Tioni full

Japanese Name Tioni (ティオニー)
Gender Female
First appearance Mugen Souls Z
Home World Unknown
Powers None
Moe Type Terse
Race God
Occupation God of Destruction
Weapon Staff, Scythe, Gloves
Japanese Voice Actor Kotori Koiwai
English Voice Actor Christine Marie Cabanos

Tioni is a character that appears in Mugen Souls Z. She is quiet and is often seen crying during her screentime. Her official character bio states that she is a mysterious character. Tioni does not appear to have a major signifcance to the story at first but she is later revalead as the main antagonist near the end of the story. During the post game of the True Ending, she is a playable character.

Relations with Onluka and AceEdit

Tioni is seen very frequently with Onluka and Ace since they are all pretty close like family.

Onluka is like their grandmother and treats Tioni favorably. She does not permanetly live with them but occasionally visits to make sure that Ace is doing a great job taking care of her. Onluka also seems to worry about Tioni whenever she's awake and reminds Ace that he needs to keep her satisfied so she can go back to sleep. Tioni rarely speaks unless she's begging Ace for something.

She never had a name until the beginning of Chapter 4. Ace has always been saying "hey you" for every person he meets and claims to have taken a long time to think of that name.

Relations with SyrmaEdit

Tioni first saw Syrma in Ebon World, and upon seeing her regain some her memories sending her into a nervous breakdown and awaking some of her dormant power. After being told by Onluka to fight her, Syrma, in a unseen show of resolve, fought and defeated her. Afterwards, Syrma and her fellow Ultimate Gods were shocked and guilty on how their disturbing behavior against, and trauma their dealt on her mental state.

Relations with BelleriaEdit

It is possible that Belleria senses something very special within Tioni, Belleria senses a strange aura shrouding her.

Item DropEdit

Tioni is fought as a boss on three separate occasions: First on Ebon World, and then on the true ending, she is first fought in a G-Castle battle and finally as the true final boss.

Upon item killing her on Ebon World, the party gets the following items:

  • Brass Pendant
  • Witch Mace
  • Third Eye

Upon item killing her on the World of Awakening on the True Ending, the party gets the following items:

  • Pure Crimson Bra
  • Spirit Staff
  • Oriental Tiara

Gallery Edit

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