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White World is a world in the 12 Worlds Galaxy that is visited by Syrma and co. This world is centered around Cancer the Crab. The Ultimate God of this world takes the form of a giant sword which posseses Nao's body once she holds it for the first time. The scout from the previous cast sent to White World in search for the ultimate god is Tsukika Izayoi. One notable feature is, in the city, there is one building, and the world map of White World itself, that look like a giant crab.

Inside the Praesepe Ruins, a new mechainic called Damage Carnival is learned.

White WorldEdit

"It relies mainly on renewable power, like wind and water."

Scarlet World AftermathEdit

White World symbol

White World's Symbol.

While Ryuto wonders how everyone else is doing, here, Tsukika says she has been walking around forever but has not found anyone and thinks that there is no one in charge of this world since she has not seen anyone at all yet. She is also very hungry but there is no food either and thinks she is no good at looking for for things but she is supposed to be a hero and calls out for Shirogane.

First ArrivalEdit

Once outside, Shirogane has Reu tied up with a rope. She wants him to take off the rope, but he says no saying if they don't tie her up, she will run off again. Reu says she promises she won't run off anywhere. Syrma says she is not sure about tying up Reu and dragging her around with them but Shirogane tells her that the party does not have a choice and asks if she would volunteer to track her down iif she runs away again and Syrma says she does not want to do that either. Nao brings up an interesting point, saying that if Reu really wanted to run off wouldn't she drag him away with her. He tells her not to call him old man and not to worry because when Syrma absorbed Reu's powers, she lost a good deal of her ridiculous strength. Reu complains about the rope being too tight and Shirogane tells her that it hurts because she is struggling against it and tells her to calm down. After Li'l Chou-Chou and Ryuto get off, she brings up another good point: asking what would Tsukika say if she saw Shirogane right there and Ryuto says he could just picture it, with Tsukika saying Stupid Mister Shirogane and going after him will all her strength. Shirogane tells him not to joke about that. When Nao asks Li'l Chou-Chou if Tsukika is another member of the group, she tells her to call her Lady Chou-Chou when she talks to her. Nao tells her she must be kidding expecting her to call her that in her condition, which Li'l Chou-Chou does not take well. Syrma tells them they fight too much, but Nao ignores it and asks if one of the people sent to this world is Tsukika which Ryuto confirms and says the situation is bad and if Tsukika sees Shirogane like that, what happened before on Moon World will happen again, to which Shirogane agrees and politely asks Reu to calm down but she screams in retaliation.

White World map (empty)

White World Map almost resembles a crab.

Just then, a familiar voice says she has not found anything and wonders where she should be looking. As soon as Shirogane heard that voice, his sense of fear returned. Curious, Reu asks Shirogane what's wrong. Ryuto points out that she is right there yonder. Tsukika says to herself that she has been looking forever, but hasn't found a thing and that she will never be able to conquer this world by herself. Li'l Chou-Chou calls her over and says it's good luck running into her right away, and Tsukika apologizes because she thought she was alone so she started talking to herself and it is embarrassing. Li'l Chou-Chou asks what she is apologizing for and tells her to look at her. Tsukika says she recognizes the voice but does not see Chou-Chou anywhere. Ryuto calls out to her and says it's been a while. Tsukika is happy to see Ryuto and asks not only what he is doing here but if they conquered the other worlds yet. Li'l Chou-Chou yells to look at her direction, but Ryuto tells her that she will explain everything to her. Nao asks Shirogane if this was the girl they were just talking about which Shirogane confirms. Syrma says that Tsukika is so tiny and cute, and Nao says she does not know why he sounded so nervous. Scared, Shirogane decides to untie the rope, which makes Reu happy, but he tells her to be quiet or she will notice. Tsukika says hello to him and wonders if he is here with them which he confirms. She asks if he had already conquered his world and is impressed, but she has not had much luck. Reu asks if Tsukika is Shirogane's friend, but before he could answer she notices Reu and says it is rude not to introduce herself, but then notices her tied up. Her image of Shirogane starting to crack, she turn to him, him becoming nervous, and asks why she is tied up. Starting to become frightened, Shirogane tells her not to get upset and that there is a perfectly good reason for it if she will let her explain, but Reu interrupts saying her forced her and she didn't want it. He yells at her implying that that was not what happened. Her vision of him crumbling, she turns to him. Li'l Chou-Chou comments on something about to happen and Ryuto comments that It had been a while since they saw this moment play out. Scared, Shirogane tries to explain, but with her vision of him totally shattered, She calls him a creep and, similar to the events on Moon World, punches him so hard she sends both him and Reu, who was tied up to him, flying to the other side of the continent.

