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  • Beautiful Undisputed Goddess

    I'll be playing this, don't expect much edits until I get done playing this game.

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  • Beautiful Undisputed Goddess

    Good morning everyone!

    I haven't been editing the wikia recently but I have tried to make something nice. It's supposed to be the bath minigame from Mugen Souls Z for HTML5 enabled browsers.

    So far I haven't done anything, making this was harder than it looks! All you could do are the basics, which is click, no voices or anything has been added yet. The blue buttons L1 or R1 at the bottom to switch between "Foam" and "Chameleon" mode. Foam mode gets rid of the soap suds and Chameleon mode camoflages their clothing.

    See bath minigame for more details.

    Slightly not safe for work or school!

    Click here to download the Windows exe file

    This one looks a bit better than the browser version, the steam looks more like steam here.

    Click here to play the HT…

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  • Beautiful Undisputed Goddess

    I've been playing all day and night trying to figure out how the "Random item drops" work and it seems that every single area has it's own set of things that drop. So far I've find out what things drop as Ego form from Scarlet World to Ebon World. I'll probably take a break from this for now, because I was planning on making pages for each weapons to show their drop locations.

    Probably going to finish components.

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  • Beautiful Undisputed Goddess

    Played some Mugen Souls Z hardcore for the past few days to discover new tricks such as how to get 72% Ditz Charm with 9999 Renegade Shampurus and Energetics  but I think I'll stop playing for now and focus more on the wiki.

    Video description:


    I mainly did this because I wanted to beat my old level 1 damage record and thought putting on the Magic Enhance and Action Accelerate would help but it didnt. and the outcome was weaker than my old record because of it. I didn't know only one Coffin Effect can stay at a time!

    This is supposed to be a follow up of this:

    Ahem. The beginning of this battle is preperation of getting enough small crystals to be captivated in one tur…

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  • Beautiful Undisputed Goddess

    Yesterday I was messing around with increasing damage. My damage record is 126 billion.

    The battle used here was 'Dinner' Time! , the third 7 World Redux battle. Damage gets multiplied the higher the hit counter is.

    To get a high hit count, it involves prolonging the Fever Time mechanic as long as possible by captivating a small crystal right before Fever Time runs out. It only lasts 10 turns, so after doing 9 Fever Hits, capivate another Small Crystal.

    Syrma was only level 1 in video in order for the "Magic Lightning Conditional" to activate.


    See Conditional skills list (Mugen Souls Z) to see to get them.

    Conditional Skills:
    Magic Lightning - 50% extra magic attack if enemy higher level
    Boss Presence - 100% extra magic and physic…

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