World of Awakening is the final world that is visited in the True Final Chapter of Mugen Souls Z. It is created by Tioni. The rare enemy Neon is found here.

World of AwakeningEdit

"An empty, dim world where crystal pillars standing throughout."

Ace and Altis are AliveEdit

World of Awakening symbol
On this world, Ace is alive and he says he is still alive, saying he was not sure what would happen once he got swallowed up. Ace's Dragon roars and he agrees, saying it is all thanks to it and it really saved him.

However, Altis, in her Evil Masked Beauty Altalt-tistis, says she thought she was dead meat for sure. Ace says it looks like they have got a bit of garbage stuck to them. Insulted, Altis asks how dare he speaks to her that way, saying he is too selfish, reminding him that he forced her to join him and the leaves her to die. He tells her to stop complaining saking if they are both alive and asks what this place is. Altis asks if they got swallowed up by that black thing and says she thought they were dead for sure. Ace says tere is a normal world inside and asks if Tioni make this. Altis asks what is he mumbling about and and says if he knows something, tell her. Ace says there is no time for that, and tells her to go with him. Ace's Dragon roars and when Altis asks where they are going, Ace tells her they are going to Tioni of course, because she does not seem to be dead. Though Altis says she would like to be dropped off somewhere safe, and says please, he tells her like he said there is no time, and to give it up because she is coming along until the end. Shocked, she tells him she does not want to and not to involve her anymore, but they dive in anyway.

First ArrivalEdit

At the start, Ace asks Tioni, who has become awakened and gigantic, if she can hear her and tells her to answer her, but she does not respond. The dragon dodges beams that Tioni fires and Ace is shocked. Altis, still as Altalt-tistis, says she is shooting at him and asks if she really does hate him that much, he says no, but at least he does not think so. Altis says he is not sure and says she does not blame Tioni, because he really does not know how to treat a lady, and she can tell because of how she treats her. He asks why would he ever treat her like a lady and asks if she can be quiet for two seconds. A. Tioni shoots them again. Altis tells him to excuse her for talking a little when she is stuck in this insanely dangerous world and tells him he is going to get them shot down if he does not get out of here. A. Tioni shoots again. Ace tells her she should maybe get off because her giant butt is slowing down his dragon, which roars in agreement. Majorly insulted, Altis tells him he is not allowed to ever say that to a lady and she is not giant, she is lighter than average and as she is about to say something, A. Tioni shoots them again. Ace tells her to be quiet and calls to A. Tioni, but still no avail.

When Chou-Chou says they see Tioni, in space, Altis says now Chou-Chou and the rest of the party are on the scene and there is no place for her to hide. Syrma says it is Ace and she knew he was still alive. Ace hasks why did she come back and then asks why does he even bother asking, because she would never leave her alone when she is like this. Chou-Chou says of course they would not, and reminds him that she is going to keep Tioni and the Twelve Worlds safe. Syrma pleads to Ace, saying that they need to turn back into the ultimate god and then they can save Tioni, but he dismisses it, telling her that he told her already not to promise to do things she knows she can not do, but Belleria tells Ace she would really like him to trust Chou-Chou.

Altis says it looks like they are not paying attention to her and maybe if she stays quiet they will not notice her, but suddenly Chou-Chou tells her she can never forgive her, and Kakeru says once they save the twelve worlds, they will make her pay for her death, and she is startled that they spotted her.

Ryuto tells Chou-Chou something is coming their way, and A. Tioni fires more beams.

Startled, Syrma tells Elka not to move them around so suddenly, and Chou-Chou agrees, saying they almost made her fall over. Soul Skyheart says that actually, that was a pretty good move Elka pulled off...foronce. Alys Levantine says it might be the first time he has actually done something useful. Bertram Demetrius Bloomfield says he seems to have an unrivaled ability to flee from danger and Sharuru Cocott says his only worthwhile trait has finally come in handy.

When Shirogane asks what is going on here, Ace says it is exactly what it looks like: Tioni refuses to listen to him and just keeps on attacking them. Supra says that is a nuisance, and when Nao asks why is he hanging out in such a dangerous place, he asks why do they think. Onluka asks if this is exactly what he wanted, saying Tioni has returned to her original form, she is about to destroy them and the twelve worlds and soon she will be the only one left. Ace says that is right and it is what he wanted. When Marina asks what reason does he have for sticking around and Chou-Chou asks if he is still going to try and get in their way, he says he is not, saying once she changed back, he had planned to take off right away and as he is about to say why he wouldn't, Belleria interrupts and A. Tioni stares.