A surprised Syrma wondered what happened as she saw him get launched into the air and Reu flying off with him. Nao pointed out that she was tied to him and both of them shot off like rockets and was surprised that Tsukika did that. Tsukika then realized she did it again and calls out for him. Li'l Chou-Chou tells her not to worry saying it's nothing new and Ryuto says that Reu is tougher than Shirogane so they'll be fine. Syrma surmises it happens a lot and Nao agrees and wonders what is with them. Li'l Chou-Chou decides that they sould go find them and points in the direction they flew off. Tsukika apologizes and joins the group.

Proper ReunionEdit

Along the way Li'l Chou-Chou and Ryuto explain to Tsukika why she got so small. After the explaination Tsukika gets it and Li'l Chou-Chou says it's Syrma's fault and noogies her, the latter of which tells her not to and introduces herself, and Tsukika does the same. Nao says that Tsukika is a hero as well which explains her strength, but Tsukika tells her in her case it's how she has been ever since she was born. Nao tells her she is jealous and wishes she had the strength of a hero or two, but Tsukika tells her that it's nothing to be jealous of and her power has caused so many problems. Nao then demands to have it, which makes Tsukika asks how she could do that nervously. Syrma tells her not to ask for the impossible and she is making her uncomfortable. Nao acknowledges this and tells her she felt like saying it. Moving along, Ryuto says he does not see Shirogane and wonders where they got off to. Intrigued, Li'l Chou-Chou asks if Tsukika powered-up again after noticing she made two people fly that far at the same time, to which Tsukika says that she hopes not and that she wants to be more lady-like. Syrma hopes that Shirogane is okay and Ryuto wonders, saying that they should be okay before but it's the first time he's gone flying so far. Worried, Tsukika says that if anything should happen to him, she wouldn't know what to do, but Nao tells her never to punch him in the first place and Ryuto tells her that Tsukika does not mean to hurt people on purpose.

Suddenly, they hear Reu's voice. Li'l Chou-Chou wonders if she is okay because she soundedv like she was in pain. Worried, Tsukika wonders if Reu is in pain because of her, and Syrma calls out to her. They hear a rustling in some bushes and Reu comes out. Syrma is happy to see her and she is happy to se her and Li'l Chou-Chou, the altter wondering if she is all right and if she got hurt to which Reu says she is okay. Tsukika apologizes and wonders if Shirogane is with her to which Reu confirms as she was pulling his unconscious body with her. Shocked, Tsukika yells his name, and a worried Nao says that his eyes are rolled back in his head. Reu says that he stopped moving so she dragged him. Frantic, Tsukika pleads him to wake up as she shakes him. Shirogane regains consciousness, and Nao tells her that if she shakes him with her strength, he will die for sure, and Reu tells her not to bully him or she'll get mad, but she keeps shaking him, and after he regains consciousness, Reu and Shirogane rejoin the party.

After he regains consciousness, he remarks that it had been a while since he felt Tsukika's punch. Tsukika apologizes but her tells her not to worry about it and it's his fault for not withstanding it. He also compliments on her getting stronger again and Tsukika tells him not to say things like that. Nao says that he is a tough old man, and Syrma says thay he's so nice because he's not angry. Li'l Chou-Chou compliments that he is her peon, and Ryuto remarks that he always ends up getting the short end of the stick because of it. Tsukika replies that she does not know why she's like this and she promised not to hit him anymore but he reassures her it's nothing to worry about since he is fine. As Tsukika becomes happy, Reu intervines. When Tsukika asks what's wrong, Reu tells her that Shirogane is hers. Tsukika argues with her but stops herself from saying something embarrassing, leaving Syrma and Ryuto curious and causing her to be embarrassed. Shirogane tells them not to tease her so much otherwise she'll get overexcited and send him flying again. When Li'l Chou-Chou says that Shirogane, Reu and Tsukika belong to her, he tells her not to make things more complicated. Jealous, Ryuto wonders why he gets all the girls. Reu starts growling at Tsukika, who thinks it's scary.

