Yesterday I was messing around with increasing damage. My damage record is 126 billion.

Cosmic Loveliness 126817179797 Damage

Personal record

The battle used here was 'Dinner' Time! , the third 7 World Redux battle. Damage gets multiplied the higher the hit counter is.

To get a high hit count, it involves prolonging the Fever Time mechanic as long as possible by captivating a small crystal right before Fever Time runs out. It only lasts 10 turns, so after doing 9 Fever Hits, capivate another Small Crystal.

Syrma was only level 1 in video in order for the "Magic Lightning Conditional" to activate.


See Conditional skills list (Mugen Souls Z) to see to get them.

Conditional Skills:
Magic Lightning - 50% extra magic attack if enemy higher level
Boss Presence - 100% extra magic and physical damage if enemy is at 100% HP remaining
Resuscitation - 20% Special Attack boost

Syrma Equipment (all level 999):
Seven's Spiral
     Spear Skill Master+150
     Critical Rate Up+100
     Magic Damage Up+50
     Limiter Release
Overwhelming Crown
     Mobility Up+250
     Mobility Up+250
Overwhelming Aura Belt
(No Matters)
Sun Goddess Medal
(No Matters)
Ultimate Peon's Collar
(No Matters)

Magic Enhance from Coffin Effect

ATK- 151,305,908
DEF- 41,876,076
INT - 26,200,183
MND - 48,564,289
AGI - 34,038,216
TEC - 34,038,222
MOVE - 1,000

Mugen Souls Z ~ Level 1 Syrma, Cosmic Loveliness 126 Billion Damage00:45

Mugen Souls Z ~ Level 1 Syrma, Cosmic Loveliness 126 Billion Damage

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