This is a weapon list for Mugen Souls Z that includes images of Staff type weapons and component icons.

In order to purchase a weapon, the component or weapon must be sold to the vender first. The Staff Skill Master Matter work really well with these weapons.

To see components needed to make weapons, see Component list (Mugen Souls Z)

Item names that are in Japanese are DLC items that have not been released in the English version.

Component requirementsEdit

Name Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4
Staff weapon icon Broom
Staff weapon icon Heavy Mace
Staff weapon icon Strange StaffComponent icon Lunch Set x1Component icon Transparent Skin x1Component icon Yellow Petals x1
Staff weapon icon Trash SpikeComponent icon Hoodlum Mask x1Component icon Ghost Pumpkin x1Component icon Calcium Shell x1
Staff weapon icon Glass StaffComponent icon Stacked Rocks x1Component icon New Flea Species x1
Staff weapon icon Gun StaffComponent icon Strong Jaw x1Component icon Magician's Quartz x1
Staff weapon icon Silver MaceComponent icon Insane Mask x1Component icon Hollow Bone x1
Staff weapon icon Pinky RodComponent icon Violent Beast Claw x1Component icon Short Tail x2Staff weapon icon Strange Staff x1
Staff weapon icon Beatin' StickComponent icon Oxidized Iron Claw x2Component icon Screaming Root x2Component icon Red Gem x2Staff weapon icon Heavy Mace x1
Staff weapon icon Earth CleanerComponent icon Fluffy Leaf x2Component icon Magician's Sand x1Staff weapon icon Trash Spike x1
Staff weapon icon Witch MaceComponent icon Well-Formed Chitosan x2Component icon Fallen Leaf x2Staff weapon icon Broom x1
Staff weapon icon Star RodComponent icon Fairy Wings x2Component icon Scarlet Tail x1Staff weapon icon Glass Staff x1
Staff weapon icon Lady BludgeonComponent icon Impact Fang x3Component icon Matango Spore x3Component icon Magic Red Crystal x1Staff weapon icon Beatin' Stick x1
Staff weapon icon Magician's StaffComponent icon Pterosaur Talon x3Component icon Poison Tail x1Staff weapon icon Gun Staff x1
Staff weapon icon Bloom WandComponent icon World Tree Bark x1Component icon Green Metal x3Component icon Swelled Up Organs x3
Staff weapon icon Colorful StaffComponent icon Bent Root x3Component icon Ridge-End Tile x1Staff weapon icon Silver Mace x1
Staff weapon icon Trick RodComponent icon Broom x2Component icon Fluffy Down x3Staff weapon icon Pinky Rod x1
Staff weapon icon Spirit StaffComponent icon Fluffy Mohair x3Component icon Gorgeous Fish x2Staff weapon icon Witch Mace x1
Staff weapon icon Devil EaterComponent icon Thriving Life x4Component icon Deep Sea Snake Scale x4Staff weapon icon Earth Cleaner x1Staff weapon icon Magician's Staff x1
Staff weapon icon Lovely StickComponent icon Dragon Heart x2Component icon Evil Eye x4Staff weapon icon Colorful Staff x1Staff weapon icon Lady Bludgeon x1
Staff weapon icon GridarvolComponent icon Venomous Root x4Component icon Suspicious Spring x4Component icon Split-End Beard x4Staff weapon icon Trick Rod x1
Staff weapon icon Grim WandComponent icon Warm Rabbit Fur x4Component icon Cat-Gut Instrument x4Component icon Carapace Spine x4Staff weapon icon Devil Eater x1
Staff weapon icon 7 Treasures StaffComponent icon Tiger Scroll x2Component icon Death Needle x4Staff weapon icon Star Rod x1Staff weapon icon Bloom Wand x1
Staff weapon icon Black Ruin StaffComponent icon Pink Paw x5Component icon Alkaloid x5Staff weapon icon Gridarvol x1
Staff weapon icon Force RodComponent icon Night Drop x3Component icon Thornlike Bristles x5Staff weapon icon Spirit Staff x1
Staff weapon icon Artemis WandComponent icon Demon Mask x6Component icon Magic Water Crystal x3Component icon Good Harvest Bell x6Staff weapon icon Grim Wand x1
Staff weapon icon Super Demon BattlerComponent icon Urthr's Water x4Component icon Thorn Crown x8Staff weapon icon Black Ruin Staff x1Staff weapon icon 7 Treasures Staff x1
Staff weapon icon Bitter Wrath (DLC)Component icon Unicorn Horn x1Component icon Angel's Melody x1Component icon Mithril x1Staff weapon icon Trick Rod x1
Staff weapon icon Magical Girl Staff (DLC)Component icon Wing of Fortune x1Component icon Damascus x1Component icon Gold Ore x1Staff weapon icon Lovely Stick x1
Staff weapon icon Angel WandComponent icon Rigveda x1Component icon Unicorn Horn x1Staff weapon icon Artemis Wand x1Staff weapon icon Force Rod x1
Staff weapon icon Seven's SwordComponent icon God's Seal x1Component icon Sage's Stone x1Staff weapon icon Angel Wand x1Staff weapon icon Super Demon Battler x1

Weapon statsEdit

Staff weapon icon Broom 16
Staff weapon icon Heavy Mace 32
Staff weapon icon Strange Staff 54
Staff weapon icon Trash Spike 86
Staff weapon icon Glass Staff 124
Staff weapon icon Gun Staff 172 17
Staff weapon icon Silver Mace 222
Staff weapon icon Pinky Rod 27 276
Staff weapon icon Beatin' Stick 33 330
Staff weapon icon Earth Cleaner 39 394
Staff weapon icon Witch Mace 47 474 47
Staff weapon icon Star Rod 568 56 56
Staff weapon icon Lady Bludgeon 68 680 68
Staff weapon icon Magician's Staff 81 81 816
Staff weapon icon Bloom Wand 97 978 97
Staff weapon icon Colorful Staff 1,216 18 121
Staff weapon icon Trick Rod 1,520 152 228
Staff weapon icon Spirit Staff 190 1,900 285
Staff weapon icon Devil Eater 356 2,375 237
Staff weapon icon Lovely Stick 3,028 454 302 50
Staff weapon icon Gridarvol 386 386 386 3,860
Staff weapon icon Grim Wand 738 4,924 738 246
Staff weapon icon 7 Treasures Staff 942 628 628 6,280
Staff weapon icon Black Ruin Staff 825 8,256 825 825
Staff weapon icon Force Rod 1,060 10,600 1,060 1,060 50
Staff weapon icon Artemis Wand 1,466 14,666 2,199 1,466
Staff weapon icon Super Demon Battler 2,000 1,000 20,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Staff weapon icon Bitter Wrath (DLC) 6,000 6,000 1,500 30,000 4,500 4,500
Staff weapon icon Magical Girl Staff (DLC) 4,500 30,000 4,500 6,000 6,000 50
Staff weapon icon Angel Wand 3,500 35,000 5,250 5,250 3,500 100
Staff weapon icon Seven's Sword 2,500 2,500 5,000 5,000 50,000 5,000 2,500 5,000

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