Nao reminds everyone to get back to the main issue, to which Syrma and Li'l Chou-Chou forget. Nao reprimands them about how they could forget and reminds them they should be looking for the Ultimate Gods. Syrma apologizes and Li'l Chou-Chou says that she shouldn't be so angry and she forgot for a bit. Tsukika asks if Syrma is the Ultimate God of this world which Shirogane tells her she probably is and asks Tsukika if she came up with anything. Ryuto asks if she did her best to conquer this world and she says she asked all kinds of questions and, even though she's not sure if it's an ultimate god, there is some kind of thing on this world that is worshipped like a god. Li'l Chou-Chou claims that the thing must be the ultimate god of this world and praises her for a job well done. Syrma asks what she means by some kind of thing and Reu has no idea. Tsukika tells them that even though she does not know all the details, in the legend of this world, the thing is not a humanoid god like Syrma or Reu, but instead it takes the form of a weapon. Surprised, Nao tells her to tell her more about it. Feeling awkward, Tsukika says that she does not know much. Nao then asks if it is a heroic weapon of legendary status and if she can be able to use it being a hero and all, but it makes Tsukika feel more uncomforable. Ryuto tells her that Nao is set on being a hero, and with sparkles in her eyes she says she's the world's only hero so she has to make the most of it. Tsukika informs her she's a hero as well but Ryuto tells her not to go there as it will make things more complicated. Li'l Chou-Chou surmises that they need to find that weapon on this world but Syrma has no idea where to look. Tsukika tells them she searched all over but hasn't found a thing, but Reu wants to play with Shirogane since she's bored. He tells her to get down as this is an important conversation and Tsukika tells hher to keep her distance. Excited, Nao decides they should find the weapon. Li'l Chou-Chou suggests that they turn the world into her peon while they're here as it will save them more trouble down the road to which Syrma agrees.

Praesepe Ruins RevealedEdit

After peonifying White World, Li'l Chou-Chou complains that they have been looking for the legendary weapon forever and wonders where it is. Nao and Reu wonder where the weapon is as well. Tsukika apologizes but Shirogane tells her they're not yelling at her and she tells him she felt like she should apologize. Syrma says that they should finish the peonifying and Ryuto asks if there wasn't a weapon in the first place. Nao tells him that she won't accept that outcome, Tsukika thinks it would be her fault and apologizes and Reu calls her bad. Shirogane tells him not to say things that cause more panic, Ryuto apologizes and Reu calls him bad. Li'l Chou-Chou tells everyone to stop being loud and asks if they can stay quiet for one second, but Nao tells her she started it and called her muchkin which Li'l Chou-Chou tells her not to do. While the others were arguing, Syrma goes ahead and absorbs the world's power. After she does the planet starts to shake. Everyone soon notices and Reu thinks it's fun. Li'l Chou-Chou asks what she did but Syrma says she didn't do anything. The shaking subsides. Ryuto thought he would have a heart attack, and Li'l Chou-Chou tells her to say something before she does something like that, which Syrma says she was about to absorb the world's power. Nao notices something that was not there before and Li'l Chou-Chou notices it too. Reu tells them she was watching the ruins come out of the ground. Shirogane and Nao, the latter more enthusiastically, say they should check in there thinking that if it was hidden, the legendary weapon must be in that place. Ryuto says he wouldn't make assumptions so soon, but Li'l Chou-Chou asks why not and says that since they checked everywhere else, they have no choice but to go there anyway.

Planet Spot RequirementsEdit

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
01 It's into complicated girls… Captivate: Bipolar 10% Default
02 It wants some slightly sour milk… Sour Milk 15% Default
03 You'll need at least 9 x 8 enemy KOs… Defeat 72 25% View 2nd White World event
04 It's looking for a simple brassiere… Simple Bra 25% View 2nd White World event
Ultimate Vault icon
You'll need about 12 x 5 enemy KOs. Defeat 60 30% Planet Energy 35%+
06 You'll need about 100 x 0.5 enemy KOs. Defeat 50 15% Default
07 It wants to play with an energetic girl… Captivate: Hyper 50% Planet Energy 145%+
08 It wants a pair of glasses… Framed Glasses 25% View 2nd White World event
09 It likes quiet girls. This is tough… Captivate: Terse 60% Planet Energy 145%+
10 It likes very proper, well behaved girls. Captivate: Graceful 45% Planet Energy 105%+

