Constellation Formation

The Twelve Ultimate Gods.

An Ultimate God is an ancient diety from the 12 worlds galaxy in Mugen Souls Z. The ultimate God gave up it's power in order to stop a great catastrophie and was ultimately split into 13 ultimate gods (12 with Gemini).

Ultimate GodsEdit

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  • Cancer - The Ultimate God of White World that takes on the form of a giant sword that can be split in two and can be combined to form a scissor blade.
  • Bertram Demetrius Bloomfield -
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  • Scorpio - The Ultimate God of Crimson World. He is a monster with the appearance of a knight of old with pincers not only for feet but for a sword and a shield.
  • Onluka -
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  • Aquarius - The Ultimate God of Gray World. This Ultimate God has the least humanoid appearance with swords for legs and arms, rotating shields, a dragon head, the body of a wasp and a crown on it's back.
  • Supra -
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  • Taurus - The Ultimate God of Jade World takes on the form of a ring that looks like the Taurus symbol. Whoever wields this ring wields the power of the planet itself.
  • Gemini (Blue Wing and Red Wing) - The Ultimate God of Sapphire World. This Ultimate God takes on the form of a pair of giant female flying dragons who watch out for each other. Blue Wing is the older sibling and Red Wing is the younger sibling.
  • Ace -
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