A Birthday Drawing I Did - July 16, 2016

Chou-chou rina-chan happy birthday 2016

"Chou-Chou as Rina-chan (2016 B-Day Gift for KB)"

I actually finished this pic last night and it's a birthday image for Kira Buckland (Chou-Chou's English VA) with Chou-Chou (Ego) dressed up as "Rina-chan".  I thought of sharing it here since it relates to Mugen Souls Hope you enjoy it as well.  :-)

Special thanks for the Mugen Souls wikia for providing the G-Castle background used in the pic.  (I gotta try doing more of my own backgrounds one of these days.)

I feel kinda bad for not being able to finish the first game due to how confusing the "Moe Kill" system was, even with guides from GameFAQs.  :-(

DeviantArt link to image.

Pixiv link to image.

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