100% RewardsEdit

  • 446 G
  • 420 Mugen Points
  • Fried Eggs x5
  • Sour Milk x5
  • Sugar Candy x5
  • Firecracker x50
  • Lost x50
  • Dust Bunny x5

300% RewardsEdit

  • 1,009 G
  • 1,004 Mugen Points
  • Cherry Shampoo x2
  • Apple Shampoo x2
  • Papaya Shampoo x2
  • Iron x75
  • Pop Gun x75
  • Dust Bunny x25

Field ItemsEdit


  • Darkness Nhaos
  • Sour Milk
  • Sleep Nhaos
  • Heavy Mace
  • Nimble Shampoo
  • Poison Nhaos
  • Warding Powder
  • Virus Nhaos
  • Framed Glasses
  • Grow Grow Shampoo
  • Sugar Candy
  • Move Seal Nhaos
  • Monochrome Ribbon (Requires Ultimate Vault Power-Up)
  • Simple T-shirt (Requires Ultimate Vault Power-Up)
  • Skill Seal Nahos (Requires Ultimate Vault Power-up)
  • My Original Knuckles (Requires Ultimate Vault Power-Up)
  • Rusty Sword
  • Fried Eggs x2
  • Paralysis Nahos
  • Savvy Soap (Requires Ultimate Vault Power-Up)
  • Metal Beam (Requires Ultimate Vault Power-Up)

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Silver Ore
  • Marine Shorts
  • Plains Daggers

Praesepe RuinsEdit

"Light pours through glass, brightening the spring flowers."

Praesepe Ruins map (empty)
Praesepe Ruins is a dungeon that can be accessed after getting over 100% Planet Energy. It is named after an open cluster of stars in the Cancer constellation rather than just one star. Here is where the Weapon Nao is looking for lies.

Inside the RuinsEdit

Once inside, Syrma asks if anyone is home, which Ryuto seriously doubts. Nao feels like these ruins are the real deal and the legendary weapon must be here. Li'l Chou-Chou is now inder the impression Nao is going to get the weapon which Nao confirms since she is a hero and is obligated to get a legendary weapon or two. Li'l Chou-Chou asks what is she talking about and everything o  this world belongs to her. Nao asks her when that was a rule and points out she's too tiny to hold a weapon. Reu yells that she wants a weapon as well, and Shirogane asks why they always have to get this way. Syrma points out that since the legendary weapon is part of the Ultimate God, she has to put it in the coffin. Nao asks what if the weapon disappears after she puts it in there and Syrma assures her that she does not have to worry since Reu turned out fine, leaving Reu confused. Nao argues and says that if it loses its power and it's no longer legendary status, she won't feel like a hero anymore, however Syrma points out that whether it happens or not they have to absorb it or else she and Li'l Chou-Chou will be in real trouble, to which the latter agrees. Tsukika interrupts saying they don't even know if it's in here for certain and that she does not see the point in arguing about it now, to which Shirogane agrees saying that they should find it first, then think about what to do to which Nao complies. Li'l Chou-Chou warns her not to think about running off with it once they find it, and Nao tells her she would never do that and to get off her back. 

The Legendary Sword of CancerEdit

As the party reaches the end of the ruins, Nao wonders where the legendary weapon is and says they must be reaching the end. Syrma tells her that she's sure it will show itself soon and she could kind of feel it. Nao tells her that it is pretty vague but is interrupted mid-speech when she sees her prize. Li'l Chou-Chou tells her not to run off on her own and Ryuto tells her to be careful since it is usually the part where a big bad monster which guards the treasure will pop out and attack but Reu says it's okay because she does not smell anything. Surprised, Shirogane asks if she can tell by smell and Reu confirms saying she has a very strong nose. Shirogane thinks it's impressive and praises her, which draws some ire in Tsukika. When Shirogane tells her not to look at him like that, Tsukika tells him that he never patted her on the head before. However, excited, Nao tells them that if they keep talking, she will leave them behind and to get going which causes Syrma to get flustered.

