Shampuru who support the G-Castle with their biggness or their medicine. They are used for absorbing and buffing the G-Castle.

They types increase Graceful Charm much easier than other types.

Tier 1
Shampuru Balloon

When filled with helium, it defies the laws of gravity.

Newbie Nurse
Tier 2
Shampuru Newbie Nurse

Bright personality. Still doesn't like drawing blood.

Tier 3
Shampuru Fangirl

Loves Lady Ge-Ge and follows her around Gameindustri.

Tier 4
Shampuru Chubs

Great as a pillow for those lonely, gluttonnus nights.

Tier 5
Shampuru Healing

Its smile can heal all wounds, but it never smiles...

Tier 6
Shampuru Flower

Surrounds itself with flowers. Likes flower arrangement.

Tier 7
Shampuru Bigguns

Get's incredibly pissed if you call it fatty-fat-fatso.

Life Counselor
Tier 8
Shampuru Life Counselor

Always listens to the young one's troubles. Hooray.

Evil Angel
Tier 9
Shampuru Evil Angel

Carries powerful meds. Loves giving inoculations.

Tier 10
Shampuru Sumo

Can withstand many rounds in the ring. Loves pull-ups.

Tier 11
Shampuru Veteran

Quick and efficient worker. Brave and rather reliable.

Tier 12
Shampuru Yokozuna

Thanks others at the end of a match. Thanks, says he!

Tier 13
Shampuru Cheerleader

Very, uh, cheery, and lives to make others happy.

Tier 14
Shampuru Archangel

The reborn form of the great angel Moke-Moke.

Tier 15
Shampuru Energetic

I'm doin' great! Hey hey! Yahoo!

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