After making "optimized" builds for both Chou-Chou and her waifu Belleria, I'm trying something more fun with her.

My Build (as of 2/11/2014):

  • Seven's Evocation: Scythe Skill Master, SP Auto-Restore, HP Auto-Restore, Limiter Release
  • Overwhelming Briefs: Self Defense, Move Up, Move Up, Prevent SP Drain
  • Crazy Aura Belt: Paralysis Resist, Skill Seal Resist, Prevent SP Drain, Death Resist
  • Exciting Badge [Placeholder]: Sleep Resist, Magic Damage Taken Down, Evasion Up, Move Seal Resist
  • Engagement Bling: Collision Damage Restore, Enemy Ability Decay, Accuracy Up, <Nothing> (Maybe put some inflict status disorder?)

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