The party approaches a pedastal with a giant, wrapped scissor blade lodged in. Nao examines it and says it looks all right and has a powerful aura emanating out of it, and asks the others if it is perfect for her. Li'l Chou-Chou tells her again that it does not belong to her, but Nao asks why not since it fits her so well like it was made for her. Syrma tells her not to be selfish. Shirogane is disappointed since he thought Nao was normal compared to the others, and Ryuto and Tsukika agree, with the former saying that she is not acting hero-like and the latter saying Chou-Chou is selfish enough for everyone. Reu tells her she is being selfish and bad. Nao tells them that they don't have to gang up on her at once, and admits she got carried away but is still happy she has a legendary weapon. Syrma tells her to put the weapon in the coffin. Nao asks if she is sure and she says yes. Li'l Chou-Chou says she has no problem with it and Nao says that if she really wanted her to she could do it which Li'l Chou-Chou did not say. Syrma tells her to take it easy and Ryuto tells her not to start another argument and everyone should keep calm, to which Li'l Chou-Chou reluctantly obliges. With that, Nao pulls the sword out of the pedastal. After that she says that it feels incredible as it feels like an extension of her body because it feels so natural in her hand and feels like she can defeat anyone. Scared, Syrma and Li'l Chou-Chou ask what is with the scary look and frightened, Shirogane ask if she's not thinking of doing anything rash. Reu's animal instincts start acting up, but Nao reassures them that she is not planning anything and that the sword is kind of awesome. As proof, she says that she is ready to put it in the coffin. Nervous, Syrma tells her not to stab her while the lid is open, and Nao reassures her and asks her what kind of person she thinks it is, with Ryuto saying if she did something like that, she'd be a failure as a her for sure. Tsukika says that if Nao is really attached to the sword, she will stab her, but angry, Nao says that if they don't keep quiet she really will stab them and tells Syrma to get the ordeal overwith, to which Syrma complies. Nao then asks everyone else if she is really untrustworthy and puts it in, asking everyone if they're happy. Li'l Chou-Chou is hesitant causing Nao to ask if she has something to say. Here is where things go wrong as Syrma tells Nao she can't close the lid until she lets go of the sword. Confused, Nao asks what she is talking about, but just as she was about to finish her sentence, she notices that she's still holding on to it and wonders why she's still hanging on which is what Li'l Chou-Chou also wants to know and tells her to give up the sword. Syrma also tells her not to cause trouble. Nao tries to tell evryone that it's not her and that something is wrong, but as she does so, she pulls the sword out of the coffin and attacks Syrma saying she can't control it. Shocked Li'l Chou-Chou says she knew she was up to something. Nao tells them she can't control her body and tells everyone to stay away from her as she attacks Syrma and Li'l Chou-Chou. Reu's instincts get strong as she smells big trouble. Tsukika thinks Nao has gone crazy and asks what they should do, but Shirogane notices her stance is not normal and surmises that the weapon is controlling her. Ryuto says that they're hitting all the classic fantasy tropes, and even though Shirogane does not know much about tropes, Li'l Chou-Chou orders them to fix this mess. Scared, Syrma tells her to stop but Nao reminds her that she is trying to stop, she is the one who needs help and someone should do something. Scared, Ryuto and Reu ask Shirogane what they should do but he does not know and tells Tsukika to use her brute strength to stop her, but she thinks he's so mean because she thinks he called her a brute, but he tells her that this is no time for such a thing. Li'l Chou-Chou tells everyone else to stop her and even though Syrma tells her they can't hurt her, Li'l Chou-Chou tells her that the can't stand here and get sliced to bits and says that it's fine as long as they don't beat her up too much. Syrma says that Li'l Chou-Chou can say that since she's not the one fighting but complies saying they should get it over with. Shocked, Nao asks if they are going to fight her and tells them that she is being controlled and she does not want to fight anyone, but Li'l Chou-Chou tells her that she does not get to attack people and make excuses at the same time but Nao tells her she is not the one attacking her. With no options left, Ryuto tells them they should do what Chou-Chou says, and Shirogane agrees with him saying there is no other way and Tsukika says that if he will do it she will as well, as does Reu who says she will beat her up. Scared, Nao asks if they will beat her up as well and tells them to wait.