Ace says that when he saw her face in this condition, he just could not leave her. When Syrma asks so, he says he thought he would try cherring Tioni up a little. Sandy Sunshine is impressed, Welsh Cocott says Ace is a super nice guy, Reu says Ace is nice and Chou-Chou says she never imagined there might be a heart beating in that chest of his. He says it is not like that and tells them to stop messing with him. Altis panics and says there is no time for a squabble, and Ace's Dragon agrees as A. Tioni attacks.

Ace says he has had enough and asks A. Tioni if she really hates talking to him that much. Belleria says maybe she is mad at him because he picked on her so much, and when he asks if she really thinks so, she says she was just kidding and tells him not to take it seriously. When Tsukika Izayoi asks why won't A. Tioni listen to Ace, Bertram says her expression seems different, but perhaps it is simply because she has closed off her heart. Onluka says that could be, after all Tioni does think Ace is dead. Kakeru says she closed off her heart because of a man's death and as a result, she can never hear his living voice and says it is tragic.

Chou-Chou says theyonly have one choice and tells Ryuto he knows what to do, and he complies saying he is ready whenever she is. When Syrma asks what is Chou-Chou going to do, she says if Tioni has closed off her heart, all they gotta do is bust through it by force. Ace asks if they plan to attack her and objects, saying he will not allow it, but Altis tells him to let Chou-Chou handle this because if they don't do smething, they are going to get blown out of the sky, and grabs his dragon's reigns, and he tells her to let go. When Belleria tells Chou-Chou not to overdo it, she says she knows and she is going to use everything she has got to wake her up, causing Syrma to asks her if she actually heard what she said.

Thus, an airship battle begins with the God of Destruction, Awakened Tioni.

Final ConfrontationEdit

After the battle, Chou-Chou says this will finish it and commands them to go and Syrma does the same thing and Belleria tells them not to finish her off. They attack her with everything and A. Tioni falls to the ground. Ace, worried, asks is she is okay and asks if she is not dead and Syrma says she hopes Tioni is all right. Shirogane says he thinks maybe they overdid it, but Onluka tells him not to worry because she is tougher than that.She is right as A. Tioni regains consciousness. When Ace asks if she made a sound and says she did, Chou-Chou says it worked and she knew she could do it. Bertram says she defied all reason and accomplished the impossible. Belleria asks A. Tioni if she can hear her and she says it hurts. Tsukika is amazed that after all that, asks if she is just in a little pain and Ace, relieved, says they should have listened to him.

Tioni is surprised to see Ace alive and well, asking if he died, but he says he would never let the likes of them kill him and Belleria adds that they would not do something that barbaric anyway. A. Tioni sees Belleria and asks if she got smaller as well, but Onluka says it is her that got bigger. When ske asks if Onluka got smaller as well, she says she remembers and that she got her powers back. Bertram says it would seem Tioni can hear them again and Kakeru agrees, asking if things are going to take a turn for the better now. When A. Tioni asks what is everyone doing here, saying she can not control herself when she is like this, Ace says he does not care and tells her to go ahead and erase everything, because it is their own fault for not running away when they had the chance. Altis says she would like to run away if that is still on the table, but Nao says even if they flee to safety, the twelve worlds will be destroyed and she can not let that happen. Supra says she has no intention of going down without a fight and asks if all they have to do is kill Tioni first, but Soul says that is not what they are here for and she should understand that by now and Sandy agrees, saying they are still trying to talk this out.

Tioni asks if this is what Ace wanted, asking that she would be the only one left and he says that is right, saying that is a hundred times better than her being the one to disappear, but she says that is not better at all and she does not want anyone to die, and that is why she asked everyone to go and cries, which Welsh points out. Elka says that a man who makes a woman cry is no man at all, and Alys is surprised, saying Ace knows he has lost when even Elka says stuff like that about him and Reu says Ace made Tioni cry and calls him bad, but he tells them to be quiet and asks what else was he supposed to do. Chou-Chou says she told him already, she can take care of her and the twelve worlds. When A. Tioni asks if she can, Ace asks what is she going to do and tells her to tell everyone what the perfect solution of hers is, and she says she will figure something out and tells them not to worry about it and Ryuto agrees, saying nothing is impossible for Chou-Chou. Sharuru says that does not make any sense, but Marina Cannonvale says she feels like Chou-Chou could actually pull it off, but A. Tioni does not agree, saying there is nothing she can do, because she is a god of destruction. Belleria calls out her name and Syrma is silent. Chou-Chou asks how many times does she have to tell her: if she says she can do it, she can do it, but Ace tells her to be quiet and to stop trying to give them false hope with her tall tales. Breaking down, A. Tioni says she can not handle this, saying she never wanted to make anyone disappear and she wishes she would just stay asleep forever, but they woke her up, for this and starts crying. Marina says this looks bad and Dees says this is just like what happened last time she transformed. Onluka says this might just be the end and that was their last hope.

