Nevermind about the adoption, we are going to start a new wiki.

Mugen Souls Wiki Adoption

This wiki community was the first wiki I joined and I must admit that it does not seem like much of a community. Even when I made my first edits, I was unsure what I was doing nor have I had any mentoring. I have read most of the help pages and tips about creating a wiki, I think this game has very good potential for becoming a great wiki.

I am known as chouchou's peon on the NIS America forums and can be found on the Mugen Souls and Mugen Souls Z threads over there. I was even nominated as the biggest fanboy by the most respected forum member.

There might not be a lot of edits by me but because of the lack of communication from the founder, I feel hesitant if I'm doing a good or bad job on the wiki. The edits I make are not small edits but filling up the page of information. I played every game in the series as well as having background information outside of gaming such as Magazine articles, other merchandise, staff members, trivia etc. I also know Japanese so I can search more information about the game because there are information that people might not know about.

An unofficial comment from Community Central suggested that I get the opinion of the current contributers but I am not sure if people from the community are active daily. Responding to this blog post would make it easier for me to adopt. What does everybody think about me adopting? Adoption:Mugen-Souls_wiki

Temporary Mugen Souls wiki article, this is where I will store ideas

These are the types of edits I make on the wiki, there might be more but I know that I've written most of the information. Notice that these pages also have a large amounts of info on them.

Sun World, Alys Levantine, Mugen Souls Z.

Founders have the ability to change the theme of the wiki and appoint other people with the rights which has not been changed very much. I would love to dedicate all of my free time making this wiki active and fun for other people to use and admit that the lack of monitoring the wikia from the founder makes me unsure if I am doing a good job or not.

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