Nao's PunishmentEdit

Why Me Too

Nao's punishment

After the battle, Syrma asks Nao if she is okay to which she says no. Ryuto is glad she's still alive and even though Shirogane couldn't hold back too much, he's glad she's tough. Reu is happy because she tried her best. Nao complains and asks if they know how to take it easy on a girl, but Li'l Chou-Chou says it wasn't their fault and she shouldn't swing such a dangerous weapon in the first place. Tsukika apologizes saying she couldn't afford to hold back. Shirogane says that they should grab the sword while they can because they don't want her to get back up and attack again. Reu volunteers and tries to pull the sword out of her hand. Nao, in pain, tells Reu to stop as she might rip her skin off, but Reu says it won't come off, and Nao tells her that pulling the sword is like pulling her arm, it hurts and tells her to knock it off. Li'l Chou-Chou suggests that Tsukika could pull the sword out of her hand. She says she could try and tells Reu to hold her down, which she complies. Shirogane warns her that she is much stronger than she looks, causing Nao to worry and say she has a bad feeling about what will happen. Tsukika attempts to pull the sword out of Nao's hand, but Nao begins to feel immense pain and tells her to stop. Reu is surprised to see that Tsukika is so strong, and Nao yells that Tsukika might rip her arm off. Ryuto suggests that trying to pull the sword from Nao's arm is not a good idea and Shirogane agrees, telling her to stop, which she complies to. As she does, Nao lies in agony, she says she thought she was going to be ripped apart and asks why does she have to suffer like that. Syrma tells them she feels bad for her, but Li'l Chou-Chou says that it's not their fault since they can't get the sword out of her hand. Ryuto agrees but says that none of the methods they tried came close to working. Li'l Chou-Chou says it's a hassle and it's all because she toughed the sword without permission, but Nao points out she told her to get it. Tsukika wonders what should they do and says they can't leave her like that, but Reu says she does not know what to do. Syrma has an idea, making Li'l Chou-Chou curious as to what it is. She suggests they throw Nao in the coffin along with the sword, ultimately making Nao nervous. Li'l Chou-Chou asks how could Syrma suggest such a mean thing so easily, but she says that it's not mean at all and to become the ultimate god again she has no choice and apologizes. Nao, scared, asks if it is really bad in there and says that she could hear the screams from outside. Li'l Chou-Chou confirms it saying it's slimy, gross, sticky and nasty and just as she was about to continue, Nao interrupts her saying that it is not helping and instead it is only making her nervous. Li'l Chou-Chou says that that was the only way to describe it, and reminds her she was thrown in there twice and asks why she doesn't go in for once. Reu tells her not to go in there and that the inside is scary, causing Tsukika to wonder if it really is that scary. Shirogane asks whho might know, and says that he has never been in there before but judging from Reu's reaction, who is still scared, it must be. Syrma pulls out the coffin and tells Nao it's ready. Hesitant, Nao says that she's a hero, not an ultimate god and that she's not so sure she should go in. Syrma tells her not to stall and says it will be over before she knows it. She then pushes Nao into the coffin, the latter telling her not to, but the former does it anyway. nao is then pushed into the opened coffin and once inside, the coffin slams shut.

Syrma tells the others to wait and they'll be good to go. Ryuto tells her that the situation is not a cooking show. Inside the coffin, Nao says that it is dark and damp and suddenly feels the pink slime touching her. Li'l Chou-Chou tells everyone that the nastiness is about to start, causing Reu to tremble in fear. Inside, Nao says that there was a warm pink slime and shrieks saying she can't handle it. The slime gets inside her clothes and she yells that she can't handle it and to get it off. Suddenly she feels strange, saying that it's sticking to her skin and absorbing her. SHe tells the slime to stop and that she'll be worthless if her powers as a hero are lost. As she loses her strength, she says she can't stand and cries telling it to stop.

Nao's Bath TimeEdit

Still So Sticky!

Nao is suffering.

After the sword and Nao are drained, the coffin opens and Nao collapses to the ground. After regaining consciousness, the group takes a bath, with Nao frantically scrubbing herself don to get every molecule of slime off her body.