Syrma has a serious look on her face, which Nao notices, saying she looks awfully serious for once. Syrma yells that she is not going to disappear. When A. Tioni asks what she means, Chou-Chou says she scared the crud out of her and tells her she told her not to yell like that. Syrma tells A. Tioni that she is not going to let her erase her and says she will take her down before she can do it, just like she did all those years ago. Ace curses her and Tioni says she ended up splitting the world into pieces, but Syrma says this time she has Chou-Chou, Nao, Belleria and everyone else by her side, so she does not have to worry. Nao says she can count on her as the hero of the twelve worlds. Onluka laughs and says it is so nice to hear her say that. When A. Tioni asks if they will really be able to stop her, Kakeru says of course they will, saying justice always prevails and Reu says she is going to do her best. Shirogane says he supposes he had better pitch in as well saying he can't let the youngsters do all the work and Tsukika says she will be right there beside Reu. A. Tioni is silent. When Syrma asks what is wrong, saying she does not have to worry because she is not just trying to act tough, A. Tioni says that is not it and asks for her name. Syrma says she never actually introduced herself, says she is Syrma and it is nice to meet her. A. Tioni says her name and tells her to stop her because if she doesn't everything will disappear. Syrma says she will.

Bertram says even though he would like to avoid violence, as a gentleman, he can not refuse a lady's request, and Elka reluctantly agrees with him, saying it is against his standard policy to raise his hand against a woman. Supra says it feels weird for Tioni to be asking the party to stop her by norce, and Sandy says she just loves seeing this side of her. Belleria says if they attack Tioni too hard, she might die, but Syrma says it is okay, because she will not die so easily, so right now, their top priority is just to beat her. Belleria agrees, but thels them not to go too hard on her. Chou-Chou compliments Syrma, saying she is finally starting to sound kind of cool, but she asks if that is strange, saying she maybe was just trying a little too hard, but she says it is fine because that is exactly how her peons should act all the time. Syrma tells her again she is not Chou-Chou's peon, but asks her something. When she asks what it is, she asks once they are dne with all this, could she help her out, because there is still lots of stuff she can not handle on her own and she says yes, because she is painfully aware of just how helpless she is without her and she says that is good. Nao sighs, saying once again Syrma proves just how unreliable she is in a crucial moment and thought she had gotten at least a little better. Syrma is insulted until Nao tells her that kind of thing is just like her, and tells het to get this over with. Syrma agrees, saying they should give it their best shot.

Altis says it is kind of weird for her to ask, but asks Ace if he is not going to try and stop them, he says they are not going to win anyway, and the ultimate god failed last time as well. Altis says he says that, but it seems like he has got his hopes up a little, but he says if they get erased, he and Altis are next and asks if she is prepared for that, and she asks how is she supposed to be prepared for something like that, and tells Chou-Chou to do whatever it takes to win.

And so begins the final battle.

Tioni DefeatedEdit

After the battle Awakened Tioni is defeated once again. Syrma is happy that the party actually won. A. Tioni compliments her, saying that she really lost and tells Syrma she is much stronger than her. She is embarassed, but Nao reminds her she did not win by herself and Li'l Chou-Chou tells her that most of the powers she is using belong to her anyway and Syrma says that is true but asks if she can take a little bit of the credit.

Higher up, Ace is shocked that Syrma won, even though she did not change back into the ultimate god. Altis, still as Altalt-tistis, says that is good because now she will not have to be erased, but Ace says they will see.

On the surface, A. Tioni thanks Syrma and requests that the party erase her completely, but Belleria says they can not do that. Li'l Chou-Chou agrees saying this would have all been pointless. Syrma says she and Li'l Chou-Chou decided already that they are going to save her as well, but A. Tioni tells them to do anything but that. When Syrma asks why, Onluka asks her if she had forgotten. Bertram adds that the ultimate god was victorious in the previous battle, however... A. Tioni adds that her powers will go berserk again, just like the time she destroyed the world and tries to tell them to finish her off before that happens. Shocked, Syrma asks if that is going to happen right away, and Marina tells her to stop panicking and to take a deep breath. A. Tioni tries to hold her powers back and tells them to hurry. Dees says her energy is increasing at a dangerous rate and they do not have much time. Ryuto asks what should they do because it is too late to run away. Belleria tells her to hold on for a while longer, and Reu asks if the world is going to break again. Welsh tells her not to worry because Li'l Chou-Chou will think of something and asks Sharuru if she is right, and although she hesitates, she says the undisputed god might think of something. When Alys asks Li'l Chou-Chou what it is she is going to do, she tells her she will make Syrma decide first, though Elka says he really does not think there is any time for that. Supra says it is simple: just finish her off like she requested, but Li'l Chou-Chou refuses such an outcome, but Soul asks what other choice do they have.

