Good morning everyone!

I haven't been editing the wikia recently but I have tried to make something nice. It's supposed to be the bath minigame from Mugen Souls Z for HTML5 enabled browsers.

So far I haven't done anything, making this was harder than it looks! All you could do are the basics, which is click, no voices or anything has been added yet. The blue buttons L1 or R1 at the bottom to switch between "Foam" and "Chameleon" mode. Foam mode gets rid of the soap suds and Chameleon mode camoflages their clothing.

See bath minigame for more details.

Test play links

Slightly not safe for work or school!

Click here to download the Windows exe file

This one looks a bit better than the browser version, the steam looks more like steam here.

Click here to play the HTML5 browser version

HTML5 link of the minigame. It does not run well on Google Chrome, it hasn't even loaded for me when I tried it but works great on Internet Explorer. Works great on Amazon Kindle Fire and iPhone5 but not good on the iPad.

I had fun making it and will update when I get enough feedback.

Edit: Looks like the HTML5 version works best on iPhone now and Internet Explorer for PC. It's broken everything else.

Update January 11th, 2014

Works with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows, and Safari on the iPhone, but no chance of running on other browsers. Use F11 to full screen.

Change 1:

  1. Bigger buttons
  2. Can place foreign objects
  3. Resets after getting 0 massages left.

Change 2

  1. Up to 20 Beauty Items allowed on screen
  2. Can drag the cursor tool to erasing items, rather than clicking
  3. Erasing Beauty Items will allow more of them to be placed

Click here to play the updated HTML5 version.

Will give a Windows exe file upon request.

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