Nao, still traumatized by the ordeal, wonders what the slime is. and tries to scrub it off. The Shampuru she is using is crying. Nao says it's done and tells the others to give her a new one, which Syrma complains as she asks again. Li'l Chou-Chou asks how many Shampurus is she going to use, and reminds her they are her peons so she should take better care of them. Nao tells her it's not her fault because the slime won't come off and it gives her the creeps. Syrma says she is a little hurt because she is so creeped out by it, but Li'l Chou-Chou says that she does not know how gross it was and Nao agrees saying it's beyond gross and that she never wants to do that again. Reu also agrees with them. Tsukika says it was scary just listening from the outside, this reminds Li'l Chou-Chou that it wasn't fair that she hasn't gone in yet and asks if she wants to try it out, prompting her to say she'll pass. Syrma tells them that they don't all have to say how bad it is, and Nao tells her that she should experience it once as well and to go in the coffin by herself. Shocked, Syrma tells her that she was asleep in there forever and she was totally fine. Li'l Chou-Chou says that maybe the coffin absorbed her powers already, causing Syrma to be even more shocked that her powers are gone because of the coffin. Nao thinks that the coffin could be the reason why she is a clueless amateur, causing Syrma to say that that was a mean thing to say. But Tsukika points out that everything turned out okay and that Nao can use the Sword of Cancer for good. Nao agrees saying that that one point was the only saving grace from the ordeal and if she went through that torture for nothing, she'd be miserable for the rest of her life. Tsukika tells her to think of it as a test of her heroism but she says that that was no test of heroism at all. She then says she can't cheer her up at all and calls for Shirogane.

Shirogane tells her that he does not know what she expects her to do. Ryuto says that it sounds like the girls are having fun on the other side and that it's nice to relax over on the boys side but still. Shirogane says that he sounds bitter and he knows how he feels but they should give the girls their privacy. Reu calls out to Shirogane and asks if she can come over to the boys side. Tsukika and Nao tell her she can't and the latter asks why can't she just behave. Shirogane tells her not to do it as she will just cause another commotion. Reu grabs Tsukika and tells her to go with her. She says she can't and Reu asks why not and if she hates him. She says she doesn't hate him it's it's good manners and common sense. Bitter, Ryuto says it sounds like fun on the other side. Shirogane tells him not to sulk and before they know it, it'll be plenty exciting on the boys side as well.

Planet Spot RequirementsEdit

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
01 You'll need about 50 x 3 + 5 enemy KOs. Defeat 155 15% Default
02 It likes very proper, well behaved girls. Captivate: Graceful 15% Default
03 It wants to play with an energetic girl… Captivate: Hyper 25% Planet Energy 50%+
04 It's looking for a weapon as sharp as the sharpest fang… Sharp Fang 20% Default
05 You don't even have 170 enemy KOs… Defeat 160 35% Planet Energy 50%+
06 It enjoys especially cruel treatment… Captivate: Sadist 20% Default
07 It likes airheads. This is tough… Captivate: Ditz 50% Planet Energy 110%+
08 It doesn't want monsters anwhere near it… Warding Powder 15% Default
09 It wants a giant scythe. This is tough… Big Size Scythe 45% Planet Energy 110%+
10 You don't even have 230 enemy KOs. Hmm… Defeat 220 60% Planet Energy 190%+

100% RewardsEdit

  • 921 G
  • 837 Mugen Points
  • Braised Tofu x4
  • Ounce o' Soup x4
  • Chocolate x2
  • Private x50
  • Balloon x50
  • Dust Bunny x10

300% RewardsEdit

  • 1,323 G
  • 1,050 Mugen Points
  • Blueberry Shampoo x2
  • Acerola Shampoo x2
  • Grape Shampoo x 2
  • Worn Out Drill x100
  • Newbie Nurse x100
  • Dust Bunny x 50

Field ItemsEdit


  • Warding Powder
  • Sour Milk x2
  • Fried Eggs x2
  • Sparkle Shampoo
  • Sugar Candy
  • Elven Boots x1
  • Heart Soap
  • Virus Nahos
  • Twin Flower
  • Hard Soap
  • Skill Seal Nhaos
  • Ankle Socks
  • Full Body Soap (Obtained after beating Nao)
  • Sour Milk (Obtained after beating Nao)
  • Thin Framed Glasses (Obtained after beating Nao)

Ultimate Snag TreasureEdit

Note: To obtain these treasures, Syrma must obtain Ultimate Snag in Chapter 6

  • Power Pill x2
  • Bacon and Eggs
  • Boost Scythe
  • Dive Bell
  • Drinkable Yogurt
  • Browline Glasses

Ultimate Hunt TreasureEdit

Note: To obtain these treasures, Syrma must obtain Ultimate Hunt in Chapter 7 or later.

  • All Move Seal Nhaos
  • Miso Soup
  • Ribbon Shoes
  • All Darkness Nhaos
  • Apple Candy
  • Scatter Gatling

Hidden TreasureEdit

  • Bronze Ticket
  • Dive Bell
  • Battle Knife

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