Syrma is frustrated, but says it is okay because there is something she has been thinking about. Nao says she does not sound okay at all and asks what is this thing she has been talking about. She says she will absorb all of Tioni's powers. When Sandy asks by absorb if she means her coffin, and Kakeru asks if that is possible, Syrma says, even though she does not know, she can give it a shot. Even though Shirogane says that does not sound too reliable, Onluka says that it could be interesting because the old ultimate god did not have such a power and perhaps it could work. Belleria asks if they absorb her powers, will Tioni go back to normal and Li'l Chou-Chou says they can do that. When Sharuru asks if she is going to decide just like that, Li'l Chhou-Chou says it is fine because Syrma sais she is going to do it, but before that, Syrma asks Ace to help them again.

However, Ace does not respond. Though Tsukika says he did not hear her and Nao says they are running out of time. Ace says he heard them. When Supra asks why did he not answer, he asks if Syrma can change Tioni back to the way she was. Syrma says she does not know for sure, but Kakeru sas if she says she does not know, Ace probably will not help her. Syrma thinks he is right, but Li'l Chou-Chou tells her it will work, no matter what, and to just tell him with confidence. Syrma agrees, saying it will work no matter what and tells Ace to help her. He is shocked and Tioni is still trying to hold her powers back. When Altis asks why is he just standing there, saying he should hurry up if he is going to go, he says no because he does not believe her and he would rather have Tioni survive than trust something unreliable. Syrma is stunned upon hearing this. Onluka asks if Ace is still being stubborn, and Li'l Chou-Chou tells Syrma to do something because she can not change back into the undisputed god unless Syrma changes back into the ultimate god. Belleria asks what can she do and A. Tioni calls out Ace's name. Ace says this is fine because he meant for it to be this way from the beginning.

Altis says this is not fine at all and if he does not do smething, they will all be erased. Suddenly, she has an idea, saying that this situation could be her last and greatest chance. When Ace ass what she is mumbling about, She calls out to Li'l Chou-Chou, who asks her what she wants and as she says she has no time for her foolishness, she tells her she will send Ace her way and tells them to be ready to catch him. As he asks what she means by sending him, Altis whacks him hard and he falls off his dragon, plummeting to the surface. Tsukika asks if Altis did something and Shirogane says she shoved him off, and Reu says Ace is falling. Nao tells Syrma to get the coffin ready and Syrma complies after she tells her to give her a second. Syrma opens the coffin. Though Ace says there is no way he is going in there, he falls in, and the coffin's lid slams behind him. Inside he asks what is this and demands Syrma to open up the coffin and let him out. Syrmasays they made it. Suddenly, the pink slime covers Ace's body and he demands it to get off him and screams. Marina asks if it all turned out okay.

When Li'l Chou-Chou asks Altalt-tistis what she is doing because she thought she was Ace's ally, she laughs and asks if she still has not noticed, because Altalt-tistis, the Evil Masked Beauty, was the identity she used to roam the land, however, as she sheds her costume, revealing her true identity, she reveals that she is the Beautiful Demon of Love and Justice, Altis. Li'l Chou-Chou is shocked to see Altis is alive, as are Syrma, who says the one who killed Altis was Altis and Kakeru, who asks what is going on because he thought she died and asks if she has been deceiving them the whole time. She says she had to deceive her friends in order to deceive her enemies, and she joined the enemy's side, just waiting for a chance like this. Li'l Chou-Chou says that is what happened and she should have told her in the first place and called her an idiot and Kakeru says he can not believe he got fooled so easily, but he is really glad she is alive. Altis says she dd it, she talked her way out of it and she made a total comeback. Dees says only a select few people were actually fooled though and Sahruru says, in fact, she is wondering how even they were fooled, with a costume like that. Welsh asks if she can say it now: She knew it was Altis from the beginning. Altis asks if, thanks to her, Syrma got all of the ultimate gods' powers back and says it is thanks to her.

