is mean and says she is totally a girl.

Syrma says speaking of boys, the other side is quiet and wonders why, and Chou-Chou says it is because there is no other side. When she asks if there isn't, Chou-Chou says there are too many of them now, so they took out the divider and made it an all-women's bath and asks if she did not notice how much bigger it is now. She agrees and Onluka asks if she did not notice. Supra asks if the men do not get a bath and says she kind of feels bad for them. Chou-Chou says she told them they should just use the bath after they are done, but Alys says no way, saying she can't have Elka sitting in the water she just bathed in. Sandy says she is a little hesitant about the gentlemen using it after them and Tsukika says even though she feels bad for Shirogane, she would be too embarrassed. Marina says they will have to make do with using a washcloth for a while. Welsh says she feels bad for them. Chou-Chou says she will be back to normal soon, then she can make the bath bigger with no problem. Syrma says that is true, saying the next world is the last and says there is still one important thing to do...

And with that, Sharuru rejoins the party.

Planet SpotsEdit

Note: Chapter 12 must be cleared in order to obtain 300% Planet Energy

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
01 It's extremely worried about being stabbed… Knifeproof Vest 20% Planet Energy 55%+
Ultimate Hunt icon
It likes airheads… Captivate: Ditz 10% Default
Ultimate Snag icon
It enjoys especially cruel treatment… Captivate: Sadist 25% 13% Charm Average
04 It's in the mood for a nice meal with pork and ginger… Ginger Pork x4 15% Default
05 ??? (A KO count with a couple of '2's in a row isn't enough...) Defeat 2,225 60% 14% Charm Average
Ultimate Warp icon
It likes quiet girls… Captivate: Terse 30% Planet Energy 75%+
Ultimate Warp icon
??? (It's looking for someone with more than 2,100 enemy KOs…) Defeat 2,150 25% Planet Energy 75%
08 You don't even have 1,900 enemy KOs… Defeat 1,880 15% Default
09 It wants a cute, mean girl… Captivate: Ego 40% Planet Energy 250%+
Ultimate Snag icon
??? (It's wanting a very sturdy belt…) Sturdy Belt 60% Clear Chapter 12

100% RewardsEdit

  • 81,021 G
  • 34,640 Mugen Points
  • All High-Grade Nhaos
  • All-Purpose Extract
  • Silver Ticket x3
  • 1st Lieutenant x75
  • Well Done x75
  • Experiment 4 x10

300% RewardsEdit

  • 101,792 G
  • 44,736 Mugen Points
  • Tropical Shampoo x2
  • Dive Gong x2
  • Variety Shell
  • Cluster x25
  • Bigguns x25
  • CPU Big Sis x10


  • Warding Powder
  • All Poison Nhaos x2
  • Glass Ring
  • Dive Bell
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Brave Dance
  • Rose Soap
  • Spirit Extract x2
  • Iron Pendant
  • Out Mirror
  • All Virus Nhaos x2
  • Sexy Tunic
  • Violet Soap (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • Big Cotton Candy (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • Milk Gelato (Ultimate Hustle Required)

Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

All treasures require Ultimate Snag Power Up.

  • Mint Soap
  • Yakisoba Bread
  • Knifeproof Vest
  • Anemone Soap
  • All High-Grade Nhaos
  • Flower Shoes

Ultimate Hunt TreasuresEdit

All treasures require Ultimate Hunt Power Up.

  • Poppy Soap
  • All Darkness Nhaos x2
  • Great Beard
  • Banana Parfait (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • All-Purpose Extract (Ultimate Hustle Required)
  • Iron Bracelet (Ultimate Hustle Required)

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Silver Ticket
  • Corn Soup
  • Overwhelming Patty

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