Westpoint idle

Species Bulb plant
Moe Graceful
Spawn Common
Weight Light
Component Blue Petals

Mugen SoulsEdit

Average monsters encountered about half way in the game and Mugen Field. They drop low tier Shampurus and do not require decent charm to Moe Kill.

Native areaEdit

  • Found on Water World in the continents of Melkua and Savage Lands.
  • Very difficult to outrun on the field like most small monsters on the field.
  • Normally drops Jaggy x1, drops Sergeant x3 as a rare Shampuru drop.

Forced encounterEdit

  • Not forced to fight any during story progression.

Mugen FieldEdit

Like most enemies, this one can be found in the Mugen Field early on. If they get encountered on higher bets or floors, they may drop their Shampuru in higher amounts. 100 Normal route bet, floors 031~039: normally drops Sheltered x1, drops Magical x2 as a rare Shampuru drop.

7 World ReduxEdit

Not found anywhere here.

Mugen Souls ZEdit

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