This is a weapon list for Mugen Souls Z that includes images of Gun type weapons and component icons.

In order to purchase a weapon, the component or weapon must be sold to the vender first. The Gun Skill Master Matter work really well with these weapons.

To see components needed to make weapons, see Component list (Mugen Souls Z)

Item names that are in Japanese are DLC items that have not been released in the English version.

Component requirementsEdit

Name Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4
Gun weapon icon Spinny Gun
Gun weapon icon Tin-Plated Gun
Gun weapon icon Roleplaying GunComponent icon Crying Root x1Component icon Large Pincers x1Component icon Cogwheel x1
Gun weapon icon Dragon ShotComponent icon Hard Pincers x1Component icon Sharp Spine x1Component icon Small Fang x1
Gun weapon icon Universe GunComponent icon Tortoise Shell x1Component icon Warped Nose x1Gun weapon icon Spinny Gun x1
Gun weapon icon Classic GunComponent icon Magician's Quartz x1Component icon Intense Flint x1Gun weapon icon Tin-Plated Gun x1
Gun weapon icon Figure GunComponent icon Flexible Ivy x1Component icon Extremely Heavy Lump x1Gun weapon icon Roleplaying Gun x1
Gun weapon icon Spear GunComponent icon Poison Spine x2Component icon Fairy Dust x2Gun weapon icon Dragon Shot x1
Gun weapon icon MatchlockComponent icon Venomous Thread x2Component icon Red Gem x2Component icon Oxidized Iron Claw x2Gun weapon icon Classic Gun x1
Gun weapon icon HandgunComponent icon Pectinate Foot x1Component icon Pterosaur Bone x2Component icon Roast Meat x2Gun weapon icon Figure Gun x1
Gun weapon icon Dragon's FireComponent icon Sharp Fang x2Component icon Dried Shed Skin x1Gun weapon icon Spear Gun x1
Gun weapon icon Smiley GunComponent icon Waveguide x2Component icon Luminescent Ash x1Gun weapon icon Universe Gun x1
Gun weapon icon Rocket ShooterComponent icon Magic Red Crystal x1Component icon Small Beak x3Component icon Violent Beast Fang x1Gun weapon icon Dragon's Fire x1
Gun weapon icon Twin BlasterComponent icon Red Petals x3Component icon Fish Snack x3Gun weapon icon Smiley Gun x1
Gun weapon icon Pile StrikerComponent icon Dark Treasure x1Component icon Springy Tail x3Gun weapon icon Handgun x1
Gun weapon icon Wind DemonComponent icon Crystal x3Component icon Red Connector x1Component icon Iron Hard Meat x3Gun weapon icon Matchlock x1
Gun weapon icon Cross ShooterComponent icon Foreign Seed Skin x3Component icon Magic Smoke Crystal x2Gun weapon icon Rocket Shooter x1
Gun weapon icon GunbladeComponent icon Bloody Metal Shard x2Component icon Hard Carapace x3Gun weapon icon Twin Blaster x1
Gun weapon icon Galactic BomberComponent icon Thriving Life x4Component icon Severed Muscle x4Gun weapon icon Pile Striker x1
Gun weapon icon VampyreComponent icon Evil Eye x4Component icon Burning Torch x4Gun weapon icon Cross Shooter x1
Gun weapon icon Dragon WarriorComponent icon Split-End Beard x4Component icon Fake Shark Cartilage x4Component icon Grained Metal x4Gun weapon icon Gunblade x1
Gun weapon icon ArbalestComponent icon Grass Crown x4Component icon Carapace Spine x4Component icon Crooked Talon x4Gun weapon icon Wind Demon x1
Gun weapon icon Hide StalkComponent icon Blood-Soaked Horn x4Component icon Power Spear x2Gun weapon icon Galactic Bomber x1
Gun weapon icon Lost RequiemComponent icon Solid Basket x3Component icon Wriggly Ivy x5Gun weapon icon Vampyre x1
Gun weapon icon Grand CrossComponent icon Extremely Fat Tail x3Component icon Snake God Scale x5Gun weapon icon Arbalest x1Gun weapon icon Dragon Warrior x1
Gun weapon icon PeacemakerComponent icon Murderer's Soul x6Component icon Epic King's Poem x3Component icon Beast Bristle x6Gun weapon icon Hide Stalk x1
Gun weapon icon Victoria BlasterComponent icon Earth Fragment x4Component icon Hunter's Claw x8Gun weapon icon Lost Requiem x1Gun weapon icon Grand Cross x1
Gun weapon icon Fin Gun (DLC)Component icon Black Soul x1Component icon Golden Carrot x1Component icon Gold Ingot x1Gun weapon icon Figure Gun x1
Gun weapon icon Mystery Barrel (DLC)Component icon Meteor Metal x1Component icon Holy Music Stand x1Component icon Silver Ingot x1Gun weapon icon Wind Demon x1
Gun weapon icon DragriserComponent icon Rigveda x1Component icon Black Soul x1Gun weapon icon Peacemaker x1Gun weapon icon Victoria Blaster x1
Gun weapon icon Seven's GunComponent icon God's Seal x1Component icon Metaphor x1Gun weapon icon Dragriser x1
Gun weapon icon ポリタンブラスター (JP DLC)Component icon Golden Carrot x1Component icon Red Glass x1Component icon Mithril x3Gun weapon icon Universe Gun x1

Weapon statsEdit

Gun weapon icon Spinny Gun 13
Gun weapon icon Tin-Plated Gun 27
Gun weapon icon Roleplaying Gun 45
Gun weapon icon Dragon Shot 73
Gun weapon icon Universe Gun 105
Gun weapon icon Classic Gun 25 146
Gun weapon icon Figure Gun 33 188
Gun weapon icon Spear Gun 41 234
Gun weapon icon Matchlock 49 280
Gun weapon icon Handgun 78 334
Gun weapon icon Dragon's Fire 47 47 402
Gun weapon icon Smiley Gun 56 56 482
Gun weapon icon Rocket Shooter 102 578 50
Gun weapon icon Twin Blaster 122 81 693
Gun weapon icon Pile Striker 146 97 831
Gun weapon icon Wind Demon 121 182 1,033
Gun weapon icon Cross Shooter 380 152 1,292
Gun weapon icon Gunblade 475 285 1,615
Gun weapon icon Galactic Bomber 475 356 2,018
Gun weapon icon Vampyre 302 454 454 2,573
Gun weapon icon Dragon Warrior 772 386 386 3,281
Gun weapon icon Arbalest 738 984 4,185 50
Gun weapon icon Hide Stalk 628 628 942 5,338
Gun weapon icon Lost Requiem 1,238 1,651 825 7,017
Gun weapon icon Grand Cross 1,060 1,060 1,060 1,060 9,010
Gun weapon icon Peacemaker 2,199 1,466 1,466 2,199 12,466
Gun weapon icon Victoria Blaster 2,000 3,000 2,000 2,000 17,000
Gun weapon icon Fin Gun (DLC) 6,000 6,000 9,000 6,000 25,500 200
Gun weapon icon Mystery Barrel (DLC) 3,000 3,000 6,000 6,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 25,000
Gun weapon icon Dragriser 5,250 3,500 7,000 5,250 3,500 29,750
Gun weapon icon Seven's Gun 7,500 7,500 5,000 2,500 5,000 2,500 2,500 42,500 100
Gun weapon icon ポリタンブラスター (JP DLC) 4,000 4,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 4,000 22,222 150

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