Inside, Ace is still having his powers absorbed and begs for the torture to stop. Outside, Onluka says it looks like the absorption is done, and Syrma says she ca now change back to the original ultimate god. Li'l Chou-Chou says finally. Syrma begins to glow brightly that the light covers the entire area. Li'l Chou-Chou says it is coming and that there is power rushing back into her super fast. Syrma agrees, saying she is brimming with energy and as she says she can help Tioni, she falls to the ground. As it turns out, Li'l Chou-Chou has her powers restored, turning back to normal, full sized again. As she tells Syrma not to move so suddenly, she notices that she is back to normal.

Sandy says Madam is back to normal size and Ryuto says his beloved Lady Chou-Chou is back. Nao says it has been a while since she saw her in her normal size but she is still pretty dinky. Insulted, Chou-Chou says she is not dinky anymore and she is not that much taller than her. Syrma tells Chou-Chou to get off because she is crushing her head. When Chou-Chou asksSyrma what she is doing under her feet, she says she got big all of a sudden.

Belleria points out that Tioni is suffering and tells them to hurry. Chou-Chou says that is right and tells Syrma there is no time to be lying around on the ground. As Syrma tells her she is the one that got bigger, she says her head hurts. Chou-Chou tells her to pull herself together and asks if she is ready. Syrma says she is and even though her neck hurts she is okay. Chou-Chou tells her she still does not sound reliable and tells Belleria they need to hold her powers back. Though she complies, she tells her to wait. When she asks what it is, saying first Bellleria tells her to hurry and now she tells her to wait, She says Ace took her jewel of power and without it, she can't help. Syrma says even though she does not know what the jewel is, maybe it is inside the coffin with Ace. Altis however holds the jewel in her hand, asks if this is what she meant and tells her to catch, which she does and when she asks why does she have it she says she left it at Ace's house and says she can not believe she is so forgetful she would forget something that important. Belleria is devastated because Altis called her forgetful. Ryuto says Altis is actually being useful for once and Soul says he does not believe it because this is Altis they are talking about and Elka agrees, saying maybe this is all a bad dream or maybe the party is already dead. When Shirogane says he hopes something catastrophic does not happen later, Altis points out to him, says that is very offensive and tells him to stop being rude. When Chou-Chou asks if they are both ready, Belleria says she is good to go and Syrma says yes, but has to open the coffin. When she does, Ace plops out of the coffin covered in pink slime and says he feels weak. Onluka says he is finally out. When he asks what happened, Onluka says it should all be over soon and tells him to make sure he witnesses it.

The Three Gods Join Forces!

The three gods join forces.

A. Tioni says she can't hold her powers back much longer and Syrma tells Chou-Chou and Belleria to hurry. Chou-Chou tells her to leave it to them and tell Belleria not to use her full power and to keep it about fifty percent and she tells her to do the same, but she says if she is using half, she should use about a third and she says that is unfair but she tells her not to worry about it and tells them to do it now and all three power up. A. Tioni screams in pain. The coffin opens again. Ace tells Chou-Chou, Belleria and Syrma to stop, but Onluka tells him to calm down as Syrma tells A. Tioni she will absorb all of her power for her and she is pulled into the coffin.

Planet Spot Requirements:Edit

Note: A Tioni doppelganger will appear if Syrma obtains 100% Planet Energy in the post-game of the true ending.

No. Boost Hint Requires Energy Planet Spot pre-requisite
Ultimate Vault icon
It wants a cute, mean girl… Captivate: Ego 25% Default
Ultimate Warp icon
It's in the mood for a gourmet 2-star dinner… Tasty Takoyaki 10% Default
03 ??? (It wants a lump of silver...) Silver Ingot x2 10% View 1st World of Awakening event (reached by Vault, Warp and Vault)
Ultimate Hunt icon
It likes airheads… Captivate: Ditz 35% Planet Energy 100%+
Ultimate Snag icon
??? (It wants some white underwear…) Pure White Panties 15% View 1st World of Awakening event (reached by "Vault", "Warp" then "Vault")
Ultimate Vault icon
You need more KOs than ever, and it starts with a '3.' Defeat 3,000 40% Planet Energy 125%+
07 ??? (You neeed an enemy KO count with multiple '2's in a row.) Defeat 2,222 15% View 1st World of Awakening event (reached by "Vault", "Warp" then "Vault")
08 It likes quiet girls… Captivate: Terse 40% View 1st World of Awakening event reached by "Vault", "Warp" then "Vault")
Ultimate Warp icon
It wants an old-fashion meal with lots of ground beef… Overwhelming Patty 70% Planet Energy 200%+
Ultimate Vault icon
It wants a cute, mean girl… Captivate: Ego 40% 17% Charm Average

100% RewardsEdit

300% RewardsEdit


Ultimate Snag TreasuresEdit

Ultimate Hunt TreasuresEdit

Hidden TreasureEdit

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